Thursday, January 8, 2009

2009 Could Be My LUCKY YEAR!!!

Bella and Baby

Oh...aren't they precious?! They're two of the kittens I adopted from the park because they lost their moms. We've all been very sick here at Rose Cottage. Me with a stomach virus and now a cold and all the cats with an upper respiratory infection. Maestro got it first and after spending $700 to save his life he was kind enough to pass it to everyone else in the family despite the fact all the cats have been vaccinated against it (money well spent). The joy of animal companionship. Bella and Baby started to feel better yesterday, so late last night decided to run through the house full throttle and wake everyone up. It was around 1 am I was laying on the sofa trying to get back to sleep with Sweet Pea on my tummy (a very sick kitty) and Mickey curled up next to my thigh (also a sick kitty) when "Thunder 1" came flying down the hallway followed closely by "Thunder 2." Thunder 1 jumped over Sweet Pea, landed on my eye then proceeded to use it as a trampoline to jump over the back of the sofa. All in a matter of seconds. I screamed in pain, my hand flew to my eye and the familiar feeling of warm bloom was everywhere. I gently asked Sweet Pea to "PLEASE MOVE HONEY!!!!!" and ran to the kitchen for a towel, then to the bathroom. It only took seconds to get to the bathroom, but when I turned on the light couldn't believe what a saw.

A black eye (this isn't me, this is a young boy who was hit in the eye with a baseball, but trust me, this is me. The only difference? I looked worse!). My eye was killing me and blood was just everywhere, it was coming from below my eye, but my pain was on my eyelid. After cleaning away all the blood I discovered about a 1 inch gashed under my eye from the inner corner half way down my eye socket (hence the immediate black eye), but I couldn't find anything on my eyelid.

I grabbed the Bactine. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

Then I grabbed the Isopropyl alcohol. Oucher, oucher, oucher (lower right). You try putting all those round balls on a cut! What a big freakin' mess. But it wasn't the cut and the black eye that hurt, it was my eyelid. I looked closer, didn't see anything, took a cutip with alcohol and gently placed it on my eyelid. WOWWEEEEEEEEEZER! OUCH! There it was, three puncture wounds that puffed right up for attention. I felt fortunate to still have an eyeball. If you know kitties, the puncture wounds are from landing with the front paws, the gash is from taking off with the hind legs. I got a double wammy, lived to tell about it and should be good to go in about a month.
Until then I'm icing with a bag of organic frozen Edamame that cost about $5 at Safeway, not because I like to waste money, but because it's the first thing I grabbed when I couldn't see to find the $2 bag of organic peas. What? I didn't have my glasses and I was searching with one eye. Oh, and it was dark.
It's now almost 4 hours later and you know what I feel like? A piece of crap. It's as if someone hit me in the eye with a 5 or 7 lb. kitty. I can't tell which one is responsible for this, but I'll tell you a funny story...

You remember the DMV, right?! I never made that appointment for my photo. Oh I intended to go the next week but as you know
Nash had other plans. Yup, tripped the day lights out of me and caused major wounds to my entire frontal area, particularly my face. I refused to have a photo taken for my license looking like that! So I waited. The wound on my forhead looked as if it had healed, so I started applying Scar Gel. Two weeks later it still looked odd. Then one morning I woke up and it was very red. Hummmmmmm. Next day, redder. Next day, even redder. I got out the big ultra magnifying mirror. Wow, nasty. INFECTION!!!!! I did what Dr. My3 would never encourage anyone to do, I got out a sharp quilting straight pin, sterilized it and performed minor surgery. Then buried my wound in Isopropyl alcohol. A week later I look remarkably better and planned to go to the DMV for my photo next week. Not now!!! Looks like a good month before my black eye turns from black, to purple, to green, to yellow. My temporary license expired in Novemember which of course means I'm driving illegally. If I'm stopped how am I going to explain all of this to an officer?

I honestly believe my cats are going to be the death of me! SOS.


Big P.S. It's Leah's birthday today!!! Happy Birthday Beautiful!!!! I'm coming to the Wild Onion to see what's up! I'll make the oatmeal and coffee this morning. You stay in bed and try to make a baby!!! LOVE YOU!!!

UPDATE: Almost 12 hours later. I couldn't get this to post for the life of me so had to erase and rewrite a whole lotta crap. Hope this one works. Just so you know I feel and look worse than I did at 5 am. My cheek now looks as if someone beat it with a meat tenderizer. I'm sitting here writing this because I'm too exhausted to do much of anything else, and I'm really sore from having 5 or 7 lbs drop from the sky onto my face, buffered only by my eyeball. My life is too wacky.


Walker said...

So let me get this right.
The cat did it and you did not get into a fistfight and the park?
Ok I may beleive that for a second.
I hope the eye gets better, may I suggest goggles when watching The Pussy 500 while in progress.

Megan said...

Argh! What is it with you and the FACE wounds?

That'll teach ya to fall asleep on the couch, I guess?

Megan said...

I hope you feel better soon! And please be careful with the self-surgery. This is your eye we are talking about!

Suzanne said...


The Pussy 500. That's a good one. That's often what it feels like around here. The only thing missing is food, a trophy and a lot of money.

