Thursday, January 10, 2008


This is another photo of our gorgeous tree and a beauiful vase of roses taken in late summer. The lines on the window are snails trails (you know by now I don't kill them). Apparently they like the view too, so the window has to be cleaned every week of so!
Now for the Grrrrrrrrreat News! The insurance adjuster arrived yesterday to evaluate the wreckage that is our backyard and house. We liked him instantly. He worked at the Twin Towers sight for six months, then covered Hurricane Katrina another six months and has recently completed work in San Diego after the disaster there. He's smart, interesting and certainly good at what he does. It was a pleasure having him around for a few hours. Here are the results:

1.) The tree is obviously a gonner. We'll get $500 for it's removal and approximately $500 for the loss of the tree because it hit "structures" (a.k.a. our lawn chairs). Our policy doesn't cover damage to the lawn, but the lawn chairs apparently matter!!! Who knew?

2.) Both 100 plus feet of wooden fence on either side of the house will be replaced (pretty good so far!).

3.) The gutters that were torn from the house will be replaced.

4.) And finally, drum roll please...a whole new roof down to the rafters!
Yup, I've been so distracted by the tree, I forgot to tell you how nasty the roof looked! Obviously, we're feeling very, very fortunate. We'll get the final results of the adjusters report and dollor amount either tomorrow, or no later than Monday. Huge exhale.
Thanks for all the wonderful advice about our tree, however, it lost too much of it's root system when it fell, and experts have told us a 2-3 ft. root ball on a tree this size (even if severely pruned) would never support it, and the cost to upright it would be prohibitive because a crane would be require. I will do as Elusive suggested and take cuttings. Additionally, I'm thinking about having someone build an arbor (in the Rustic or Adirondack Style) for climbing roses and vines with a number of the limbs and branches before she's removed. That way, a part of her will always remain the the garden. Oh, almost forgot...her official measurement is just over 55 feet. She was a looker.
I apologize for not responding to your comments the past few days. I will try to do so as soon as I can find a bit of time. I've missed chatting with you. As always, thanks for your support and kindness.

XO Suzanne


Cecile Balding said...

Yes, we have missed you. So I was delited to see a posting titled GrRRRReat news. All of the ideas about using the wood of the tree were great. Oh and I have tagged you, so when you get the time. YOu have to blog about and tell us 5-8 interesting facts about yourself. Have a wonderful day, and I am looking forward to reading more from you.

'54Bomber said...

G'day Suzanne,
Welcome back :) Thanks for the news about the insurance and the repairs to your roof and wooden side fences. How stupid of me not to realise that when a tree that size decides to take a nap on your lawn that it is not going to cause some significant collateral damage to the immediate surroundings. You know the glass half-empty glass half-full adage?
You always look at the glass half-full.


bindhiya said...

Dear Suzanne,

I am happy to hear you had good day...
will talk to you lechu is ready to bed....

Gig said...

Glad you are back and things are starting to come together on the repairs. I love the idea for the arbor. The picture of the Roses is so beautiful. Thank you for taking the time to share all the Grreat News with us.
Take care and remember better days are ahead!

Salem Stitcher said...

That is wonderful news about the new roof. There's always a silver lining.

I love the idea of an arbor for your roses! She will still be there in spirit.

Take care,

kylie said...

well, that's all good news.
i'm likin the pics of your roses...and an arbour with climbers is always gorgeous
cheers, k

Suzanne said...

This is a collective response to all the above: Cecile, '54 bomber, Bindhyia, Gig, Salem Stitcher and of course Kylie!

Why? Because I don't have time to write to all of you before I konk out, but want you to know I love hearing from each and every one.

Cecile ~ I'm going to struggle with even 5 interesting facts. I've already given them some thought and all I can come up with in #1 Wow...that's hard. Thanks for your thoughts and keeping in touch - always fun. And yes, I will come up with at least 5, be prepared! Sleep tight.

'54 bomber ~ I'm never the glass half full my dear. When my hubby eventually read this, he will die laughing! He is, I'm not. But thank you for still believing in me Santa. Don't ever give up! About the tree, I held out hope until today. The last expert told us it wasn't possible. So, I just have to let her go and move on.

Bindhiya ~ Talk to you soon sweetie. Sleep tight. Thanks for all your encouragement and kindness.

