Tuesday, January 13, 2009


What a beautiful day!!!! Welcome to Tuesday (except for my friends in Aussie Land...I think it's Wednesday!)
Remember Robyn's birthday bouquet? This was it in progress last year. It's a photo I never posted because of the mess in the sink (please excuse it!), but after losing Newman and nearly going to jail yesterday, life's too short to worry about stupid stuff!!! Today is a great day and Robyn is cancer free!!! She and Newman shared a thyroid issue and so when I think of Newman I think of Robyn. HAPPY TUESDAY ROBYN!!! HAPPY TUESDAY NEWMAN!!!
I'm off to the park, but wanted to stop by here first and just give thanks for this day. I'm not religious, as you all know, but I saw a bumper sticker yesterday that made me smile. It read:
and this...
I honestly believe that's why I was given this day.


By-tor said...

OH Suzanne!!! That bouquet is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

HAPPY TUESDAY to you too! I'm working on the article about "Why We Blog" and hope to get it posted today so you all can see...please don't laugh. I think I'm going to try to pitch it to Salon Magazine. I hate this!!! I'm excited to be writing but scared shitless that I won't be able to make it work, or that nobody will think what I write is worth anything....

I love, love, love that quote!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!!



Anonymous said...

CRAP! I posted under the HUBBY's profile because I'm using his computer...that really was me!

Here I am FOR REAL!!!


Leah said...

I knew By-tor was you. And that tag makes your husband officially hilarious.

Megan said...

I agree with Leah, it is official.

Hi RC-By-tor! Good luck with the pitch, we're all rooting for you!

Lovely roses Suzanne. Hugs!

just bob said...


Just make sure you do it from a proper lane, click on your turn signal, check for oncoming traffic, and proceed with caution.

Suzanne said...

By-tor, RC, Leah and Megan,

You guys crack me up. By-tor, when you sent me an earlier message I said to self "Self who the f%$# is By-tor? Must be a new fan!!!" Nope, just an old pal!

Great day so far. I just got home from the park and errands and I'm glad to share the good news with the three of you:
1) I didn't get arrested.
2) I didn't get into an argument.
3) I didn't even see a squad car today!
4) and...it's gorgeous outside. Nearly 70 degrees, so all the windows have been opened with gusto!!!!
5) Oh, and I wore my new pink Boston Red Sox cap from Hunter (Rob) and his family!!! Wow, did they send an amazing package!!!! Something for EVERYONE! I was overwhelmed with all the goodies. I'm going to take photos and write a post so all of you can share my bounty! I also received the most beautiful magnet and card from Kylie and will post that as well. Life is terrific when you aren't looking at it through the bars of a jail cell!!! I'm a lucky, lucky woman and I'm never going to take that for granted again. NEVER.

Yesterday I realized life can change in an instant. I need to change and that's what I'm going to do. Sheryl Crow said "Change'll do you good." Yup, I agree!

By-tor, grab your life with gusto. You have a chance to do what you love, so do it with passion and success will follow. Submit to Salon Magazine and do it like you mean business. I'm serious sweetie. I don't know why, but something happened to me yesterday. I almost lost my feedom because I allowed a guy to run the show. Actually about 10 guys. I walked away when the lies started and just said "Fine me and then leave me the fuck alone." That was my biggest mistake. I knew the truth and should have argued it till I was blue. I nearly went to jail yesterday for an idiot. And I swear, if it wasn't for the attendants who come to the park with the physically challenge, my ass would have been grass because I wouldn't have had a witness to verified my side of the story. I changed yesterday. Sitting in a squad car with a camera on me and sobbing into my thighs, I thought of my family and how pained they'd be seeing me. I changed and here's what I concluded:

1) Some things aren't worth my energy.

2) Defend myself.

3) Approach life like I mean it.

4) Don't be scared.

5) Embrace those who grace my life with love and kindness.

6) Remain calm in the most awful situations.

7) Remember the truth doesn't always prevail, so have a backup plan!

