Friday, November 14, 2008

Pink Floyd
I have no idea how to post a video. This is the best I can do. I grew up with Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, Yes, etc. For some reason I've heard this Pink Floyd song all day. Probably for a good reason. It's a great video. Rob saw them live at Madison Square Gardens way back in the mid 70's. Wow. I only wish I could have been that lucky. For those of you who love classic rock, this is a gem. Brian and Robyn, I know you'll love this.



Gig said...

Hi Suze,
Just wanted to say hi, I just was at the onion, you were sleeping,lol, on the sofa!! You must have snucked out when I went to tip our special bartender.

Hope things are are a little better each day for you and your precious kitties.

I'm off to catch some zzzz
love you, gig

Suzanne said...

Hu vVT===. wOW, that was supposed to read Hi baby. Trust me, I'm trying so freaki' hard. I read your comment at the Wild Onion you sweetie you. Too funny. Honey, what game we going to in the morning?

Did you listen to Pink Floyd? Kitties are hard. You know? How will I ever get past this year? I don't know. Painful.

I love you for always making me laugh and feel safe. You're the best honey. Please call Cece. She needs you.

Love you so much baby. Hope you're well.

XO Sleeping Blottie

Megan said...

Hi Gig!
Hi Suz!

Learning to Fly is my favorite. But this one ain't bad either.

Gig said...

Hey Suze, it is 5:30 am here in MI and it is Michigan vs Northwestern today, we are getting ready to hit the road. It is supposed to be raining, so I will be the drowned rat,lol in the end zone. Which end zone, I don't remember. Just wanted to say good morning, hope your day goes good. I did call Cece, but she did not answer, I will try again tonight if it is not to late. Go Blue!!

Hi Megan, glad you have joined our team!!
Meet ya later at the Onion for some late tailgating fun there!!

ShutterSpy said...

If it's a video off YouTube, copy and paste the 'embed' code you see in a little box underneath the description at the side :)

MARIA said...

Good Morning Suzanne!
I love Pink Floyd too and this song.
Thank you for sharing.

I wish you always good health
and happiness!

Suzanne said...

Megan, learning to fly is great. Thanks for reminding me.


Suzanne said...

Gig, you're cracking me up. I assume you're already in the parking lot. Rain and all. What are you eating? Chili?!

I'll look for you in the end zone. You'll be wearing a yellow slicker, right? That should help.

Love you darling and thanks for calling Cece. She'll pick up eventually. I had a dream about her the other night and it was so vivid. I was shaking her and telling her to let me help, but all she wanted to do was eat ice cream. It was a frustating dream! She was engnoring me!!! Just thinking about it is making me LOL. This is a really crappy morning for me, so to laugh is precious! God that was an odd dream.

Have fun at the game and eat lots of good food in my honor! Oh, and don't forget to drive safely.


Suzanne said...


Thanks sweetie. I'll do it next time. It's funny, I was just thinking about you the other day and wondering why I'm not getting around much. Ugh. I will. I've missed you. I'm looking forward to seeing what you've been up to.

I never blog in the morning like this, but I'm trying to change the kittie's schedule. The sun is coming up. It's beautiful and peaceful. It's my favorite time of day. The leaves are turning and beginning to fall. I cherish the quiet of an early morning. I'd take a photo for you but my camera is full! Trust me, it's a beautiful morning after a very difficult yesterday, so I'm going to embrace it.

Love you dear,

Suzanne said...


God I love you. You're too cool!!! Pink Floyd is terrific!!!

Thanks for always supporting me. Seeing your face brings so much joy to my life. I wish you lived next door and I could just walk over for a cup of tea. Why do you have to live in Poland? I think you should consider relocating! We could garden together! I was at the super market the other day and they have a lovely health food section. They sell a book I'm sure you'd enjoy as much as me. It's about living a year on food only bought at the Saturday Farmer's Market. I'm going to buy it. It sounds absolutely hilarious! I read the back cover and couldn't stop laughing. I'll send it to you when I'm done. Then you can pass it along. I think we'd lose ALOT of weight!!!

Love you darling,
Suze XO

Skeeter said...

Hi Suzanne!

Hope you can post your song. Pink Floyd rules.

Best wishes and hope,


Kookaburra said...

Hey Suze,
Have you figured out who the Anonymous One is yet?

Have a good week.
M xo
ps it is NOT me.

kylie said...

hi suze,
i'm aware that i'm not commenting here of late but want you to know that i read every post.

ok, sniper nerd: i cut you out of the picture so it would be clear which one was me, thats all. i think it's gonna go soon anyway
so dont get your tits in a tangle, huh?

hope youre doing well

Suzanne said...


Anon is Cheese. Right? Am I close? Almost?

You guys were too funny. You all had me laughing so hard. I'm sorry I didn't get back to you this weekend, but life here was sort of been insane with the new sick ferrals living in the bedroom! God I love them so. They're precious and improving daily. I'll post some photos. And no, their mom and 4 siblings haven't surfaced. I now now they never will. I saved two and have to feel grateful because they're happy and getting healthier every day.