Debbie (Gig) ~ Always so great to hear from you. Thanks for the wonderful thought. And yes, I do think an arbor is a terrific idea. It's hard to find a handyman or carprenter right now because of the the repairs and cleanup around the city, but I'm determined to, or I will learn how to use the chainsaw and take the limbs I want myself and save them for a later day. Glad you like the photo - thanks. And yes, you are correct my dear "Better days are ahead." Come back again and I'll try to get to your blog in the next few days.

Salem Stitcher ~ There's always a silver lining, just like in a quilt. I visited your blog today when I had absolutely NO time, and left a message. It was so much fun, so let's see if you can find it. Hint, the blank wall as you get off the elevator. Your work is beautiful. Talk to you soon!

XO Suzanne

And last but not least, Kylie, Dear Mrs. K! Things are working out here after a difficult few weeks. Thank GOD!!! Thanks for commenting on the roses, I do love them so and yes, the arbor will be terrific if I can get the limbs I want before my dear tree goes bye~bye. I was out surveying her today and think I've tagged them. I was amazed by how small I am standing next to her. Talk to you soon. Your current post was hilarious.

XO Suzanne

Please excuse all time to proof! Just sound everything out phonetically.

Robyn said...

Ok Suzanne! Can I say that I love this PICUTURE! LOVE IT! Thanks for posting this great photo I needed something like this after the sucky day I have had...too many code blues and people cussing me out because they think they can....Thank you for this little piece of heaven! Hospitals...can't live with but can't live without them! I swear people think they have come to the Hilton! Room Service anyone! What happened to the sick people...all we have are Prima Donnas! aAAackkkk!

Anywoo...this I really needed! Thanks again friend! You know how to make a girl smile!
Love ya!

Suzanne said...


I'm writing back ONLY because I adore you and I'm wondering why we're still up. I have to go to bed like RIGHT NOW, but feel compelled to tuck you in after such a difficult day. Hang in there sweetie. You'll feel better after the paycheck is in your hand or in your bank account if you have direct deposit! I don't know why people are often rude, but they are, aren't they. It seem to be getting worse. Perhaps because we feel overcrowded, or stressed, or because some stupid T.V. show is telling us we should be more aggressive or selfish. That's why I have a garden, birds, kitties, a dog, trees and fortunately beautiful neighbors. Our yard may be in shambles right now, but generally, it's a beautiful place to let go of the world and just be at peace.

Hang in there and thank you for loving my photo. I put them up for me, but when they help my dear friends as well, it really makes my heart sing.

I love you too sweetie. Sleep tight and talk to you soon.

Much love, Suzanne

p.s. If people are treating you as if you work at the Hilton, perhaps you should collect tips!

Anonymous said...

Suzanne -
Just a quick one (again, so sorry!). It's great news about the tree, even though it won't be there anymore, you'll be able to look at the fences, dress them up, look at the roof, and know that in a way your beloved tree is still looking after you after all that it's done.
I'm glad things are getting better for you lately - I do think about you and worry about you. You've become an integral part of my blogging experience - thankyou.
It's my last day at work :-)
I'll be writing a new post later today.
Take care,
Peter xx

Lizette said...

What a great photo ! Your roses are always so pretty (pictured or artwork).
Would the snails care what you clean the window with? Curious, what do you use to clean the windows? I couldn't see the little lines in the window at 1st, all I saw was the thick ones and I thought wow those are big snails ! LOL!
Have a great day.

bindhiya said...

Dear Suzanne,
Good Morning!!!
Wish you wonderful, peaceful day ahead...
Yes, those roses are beautiful...I love roses too...but can't grow any in here.. I have a jasmine and basil here. Jasmine will give me flowers year around...and make me feel in home..
back in my home we have a garden....I'll post some pictures when i get my computer back...the one am using is brian's.

my baby loves the "meow" in your blog....she will come and say "i want to see meow"
take care dear

Kaneischa said...

Suzanne! I was just ought to have someone make you a piece of furniture from your beautiful tree...let it live on forever!

And lucky you, you missed yesterdays Tornado in Vancouver! My family was a little spooked by it all!

Happy Friday!

John Reynolds said...

