Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Want to look at something special...

Hydrangeas this July 2008 (Endless Summer)

Hillary's first litter. Only one survived, but then we lost him just before the fire or in the fire (just can't figure it out). He was very, very special and always will be. Goodbye precious.


Joyful Jo said...

Hi suze,
What fantastic hydrangeas. That blue is so deep. Used to have them but they slowly semmed to have died over the years. I used to put cuttings in they mostly grew but with our water restrictions its not worth the bother. I a have been puting cuttings of geraniums as they look after themselves and give some colour.
The kitten looked cute shame you were unable to find him.
Hope your weather is not too hot.We are getting a sunny day giving us a taste of spring.

Suzanne said...

Hi Jo!

So nice to see your smiling face. I too love to take cuttings of hydrangeas and watch them grow. Even in the shade here hydrangeas require a great deal of water because the summers are very hot. And I agree that with water restrictions it's difficult to keep them. Endless Summer is a wonderful plant with both blue and pink flowers. Infact blue and pink can grow on the same plant. It's remarkable. The deepest blue I've ever seen is on a hydrangea call Nikko Blue. Have you seen that one? It's a keeper!!

It is a shame about the wee one. He was so adorable and life was just beginning. Fortunately I have beautiful photos to remember him. And thanks Jo.

It's still very hot here, but mornings have been cooler this week. The scent of Fall is in the air and some leaves are beginning to turn color. I can hardly believe this year has passed so quickly. Can you?

Hope you're holding up under the pressure of work. Have a HAPPY SPRING and please give the family my love. I'll stop by soon.

XO Suze

P.S. Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Oh, beautiful hydrangeas and a beautiful kitten! I'm so glad to see Hillary and her baby are doing well.

Suzanne said...

RC, don't make me come over there and force you to reread my post. God I love you!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh shit...sorry. I wasn't fully reading this post. I'm so sorry Hillary lost her little baby boy. Why am I always messing these things up?

Thanks for understanding that I'm totally scatter-brained. ;-)

I'm so sorry again for Hillary's loss, and yours.

Anonymous said...