Sunday, January 13, 2008

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Two days ago I was at PetSmart and on my way to Lowe's to look at trees. I'd just spent over a $100 on kitty liter, food, etc. and was trying to get away as quickly as possible to alleviate the pain. I was driving through the parking lot and hit a speed bump. I hit it a bit too fast and my head was bobbing all over the place. I started to laugh and couldn't stop. Up ahead there was a bank and I could see a teller in the window laughing as hard as I was after seeing my mistake. She had her chin on her hand and had a big old smile and I knew she understood. When I stopped laughing, she still was. How odd. So she made me laugh harder. When I got close enough for her to see, I waved. Her expression never changed. Hummmmmm. As I got closer, I realized she was not a real person at all, she was a life sized poster inside the bank! And yes, this is a true story!

XO Suzanne

P.S. Rob said "Suzanne, you should never repeat this story to anyone," so I'm not, I'm repeating it to my Blogger friends!


Ludmila M. said...

Dear Suzanne,
Sorry coz i've "disapeared" a bit..I was traveling, as i said to you..About that tough subject(cid), i decided to move on,forget a this stuff a little, it was making me cry and get sadand for god sake, i don't wanna get sad!Being happy is always the better way.How're doing honey?Fine?I hope so.Missed tour beautiful words all these days long.Very nice week,with my mother, sister and some relatives at Recife,the city which they live.Went to João Pessoa,Paraíba's Capital, very nice too..
tomorrow i'll give further more informations..
XOXO Ludmila.

bindhiya said...

Hi Suzanne,
Hope you had a good day..
I loved the photo and had good laugh too...
Take care

The Queen said...

Oh,Suzanne,I love you even more! Got to always laugh at ourselves and to share it with others is nothing other than fearless!
I knight you, Brave Suzanne

Salem Stitcher said...

That story is just TOO funny! It's a great thing to be able to laugh at yourself, even better whe you laugh more when you see someone else caught you...even if it was a cardboard person! I hope the scene makes you laugh for days to come.

Kaneischa said...

Suzanne!! Hilarious!! ...and this makes me feel so much better...I am glad I'm not the only one who does things like this :)

Thanks for your comment today...and tell the Hubby that I appreciate his encouragement. I have a background in Criminal Justice (someday soon headed towards law school, Civil Rights!) so I know logically that I did the right thing...but the conscience of the human emotion can sometimes overbear the reality of a situation. However, each day that passes I have become less and less personally involved, so all is well!

Also, I had a good laugh...While it was a great, I am not Jewish! In fact, I am at BYU, land of the Mormons, because I am one! I joined the church 5.5 years ago when I was 19...and it's been such a beautiful, insightful and progressive time ever since! So the good Jewish girl turns out to be a good Mormon girl...and no offense taken :)

And I love that you are not conservative! Good for you! As long as you use your voice and stand for what you believe, my respect for you is ten fold! I am a native my family considers me the Conservative Disgrace :) But I don't let my politics stand in the way of making friends...if anything, its a great bonding experience to debate ones differing/agreeable points of view! So I hope you got your running shoes on! hahaahaa!

Have a great week, its been fun reading your blog...always uplifting!


Anonymous said...

I have one thing to say - that story nearly made me wet myself!!! Thanks! :-)

PJ xx

Suzanne said...


If I've missed you as much as I have, I know every one has! Thankfully you're back home and can start writing again.

It's good to move on and find happiness. And you will. Love is such a complicated thing. When the "right" one comes along, you will recognize him in an instant and everything will fall into place.

I'm happy to hear the trip was a success. I'm also hoping to hear you're getting along with your mom a bit better.

Talk to you soon!

With love,

Suzanne said...


I had a terrific day and I'm glad you laughed. That was pretty silly stuff. I'm still laughing. Every time I think about it, I laugh. I can't help it. It was too funny!

Have a great day sweetie ~ talk to you soon.

XO Suzanne

Suzanne said...

The Queen,

If I'm knighted, can I be called sir? How will people address me now?! I rather like the ring of Sir Suzanne, but don't know yet if I'm worthy. Please tell me how to progress.