Oh, and about a fist fight. I've never had one, cuz I'm a lady! I'm also a pacifist!!! I'm also a sissy!!! *Digs in ski bag for goggles.*
Megan, Megan, Megan,

I'm fed up with face wounds. Just six months ago I had a lovely face, now I'm all scared up! Oh, and don't worry about self surgery to my eye area. NEVER! The self surgery was to my forehead region and looked pretty easy. Oh, and it worked! Eye area? No. Cece called today and told me to get to the doctor's for antibiotics. She's a wee bit concerned. I'll keep my one good eye on the situation and let you all know what happens. For now I'm disinfecting the wounds constantly, using Neosporin and taking Advil for swelling. It feels as if I have half and egg sitting on my eye! This is insane. Oh, and the scar's going to be a doozy.

I had to run a few errands after going to the park this morning and found myself saying to everyone who looked at my eye, "no, I'm not an abused woman."

Thanks for your concern. I'll take good care of this.


just bob said...

Hi Blottie

Suzanne said...

Hi Bob. Love you. Hang in there. No need to reply, just remember we're all thinking about you and care a great deal. 2009's going to be our lucky year, I can just feel it!!! *Stumbles through house with one good eye.*

Love Blottie XO

just bob said...

Seriously Suzanne... please be careful with all of those cats. That's two head injuries in a month. I'm about to buy you a helmet.

Suzanne said...


I think I need a hockey mask. *Rumages throught Rob's bag...damn that's nasty.*

A few weeks ago, before everyone got sick, some kitties were running through the house at warp speed, jumped up on the sofa and used my chest as a spring board. I remember thinking "Glad that wasn't my face." Ha! Who knew??? Lesson learned. I've informed each and every one they have to respect mommy. Only time will tell, but honestly, I have a very strange feeling this isn't the end.

Thanks for your concern. Don't worry, I'll be fine once I heal and am able to use Scar Gel!!! That stuff's a miracle in a tube. I have no idea how it works, but think I may start using it all over my body in an effort to look 30 again. Wish me luck!

Love you dear and thanks,

Suzanne said...

To the rest of you who saw this post but couldn't find it, here it is. Finally. I've responded to your comments on the previous blog, so please take a peek. Love you all for keeping in touch. Thanks.


Megan said...

Please tell me how that "alloverbody" thing works. Because if it works, I'm getting some!


Anonymous said...

Love the post! How many Kitties do you have exactly?

hnter1018 said...

Good Lord Suzanne. Those cats are tearing you up!!! Hope you feel better soon


Suzanne said...

Megan ~ I'll keep you and the manufacturer informed. I'm seriously going to test my theory. Think about it, how can it only work on scars? It's expensive stuff. About $20 for a small tube, but if you buy the generic drug store brand you can save a good $8 or more and it's just as effective. Maybe the price will come down and the tube will get bigger if it's marketed for more than just scars.

Honestly, this stuff really works. After walking into a tree limb at the park, getting a huge gash and a nasty concussion, tripping over my kitty at home and getting a cut on the forehead, tripping over Nash at the park and getting another nasty gash on the forehead and upper lip, running into another low lying tree limb while trying to enter the woods with Nash under foot, and now this...I feel like an expert at scar gel. Hummmmmmmmmmm, I also see a pattern developing here. Is it me?!

Happy Friday XOXOXOXOXOX!!!

Suzanne said...

Cinnamon ~ Glad you enjoyed the story and the number of kitties shall remain a mystery. Perhaps I should hold a contest because the answer can be found in the posts, comments and photos on my blog. Oh sure it would take a great deal of research, but that would be the fun! I'll say only this...more than 6!

Well I'm off to start the day. Bella is being spay today and I want to get her to the Vet's by 7:30, so I have to boogie if I hope to get a shower too. She's in the master bedroom alone and very unhappy, but she can't eat before surgery, so I'm doing her a favor, she just doesn't realize it. Her brother, Bijou~Bijou was supposed to be neutered today as well, but he's still sick, so he gets a reprieve.

Cross your fingers for Bella. I always worry on the day of surgery.


Debbie in CA : ) said...

Girlfriend, I'm afraid to think of all the battering and bruising you've endured of late. BUT . . . that heart beating with love for all those critters seems to keep you going and healing and rejoicing. Hope '09 is the best yet! : D

Leah said...

OMG--hugs--I'll check back later when I have a minute--xxoo

Queen Goob said...

I’ve had a mishap or two just like that. Years ago I had to quit my job as a vet tech because I didn’t have any more room in my apartment for additional “unwanted” pets. I was up to twelve cats, five dogs (four of which weighed over 100 lbs.) three ferrets, and a goat that I ALMOST brought home.

Hey – it’s what we do.

I'm down to one dog, two cats, three fish, and a guinea pig.

But I saw this ADORABLE puppy at PetSmart last weekend that the local animal shelter had brought in that had been abandoned at an empty house in the woods and and and and……

Megan said...

How you doing, Suz? I could have helped you out on "what do to in Roseville" - my cousins live there!

How's the eye?

Karen ^..^ said...

Oh.My.God. That sounds soooo painful. How did you ever stop screaming? Poor girl.

What we don't do for our fuzzies, eh?

BE CAREFUL!!! Poor thing.

I am starting to worry about the correlation between your head injuries and your migraines.

*stews over it a while, worries, frets*

No more getting hurt, ok?

My verification word is RESTO. LOL.

Suzanne said...


Eye's healing, hearts broken.

Roseville's an interesting place, but I like living in Carmichael. Glad you read that, didn't think anyone had. How funny.

I'm going away for awhile my dear. Take good care of yourself while I'm away. I'll miss you.


Suzanne said...

You're such a sweetie. No correlation between migraines and head injuries. I've had migraines for decades and head injuries only recently. So don't worry. I'll be fine as soon as the kitties start respecting me!

Take good care of yourself. I'm going away for a bit. I'll see you when I get back.


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