Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Alison ~ my niece...

Hi Ali, I lifted this from a friend's blog. She was in England. Isn't it beautiful?! Let's go sit right over there pumpkin.

For those of you who aren't aware, Ali is my niece and this is sort of personal, but come an enjoy the ride. Ali, your mom called the other day and then the next day and the next. She talked to Uncle Rob on Sunday, and when I tried to call wasn't able to get in touch because, well...her number has changed. I can't call without her new number!!! I ended up talking to the woman who has her old number. No, not once, but about 5 times! On the 5th and last call to her I said, "I swear to God, this is my last call. How long have you had this number?" She replied, "About a month." I said, "Do you live in Saugerties or Woodstock?" She said, "No." I said, "Hummmmmmmmm, okay, do you know my sister or her new phone number!!?? Her reply after a good long laugh, "No." My reply, "Okay, have a nice life." She replied, "You too." I called you, no luck. I called Uncle W, no luck, but left a message, called Aunt V (believe it or not!) and of course no luck. Called Pappa, no luck. Obviously I didn't get to talk to your mom.

I know you read this blog, so this is my last resort! I can't email because my email is so backed up I can barely find a friend!!! Comcast sent a message telling me to delete some email. Uncle Rob saw my email and said "That's insane, I've never seen anything that full, would you like me to delete some stuff for you!?" I said "No." Ali, Aunt Suzy isn't as wacky as she seems, just a bit tired. Hey, it's almost 4 am!!! Whatdayawant?! Perfection? Honey, can you do me a favor and tell Mommy to call again and to please leave her new phone number. You might add, "How's Aunt Suzy supposed to call without it?" Love you baby. Hope all is well. Hugs and kisses to you and Stout.


Yes, of course I'll delete this in 24 hours.
Okay, Aunt Kylie has convinced me to extend my deadline. You Now have 48 hours. Chop-chop.
Okay, Aunt Kylie has convinced me to keep it. And honey, do you still read my blog?


kylie said...

you cant delete in 24 hours, what if she only reads once a week???

you've started something now, you know that, dont you??

alison, do as you're told

if your dear aunt doesnt get to speak with your beloved mum we'll never hear the end of it!!

love you suze

Suzanne said...

You still come here? Wow, that almost sounds pornographic. I'm scared that IV will wrap his brain around that one, so will probably have to delete this too! Okay, you still stop by? Thought you were gone forever. Apparently not. Thank God cuz I love you.

I have to delete this. Okay, I'll give her 48 hours. She better read fast cuz I don't have a week! You know life is pathetic when I'm writing important stuff to Ali on my Blog!!! Hey! I have to spend today cleaning up my email because it's one hell of a mess.

Love you Kylie, and thanks for stopping by. It's always a gift.


Suzanne said...

Love you too Kylie. And thanks. XO

just bob said...


Leah said...

Bob, I believe that's Suzanne's number, not her sister's.

Anonymous said...

Alison, we love your Aunt. Help her out, please?

Debbie in CA : ) said...

I've been away too long. I'm totally lost!

I think I shall gaze at that lovely picture of England once more and then go out into my cottage gardens surrounding my English cottage here in sunny CA and PRAY for peace and tranquility in your life (and mine -- you can never have too much peace and tranquility).

Though I do not know what troubles bubble in your day, I do know that the peace that passes understanding can mend your furrowed brow.

You are in my prayers, sweet friend.

XOXO ...

Cecile said...

"I get by with a little help from my friend." "Yeah Yeah, I get by with a little help from my friends." Now you will all have that song stuck in your head for the rest of the day. HA HA HA

Leah said...

p.s. Suzanne, I just had to chime in randomly with a nag. If you're still behind on your sleep, you need to get some sleep. I don't care if you've got a gazillion things to do and folks to take care of, tell them to wait and then get some sleep, even a nap at a crazy time of day is fine. Do it. Do it! Lie down and shut your eyes!


Suzanne said...

Well, I'm never going to be able to delete this post because the comments are too good. Sorry Ali. Everyone knows you're my niece and everyone knows Mommy forgot to give me the new number. Oh, and most important, everyone now knows MY FAMILY DOESN'T RETURN PHONE CALLS!!! And no, I still haven't dealt with my email issue. I'm going to get to that later.

