Thursday, September 4, 2008

Okay...It's Official...I've Won A Lot Of Awards...

But do you see them on my side bar? No. Why? Because there are only 24 hours in a day and I'm strapped! Hey! And this isn't even all of them. Somehow I can't find one from Random Chick. Oh, believe me, I got it, but my photo collection is so huge and paging though it, so tedious, after 15 tries I gave up. I'll find it eventually.

This is my beautiful Blottie Award. It's from Just Bob I'm unable to post all he wrote because Bob has his words blocked for copywrite protection. Apparently he thinks they're special. The post was June 17, 2008. Good luck with that. Basically I'm a blogging hottie and apparently the only one. Love this one! Why? Cuz it feels like I'm the go to girl on the mud flap of a 4x4 or a tractor trailer, but still sophisticated. And no, my boobs aren't that big, my waste not that small and my hips and thights not that big either. But it's nice to be idealized and romantisized. Thanks Bob!

This one's from my darling Robyn

"To my blogger family...I humbly thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thanks for making this one of the best experiences here on blogger!And the LOVE Keeps Coming!

7. Rose Cottage Studio - Last but certainly not least! This woman is beyond incredible. I have come to love my friendship with Suzanne. She is highly motivating and has a incredible heart of GOLD! Suze is selfless and loves everything...from animals to humans. I love her strength and her fire in her words. She is passion at its best! Promise you too will love her as much as I do!"

Robyn, thank you darling. I love you too.

Just thought I'd throw in something extra. The garden between our driveway and our neighbor's yard, last year.

I sign everything with a heart. Why? I don't know. It's just me. For decades every time I wrote to my family and friends I'd include a pinch of little confetti red hearts. My mom cherished them, but others detested them (cleaning up after opening an envelop!). I stopped a few years ago, but writing this has inspired me to buy a package of confetti hearts! Yippie!!!
That's why this award is special. It's a heart and warms mine. It's from my darling, darling friend from Poland, Maria. It is a "Gift of Heart," and I think amazingly beautiful. Thank you my dear friend.

Okay, this is extra for Jo. Jo, I know how much you love hydrangeas, and yes these are all from one Endless summer bush. Isn't the variety amazing?! And that's Newman! And that's the kitchen table. And yes, the cats can do what ever they want!

I didn't tell any of you, but I was featured at Cielo's Garden of the Month. It's was truly an honor. I also took part in her Show Me Your Garden and had an absolute blast. I met so many new friends and learned so much. Cielo is one of the most lovely ladies in all Blogger Land. Please visit if you have an opportunity. She's kind, lovely, smart, and oh, has gorgeous hair!!!
Another amazing award from my dear, dear friend Maria from Poland. She's over 80 years old and a retired teacher. She's smart, funny and wise and I just adore her. Thank you for this one my dear. I love you.
It's the Walk Together Award and she wrote "I believe that is not necessary to speak the same language to show our love. We may not be able to talk to one another, but our hearts are speaking the same language. It's a sisterhood the utopia that blogland strives for. Therefore, I'm giving this award to some of the nicest people I've meet through blogging. Most of them do not speak Polish /English/ or just speak few words, but their love and friendship surely shines through them."
Took part in Cielo's Dessert Carnival and had the time of my life. Made a raspberry swirl cheese cake and it was a huge hit. Met lots of new friends then got to eat the whole thing myself!!! Why? Because Rob doesn't like cheesecake! I was in Heaven.

One of the most beautiful awards of all time, from my dearest Mark, Jo and Helen. I put it on my side bar immediately but it was impossible to read the words. Now you can. I love you and also know you understand how much this meant to me and still means. Thanks for your continued support and love. And thank you for thinking of me. I love you guys. XO
"Dear Reader,This Award has been given with catitude to Auntie Suzanne for all her efforts with helping stray kitties. Without our friend Suzanne, coming 'round each day to check up on us, and care for us, our world would be a sadder place.Thank you Suzanne for looking after us :)"
Thank you. And the joy in going back to retrieve this was the "Men In Training" post. Too funny!!!
The end.
With love,


just bob said...

Dearest Blottie...

I don't have my blog copy protected, but if anyone wants to read the entire post it can be found here. Maybe it's because I changed blog names somewhere along the way? Well, who knows.

Anyway, you deserve all of those great rewards. You're a special person and bring something new and treasured to us everyday with your humor, genuine thoughtfulness, and shear enthusiasm. Thanks for being the best "you" that you are! :)

just bob

Walker said...

Congrats on all the awards.
It's obvious that you're well loved by many of your blog friends and deserve all the love theuy show you.

Anonymous said...

It is obvious that you live a rich life because so many people love you (including me). Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog yesterday in response to my pity party, and for the drink at the Top of the Mark...

You truly deserve each and every one of these beautiful awards.


hnter1018 said...

Hello Suzane.....congrats on the awards. I do believe if you read the latest post he may n fact have given the actual day....wink wink. If memory serves corrrectly I do believe it to be the truth.

how are the kitties?? Hope is doing well running herself into the ground and Gus is slowly being trained. Did you knwo about Gus. He is my new pup. A beautiful yellow lab.

I will get off my sorry butt and put his pick up on my page
take care

Suzanne said...

Thank Just Bob. That's too formal. I'll just call you Bob. Bob, thanks. I'm laughing too hard to write more. Let me compose myself. Okay, I'm ready to write. Nope, I'm not. Why am I laughing so hard? Probably because J. McCain in speaking, I just sneezed and my kitty flew off the window seat as if his ass was on fire and because you're you. Life is good.

