Thursday, January 3, 2008

It's Important To Have A Friend...

These are four of my beautiful nieces (yes, I have more!). This was taken a number of years ago at Des's graduation from high school, but remains my favorite because I have four of my favorite people in a photo. Des and Val are sisters. Amanda and Ali are sisters. I realize looking at this we all have the same smile. Funny how genes are passed on. Amanda wants to be an architect and working towards that goal, Des is in landscaping, Ali is a wonderful artist and working towards being a teacher and Val is a practicing psychologist in NYC. This is a photo of a photo of a photo, so not too impressive, but you get the idea. Friends matter. They lift you when you're low and often times make the difference when nothing else seems to matter. This was not the post I intended to write tonight, but I have a friend in Brazil who could use a bit of love and thought all my blogging friends might help in that regard. I know how generous you all are.
No explanation needed really. Not the best photo in the world, but precious. And all dear friends...

Rusty helping OHNO! adjust to a new world.

Sweet Pea and brother Rusty, as always supporting and loving one another.

Hopper and Rusty

Even roses support one anther in a vase

Horrible photo and an awful bicep, but me and OHNO the first day she/he arrived! He was sound asleep. I stayed in that position a long, long time! You'd think Rob would have managed a more flattering photo.
My point is simple. What you do matters. Any effort you make, matters. So I'd appreciate it if my friends on this blog would lend Ludmila a bit of support. She's discovered she's in love with her best friend and he's stuggling with his own issues. She's recently graduated law student and lives in Brazil. She speaks Poruguese, but works very hard to communicate with her "English speaking" friends. I would appreciate any words of encouragement. Serious or humorous!!! Everyone I've met on 1pic and beyond is so generous and kind and I know you won't disappoint me. Her link is, or just look at my links and click. I'm anticipating the best from every single one of you and I know you will not disappoint.
Lots of love,


CSI Seattle said...

Hey now! I am back in business after a little work related delay. Thanks for looking out for me while I was away. I have left a check for you for $50.00, I just don't remember where...

Tag! Your it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne! Thanks for your tips about the lavender- I have just found it! I will certainly try this, it makes sense.
I love all your photos of your cats, kitties and dog. They all look so comfortable together and with you. They are lucky to have you!
Best wishes, Cinnamon x

'54Bomber said...

Hi Suzanne,
i read your advice to Ludmila,you are so very kind and wamhearted. Bless you. All the other comments were also very kind and helpful. I couldn't really improve on what's alredy been said.
Thankyou for the the wonderful photos on this post. Sweetpea and Rusty could be our Polo and Simba; they look almos identical. i will show you a photo when I figure out how.
Kind thoughts always,
Mark ( )

'54Bomber said...

@ suzanne,

Pls forgive the typos am watching a movie called 'The Missing' - western starring Tommy Lee Jones and Cate Blanchett at the same time.
ps Oh darn, I missed the end.

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne,
Happy New Year!
Lovely photos as always. I'm a bit detatched at the moment, as I'm back in York and don't have net access at home, therefore my posts will be rather sporadic. Everything has got much better - my test results were fine and I have fab new specs. Things are good!
Take care,
Peter x

Lorêny Portugal said...

"This was not the post I intended to write tonight, but I have a friend in Brazil who could use a bit of love and thought all my blogging friends might help in that regard."

Are you speaking on me?...

If it will be on me,I am thankful all with my heart...

Kisses! Good Friday!!!

elusive said...

Aww I hope you get rid of your migraine soon!Get some rest, and you'll be fine.

bindhiya said...

Hi Suzanne,
yes, i have two friends like that, miss them so bad...
today is not a good day for appointment ruin all my plans for the week....I'll get over, i know....
beautiful pictures.....

pat said...

hi suzanne, thanks for the comment on my blog! Unfortunately am not being funny on my blog...not right yet anyway. If and when I get dumped then I will go back and it will become funny...somewhat!. Love your blog, I am an artist also, although quite different from you. Truthfully I ate about 6 cookies, I figure the sooner they are gone, the better it will be and I can start my diet. Hope you have time to pop over again to my blog!

Ludmila M. said...

Again and agian my dear, i will never have enough words to thank you..So kind of yours!A post to me?What an honour to me..By the way, i wrote a new post today,please tka a peek whenever you want,and of course, thanks to onepic,again!
All the best,
P.S:I'M feeling a bit better after your efforts to cheer me up!Good for you!

Kaneischa said...

Suzanne: you are such an excellent example...thank you for this post for your friend!


kylie said...

wow, 10 days away and i'm sooo out of the loop ! well, i'm back and catching up , slowly.
i wished you happy new year on my comments but in case you didnt catch it...happy new year

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne. Keep doing what you are doing. just to say 'bye' as i am today deleting my blog. Best wishes, Cinnamon.

Lizette said...

Wow ! What a great blog ! I love the pictures. You have beautiful artwork.
Your Mickey looks just like my Zipper. They could be brothers.
I'm glad I found you, or I guess you could could say you found me ... sort of.
I can understand what your friend is talking about with "stalkers". It's not worth your safety.
Take care and have a great day.

Anonymous said...

sweet heart... are u alright... u r not to be seen at all...u dont post on 1pics blog also... are u alright dear...?

Maritsa said...

oh no! 1pic has made his blog private! I'll miss it so much! Maritsa. good luck 1pic


CSI Seattle said...

Hi Suzanne,

I would have e-mailed you directly, but I don't have your address. Either way, something weird is going on. I haven't heard from you for a day or so (you can have a break once in a while, but I miss you), 1 Pic has locked up his site and Cinnamon has announced her retirement... Any thoughts?

Suzanne said...


Read my recent post and you know why I haven't been here. But I'm back. 1pic is in another world apparently and taking a different path. Why? Who knows. I received a post from him a few days ago that was so mean spirited and unkind I knew something was about to happen and it did. Cinnamon, I don't know. I hadn't received her retirement invitation. I'm not on 1pic's guest list and assume you aren't either. Why? Who f****** knows. It is just a mystery. Honestly, this stuff is just too wierd. I know what you know and you know what I know...and we both know this is just wierd. We had a good run honey!!! We have the friends we have and that's good enough for me. The ones left seem worth the effort. I don't think they're going anywhere. And that suits me just fine.

I've missed you too and glad to know you have me. What ever vortex we're in, we'll get out!!! Before hearing from you, I said to Rob today..."How in the hell did I get here?!!!" Glad to know I'm not alone and that you're swimming in the same muck. It's almost too unreal. Well, like Rob said "Who really knows what's going on with people?"

Just for your info. I'm not going anywhere. I like all of you so much and think you bring more to my life than you take. I'm better because of you. Basically, you're velcroed to my hip! That's gotta hurt.

Much love,

ShutterSpy said...

Those photos are so sweet!

Thanks for linking to my blog!

Rhondi said...

Hi Suzanne I just love all the photos of your cats. Makes me miss mine even more! Rhondi

Anonymous said...