Monday, January 5, 2009

Everything But The Kitchen Sink II

Tuesday 1/6/2008 ~ SPECIAL MESSAGE FOR MOM & MATTHEW ~ Hi you two!!! Mom it was so nice to talk to you today. I hope you wrote down the correct address because if you didn't you aren't going to be reading this tonight!!! You cracked me up. You're so funny. Mom, is it me or you? Is your hearing that bad!!!??? 70 must be a bitch lady! God I love you.
Matthew do me a favor honey. After Gram gets done with this post and her birthday post, please page down and click "Older Posts" and take her to the post with the photo of me in the black shirt! I know sweetie, Aunt Suzy doesn't have much imagination when it comes to fashion! Hey, I'm headed to the park to feed the feral kitties in both photos, so cut me some slack. And Mom, please don't cry. I'll be home soon. I promise.
Love you both very much and hope you enjoy this. Matthew, continue to do well in school. I'm so proud of you. Give the kitties a hug for me. Stay warm, drive carefully. You know, all the important stuff.
XO XO Suzy/Aunt Suzy
P.S. Matthew, if you click on the photos they usually enlarge.
P.P.S. Matthew, if you continue to read this blog, just know Aunt Suzy swears. A lot. I'm in recovery for it, so should have it licked by 2010 if I can get the tape to stick!!! Mom, you know why we all swear so much? Because you wouldn't let us swear as kids!!! Take the mystery out of it and it becomes a non issue. Ask Val, she'll tell you the psychology behind it! Of course I'm laughing!
P.P.P.S. Oh, and just so you know, the other two blogs on my home page are ones I share with friends. The Wild Onion Cafe is a hoot and basically a free for all, so enter with caution, and Just Bob is a dear friend here in CA who invited Random Chick and me to guest post.
P.P.P.P.S. God I love you two. I miss you. Please let everyone know I love them. XO
This photo is for my Mom (sorry Mom, it's so hard to take a photo in focus when I'm holding the camera in front of me). This was taken before I left for the park this morning. Mom, you can just page down a wee bit and see me on the way to the park a few weeks ago wearing black. No, nothing every changes. I basically wear the same thing and look the same every day. And no, you didn't give birth to a fashion genius. What? Life is so busy I didn't even find time to take a shower this morning. Good Lord!!! I was lucky to find a clean shirt!

I'll tell you all a funny story. I've been really sick and a stomach virus has now turned into a cold. I never get colds. The day before New Year's I was in agony, but got up to make a beautiful New Year's Day dinner for Rob and his mom. While doing so Cece called. I was almost done with meal preparation and in the process of making chocolate cupcakes (Rob's favorite). I told Cece "Honey, I have to mix this okay? I've gotta keep going." I started to mix the batter and it was so thick it climbed the beaters. I said "Cece, something's terribly wrong. This is not how it's supposed to look. It's as if I forgot something." She asked if I had included the liquid. We walked outside to the recyling container where I retrieved the cake box. Whoops, forgot the water! Went back inside, added the water and turned on the mixer. Chocolate batter went EVERYWHERE!!!! All over my one and only good white shirt. All over the refrigerator, the walls and the floor. I said "Oh, Cece, this is the only good white shirt I own, this will never come out." Enlarge the photo and look under my boobs. See all the brown dots? Yup, chocolate cake batter that wouldn't come out. Now you all know how much I hate to shop, so I'm wearing this shirt till it falls off (as usual!). This would never have happened if I'd been well and if Cece wasn't talking in my ear!
Nash at the park. An amazing cat who was dropped off about 3 months ago by some moron. It's obvious he's a house cat and I would like to bring him home with me, but he's a fighter and know he and Hopper won't get along. He was neutered within the first few weeks of arriving at the park.
We had a very hard frost yesterday morning. It was beautiful.
Yes, roses are still trying to bloom!
This would have been such a gorgeous photo if in focus.
Update: Our Christmas puppy is as happy as a clam. I saw my neighbor yesterday walking her dalmation and stopped to ask. The first words out of her mouth "THAT PUPPY IS AWESOME!!!!" She was named "Holly." Is that beautiful or what?! My neighbor told me it was as if Holly was meant to find them because she blends so beautifully and is loved by all (dogs included!). Sometimes life is so perfect.
Hope the new year is kind and generous to all of you. And Mom, don't worry, I'll move home in the next 5 years. Promise.
Love to all,
Moi XO


just bob said...

