Thursday, November 20, 2008


I know. I rarely post photos of myself. Well here you go. That's my pink baseball cap. I had to retire it last week and put on a new pink one I hate. The old one was fraying (as you can see), but just the perfect shade of pink after a gazillion washes! Soft too. Perfection. I was on my way to the park in this photo and an odd photo because my hair is down. I almost always have it in a pony tail. Hummmm.
Self Portrait #2! I was on kitty pee patrol and saw this reflection in the family room sliders. Artistically, I thought it was interesting. My professors would be proud.
I let some of the kitties out yesterday. Sweet Pea included. What a freakin' disaster!!! I was up all night with worry. Newman didn't come in until around 2 am when I saw his ass in one of Hopper's kitty beds and grabbed him, and poor Sweet Pea stayed out all night. On the roof. He cried and cried and cried, but what was I to do? He wouldn't let me rescue him. Oh trust me, I was on the ladder at 1 am doing my best. Also at 3 am. At around 5 am I was finally able to save his sorry a**! I climbed the ladder, put food next to the edge of the roof and when he came crying for it I grabbed him!!! Yup. I have the scratches all over my neck, chest and back to prove it!!
Who let in the clowns? Phatty Foo Foo sleeping. (UPDATE: I was wondering why Phatty looked so odd. Has anyone figured it out? I forgot to flip the photo before posting it!!! Hey, be quiet. Like you've never pulled a stupid before!)
Rusty getting some Phatty Foo Foo love.
Sage playing the roll of the idiot!
And the worst of the bunch. Ohno! The cat from hell!
Oh, then there's these two. Sniper Nerd #1 and #2. I'm in green. That's Kylie in red!!! Yup, got this award from CSI and treasure the crap out of it!!! (UPDATE: THAT'S NOT REALLY US!!! JUST SOME RANDOM CHICKS CSI FOUND ON THE INTERNET .)
My darling Hillary. She isn't coming back. My life seems insane at the moment, so I laugh a lot.
Nor are her wee ones.
I've learned this past month that life is totally unpredictable. Also painful. Laughter helps. Thank God I can still laugh.
Love you all,


krystyna said...

Hi Suzanne!
Nice to meet you in this pink cap
and in green costume. In green I didn't recognize you, I thought it was a very young girl.
You look fabulous and very pretty.
Not only inside but outside too.

Lovely and cute are your kitties!
Thanks Suzanne!!!

Love & hugsss

Leah said...
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ShutterSpy said...

Well hello there, nice to see you! :-D

The picture of the reflection is interesting and slightly spooky :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Suzanne,

As long as you can laugh, you will be just fine. You can cry too. That's okay. But head on over to the cafe anytime and we'll make you laugh.

Lovely photos of the kitties. I want to squeeze every one of them (not too hard, mind you). You are absolutely beautiful, even in your new yucky pink baseball cap. Did you know I have a pink baseball cap too from the Monterey Bay Aquarium? I wear it ALL THE TIME! It is getting soft and old, like you said, "Perfection."

Sending my thoughts and love your way, my dear.


Suzanne said...


Hi honey!!! I swear to God, if you really think that's me in green I'm going to die (I would never wear those shoes!). I updated the post just to alert readers it isn't me!

How are you? I'm so sorry I haven't visited. When I finish my responses I'll stop by to see what you've been up to. I have to visit your mom too. If you see her before I do, tell her I love her. Are you aware you've very cool mom likes Pink Floyd!? She's a gem. I could just hug the woman to bits!

Thanks for the wonderful compliments my dear. You always manage to lift my spirits. And thanks too for overlooking the fact I swear. I'm going to stop, soon!

Love you so much dear and thanks again for dropping by. I always smile when I see your photo grace my blog.

Love & hugs to you too,

Suzanne said...


Hello my dear. Ugh. Leah, what am I going to do? I feel all crappy and sad. I cry at everything and anything. Grief sucks. Loss sucks. If I knew what happened to all the kitties I think I'd come to terms more quickly, but to lose 10 kitties in the span of less than 3 weeks and not know why is killing me.

Thanks for your support and prayers. I'm going to visit Kylie to see if my prayer is available. She always writes the most beautiful words and I find great comfort in them.

Thanks too for the compliment about my self-portraits. You're a great friend and a true American treasure!!! And don't worry, I'll "hang in there" because what's my other option?

Hope all is well on your side of the planet. I just got laughing writing that sentence (I had been crying!) because of word association. Planet/North America/NAFTA/Sarah Palin not knowing what NAFTA stands for. What? That's how my crazy brain works! Sarah Palin and NAFTA just cracked me up! Good Lord.

Love you darlin' and hope you're having a beautiful day.


Suzanne said...

