Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Birthday Bouquet For A Special Lady...

Happy Birthday Random Chick!
We hope you're having a beautiful day.
The Gang


Just Bob said...

Ditto RC!

Hi Suzanne!

~Just Bob~

Suzanne said...

Hi Bob! Too funny. I just got through talking to you at the Wild Onion and you were already here. Love it! Now where the hell is she?

Gig said...

Happy Random Birthday to R.C.
Hope it is a Great One!!

Beautiful Pink Roses Suze, but I knew they would be awesome!!

Hi Just Bob!

R.C. is probably celebrating Fathers Day plus her B-Day...

XO, Gig

Suzanne said...

Hi Gig! Yes, I know that's the case. It reminds me of my poor mom. Her birthday is December 24th. I don't think she has ever received a gift not associated with Christmas or a celebration not related to Christmas. It's just awful! I assume Random Chick just got some bait and tackle! Well...the buffet will feature fish too.

Love you my dear and thanks for dropping by. However, I do have a minor question. How can you be here and over at the Cafe at the same time? We're dancing! Didjanotice? Did you just blow me off?


Leah said...

Happy Birthday Miss RC, here too!

Miss S, those roses are as usual sumptuous. What I wouldn't do for those on my coffee table. My dog would sniff them too--he loves to sniff flowers.

Skeeter said...

Hi Suzanne,

Hope all is going well. I stopped by the Wild Onion for the party and to say "Hi!". I'll have to visit there more regularly.

With love,

Cecile said...

Hey RC, you best be getting your arse over to the onion. I didn't bake all of those cakes for nuttin' honey. I hope you have had a wonderful day. It is too bad you had to share your day with Father's day this year.


Robyn said...

Love the flowers Suze from your 'Secret Garden'! I will check out the party too!
Hugs and come for a visit!

Anonymous said...


You're still around.....*tsk tsk*

What will the doc say?


Happy birthday RC!

Peter x

kylie said...

hi peter!

she's a lost cause, you know that!

hi suze!
beautiful roses

hi bob!

hi gig!

hi cece!

hi leah!

hi skeeter!

hi robyn!

happy birthday random

Anonymous said...


Thank you sooooo much! These roses are lovely! I just wish I could sit in your garden and enjoy them in person.

To celebrate my 41st, we went to Napa this weekend and had a splendid time!!! I think I gained like 200 lbs...but it was WORTH IT!!

Suzanne, you are not supposed to be blogging...but, I'm glad you did. I'm also so very glad I found you on the blogosphere...I think Just Bob is too. LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone!!! Muwahhh! I just blew you a kiss!!

Just Bob said...

I'm glad to have met everyone here although MJ scares me sometimes with her old man naughty bit photos.

Hi Suzanne!

bindhiya said...
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bindhiya said...

Dear Suze,
This is a beautiful post...

Happy birthday RC..

Talk to you soon..
♥ & ((hugs))

deleted comment is me too many typos...

hi everyone...

krystyna said...

Hi Suzanne!
A Birthday Bouquet is Georgeous!
Happy birthday RC!

Suzanne, my birthday is close to your mom's birthday (22 December - sorry, but I love your roses).

And I love your beautiful Award "You are a dear friend".
My today's post is with your beautiful Art!

Love and hug!

Kalpana said...

Came from Krystyna's blog. My belated B'day Wishes to her. Take care.

Kalpana said...

Wow, you are a great painter. Loved all those roses. :)

Shirley said...
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Anonymous said...