Hello Suzanne,

Sorry to hear about your storm and you losing your tree - she was cerrtainly beautiful in the fall. What a pity - at least your insurance assessment is some consolation. We have several trees I'd be very upset to lose too, especially the big ash tree that appears several time on the blog and in the picture you were interested in. You never gave me details so i could send a copy on to you...

Tanke care,

Suzanne said...


We've been waiting to hear from you. All you had to do, once you have my email address is hit "reply" and leave your message. We simply wanted to know the cost of a signed print in various sizes, and if we could afford your work! If we can, we'll pay you and make arrangements for the transfer. Wow, this almost sounds like something out of Scotland Yards!

Let us know the cost of your signed prints and we'll figure this all out! You can do it here or do it via email. Frankly, I think you should do it here! Who's going to know what you charge on my personal email?! Doing it here might inspire others to buy! :) Your photos are stunning and Rob and I love them. I haven't seen one we don't admire, but see some that absolutely inspire. In fact, Rob came into my office last night and asked again (the 3rd time), have you heard from John yet?

Our tree is a great loss (and yes, particularly beautiful in Autumn). I'm not a professional photographer, so don't do her justice, but you could. That I know. It's funny because today we were looking at all the photos we've taken of her over the years. She's played such a signifcant roll in our lives and to say good bye is hard. I'll be honest, I'm glad we're saying goodbye while she's dormant. If she was in full leaf it would be worse. It's interesting how Rob and I are drawn to your trees and I'm drawn to practically everything else as well! You satisfy our souls in some way. I wish, as you'd said in an earlier comment, you could be in our backyard. If only. I know how beautifully you would capture it.

Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and for your beautiful photographs. It's always a pleasure visiting your blog. Of the most recent photo, the swan was stunning. Really stunning.

Respond when you can, either here or on my email. We're looking forward to hearing from you.

XO Suzanne

P.S. Our neighbor has the most beautiful collection of ash trees. Perhaps that is why your photograph was so appealing and we didn't even know.

Suzanne said...


To all of you I haven't responded to yet, I will. I had to respond to John first because my husband and I have been waiting to hear from him FOREVER!!! I'm not insulting you. Trust me. I'm not. I'm going to try to get back to all of you tonight. OhNo! is stitting on my hand an biting my nose (he thinks my nose is a nipple!) at the same time, so writing this has been a challenge. I think I've written it at least three times! Be grateful my friends!

Love ya, Suzanne

The Queen said...

It's so true, what bindhiya is sharing with me...with every sad event there is a positive event arount the corner! So glad to hear the insurance company was fair to you....not always the case. My week was a stuggle as I had grown lazy with xmas break and now the pace is kicking up. I'm off to create a chinese new year celebration for my elementary school. Lots of culture to teach, and lots of projects including making a dragon that at least 10 to 15 kids could carry in the parade. I love creating an event to showcase the art they make...becomes a celebration they never forget.
Thank you sooooomuch for your friendship, HUGE to me!
love from Fort Worth, Texas

bindhiya said...

Dear Suzanne,
Hope you had a wonderful day..
we had a day full of grocery shopping...i hate it cause today will be the busy day...10am to 4pm is gone, serene skip all her nap and go sleep just 10.30pm...loong day..
tomorrow will be better...but i talk to my mom and sister today.... so am still happy...and yes i did walk in that store all day..
Take care dear
ps. sure, you can call me "Bindi"..I just love that..

Suzanne said...

Bindi ~

I love you! And will always call you Bindi!

Can't read a thing on your blog because of the color choices. I'm an artist honey...give me a break! My eyeballs were going in all directions! Painfully.

Talk to you tomorrow. Sleep tight my dear. We'll go for our walk if weather permits, if not, just around the block. Make sure the wee~one is bundled up and you sing.

I love you dear,

Suzanne said...

The Queen,

You make me laugh SO hard. I got on your blog and although I have not read every post, I did look at the most recent post and the photos and all I saw were boobies, boobies, boobies!!! You sure know how to showcase them in Texas! That made me laugh because I am the opposite! How funny.
We obviously met here for a reason...somewhere in the middle is the answer!

Love you sweetie,

bindhiya said...

Dear Suzanne,
I just post my family parents, one sister and brother..
Thank you for the reply...i was waiting for know you had a good day.
I love calling me bindi...

Anonymous said...