Bob ~ I called that 800 number. XO

Leah ~ Yup, got me. I sound very sexy! XO

RC ~ Yes Alison, help Aunt Suzy out. PLEEEEEEEEEEZE because you know how crazy my life is. Thanks RC for submitting the request you little cutie you! XO

Debbie ~ You doll. I'm feeling a bit of peace and tranquility because of you. Inhale, exhale, smell the roses. This is a very exhausting, stressful time in my life, but I know it'll pass. Thanks for your support dear friend. Oh, so I don't need Botox for my furrowed brow? Great, because I'm not into pain or that sort of crap! I see the prayers gently arriving on the delta breeze. I have my heart wide open. Thank you. XO

Cece ~ It stuck. Thank you. And you're absolutely right. I couldn't do it without all of you. I'm glad I realized that and let it out. I love you so much. XO

Leah ~ Thanks sweetie. I know, I try, but unless I pass out from complete exhaustion, I simply end up looking at the ceiling, the tv, the sofa, the pillow, the sky! Trust me, there are times I make an effort to sleep, but can't. It's almost as if I'm too tired to sleep. I don't understand this phase of my life because I've never had to deal with this sort of stuff. Thanks for your advice and concern. I'm going to survive. Right?

Love ya, XO

Walker said...

You're having no luck calling people are you?

Call back that lady and tell her you couldn't find your sister's number and until you do she will have to be your sister substitute until Ali gets back to you HA HA HA

Suzanne said...

Walker, now that made me laugh so hard!!! I imposed on her 5 times and she was very gracious and very, very funny. I mean really. Who gets a wrong number then calls 4 more times? Yup, me! And yes, I actually considered calling again after your comment, but I just can't do that to her! And no, I still haven't heard from Ali or anyone in the family. They are such an irresponsible, unreliable bunch. God they piss me off some times. Yet they're my family and I have to keep them.

Oh, and your response to my comment about the boobs/women. Kinda sexy. I was going to comment, but couldn't find the words. Now you know. If I'm ever in Canada, you bet I'm stopping by!!!

Thanks baby.


kylie said...


i just havent had much to say of late

and dont delete, this post is a winner


Suzanne said...

Hi Kylie! Thanks for still stopping by. You don't have to comment, just the fact you lurk matters. And thanks for the advice. I'll keep it. The comment page is a hoot. You're all the dearest friends and I'm so grateful to have you. Ali will probably never read the post, but I just found her email address while attempting to clean my mailbox (absolutely no space left, 35 incoming emails and one from Comcast, again reminding me I have to clean the mess up), so plan to write and let her know I need the damn phone number!

Just so you know, I worked on deleting emails for well over an hour just before coming here. I started with 38 pages and was told I still had 34 to go. Hummmmmmmm. That was a bit disappointing after so much effort.

Love you darlin' and thanks for being you. I'll stop by to read the comments on your last post. I really needed that one. It was wonderful to let some junk out and clear the cobwebs (without hurting the spiders of course!).

Thanks ~ XO ;)

just bob said...

38 pages of email? Geez... how often do check it, once a year?

Suzanne said...


It's 38 pages of "saved email," not incoming. I logged on this afternoon to learn I had 34 or 35 NEW emails (pretty typical day), waded thought them quickly, read, saved, deleted, replied to two, but should have replied to 20, etc. I have a really terrific fire wall, so don't get junkmail, just good stuff...important stuff, like photos from family and friends, inspiring words, kind letters from loving friends and family, so it's not as if I can delete everything right away. I save until I have time to go back and edit properly. I also have to print off photos or save them on disc. Everything takes time and you know me by now, I don't have time to do everything, so the emails build and build and build until I have no space left and Comcast smacks my hand. Yes, that was a run on sentence. I didn't have time for anything else! I'm condensing because I have to run to the market then feed the wee ones. Now you know why Blotte's going insane!!!

Wish me luck!

Skeeter said...

Dunno know about her dear, but I do ;-) Hope you connect with her soon.

Best wishes,


Leah said...

Hi there! I'm headed upstate for the holidays, and will be sure to cut some of my mom's hydrangea and put it in a vase and think of you!


Mr. Shife said...

Any luck with your quest? Hope all is well. The book you sent me had really great timing because now I really need to find what I want to do with my life as I got laid off yesterday.

Suzanne said...

Skeeter, when you wrote that, were you drunk again or was your hair in your eyes? Good Lord!!! I'm going to try to cut and paste your thoughts into a cohesive sentence. I do believe you were trying to say, "I am from a big family too, and know your pain." Right?!!! If not, please write in English when you respond because I don't understand Jibberish!!!

XO ;)

P.S. Visit the Cafe because Cece is visiting for the Irish Fest and man she did her establishment proud. Too funny!

Suzanne said...


Thanks darling!!! I love you too. I'm going to pick some tomorrow morning to remind me of you. Oh, does this mean I can use the fiddle to entertain the crowd while you're away? Did you remember to put oil in the car? Do you have sandwiches and snacks packed for the wee one? Oh, and plenty of beverages so you have to stop at least 10 times. Don't forget to swing by the Cafe to take a look at Cece before you leave. And IV of course (he's fallen in love). Boss~Lady's HOT and probably still singing.

