Sunday, January 13, 2008

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I feel as if I have a lot to post today. Unfortunately I don't have the time, so I'm going to type really fast. However, I think really slow. Hummmmmm. That might be a problem. For the first time ever (well in the three months since starting this blog), I think I may write multiple posts. Why? Because suddenly I need to get some stuff out. (Who knew!) Often times talking releases energy. It's the same with writing. As you all are now obviously aware, I am not the most gifted writer, but who cares, I'm writin' and your readin'! So there you have it. Keep up with me please. I need you along for the ride to make this journey enjoyable.

I arrived home from the park today after feeding the ferals and checked the laundry. I decided it needed another rinse. We wash once and rinse twice. That's the rule! My hubby had done the load while I was at the park, so as soon as the washer started he heard it in his office. I was in the family room organizing the mess the kitties made and Rob came flying in on his broom stick and said " Is that a new load?" I said "YUP!!!" I knew that meant he had already rinsed twice, but was just having some fun with him. Unfortuntely I couldn't keep a straight face and as he turned to check me out one last time before leaving the room, my face was buried in the chair to contain my laughter and all I heard was "You liar!!" Which of course made me laugh harder. He raced out to stop the washing machine and spin the load. On his way back in I was still laughing too hard to talk and he said "Just so you know, you would never make it as a POW." The only relpy I could utter through tears and laughter was "Nope."

XO Suzanne


Anonymous said...

You keep writin' and we'll definitely keep readin'!! Love the yellow of the flowers - pretty, pretty, pretty!

Take care!

bindhiya said...

Hi Suzanne,
Those yellow roses are beautiful...that made me nostalgic..

want to be in my home right now..

Suzanne said...

Thanks Peter. I will and you do.

XO Suzanne

Suzanne said...

Bindi ~ I wish you could be home right now. I'm sorry sweetie. I'll send more yellow roses your way.

Much love,

'54Bomber said...

G'day Suzanne,
Thank you for being you. Gee, that sounds trite. The roses are gorgeous.


Suzanne said...

54 Bomber

Thank you for appreciating me being me. And no, I didn't think it trite! Thanks too for appreciating the roses. I planted a garden around the garbage/recyling bins because I couldn't bare to look out on so much ugly after buying this house. It's amazing how beautiful plants and flowers can soften the reality of just about anything.

Love you dear,
p.s. Thanks for always stopping by. I really enjoy your comments.

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

What a fun post! I am glad you entered my mosaic pig naming contest! I am going to link to your blog too! Thanks

krystyna said...


All the best to you, Suzanne!

Suzanne said...


I'm so happy to have you here. I love your blog and encourage all to visit. You're such a sweetie! And your work is gorgeous.

XO Suzanne

Suzanne said...


I'm so happy you stopped by. I found your blog late last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. I woke this morning and said "I have the time for myself." I'll be honest,it wasn't the perfect morning, but everything turned out okay! Please stop by often because I can feel the positive energy through your words.

XO Suzanne

I'm Hobie said...
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Hobie said...

Just have to ask you - what type of camera do you use for your photography? Your photos are absolutely beautiful. Love the shots of your animals (and flowers). Go Chargers - Love, Hobie

krystyna said...

Hi Suzanne!
I must to come here and be with you and your beautiful roses.

Have a lovely, happy Sunday!

Suzanne said...


Honey, I've been waiting for you to stop by for SO long. Finally, here you are. Welcome. Lay down while I talk sweetie, cuz I'm kinda long winded and I know you have a few aches and pains. Here's a nice rug.

First...sorry about those Chargers. Although we live in CA, we're from the Northeast, so we're Patriots fans here and although that was a messy game, we won. Sorry about that sweetie. It's good to have hope though. I suspect you sorta knew the outcome. Me too. There's always next year, so get ready.

My camera is a Sony Cyber-shot, with 7.2 pixels. I bought it at Target about 2 years ago for close to $300 dollars, but after doing some research for you, see you can buy it now through Amazon for much less...under $200. Apparently I was ripped off! Just remember honey, the higher the pixels, the clearer the photo. And Sony is always a safe bet. My camera can do lots of stuff I have no idea how to do. No time to read the manual, but you can probably learn to take videos and everything with a bit of effort. Good luck with that.

I'll stop by soon. I know I've neglected you and I apologize. I did read that your cousin is the best female soccer player in Canada. Third year in a go girl! You must be very proud. I'm proud and I don't even know her!

Please tell your mom I received her email, and wrote back immediately, but didn't complete it. It's waiting for me to push send after a bit of editing. You've convinced me I must get my you know what in gear. So I shall.

Take care of yourself sweetie and keep writing because I love your blog. Please let mom and dad know I'm thinking about them. Hope your "natural treatments" are continuing to go well.

With much love,
XO Suzanne

Suzanne said...

Krystyna ~ you're always welcome to stop by for a visit with the roses! XO Suzanne

Anonymous said...