Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Examining A Life...

T-Bone almost looks like a deer. And yes, that's the fern he fertilized into maturity. It's the best 'Male Fern' we have because of
his attention to detail!
I was talking to my dad on Father's Day and we discussed life, diappointment, joy, success, failure, kids, family, art, politics, animals, nature, trees, sawmills, home ownership, relationships, husbands, wives, parents, cars, heavy equipment, engines, sisters, brothers, gardens, roses, doctors, illness, etc.. Our converstations are always long and always interesting. And Dad never fails to say at the end, "The pleasure was all mine, I love you too." Did Dad do everything right as a parent? No, of course not. Did he try? Yes. Did I do everything right as a daughter? Absolutely not. Somehow we're arrived at this place of mutual respect, and overwhelming admiration being dad and daughter. I love that most about my dad. He never gave up despite my ability to disappoint him. And he never let me think I wasn't capable. NEVER! My sisters and I didn't have to be macho to do what he thought we could do, we just had to have a brain. Honestly, he didn't care if we were a son or daughter, he simply had faith and hope!!! That's a good dad.
I said "Dad, I'm worried I haven't lived up to my own expectations or potential, nor anyone else's. I'm facing my 49th birthday and I don't even think I deserve it." He replied, "Sue, you have examined your life and agonized about it longer than anyone I have every known, so I'll leave you with this:"
"The unexamined life is a wasted life." - Plato
That in a nutshell, is my dad. And that, in a nutshell, is our relationship.
I love you Dad, and thank you.


CIELO said...

So glad you're still posting! :) I though you where leaving us for a while so I haven't been here, just in case I might be bothering... Hope you are doing great, and if you are up to playing, we are having a garden party and would love love to see you participating... come see

Hugs and many blessings to you


Janet said...

Your Dad is a wise man. Hope you are doing better.


Just Bob said...

Hi Suzanne!!!

Head over to the Essence of Bobness for a special surprise.

Kookaburra said...

G'day Suzanne,
I liked the photo of T-bone.
Your Dad must be your best friend.
I'm glad to see you posting and hope that you're feeling better about everything. However, please take it easy; there's a way to go yet with your recovery :)

hnter1018 said...

Beautiful picture Suzanne. I can see why T-Bone is so happy.

That garden looks very peaceful.


Random Chick said...

You sneaky bugger...I figured you out! Go to The Wild Onion to see what I figured out. It wasn't that hard...ha ha ha ha!

Suzanne said...


No, I'm not still posting! At least I'm not supposed to be. Go figure. I visited the garden party and yes, of course I'll participate. How could you do something like that to me when you know I'm ill!!! You are a little rascal.

I love you,

Suzanne said...

Just Bob,

God after dealing with MJ's blog I'm almost too scared to visit anyone who says "Come on over!!!" But I did and what a wonderful reward. Thank you. I'm honored. However, I must remind you we only post our most flattering photos. You might be in for a rude awakening!!!


Suzanne said...

Janet (God, I always think I'm writing to my older sister), I wrote to you on your blog. Great post by the way. Your mom is an artist. No honey, I'm not doing better. Still as numb and tinglie as ever. Ugh. I'm hoping for the best. Keep your fingers crossed. And yes, Dad's a gem. He's so easy to talk to and we have way too much fun and way too much to talk about! It's always a hoot. I get off the phone and think "Wow, that's my dad." And by the way, he's also a grandfather, so has lots of grandkids who love him too. Life is beautiful.


Suzanne said...

Hi Mark,

No, I'm not supposed to be posting or blogging for that matter. Why I am? I don't know. I feel compelled! Yes, my Dad is special. I never thought of him as a dear friend, but you made me realize he is. Thank you.

How are you doing honey? How are Jo and Helen? I hope everyone is managing fine. The kitties I hope are fine too. Like you, I'm trying to relax more. Yes, there is a long way to go in my recovery. I'm still numb and tinklie, so not even close to recovered yet, but hopeful.

Love you all,

Suzanne said...

Hey Rob,

T-Bone is a happy dog. We often refer to him as the happiest dog alive, but I think there are others more pampered! He's a terrific member of our family and we just realized today he's almost 8 years old. We sort of went into shock! That much time has passed? You start counting the years you know with big dogs and so we started counting and looked at one another and got really scared. It was such an odd feeling. People who love animals, as you know, get scared about the loss of one. With T-Bone we've only thought about how many wonderful years are ahead, never about the few years left, until now. T-Bone is 70 lbs. What has been your experience with dogs of his size? He's a Besenji (African hunting dog), mixed with Lab (the vet thinks). He's healthy and happy with just a few minor problems. Nothing that's going to kill him. He eats amazing food and get excellent vet care. But I've noticed in the past 6 months he's slowing down a bit. How long have your big dogs lived. And please tell me the truth. I'd rather know than not. I'm sensing something that doesn't feel comfortable and I have amazing intuition. I'm hoping it's just the stress of summer and once it's over, everything will be fine.

Your daugher is so beautiful and you appear to be an amazing dad. I hope you had a great Father's Day with the Wee-One and your beautiful wife. Until we chat again, take good care of yourself and the family (and animals of course!), and know that you are all welcome in my garden whenever you need time to regenerate or relax. It's all yours! Well, you may meet some other bloggers, but just introduce yourselves and have a nice chat!

With love,

Suzanne said...

Rhandom Chick,

Yes, of course I'm still laughing. You're too funny and that post was to die for. I would have loved to have been born June 17th, just to deserve it!!!

I love you honey! Suze XO

hnter1018 said...

Suzanne barring any major health problems I would say he would go to 12-15 yrs. Labs will live out to 15 but are prone to certain problem. Besinjis (sp?) live to be about 12-14. Given the right diets for his age and proper care which I know he is getting, he should be around for a awhile. Just like the rest of us he might slow down a bit with age but with a garden like that to relax in he should be happy for many years to come.


It's the larger breeds like Great Danes and Shepards and Rotties that tend to live 8-10 years.

Random Chick said...

Okay, okay...so I made the wrong assumption about your actual birthdate because of your comment on Just Bob's blog. I'm always making assumptions, maybe I should stop that? It's definitely gotten me into trouble...oh well.

Anyway...I finally did get your birthday right after Bob sent me an email. And you TOTALLY deserve a post like that and even better! I hope to be as vivacious, beautiful, intelligent (well...not sure about one), creative, compassionate, bright, and lovely as you are when I'm looking at my 49th. By the way, your Dad (and Mom) must have done something right...because you're fabulous!!!!


Just Bob said...

Hi Suzanne...

Suzanne said...

Thanks Rob. I'm exhaling. I've actually researched, but when he started to slow down we both sort of got scared. When you love an animal you get sort of scared about little stuff because you don't want anything to end. He's an amazing dog and I'm looking forward to at least 15 years. Thanks for your wonderful wisdom and advice. He eats beautifully, but I'm going to discuss altering his diet with the vet. Perhaps he needs a more senior diet.

Love you my dear. And thank you. By the way, I think I caught you in my garden. Good for you! Bring the family next time. The weeds are ENORMOUS, but the roses keep blooming! See you all soon.


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