Friday, November 14, 2008

Comments are not necessary...

This is between me and Hillary. Where am I supposed to put you?
My heart is just broken and I don't know where to put you. You took #6 with you and left me with 5. I have only 2. Every day I was left with less. The two that survive are the two I rescued. How could everything change in just a few weeks? They're beautiful you know. This has been a hard year. I will miss you every single day of my life. You did a good job sweetie. Honestly, you did. I love you so much and I'll see you in Heaven


Suzanne said...

I love you.


CatHerder said...

Not sure exactly what happened to Hillary, but im sorry for your loss. One of my ferals, Oscar has been missing for 11 days, and my neighbors cat Nemo that eats here as well has gone missing today...i fear someone is trapping them and i am devastated. Just wanted to wish you a cat herder I know your sorrow.

Suzanne said...

I wrote to you on your blog. Thank you. I finally cried my heart out. It's so nice to know someone understands. And honey, I hope you find your kitties. I understand your loss. I do. With all my heart.

We do amazing work, don't we. I'm laughing because the average person doesn't know what exists behind the trees or bike path, they just deal with daily life, but we know. I don't know you, but I love you for your hard work, dedication and compassion. You're a wonderful woman. Thank's for doing what you do and thanks for your support.

Suze ;)

CatHerder said...

I suppose we must wipe our tears, hold our heads high, and carry on...theres many more to be saved. Oscar and Nemo arent here again this morning..Nemo MIGHT be back at his home where he lives, Im going to leave them a message today, and try to take a walk to the other CatHerder in the area (about 8 blocks away) to see if maybe Oscar went there..he disappeared when the clocks were changed, and we moved stuff around in the yard to prepare for winter snow. good luck to you..come visit often, i always have pics of the kitties!

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Just popped over from Kylie's place to let you know that I am on my knees right alongside Kylie.

Sweet friend, I know not why your troubles and losses multiply, but I do understand the loss of those furry ones we love so well. This summer we lost our beloved "Edward" (just vanished -- coyote snack, I fear) and then just a short time ago my husband called to say he was rushing "Mr. Bingley" to the vet after being hit by a car. He couldn't be saved. I wept, really sobbed, and then Mr. Bingley walked up. Whose kitty died? I'll never know, but I have prayed for the broken-hearted one who lost their cat and knows not why.

Life hurts when we love, but we just can't help ourselves, can we?

Rest and heal, my sweet friend in her Rose Cottage Studio.

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