Shutter Spy,

You little smarty pants! Nice to see you too! Okay, I swear to God I'm coming over. I know I said that last time. Hey, I'm not perfect because perfection is an empty goal, but I do try really hard to be good!!! Okay, I'm going to be good as soon as I finish typing this. I'm going to stop by. Put up the good photos!!! Make it worth my click!

Love you my dear and thanks for the compliment. It's funny because when I saw the reflection I thought it was so interesting, ran got the camera and tried to recreate it. When I took it I couldn't see anything, the photo looked black, but when I down loaded it my image appeared. I agree, it's slightly spooky. But don't worry, it's just the family room I'm still trying to remodel, so nothing ghostly happening there. I don't think. Oh crap, now you have me all scared.

Love you dear,
Okay, here I come.

Suzanne said...


Hi baby! Thanks for your love and support. It means the world to me. And yes, the kitties are almost too lovable. I'm a lucky girl and I try to remind myself every day, even when I'm feeling terribly, terribly low. I'll get a grip on this eventually, but right now, God it just hurts like hell. I realize I don't really eat, sleep or function. For instance, I'm supposed to be doing house work, but my function button is on pause. I'm going to have to get my ass up in a few minutes, eat something and start cleaning the room that used to look like my kitchen! Today it looks like a very unorganized closet!!!

That reminds me of a really funny story. My younger sister has a lovely home, but is not the most organized or neat person. When someone calls and informs her they're about to stop by, or someone pulls in the driveway, or she holds a dinner party or celebration this is what happens: Everyone runs around like a maniac throwing everything into the closets. Within 3-5 minutes the place looks spic-n-span!!! But open a closet door, LOOK OUT, you think you're in hell. No joke. One story in particular just kills me. When I was home to take care of her family while she was in Cape Cod with her students, I ended up staying 6 weeks as you probably remember. We had all gone out for something or other with family and friends and as we were piling back into the cars her sister-in-law said "I'm going to stop by the house to use the bathroom." The look on my sisters face was one of complete terror. She looked at me, I looked at her, the kids looked at us, we looked at the kids. Everyone just got in the car as quickly as possible and my sister hauled ass home. We all had instructions. She told me my chore was to clean the guest bathroom in "15 seconds or less" and to light the scented candle in the event her son had "missed the toilet bowl and peed on the floor." I have never cleaned a bathroom so fast in my life, but when SIL walked in, the place nearly looked spotless. I've never cleaned my house like that, but I'm thinkin' maybe I should!

Love ya honey!

hnter1018 said...

Beautiful Kitties Suzanne. I do think yo need a pink Red Sox hat.

When are you and Bob coming back out this way to the East Coast. i know there is family back here. I know it's hard to leave the kitties and all.

I hope you had fun with the anon game. I was sure you were going to figure it out.

Suzanne said...


No honey, I was never going to figure it out the Anon game. You're way too smart for me. Never, in a million years would I have read vertically or considered you. Never. But Hi Honey!!! Nice to finally know.

Oh my God, our entire family is on the east coast. All mine are in the Catskills and Rob's in MA an FL. I just talked to my mom a few days ago and swear to God she said "Honey, can't you just sell the house and move home." It broke my heart to say, "No." But that's my dream. I desperately want to move home. Have a nice little place in the Catskills and a place in a warmer climate during the winter months. I'll keep you informed.

Do you think the Red Sox have a pink one? Somehow I just don't see it!!! If they do, I'll buy it!

Love you darling and thanks for all the fun. And thanks too for deleting over on IV's to try to keep me a fool forever. If I didn't love you so much I'd stangle you! You're clues were awesome. And no, I would never have figured them out. Never. They really were brilliant. You're a very smart cookie, but I have hope for the deer. In the words of Sheryl Crow...Run Baby, Run Baby, Run Baby, Run Baby run.

;) XO

hnter1018 said...

Of course the Sox have a pink one.

Suzanne said...


Really? Is that where I'll find it? If I buy it and surprise Rob, he'll die!!! I'm already laughing.

Mr. Shife said...

It is always hard retiring a good hat. Good luck in getting the new one broken in, and love the photos of the kitties. Hope all is well. And you are still awesome.

Suzanne said...

Mr. Shife,

Come here you sweetie pie. God I love you!!! Thank you. Marry me damnit. Sorry Mrs. Shife, I can't help myself!!! Okay, it's official, I'm moving to Utah. Which part, who the hell knows, but if I land smack dab in the middle I should be pretty close to you know who! What? Of course I'm laughing.

I love that hat. I'd still be wearing it today, but noticed a store clerk looking at it in an odd sort of way. Not only is it frayed, it has an oil ring from tennis and toil that just won't wash out!!! Yes, it's rather pathetic. What was I to do? Give it up. That broke my heart. Do you see how soft it is? How the shade of pink is perfection? Kills me. Absolutely kills me. The new one is hard and a shade of pink that doesn't seem to fade no matter how many washes I put it though (6 if my recollection is correct). Ugh. I'm a simple woman with simple needs. Right now I'm struggling to fit into my new hat.

