Monday, February 18, 2008


Hillary was named Hillary way before the primaries. She was named Hillary because she's tough, smart and bold. All the things Hillary Clinton is. She is the mommy to the three ferals I rescued way back in August of 2007. I wanted her too, but it wasn't the right time. So I've waited. I know she'd preganant again, but I will not let her down this time. She's coming home in the next few weeks to be spayed. Almost a year ago my dear friends found her and her kitties on the side of the bike path and asked for my help. They left, but I didn't. I have never missed a day, except the day the huge storm hit the planet and we lost our tree and I was unable to get to the park. June 1st, 2007, my life changed forever and so did her's. She loves me. I know that. I have never been able to pet her, but it doesn't matter. She loves me and I love her. I see it in her eyes all the time. I will change her life forever. I know she knows. We're waiting for the perfect moment and it will come. Why? Because I love her with all my heart.


Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Glad you are feeling better. There is nothing worse than being sick in the winter!

You are real close in your guess of the black transferware mosaic piece...

Cecile said...

Welcome back my dear! YOu have to understand that you are unable to take care of the entire universe. You see, if you do it all, then there is no work for the rest of us. Now you get some rest young lady, and get that immune system back up to maxiume strength. Have another bowl of chicken soup. It does the body and soul good. Oh wait, your vegetarian aren't you? Well, scratch that one then. Have another bowl of tofu soup. It does the body good!;-p Love ya, Cec

Josie said...

She does love you. I can see it in her eyes too. She has complete trust in you. That's an amazing photograph. A prize winner.

I love your paintings of roses. Omigosh!

Skeeter said...

My neighbors moved and left their dog behind. This dog is a good dog and very friendly. The former neighbors let him roam loose and now he's known as "the neighborhoold dog". To the dog catcher, he is known as "dog at large". My former neighbors paid three fines for that offense but never did anything else to restrain the dog. I talked with another one of my nieghbors this afternoon. We're feeding the dog and I'll get a house and that sort of thing and keep him here if I can.

bindhiya said...

Good Morning Dear,
Hillary is so cute! Beautiful picture!
Life is always changing least for me.. but believe everything happens for a good reason! (those are some wise words, I never got the meaning but still trying to believe).
happy to hear Hillary will be home soon..
take care
♥ and ((hugs))

NAME: CIELO said...

That's an amazing photograph! What an enchanted place you have there--oh to be one with nature!



Anonymous said...

What a lovely picture! You can see from Hillary that she knows that you know that you love her and she loves you. It's a classic cat situation. Love it!
You're getting back to yourself - love it!

PJ xx

krystyna said...

Love this photo with Hillary and your touching post.

I had a busy weekend, so my visit is late.

Robyn said...

Thanks for sharing Hillary with us all! She is remarkable! Just beauty of a cat. Looking at her sitting on that old knarled tree, sitting like royality. Oh...wonder what she would tell us if she could tell us. Would she tell us all about the goings on through the forest. Yes...I am sure of it! And fill us in with the what has been happening with her kitties! Yes, I am sure she would.
Thanks this was lovely!

'54Bomber said...

G'day suzanne,
I meant to reply earlier. But i was dddistracted by a bbblack bbbikini :0
I didn't see Hillary at first because she was so well camouflaged. She has lovely markings and an intelligent look in her eyes. If anybody is going to tame her it will be your good self.

Love to you and yours,

Tiago Enes said...


O Blog tá muito legal!
Bons posts!




Se puder visite!!!

Jim said...


may I call u Susie?
what comment on grey hair?

where in California do u live?
I have many friends in CA

Anonymous said...