Hi Kylie

Suzanne said...

You are such an asshole!!! But wrapped in funny! My mother's going to read this you know. She's going to wonder about you. You blowin' me off!?!? Mom, he isn't blowin' me off he's just screwin' with me. Why? Because he's a wise ass. You're a wise ass, aren't you Bob?

Hi Kylie.

XO Blottie

just bob said...

I've been called a wise ass and a dumb ass. I'll let you decide which.

Suzanne said...

You are definately not a dumb ass. *Slams fist down on bar, wise ass it is my dear can I get a drink to match?" Oh, we aren't at the Wild Onion, are we? Bob, I love you to bits. Would you like a chocolate cupcake with triple fudge icing? I still have about 12 left. And yup, they're yummy!!!

Megan said...

I'll let you two get on with it. But I want a cupcake first.

Hi Leah!


Suzanne said...

Wow, looks like I'm sweating. Nope, just a shadow.

Suzanne said...

Here, why don't I let you two get on with it and I'll eat the cupcake!!! Leah, I need some coffee too! And apparently some deodorant!

Megan said...

Great pictures of the roses, by the way! Gorgeous!

kylie said...

hi bob

kylie said...

hi megan

Robyn said...

Suz! Hey doll...yes I am back! I KNOW...drumroll please! But wanted to stop by and say HAPPY NEW YEAR! My life begins anew...and I am pretty damned excited about it! Love you to bits! Have missed you like hell!

Anonymous said...

I also want a cupcake! Suzanne, you need to get a Tide To Go stick. I have one in my purse and it has saved many a shirt from blops and drops...LOL!

I sent you the Karma email!!! Read it! Read it! Let me know what you think!

Hi Kylie!
Hi Bob!
Hi Megan!
Hi Robyn! (good to see you out and about)

My word verification is truddle! HA!!

Gig said...

Hi Blottie!!

Suzanne said...

Thanks Megan. You know I love roses. I look at the back yard every day and think "Oh good God, I've gotta clean this freakin' joint in the next month."

Why am I up? Because 3 cats assualted me two hours ago. Apparently I hadn't put out enough food. So food, a kitchen cleanup, and three litter boxes later I'm sitting here. Damn. Life is so unfair. How can they eat that much damn food?! This house is like a 24 hour resturant. Vet's suggest you feed kitties twice a day and leave food out for only 20 minutes. *Unable to stop laughing. Buries head in Wild Onion Cafe ice bucket* In my freakin' dreams.

Love ya honey!

Suzanne said...

Bob, you've turned my friends into zombies. Kylie, knock it off.

Suzanne said...

ROBYN!!! HI BABY!!! I left a message over on your blog, but will talk to you here as well. It is with the biggest smile I write this. Hi baby. I'm crying, but not because I'm sad, but because I'm happy. I love you. You inspire me every day. I've faced challenges at the park recently and think of what you would do and try to apply your positive outlook. I love you so much baby and I'm so proud of you for making it though hell. I haven't written or call because I didn't want to impose, but now that you're well, I'm going to impose like crazy!!! Honey, downtown Sac in between you and me, you want to meet for lunch after I feed the ferals some lazy Saturday or Sunday? My treat. Let's make an effort. We're so close there's no reason not to.

I love you and I'm so happy for you.


Suzanne said...


I'll get a Tide To Go stick. Will it work on a shirt that's already been washed and dried? That's the only damn good white shirt I have! And it's custom. Yes. I know my style. That shirt is no longer available, so I have it custom made! I spend so little on clothes that having a shirt made is cost effective. It lasts a few years, without chocolate stains.

Honey, I just got your email. Great idea. I'm laughing because I've been interviewed before. When I was at UCLA I was so pissed because I'd walk into art classes and kids would be smoking. I went to Henry many times, he was the director of the Art Dept. at the time. No help. I had never sat in a classroom and has to deal with smoke and I was pissed. Without help from UCLA, I called the LA Times. They didn't walk, they ran. Huge writeup in the LA Times! HUGE!!! Yup, the Sunday paper!!! The college campus paper picked up on it and I was featured on the front page. Henry was assaulted. He lied. I went to him and said "Why would you lie about this shit?" He said something about his job. He was director of the art school and also the Armand Hammer Museum at the time. I was very pissed at him, but went on to take numerous honors classes with him. We're great friends. I love the man. Did he screw me? Yup, but he's a great man and a mentor and I think he always felt very guilty. Hence the A's.