The "best me" wants you to know I LUV YOU!!! Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. It all matter you know. I think I have the best blogging friends on the planet. And why? I don't know? I often wonder how I got this lucky and honestly, I don't know, but I did and I'm so very, very grateful. Thank you for sticking around, for making me laugh, for taking me to France(!). for adoring my friends as much as I do, for being a Democrat, for bartending beautifully, but most of all for being Just Bob. You're the best and I love you. Honey, you bartending tonight? I need a drink!

XO Blottie

P.S. And oh, thanks for that terrific award!

Suzanne said...


Thank honey!!! Believe it or not, I have more, just can't find them in the mess I call my picture gallery. I know I've insulted someone, but will get them posted before 2009!

You're blog is interesting as always. Man your life is complex! And you write about it with such wit and wisdom. I'm so glad we met. And thank you for stopping by with such kind words.

You might like my friend Skeeter. Stop by his blog and read a few posts. You'll see! And have you met Just Bob? If not, do.

Thanks dear friend,
XO Suze

Suzanne said...

Bob, Just want to mention I was walking through the living room and heard the part of McCain's speech about being in captivity. I wasn't laughing. I respect that part of his life and his courage. He's an amazing guy, but I hope not our next president. Just so you know.

Suzanne said...

Random Chick,

I love you too baby. And you're welcome. I know the drink at the Top of the Mark helped because you took your meds and read children's books today. Hey!!! Progress!!! No, I'm not laughing at your expense. I'm laughing because I love you and am happy for you. Hang in there girlie and thanks for your constant support because you have mine. You're the best.

Oh, and honey, it's IV's BD next week. You might consider writing the post if you have the time and energy. I know you'd kick ass, and I need a good laugh. You never fail to deliver. And thanks for France. God that place is beautiful. We'll all have to go back next year.


P.S. Hang in there.

Skeeter said...

Hi Suzanne,

Those are great awards, but even better stories that go with each one. You kitties seem happy about the awards too. Can't beat that!

Best wishes,


Anonymous said...

Hi Suze,

Congrats on all the awards! You certainly deserve them!
I love the photos of your gorgeous cat - I want one of my own, but maybe when I get settled down somewhere.
Hope you're having a good week, and looking forward to a wonderful weekend.
Thanks for your support and love - right back atcha babe!

Peter xx


nice one!!! yes indeed congrats on all that you have accomplished!!!
its good to have you back here and post normally!

Robyn said...

What do my eyes spy...all the awards that bloggers have bestowed on my friend Suze!

Life has thrown me a loop and today like most I feel as if I can barely keep my head above the water line. The news on my situation keeps getting worse by the minute. No a tumor, yes a tumer. AAGHGHH! I have had more blood taken then you can imagine. I have done all types of xray machines. Full body scan,pet scan, WBC scan, Bone scan, Cat scan, chest xray, head CT...and the list goes on and on and on. Has it spread, where is it...what are we going to do! Chemo, no radiation, no back to chemo, surgery.
I now step back and hold the gun to my temple...yesterday was that day. ENOUGH ALREADY!

Suze, I will get most of my results Monday. I think some type of surgery will be in order and then probably both chemo and radiation will need to take place. Am I scared??? Shit yes...will I survive! HELL YES! I am not taking any of this sitting down. I am too much of a fighter to let this do me in...but there are days Suze...where enough is enough, you know what I mean?! I am sorry I haven't blogged or changed the current posting. It just seemed pointless a bit. With me fighting this battle and trying to be strong for others, I have been exhausted. I promise, and let everyone know that I will email them all back soon! I just needed to do all the tests and rest and find a anger outlet...KICK BOXING! And need the results so I can let my friends and family know what the hell I am up against! I love you dear one! And soon, very soon I will email you.
Give my love to everyone! And here are some extra hugs for everyone.
Talk soon! Promise!
Love you!

Leah said...

Hi Suzanne,

You are chock full o' awardy goodness!

Skeeter said...

Hi Suzanne,

All those awards and not one of them is furry and shaped like a kitty? Interesting.

Best wishes,


krystyna said...

It is impossible to not love you, Suzanne!
You are the best!

Have a great, lovely Sunday!

CIELO said...

Hi.... hope you got the message I sent you early this morning... I don't see it here--guess I wrote you in my sleep... :) Anyway, just came to let you know I've missed you!



kylie said...

ah .....
your long collected awards :)
you deserve 'em all.
and i want a blottie award. actually, no, i don't. you are blottie, i want something that's mine, all mine.
i thought i'd got over my jealous pangs for the week, apparently i got that wrong or maybe it's for the next week......??
well, whatever, have a splendiferous week

Robyn said...

Sent you an email and have posted a new posting...thank you for encouraging me. I was suprised how freeing it was after all! You were so right girly!
Love you!

Skeeter said...

Hi Suze,

You have great garden. Yes, you should stop by if you are ever in central Oklahoma. If Mrs. Skeeter and I are ever in your neck of the woods, we'll be sure to send a shout your way.

Best wishes,


Mr. Shife said...

Wow. This is indeed an award-winning blog. I knew there was a reason I read it. Hope all is well and yes I am back again.

Suzanne said...

I swear to God that Fat Cat photo enlarge so you could read it. Now it doesn't. This is a trick, right?

Suzanne said...

Okay, that's it. Going over to Walker's for my daily "Pick Me Up!"

Anonymous said...