Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mr. Shife

Yes, the post existed. Now it doesn't. Thank's for all your wonderful comments, but I had to delete because if my sister saw it she'd kill me!!! Yes, I'm afraid of my sisters! When I was home last I saw a friend from high school. He had a New Yorker poster in his home with Philippe front and center. We discussed the fact Philippe was a friend and neighbor, blah, blah, blah. No big deal, just a passing conversation. I returned to my sister's house and told her about my day and the discussion about Philippe. I got the cold stare and the words finally fell out of her mouth, "We NEVER tell anyone Philippe is our neighbor, please don't discuss our private life with your friends." What?!!! I felt as if I'd given the secret for a nuclear weapon away. Damn. So what do I do 3 years later? I blog about him!!! Not cool. But apparently she doesn't read my blog. The bitch.

Yes, Mr. Shife is the recipient of this fine book. It took nearly two months to get in the mail, but needless to say, it made it today. $2.50 later. Book rate. When the hell did book rate go up to $2.50? I was expecting to be told "50 cents my dear woman." Ha! That's all I had in spare change, so had to put the $2.50 on my credit card! So ultimately it'll cost me about $5.00. Hey! Mr. Shife, I know you'll pass the love around. RC, you're next!

Love to all,


Anonymous said...

Hey sweetie,

I saw the previous post that you now deleted, and that was very inspiring. Such a dreadful thing happened 7 years ago, and it is our duty to remember it and all those who were affected by it, and all those who didn't come out of it. We must also remember what happened in London on 7/7 too - and Madrid. There are so many things to remember but yet there's hope that the world will pull together to eliminate the evils that the world hides away.

Love you hun,
Peter xx

Suzanne said...

Peter, I love you. It's hard. Where do you tuck all of it?


Leah said...

Well, what should I do with my life? Huh? I'm waiting...maybe Mr. Shife will tell me when he's done with the book!!!!

Anonymous said...

We don't want your sister to kill you, so we're glad you deleted that post. In my family, I'm the big sister but I'm afraid of my little brother. I completely understand! LOL!

Honey, I've read so many books like that...self-help books that I think I became a self-help junkie. I'm sort of burned on those kind of books right now, but if you think it will help, I'll give it a read. Right now I'm reading a book that is truly inspiring, "Three Cups of Tea." Makes me feel like my life is a joke, but in a good way. If there is a good way to think about that kind of thing. Anyway, I hope that book helps Mr. Shife I know he went through a period of self-reflection and self-doubt but now he's back to his old shinanigans.

Suz, what in the world would we do without you? I shudder to think about it. I am glad you didn't listen to your doctor and that you keep on blogging. Is that bad of me? I just think you're amazing.


Suzanne said...

Leah, it's yours! It's a great book. Loads of fun. Po is a very, very smart man, writes for Wired, etc. and graduated from Stanford and just loads of fun. The book consists of interviews and their all terrific and enlightening. I learned from every interview. Too much fun. I know you'll enjoy it and trust me, Mr. Shife will pass it along ~ he's a great guy.

Renee, my darling friend from LA is a math teacher and she and her friends would read books, then pass them along rather than have them collect dust. She inspired me to pass it along. You know me. I have a gazillion books in this house and I'm at the point where I'm ready to share. I'm no longer a library. Stagnation is an empty goal.

Love you baby.


Walker said...

You know, all she has to do is read this post and kill you anyway for calling her a Bitch LOL

Mr. Shife said...

Look forward to the book. Thank you again. I sure hope the book does not tell me to become a Republican.

Anonymous said...