Love you darling. Will stop by soon. My love to Jo and the kids! Thanks for your support. It always matters. And thanks too for the laughs over on IV's. You're such a smart ass!


Suzanne said...


I realize that and oh, you do, do you? Well good for you and good for me. You don't have to comment you know because I can feel your spirit. She always seems to show up in a really garish green outfit you Sniper Nerd you! AND NO, DON'T DELETE!!! I love that photo and when I log onto your blog I laugh very hard. You're cute! And yes, I do realize why you had to cut me out. I look cuter in red! But to be honest, I didn't realize how red made my tits look all tight in a tangle. Now that I do, I'm going to ask Brian to switch me to blue because I don't have big enough tits to be in a tangle.

Hope you're doing well too you wacky, wacky broad. Grabs fellow Sniper Nerd around neck and kisses her forehead till it hurts and whispers in ear, "Honey, I thought I was in green cuz I'm almost only 5'2", you're taller right? Okay, so you're in red." *Eye's roll back in head.*

Love you too baby! And don't remove the photo because it's absolutely hilarious! I'm going to post mine. Yes, I'll wear red! God, was that a funny night or what?

XO Suze

Suzanne said...


You know what sweetie, I've listen to almost every version of this and think all are amazing. It's actually insane that a band I adore is this good. And that the voice I love is from one man. You're right, Pink Floyd rules.

I also think that at a very low point (after losing Hillary and the 4 kittens I gravitated to this song for a reason). It's funny how where you begin, you end. Music has always been my saving grace.

I love you my dear friend and thanks for appreciating this. I will learn how to post a music video! Trust me!

All the best to you and yours,

Walker said...

I am a BIG Pink Floyd fan and have seen them twice.
I sat there stoned out of my head standing under a big floating pig.....

Suzanne said...

Walker darling. I've never seen Pink Floyd even once, but you sound like Rob seeing them twice. You were probably seated next to one another!


Leah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Queen Goob said...

Hey Suz!

It was nice to see that I'm not the only one that doesn't know how to post a video. I saw shutterbug explain how to do but it seems my blonde hair may get in the way of my learning capacity. If I need to, can I come to you for help next time?


p.s. see you at the dance tonight?

Mr. Shife said...

You are awesome. And so is Pink Floyd.

Suzanne said...


Welcome to Rob's world! He said their laser show was insane. I'm sure you're aware. I know he didn't see the Animals Tour, but it sounds like you had a blast. ;)!


Suzanne said...


You're right, it is a devastating song. For some reason it fit the bill the other night. I was feeling very low about Hillary, the other kitties and life in general. It filled a void and spoke volumes. It kept going around in a loop in my brain, so I Googled it. There it was.

I listened to Fearless. I'd never heard it before. Very nice. I'll be honest, I was waiting for the video to begin, for like 5 minutes!!! It didn't!!! Oh my God I'm laughing too hard. Anticipation and hope. Nope, never gave up!

My favorite, Wish You Were Here. Heard it for the first time probably when I was about 15. It's never grown old.

Love you darlin' XO

Suzanne said...

Queen Goob,

I've done what Shutterspy suggested for months and months, but for some reason my computer has a hiccup. That's why I just post the URL. I'm going to try again in the next few days. You'll see the result, or not!!! If it works, I'm an expert. If it doesn't, I'm not!!! You be the judge.

Love you and see you at the Wild Onion. Running as we speak and peeling off sweat pants and tee. God I have a new found love of metalic and head bands!!! Bob, doesn't seem to be behind the bar. What can I get you honey? (He keeps all the good stuff up high, so if you can find the ladder we can get it!)

XO ;)

Suzanne said...

Mr. Shife,

If you weren't married, expecting a baby and unemployed, I'd marry you. Sorry Mrs. Shife, sometimes a girls gotta say what a girls gotta say!!! No disrespect.

Awesome. God did you fill my heart today. You're aware the past few weeks have been a struggle, so to come here and see that, priceless. Thanks baby. I'm going to put it in a little envelop and tuck it in my pocket. When I'm low, I'm going to pull it out and kiss it!!!

And Pink Floyd, you bet your ass!!!

Hummmmmmmmmmmm. You know what's funny? I see the words as a painting. Hummmmmmmmmm. "You're awesome." I think that's my next painting. I've been waiting for inspiration. Interesting.

Hope all is well in the land of snow.

Love you,

CSI Seattle said...

Hi Suzanne,

I have never actually seen Pink Floyd in concert, but I will say that "The Wall" was a huge musical memory for me. I bought it when it first came out in album form since it was pre-CD era.

Thanks for the cool link.


Suzanne said...


Honey you made it!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh, life is good. You're welcome.

Remember albums!!! Oh my God. I remember giving my whole collection to a record shop in Westwood, just down the street from UCLA back in the early 90's. I regret it to this day. I do. At the time it seemed like a good idea. I have such a funny story to go with it about a very famous basketball star. I'll have to post about it. You'll laugh.

Love ya darlin'

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Anonymous said...