Saturday, July 19, 2008


I can't post right now about the kitties, the fire and all that. I'm still trying to find courage. But I will post about what happened today at the park because it was too insane and funny and must be shared.

Yes I know the photos are unusual for my blog, but I took Random Chick's advice and did a Google Image Search. I found everything I was looking for.

I had just come from feeding the ferals and walked back to my car. Wee Piggy is a neutered male we all love and take wonderful care of and he's near my car. I'd fed him before feeding everyone else, but he was waiting for me when I returned. So I walked back to his space with him, just to check if everything was okay. He doesn't walk back normally, he walks back in between my feet, so it's like a three legged shuffle. We stopped at the bike bath as two cyclist passed by, and it was odd because they turned their head away from us. Unusual because most cyclist, joggers and walkers smile, or stop, or say something. These two pretended we didn't even exist. I finished with Wee Piggy and walked back to the car which is near the bathrooms. They had exited the bike bath and were at the bathrooms. Waiting. I had to wee too, so headed down there. The woman was standing near both bikes and the guy looked as if he was in line for the women's bathroom. When the first one became available he headed toward it in front of me. I said "NO! This is the women's bathroom. Your's is on the other side. How dare you think you can take my bathroom when all you have to do is walk to your side. You're a guy, this is NOT your bathroom." He looked all confused, as if he didn't understand English. I pointed to the sign and said "This. Is. The. Women's. Bathroom. Slowly and carefully.
He pointed to the above icon and said "Men and women." I said "No, that's the international icon for restrooms." He replied "I only made it to the fifth grade and I'm illiterate." I knew at that moment he was as just yankin' my chain. So replied "And you didn't know how to read by then?" I got my bathroom and as the second became available, I saw him use it. I looked at his girlfriend just before I walked into the bathroom and rolled my eyes. I walked back to my
and when I left, passed him as he was waiting with the bikes while his sweetie used the facility. I said "HEY" and waved out the window and said


Life is sometimes so good.
And no, this isn't the usual me, this is just me today.
P.S. I also had the greatest experience today. As I was walking into the woods with my pink baseball cap and pink bag, and calling "kitty, kitty, kitty," bicyclist caught my attention and one shouted, "YOU ARE WAY TOO COOL!!!" I had the biggest smile and in an instant life was good. Random Chick was right. Apparently I'm cool. What a beautiful way to start my day at the park, but then I had to end it with bathroom boy. Good Lord!!!


Debbie in CA : ) said...

Hi Girlfriend, Nice to see you back up and posting. Well, then again maybe it would have been better to miss out on meeting Mr. Personality and just coast for another day. Hey, maybe he was confused about gender specific bathrooms because he comes from Colorado -- ya think? Nah! Probably just a grumpy berry on a bike. Cheer up and enjoy being COOL! : )

Skeeter said...

Hi Suzanne,

Now this is a strange development. I've seen men duck into the womens restroom when the line was long and the ladies room was empty ... and I've seen ladies plow through custom and use the mens room for exactly the same reasons ... but to be too lazy to walk an extra ten yards is inexcusable. You were certainly right to call them on this. I've never heard of anyone trying to defend themselves with the old "men and womens" dodge. It's lame.

You are way too cool!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Oh geez, that's priceless Suzanne! That's the kind of stuff we writers look for: great material!!!

You ARE COOL!!!! Don't ever let anyone tell you any different. If they do, you can call them "asshole" with my permission! ;-)

Queen Goob said...

I'm so glad you had a good day at the park. My thoughts are with you often.

Hugs and much love,

p.s. what a jerk that guy was!

krystyna said...

You are cool, Suzanne.
I enjoyed your post very much and
those beautiful comments!

Best for you!

just bob said...

You're Blottie... of course you're cool :)

Anonymous said...