My best interview was with two kids from the psychology department. Apparently I was the subject of a lecture. There mission was to determine why I did what I did. Why one person makes a difference? They were terrific. I'd never looked at myself that way. I just wanted the smoking to stop because I had allergies and didn't think I should pay tuition to inhale toxins. We interviewed was in an Art History classroom with sun streaming in. It was beautiful. I'll never forget it. They asked lots and lots of questions, and I answered honestly. I was invited to come to their presentation, but couldn't because my lit class "Great American Authors" conflicted. But I read about me again in the Daily Bruin. Yes, the interview made it. Kind of odd to think words really matter, or that my feelings really matter, but you know what? They did. The UC Regents convened and smoking was banned in all UC campus buildings in California. Yes. One person matters. I change everything. I advocate speaking up.

Baby, I would be honored to help with your story.


Love you so's a cupcake!

Suzanne said...


That's all you got?


Karen ^..^ said...

Awwwww, I'm so glad the puppy is ok and happy, although I knew he would be.

You should definitely look into foster care, you'd be amazing with it.

Why does your mom want you to move back home? You have a beautiful home!

Sorry about the cake batter incident, it has happened to me lots of times, and always makes me laugh. Then I curse under my breath when I realize I have to clean it up. But first I enjoy the way the splatters look on everything. LOL.

Megan said...

Suzanne, I have to tell you that I had a horrible hour or two last night of wanting a chocolate cupcake SO BAD. All we had were oreo cookies, not at all the same thing!

Hi all!

Leah said...

Hi Suzy! I've been back and read this twice, but did I post a comment? I'm so confused. I thought I did, but it looks like I didn't. But then Megan said hi to me. So was I here or not? I swear I'm not drunk.

Suzanne said...


I think Megan was just being a smart ass. I don't remember you here. Megan, was Leah here? I can't be sure any of us would remember because you've changed your photo so often we don't know who the hell's showing up!!! Are you a Gemini? Oh, right. Oh crap I'm laughing too hard.

You know it's funny because I thought your comment might be from my mom. I know my mom will read my post, but never comment. Why? I don't know. I think she's actually very shy. MOTHER, KNOCK IT OFF!!! Yes, I can talk to her like that because we're very good friends!

Leah, you're killing me today. Your photos are so funny. As an artist I notice a theme. Do you? Okay, let me straighten my glasses, get my head out of the ice bucket and be serious for a moment. *Puffs green dress and adjust ceral box too.* Okay, I'm ready...

1) Your men are all sort of pale and pasty.

2) Your men are all sort of fragile and thin.

3) Your men are all sort of anorexic.

4) What? 3 isn't enough?

5) No, I don't have a number 4 or 5. Leave me alone!!! As John McEnroe said "JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION."

I know you're not drunk. You're just wacky. The way I like you!!! Who you gonna be tomorrow honey?!

Seriously, did you ever watch Sid and Nancy? Wow, what a film. If you haven't seen it, you have to gift it to yourself this birthday. You won't regret it.

Love you darling. Happy Almost Birthday. Oh, just so you know, my gift will be late. Very late. It'll arrive probably the beginning of Februray. Just in time for Valentine's Day!!!

Love you Ziggy!

Leah said...

Suzy, you're right about the men. Pasty and delicate. In real life, that's not my taste at all. Go figure.

I LOVE the Sex Pistols, and LOVE "Sid and Nancy," what a really great movie. I haven't seen it in awhile though; maybe I do need to buy it.

*wanders off, still musing over the anorexic men...*

Megan said...

That's so funny about the "Hi's" - no Leah you're not imagining things, I was just trying to be Boblike. It was fun. For a minute or two. Bwahaha love ya Bob.

Suzanne I enjoyed your special message. I'm sure mom and Matthew will too! Hi mom and Matthew!

I'm off to bed but I wish I could have a chocolate cupcake first...

Suzanne said...