And yes, laughing at ones self is usually the best medicine. Rob said I shouldn't tell the story, but I knew there were others who would appreciate and enjoy it. I was right. I usually am. Case in point...I took this adventure and ran with it, and now I have all of you gracing my life! Poof...magic.

Love you sweetie and thanks,

Suzanne said...

Salem Stitcher,

I often wonder how you found me, but you did, and I'm grateful.

Thank you for your kind comment! Honey, I'm still laughing! Oh God it was just insane. Can you imagine? It happened so, I guess that means it's real. Trust me, I'll laugh for weeks.

I just found your response to my comment about the quilt. Thank you! I will. A series of painting that large will take more than a year, but I plan to get started soon. I'll keep you up-to-date on my progress. And thank you again for all your encouragement and kindness.

Meeting you has been so wonderful. I hope we keep in touch a very long time!

XO Suzanne :)

Suzanne said...

My Darling Jewish/Whoops...Mormon friend!

Go figure! You made me laugh way, way, way too hard. You are such a breath of fresh air and a complete joy.

To address your points:
-Yes, we all act like idiots. Thank God!
-My Hubby read your comment and smiled.
-Law school ~ good luck. It's a brutal game.
-Civil Rights...GOOD FOR YOU!!!!
-Jewish? No?!!! That is just too funny. Thank you for your generosity.
-I have great running shoes...Saucony~Grid Stratos 2 to be exact! I'm ready, but rather than conflict, I'd just enjoy a bit of lively debate! You seem like the perfect person to talk to. Rob and I laughed so hard when you mentioned you are from Washington and the "Conservative Disgrace!" That's just too funny.

Suzanne said...


Anonymous said...

Happy to do a service, ma'am *salutes*

(but not a service to kill you, 'coz that would be a disaster)

Suzanne said...

I have grown to absolutely adore you Peter. You are a true treasure. When you get to Russia they'll probably put you in a museum and we'll never see you again, except when you go on exhibit!

Luv ya,
Suzanne :)

'54Bomber said...

G'day Suzanne,
How do you get yourself into such funny situations??
thank you for the story I really enjoyed it.


Anonymous said...


A treasure? Awww, shucks. You, my dear, are the glue that holds us all together - you're not old enough, but you are our matriarch, our 'mother' figure. MOMMY!!


I, too, have feelings of adoration - especially when you get yourself into situations like the story above. Thinking of funny situations, I have one - but I need to upload a pic - will do that now, and it'll be on my blog very soon!
Take care my dear,
luv ya,
Peter xx

Suzanne said...

Dear Peter,

Mommy! I like that. I'm still laughing. I have a friend in Spain/Germany who mentioned his mom is 45. Hummmmm. I thought, I'm 48. I could be his mother instead, I feel like his contemporary! How odd. I don't feel 48! I think in our mind we stop at a certain age. I stopped somewhere in the 30's. It's such an odd thing because I don't see myself as a 48 year old woman! As the years creep up on you, you'll understand exactly what I mean. Unfortunately, no matter what age you stop at, the years keep going gently by and then whoops, you're dead. Go figure! I was looking at one of my kitties from the park the other morning and thought "I hope you live 20 years." Then I realized I'd be 68. Wow. It seemed like nothing and then seemed like something. I can't believe how much time has passed and will pass. Life is funny.

Thanks for your kind words. You made me feel so proud to be Mom to all my children, and to you of course. Watch out though, I've been know to use Crazy Glue and honey once bonded, you aren't goin' anywhere! You'll be glued to me for life, so be prepared!

I love you my dear,
Suzanne XO :)

krystyna said...

You made my day!

Suzanne said...

Hi Krystyna!

And you made mine. Thank you.

XO Suzanne

Elizabeth Lenox said...

this story made my day! i definitely laughed out loud!

Suzanne said...

Hi Elizabeth,

GOOD!!! It was one of those moments I couldn't imagine keeping to myself because it was just too funny. God I hope there are other people who do stupid stuff. I'm not alone. Right?!

Always great to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by.

XO Suzanne

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