8) And when necessary, change.

RC, don't be scared. Embrace this new direction in your life and enjoy yourself. It'll come through in your writing. You're a great writer, so allow yourself to be a great writer. Everyone in our blogging family knows what you're capable of, so let it happen honey. Enjoy the process.

I love you all so much. Thanks for your constant support, love and laughs.


P.S. RC, I'll email my phone number and we'll chat tomorrow, but just a suggestion...wouldn't you rather email the question and have me answer them? You'd have them in writing. Easier research material. You know me, always pretty practical except when it comes to f*&$ing a$$h&#$$ at the park!!!

Love you all! ;)

Suzanne said...


If I hit an obnoxious guy on a bike do I get to pass "GO!" Don't worry, just kidding, I'll be careful, but thanks for the reminder.

Guess what I got honey? Hunter (Rob) and his family sent us a beautiful holiday package and guess what was inside???!!! Two Red Sox caps!!! I know, can you believe it?!!! A pink one for me and one for Rob with red in the middle, black (or navy) along the sides and a white and black thunderbolt to seperate the two. THEY ARE STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!! Let's say it together sweetie..."I'm a lucky, lucky girl." I'm going to take photos. When you see them, try not to drool all over your keyboard!

XO Blottie!

P.S. Hope things are looking up. I worry about you you know. Post something new and let us all in because we love you very much.

Karen ^..^ said...

I am so glad you have a better outlook about the whole thing today. You are right, life is too short.

Congratulations ROBYN for kicking cancer's ass!!! Now that is a ferocity we can all cheer for, and welcome. Good for you, girl. Suzanne, that bouquet is absolutely gorgeous. And what mess in the sink? I don't see any.

Now I want to go back and gobble up all the comments I skipped over to hurry up and post this. I swear, sometimes the comments are as entertaining as the posts!


Megan said...

Karen, ain't that the truth? I love Suzanne's comments. It's like a whole extra post!

Hi Suz!

Suzanne said...

Megan, I love ya! Karen, I love ya! I think the comment page is better than the post most of the time!!! I've tried to turn my dear friend in LA, my mom and my MIL onto it, but no go. I may have to post about the comment page to get them to budge!!! Until then, let's just keep reading the crap out of it on everyone's blog!!!

Love you two, and thanks.

Suzanne said...


Sorry, almost forgot. Thanks for loving the bouquet and the kind compliment. And now that I'm looking at life differently, you're right, what mess in the sink?! Life is so simply sometimes.

Love you darling,

Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for all your support!!! It means so much to me. Sorry about the By-tor thing! It has to do with the Hubby's favorite band, RUSH. Some song by them...whatever!

I like your idea about doing the questions/answers in writing but I do want to talk to you a bit about my ideas and see what you think.

Plus, we never got to finish our first conversation over the phone because my kids were high on sugar! This time they'll be in school so we'll be able to talk like two normal adults...yeah, right!!! LOL!

Love you!

Skeeter said...

Hi Suzanne,

Great flowers. I really like your statement about U turns. That's something that everyone needs from time to time. Thanks for pointing it out.

Best wishes,


Suzanne said...


Ugh, it's almost 2 am and I'm up. It's going to be a long morning... Our youngest wee one "Baby" has us all up because she's being spay and can't eat, so she's in a bedroom alone and VERY unhappy. She's like the baby who won't stop crying and you've tried everything and run out of options. Ugh. Breaks my heart. I tried letting her out briefly, but think she's in heat. I've never seen a cat in heat, but think this is probably what it looks and sounds like. Unfortunately Bijou hasn't been neutered yet because he's still sick with and upper respirtory infection, so I'm not going to be an irresponsible mom. I could go in and lay down with her and that would help, but now that she has me up, I'm up, so I don't want to lay down. I'm going to wait for Bijou to go to sleep then bring her out. She just wants to be held. She's named baby because she's a little baby!!!