Have a beautiful, safe trip. I imagine the leaves are changing and the drive will be stunning. Post from the library parking lot if possible!!! Please whisper to Lake George, "Suzanne still loves you."

Safe journey,

Suzanne said...

Mr. Shife,

Sorry honey. That's just awful. What are you going to do? Do you get unemployment? I hope so. This is obviously not a good time to be unemployed.

I've never been laid off, so don't know what it feels like, but did get fired. I was all of about 21 and working at the California Auto Dealers Association's headquarters on Market Street in San Francisco, while also going to college. It was a stressful job, but I needed the money. My manager was insane. No really, I think she was and I felt sorry for her, but honestly she was very abusive, unkind and manipulative, not just to me, but everyone under her. And one day I'd just had enough and let her know. She went to the boss and I was called into his office and, I think expected to arrive on my knees. I didn't. I was pissed. I may have only been 21, but I wasn't going to be intimidated by either of them and told him so. He wasn't happy because I think he though I would simply conform. Hell no. He asked me what I'd do as her boss. I said "I'd fire her ass because she make working here miserable for everyone and you don't see it because you sit here with the door closed." He listened, was nice enough, I went back to my desk and he left his office. I saw him enter the In House Council Office. The next morning I was told I was fired and escorted out of the office by security, in front of all my friends and co-workers. It was humiliating, because not only was I asked to empty my desk in front of everyone, but the boss and the manager stood in their office doors, watching with smirks on their face, while everyone else, all the consultants, other executives, secretaries, etc., had tears in their eyes. I was loved in that office, and I know that to this very day. I also know that the head of In House Council recommended I be fired and that broke my heart because I loved her like a sister. We always talked about classes, being at Berkeley, Rob going to law school, my plans for the future, her graduation from Berkeley and Bolt Hall. She was really like an older sister and I adored her. But after I was fired I didn't have the will to call and ask "why?" About 2 years later I was walking across the plaza to Bolt Hall to meet Rob for lunch. I'd just been making sketches in the plaza for an ED (Environmental Design (Architecture)) class (our project was to redesign the plaza and as it turned out, mine was one of the winners!!!)and saw her and she saw me. We walked directly to one another and hugged. She said, "I love you, and I'm sorry, you know that." I said "I don't understand why you would do that to me. You know I had tuition to pay, books to buy, and you knew my manager was an asshole. Why would you do that to me?" I will never forget her words. "Because you didn't belong there. You were too smart for them and they would have sucked the life out of you and I wasn't going to let that happen, so I recommended you be fired, immediately. I knew you would find another job quickly, and instructed the receptionist to pass any inquiries for recommendations to my office, and she did, rather than direct them to the President's office." We both laughed and held one another. She said "I assume I know where you're currently working!" I worked happily at one of the oldest and most prestigious law firms in San Francisco and told her the name and we both just laughed our asses off! (Oh, and by the way, she left the office about a year after I was fired because she hated the place!!!)

This is so long winded, but honestly, I have no idea how to abbreviate. That's just me. I think what I'm trying to say, is you'll find the right place in no time. That wasn't the right place.

Love you,
Me XO ;)

Kookaburra said...

Wow! This post is freakin' awesome!

#Everybody needs somebody, somtime,
#Everybody needs someone to love,
#La, la la, la, laa, la, lala ...#

Gig said...

Hi Blottie!!

Just stopping by to say hi, don't delete, this was great to read.

Miss you,
Love you,

Suzanne said...

Thanks Mark. I come back here just to read. I'm thinking of going away for awhile and being here helps me navigate. I do have to go away because I have way too much on my plate, but for how long, I'm not sure yet. Perhaps months, with a visit once a week. I was over at IV's tonight an realized I was mocked as a PETA member by friends I adore. It's made the choice easier. I need time away from this place and from friends I thought were friends. I want to get this house in order, the garden too, and I want desperately to get my brain working again by working on a new painting. I need to move on. I love this blog and love blogging, but I think it's time. No matter what my decision, I know you'll understand.

I love you. And thanks for your friendship. My love to Jo and the wee one. Also to the kitties!

Suze XO

Suzanne said...


Hi baby. God, it's so good to have you back. You're so much like Robyn. You open the door, walk in and the room just lights up. That's what I love about you, and that's what I've missed. Huge sigh of relief. Hi baby. Welcome home.

I love you.
XO Blottie One!!! (Too funny!)

Suzanne said...

Gig, you walking in also feel like Cece kickin' the saloon door open in leather and a whip!!! Hey!!!

Suzanne said...


Leah said...