Yes, the kitties are gorgeous. Thanks for noticing. I have an odd collection of perfection. I'm sure cat lovers all over the world do.

And awesome. You know, when you write that it fills my soul with so much hope and happiness. The past few months have been difficult, but when I read what you write my heart is so full. I smile and know everything will be okay. Thanks my dear, dear friend. I love you to death. Honestly, I do.

XO Suze ;)

Megan said...

Most lovely lady,

Great pictures of you and yours.

I have (not so) fond memories of standing on a chair that was on top of a table (no ladder) saying, "C'mon, Sinjin, sweetie, honey (damned cat!) you know you don't want to be up there, mama needs to sleep and so do you. Just walk on over here and we will both be happy (dammit!)."

Thanks for this post...

Suzanne said...

Megan, your comment is the funniest ever. Only someone who has tried to get a kitty knows the agony of trying to get a kitty!!! I didn't mention that every other word was a swear word!! I wanted to kill him. I mean it. I'm laughing so hard, you have no idea!!! I kept saying into the midnight air "Sweet Pea, why the fuck am I up at 3 am trying to get your sorry ass. Help me out." Oh my God it was insane. A stupid-funny night. But he's safe and he's slept for the past 48 hours. I don't think he has a clue the agony he caused me. Bastard. Cats. Kids. Men. Hell, it's a blur. Oh, and I don't even have kids!!!

Thanks for the compliment. You're a gem and I love you.


kylie said...

keep laughing suze, it heals most wounds !

i posted for you at "a yarn...."

hnter1018 said...

Suzanne...keep that hat. You know how much kids will pay for a hat like that. With the fringe the wear and tear and the perfectly bent visor?? It's like buying jeans with holes in them. They just don't understand the amount of blood, sweat and tears that go into a hat like that. The older and more roughed up and stained the better. It has character. The clerk was probably wondering where they could get a hat like that. It's JEALOUSY nothing more nothing less.

I had a hat like that before heading to cali. A couple of friends got me drunk pinned me down got the hat from me a burned it. It took years for that hat to get like that.!!!!


Suzanne said...

Kylie!!! Hi honey. I'm back from a Yarn and still crying. I'm almost out of tissue so have to knock it off. According to my calculations I have two kleenex left, so I'm in serious trouble. Thank you so much for the beautiful prayer. It helped more than you know.

I love you dear,
Suze XO

Kookaburra said...

G'day Suze,
Well I gotta say I think you look most fetching in pink :)
I just love the way your personality shines through in this post. You seem to be coping with the loss of your dear ones very well. and remember we are are all here to help you get through it.

M xo
p.s. I said something for you over at A Yarn.

just bob said...

Hi Blottie!

Cece said...

I love the photo of you in the pink cap. You are so beautiful. And the shadowy self portriate it quite alluring. The kitties are beautiful. I love them bunches. I love you, you know that don't you. I'm thinking about calling Rob. You think he'd mind? Do you mind? I'll talk to you soon.

CSI Seattle said...

Those are not random chicks from the Internet!! It is a picture of you and Kylie. Be proud, stand tall and accept yourself for who you are.

Besides, you look good in green. Nerd...

Oh, and nice pink hat.

Suzanne said...

I swear to God this is a true story. Cece said my black and white photo was "alluring."' I aaked how? What do you mean? She said "You're knees are gorgeous!" That sort of crap just kills me. I'm on the floor. Oh my God, that's just too funny. I'm cooked, I'm baked, I'm fried. Done!

Gig said...

Hi Suze,
Beautiful pic of you and your favorite "pink" hat!! I love pink, my cell phone is even pink...

The kitties are just precious, I want to hug and snuggle with them. Maggie is snuggling and snoring right now,lol.

It's been a long week and cold here...hope to check in and say hi this weekend to everyone.

Love you,

Cece said...

I really like the green lipstick too.

Randy & Pilar said...

...I'm always for keeping comfortable hats and throwing out the one's I marginally like. They'll never move out of the marginal-lane while comfortable just gets better with time.
Thanks for the tea'n cookies.

Suzanne said...


Thanks honey. What you wrote was beautiful and helpful. I find I visit often just for comfort. I swear, I don't know how to bury 10 cats, but you and Kylie help me every day.

If someone had told me this would be my life last year, I wouldn't have believed it. So much has happened. So much has changed. But one thing that has remained constant is love from my blogging friends. It's amazing and something I absolutely cherish. So no matter what changes in 2009, I know that I will probably still be chatting with all of you!!!


Suzanne said...

Hi Bob!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...