You'll laugh. The first thing I thought of when I woke up is "OH MY GOD I FORGOT TO EMAIL DANA MY PHONE NUMBERS!!!" So I'm going to do that in a few minutes. Fortunately you're probably sleeping, so you'll get them in the morning. And I agree, LET'S TALK! Talking to you is a blast. Especially with kids on a sugar high! How do you think we'll have a meaningful conversation without background music!!! That's gonna be wierd! And don't ever, ever, ever worry about talking to me with the kids around because it's something that's so natural for me. I don't think most of my sisters and I have had a conversation in the last 20 years without a kid in the background. And I get laughing when Cece and I talk because we always have the 3rd and 4th wheel! And I was talking to Gig the other day and the Gkids were screaming in the background. My dear friend Renee in LA and I were discussing Newman the other evening and crying our eyes out and her twins were screwing around in the background. They brought us out of our misery and we started laughing. Renee and Charlie sent a beautiful Christmas card this year with a photo of the kids and I said "Renee, they're getting so big, how tall are they now?" She replied "I forget the last measurement, so try to imagine this, they're up to my boobs." We were dying! This is a woman who nursed both babies at the same time, so to now have them up to the boobs that used to feed them is hilarious.

Wow, Baby just quieted down and Bijou is here visiting me. He loves the computer. He's the only kitty we have who is absolutely amazed with this contraption. He sits a fraction of an inch away and watches everything on the screen. I usually have to shove him out of the way and say "Honey, get out of the way, Mommy can't see what the hell she's writing!" It's too funny.

Okay, I'll get you the numbers. Call me tomorrow. I probably won't be home from the park and running errands till between 11-noon, then keep in mind it takes me about an hours to get my shit together, unpack groceries, grab a bit to eat, etc. If you haven't called, I'll call you when I'm settled, okay. Well I'll call you if I can wade through all my emails successfully and find your damn number. If I can't I'll call Cece. She has it, right?

Oh, and one more thing. Submitting questions is a great idea. I'm so glad I thought of it!!! And I'll tell you why. Because as a writer you'll always have your research right in front of you and your subject won't be misquoted!

With tons of love,

P.S. Looking forward to today. God, it's already today. Where the hell did yesterday go?

Suzanne said...


Hi honey! Nice to see you, and thanks. The roses remind me I have to start pruning. I'm already late getting started. My MIL told me yesterday "Do what I'm doing, 5 bushes a day." Great, I should be done by April or May and the first flush of roses for us is February/March. That should work!

Love quotes and love the U-turn. When I saw the bumper sticker I couldn't stop smiling.

Love you dear and hope all is well. I'll stop by soon.


Cece said...

I'm at work and I only have about 45 minutes before I'm suppose to go and I have a lot of work to do. I should shut this off and read my germ tubes, but I'm commenting to you instead. Changing your attitude is easier said than done, but I'm going to give it a try. By the way, I've been on my new healthier lifestyle change for about 1.5 weeks now and I have lost 7lbs already. I knew that once I started back at the pool it would pour off of me. Cross your fingers and wish me luck on my transformation from a "Fat Chick" to a new and better me! (OH hi BOB)

Mr. Shife said...

Great bumper stickers. And I hope you had a wonderful Tuesday and it is indeed great news about Robyn.

Queen Goob said...


You didn't post that picture because of the "mess" in the kitchen sink. I see one tea cup and a plastic bag....where's the mess?!?!?

Okay, I gotta pull a Karen ^..^ and go back and read the comments....

Suzanne said...


I love you! That mess in the sink was after arriving home from the park. The plastic bag (usually two) is filled with bowls I replace every day. I hadn't loaded the dishwasher yet. Honestly, I think I was most embarassed by the icky grout lines!!! We need new counters, but the ones we have are perfectly fine, seems ashame to waste them. I guess we just need new grout.

Love you!

Suzanne said...

Mr. Shife,

Thanks honey. I'll stop by soon. I'm so exhausted I don't now what the hell I'm doing most of the time. I just travel in a little circle and don't get out much!!!

