Saturday, June 7, 2008

Fair Weather Friends...

To all of you who commented on Brian's blog yesterday, I want to point something out. I wrote my comment the day after my car accident. The day he posted it ~ May 23rd. That was over two weeks ago. Where were all of you then? Where was his anger? Where was I.V.? Where were all of you? It's been there for 16 days. And where were all of you? It didn't miraculously appear yesterday just because I.V. blogged about it. It's been there the whole time and no one mentioned a damn word. Suddenly it's important and horrible. You know what? I give up. And yes, truthfully, I thought he posted it purposely and that was why I was so venomous on the 23rd. Was it deliberate? Who knows and who cares at this point, but on the 23rd it felt very personal. It was simply too coincidental. Those who are my friends, thank you, those who don't want to be, go, get, leave me the hell alone because I'm simply exhausted by stupid shit. I don't have the energy for crap any more. For all of you with big SUV's and trucks and who think you own the road, you don't. You share it with someone just like me. And the accident you might cause hurts someone just like me. Try to keep that in mind when you move into a lane occupied by another vehicle.

Yes, this is officially a rant. And where are all you brave souls? You weren't scarce yesterday, so where are you today?


Just Bob said...

I've only been blogging for a few months and really only started following my favorites (with the help of Google Reader) recently. The CSI blog isn't one of those I follow, so I didn't know anything about the whole to-do. But reading back now I can see where the chain of events would be upsetting and disturbing to anyone.

Thanks for the quick note this morning, it means more to me than you know. Anytime you need anything (short of replacing your BMW) just let me know.

PS: Hi Suzanne

Suzanne said...

Hi honey. Brian at CSI is a really great guy. He just left us for some reason. I still love him to death, but know he's not a part of my life now. Why? I have no clue. One day he was just gone. Just know that he was such a part of all of our lives and then he wasn't. So we have a history and it's a wonderful one. But now it's all gone. Things happen. Why? Who knows? It's like the Agetha Christie novel "And then there were none."


Gig said...

I have been gone and it appears I have missed some stuff...I don't check in at CSI's very much, but I hope you are doing ok, my dear friend. I have missed everyone and am working on a new post.

Please take care and know how much I love you...


Anonymous said...