1) Checking bank account.
2) Ugh. I hate that thing!
3) Seeing what's up on Blog because I hate bank account.
4) Late for park, but at least got a shower!!!
5) Megan, thanks for the shout out to Mom and Matthew. You're such a sweetie! And thanks!
6) Ziggy, who you today girlfriend!? And yes, Sid and Nancy, one hell of a movie. I was never a Sex Pistols fan, but I sure am a fan of that movie and their amazing story. Oh, and don't worry honey, your taste in men is just fine, but stop by with a few of them and I'll have a good hearty meal prepared!
7) Grabs last cupcake from frig and puts it though screen for Megan. "Megan, it's over at the Wild Onion because Leah usually makes coffee. It's terrific with coffee!"

Love ya, be back later!


Leah said...

Hi Suzy! Today I'm still Edie Sedgwick.

I hate my bank account too. Sometimes I literally start hyperventilating as I'm logging into it. And I will make the coffee, and I desperately want a choco cupcake. I think I'm going to make some in real life for my bday tomorrow.

It's my bday tomorrow! I love my bday!

Oh, and I hope you're all recovered!


Mr. Shife said...

Happy New Year. Sounds like things are going well and glad to hear the Christmas puppy is doing good. Love the pictures too.

Anonymous said...

What's going on? My blog update tells me you have posted a new post- but when I click on it- it tells me it doesn't exist! Anyone else having problems?

Anonymous said...

Suzanne! What the hell are you doing?! I saw your post entitled, "2009 Could Be My Lucky Year" and then it was gone!!! Do I need to come over there and give you a Blogger lesson...or give you a tofu smoothie or something?!

Anyway...I want to schedule a time to talk with you over the phone next week. Does Wednesday, 1/13/09, work for you??? I'm available anytime between 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM. Also...I lost your phone number. Okay, I know I SUCK! You can email it to me. Let's get this article started so I can add to your luck this year!!!!!!

Love ya!

Suzanne said...

Leah, Happy Birthday Baby!!! Make lots of chocolate cupcakes because I think you're probably going to have some guests! With a good cup of coffee I can eat two. Or three. Okay, maybe four.

Oh, and honey, yup, I'm all recovered except for what happened last night. 2009's lookin' up!!!


Suzanne said...

Mr. Shife my dear man. Thank you. I'll stop by in the next day or two to shout "HEY!!!" Sorry I haven't been by. Glad to see you're still so well groomed and handsome. How's the misses? The wee one? The bassett? The employement possibilites? The impending economic forecast?

Can you believe that Christmas puppy?! What a terrific beginning for a very special dog. They named her Holly. Isn't that beautiful! Sometimes life just works out and I know I'm here for a reason. Days like today, I question why I'm the one-eyed bandit and parent to kitties who don't know how damn lucky they are!

Love you dear. Hope all is well. Talk to you soon.

Suzanne said...


I had so MUCH TROUBLE WITH THAT POST. I think I posted it about 20 times before erasing a huge portion and starting over. Blogger refused to post 25% of it despite my repeated attempts. Bastards! It's up now. Can you see it? It's real, right? I'm not sure, I'm looking at it with only one good eye! And don't worry sweetie, we all have problems!


Suzanne said...

Random Chick,

Leave me alone. I tried and tried and tried and Blogger kept mocking me (see comment to Cinnamon above). Sounds like you could use some camera lessons Missy! Wise ass. I've never had a tofu smoothie. It that good?

Wednesday sounds good, but I can never predict. For some reason my life is a bit complicated!!!! But let's plan on Wednesday. I'll email my phone numbers. We'll plan on a good time to call, what food we'll eat and beverages! An interview is never good without food and beverages!!!

Love you darling and thanks for wanting to do this. I'm absolutely honored. Hope I live up to all your expectations. If not, we always have chocolate cupcakes and good coffee!!!


Tide said...

Hey Random Chick, that's great that you're recommending Tide To Go to Suzanne!

Suzanne, I work with Tide To Go and wanted to give you a heads up... if you want to try it out I suggest you go to our website where you can find a nifty coupon:

If you also want to have a few laughs I recommend watching the commercial we aired for last year's Super Bowl:

It's in the running for CBS' top 10 Super Bowl commercials of all time, and if you enjoy it we'd love it if you voted for it! Let me know if you have any questions. I hope you don't mind me commenting on your blog by the way. Have a nice day.


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