Have you had the baby yet? Found a new job. Visit RC's blog. She lost her job (AGAIN!) and has decided to say "FUCK IT," take the plunge and do freelance. You write so well, have you ever considered that?

Love you darling and will try to stop by Saturday. Oh right, that's today. Okay, I'll try to stop by today.


Suzanne said...

Cece, I love you. You're doing great, so keep up the good work. I'm so proud of you. I'm a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE fan of the Biggest Loser even though I'm not overweight. I watch it for inspiration. For me it helps with everyday life. Have you watched it sweetie? If not, please do. They have a whole on-line site as well and you can take the challenge. It's almost inspired me to take on a marathon. Seriously. I used to train with my younger sister who ran track and cross-country and honestly, I hated ever second of running with her because it was painful, but loved nature and the view. I've been thinking lately that maybe a really hard challenge would do me good and possibly move me past the funk you know I'm in. I have to do something. If not a marathon, what? Any suggestions?

I love you so much darling. Hope you have a great and restful weekend...

Of course I'm laughing!!! Restful. That's funny!

XO ;)

P.S. IV's in Seattle and meeting CSI today. *Laughing too hard to type!* I have to visit CSI before I start my day and remind him that if they mention my name I'm going to kick some ass!!! *Fluffs green dress and adjust cereal box.* Just the thought of the two of them together. Oh. Dear. Lord.


Renee said...

Suzy your roses are gorgeous, both your real ones and your painted ones. Very beautiful work.

I read about Newman and I am so sorry. Very sorry.

Your family are beautiful and I love Sweet Pea's coat (the colour is lovely).

Read about the guy in the park, what a total creep. Be careful though, he could have been crazy as well as being a creep. Think of your safety too.

The artist for the painting on my blog is Kelly Vivanco and I have never asked him to use his work. I was an art stealer but now I do ask artists if I know where to find them (problem is I have hundreds saved and I don't know who they are made by). I only found Kelly's name about two months ago.



Joyful Jo said...

Hi Suzanne,
As you can see your comment published ok on my blog. I don't
know why it dosen't work on mark's blog. Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne, just catching up. Sounds like you have had an eventful week. Sorry to hear about Newman and the subsequent incident in the park- I do hope you will be able to find time to rest, reflect and re-group this coming week. x

Suzanne said...


Thanks for responding. It's wonderful meeting you. I'll look the artists up when I can find a few minutes. I really do love her work.

Don't worry about the park and the "creepy guy." I learned valuable lessons that day. Really, I did. First that someone can actually cause that much pain to another living soul and second that life will never be perfect.

Thanks for your concern about Newman. I miss him you know. He was a great kitty. And Sweet Pea's coat is as soft and beautiful as you imagine. He's an amazing cat.

Thanks too for your comments about my roses, both real and imagined. Blogging I often forget I'm an artist! Really, I do. Isn't that odd. In any event, it's so nice to hear from you. Good luck on your journey. I'll stop by often to say hello and catch up. You're a remarkable woman and I'm so grateful I found you.

Much love,
Suzy XO

Suzanne said...


Nice to see you. I have no idea why I can't publish on Mark's, but I can't. I'll write to him via you!!!

Love to all,

Suzanne said...


I haven't had time for any of that. Perhaps you can stop by and babysit while I go to a spa or something!!!

Thanks for your kind words dear. Hope all is well with you. Missed you while you were away.


Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne!

I've finally come up with questions for your interview, and a list of magazines I want to try to sell the article to. I spent four hours at the library today doing the research!

Anywhooo, hope all is well with you! I'm emailing you the questions so let's set up a day to talk either this week or next week. I figured out a free conference call service via the Web where we can record the call. Isn't that amazing!!! You can pretty much find anything you need with Google! I LOVE GOOGLE!!

Read your email, k?

Hope you are happy and well!!!!


Walker said...

Happy Teausday from Wednsday
I'm on the Walker time zone :)

Its never to late to turn around and take the road back before you get to far down it.

Anonymous said...