Hi Suzanne! I'm actually visiting you from my cabin upstate--I have an aircard that seems to be working--anyway, I read the comments all over the place, and if you are a member of PETA, I will reserve all judgment of the organization. I know you and I are like-minded in our worry about and care of animals!

sorry to take the discussion over here...

the Adirondacks are lovely! The leaves are turning, it's chilly...Hedgie is happy and my extremely aged dog is in heaven, running around like a puppy and sniffing things...I had SO many snacks packed for the trip, a gazillion peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches and hard-boiled eggs (although Pippin the dog grabbed one right out of Hedgie's hand before she could even blink), and V8 etc. etc. Of course coffee for me. Yum.

I'll whisper greetings to the Lake...

Skeeter said...

Hi Suzanne,

When I wrote that previous reply, I wanted to say something about what you wrote about your niece. Sorry, I thought I was writing in English.

Why would someone mock you for being a PETA member? That organization does a lot of good things. Don't always agree with all of their positions, but hey, I respect their intent and their achievements.

Best wishes,


Kookaburra said...

Hey Suzanne,
It is very disappointing that you have been mocked because of your affiliation with PETA.
I will support you in whatever you decide.

Mark xo

Suzanne said...

Hey Leah,

Not to worry, and thanks. I think that many of the readers on IV's blog got PETA confused with another organization. Seriously. There is a radical organization I don't always agree with, but understand. Disappointed? Yes, of course, but not for me, for PETA because it's sad how much venom is directed at and organization that does so much good, by so many who are obviously not informed. Does PETA do everything right? No, of course not, but they do a hell of a lot more than most and they do it really, really well. Having them mocked honestly hurt my heart. And the mother's milk issue? What they try to do is provoke thought. They always do. I haven't read the article, but will. But I can almost guarantee (because I know them so well) their motive was/is to generate thought and hopefully get people to think about their actions and ask questions. For instance, "If I wouldn't milk a human, why would I milk an animal?" It's always very logical and thoughtful and must be taken in context.

You know what I realized the other night (other than people can be idiots!)? That I'm unwilling to compromise on certain issues. I don't know what that says about me. Rob is a great diplomat and thinker. Qualities I respect, but have no clue how to emulate because I'm a reactor. I see what's wrong with the world and want to make it right, but forget that there are people who look at me and see what's wrong with the world and want to make me right. Hummmmmmmmm. A dilemma. Perfect example. The other night I agonized over "HOW CAN PEOPLE BE THIS STUPID!!!" But then asked myself "What's the definition of stupid, and who put you in charge?" Now you know why I'm so screwed up! I ask too many questions!

Oh be quiet wise ass!

Love you and thanks for your support, but I didn't appreciate your comment at IV's. What? You thought you'd get away with that? I don't think so sista! I notice everything!!! But still love you to bits. (You bet I know you're laughing and thinking "Who me?")

Love ya!
You bet your ass ME!!!

P.S. And IV, the animal testing "stuff" didn't go unnoticed. I don't respect animals testing in any form. I'd rather be dead than hurt an animal. There ya go. Why? Because what makes me more worthy?

Suzanne said...


Look above. I think I said it all. And thank you my dear friend for your support. They're a terrific organization. Oh, about the niece comment. You made me laugh very, very hard.

You know what's so funny? After seeing you photo I look at you so differently now. In a good way, so don't worry. I don't know how to explain it, but will find the words over the next month or so. Yup, you'll have to wait. You know what Carly Simon said about anticipation.

Love you and thanks so much,

Leah said...

Hi again--yes, in retrospect, of course they were trying to provoke a response rather than actually propose that we substitute human milk. The immediate response to what they said is a vision of rows of women hooked up to pumps--like cows. I get it. Brilliant really. We all had that image. And of course it leads you to wonder about the cows...

Anyway...interesting discussion, though, no?

Suzanne said...


Thanks. I'm navigating you know. We'll all figure out the direction I take together because I can't do it without you.

The PETA thing. As you've probably already read above. Hard. But I've gained a new perspective and hope to use it!!!

I love you so much. Thank you for your support no matter what I throw at you. You're the best. Please be sure to give my love to Jo and the "Wee One!" Oh, the kitties too! I'll stop by soon.

Love you dear,

Cecile said...

Hey, I"m going to call you in about 40 minutes. Just in case you get this before then. I've read a few things here and there and I'm a bit concerned for you. Don't laugh at my voice when I call you because the ragweed is really bad here right now and my head feels like it is caught in a vise grip and my nose is a faucet. Anyway, I best tape up my mold plates and clean up my work space and go chat with my other co-workers before I speed off to pick up my kids, take the to karate practice, clean the bathrooms, vaccume their bedroom and the computer room, cook dinner, wash dishes and take care of homework. Feed the dogs. Damn I'm tired. ANyway, be ready for my call.

Anonymous said...