Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Holy Grail

Those of you who Google know that the goal is to type in one word and get only one link. Impossible. We all know it's impossible. Until today. I was trying to deal with our kitty Mickey at the same time I was typing and made a big boo-boo, but the result was fabulous!!! I typed in "otrasity" and guess what? Yup, got one link!!! ME, LITTLE OLE ME!!! I WON!!!


just bob said...


We always knew you were one of a kind. Of course you found the only one link word!

Suzanne said...

Bob, can you believe it. Hubby just called and can't. Do you know how hard that is???!!! OH. MY. GOD. I did it!!! Statistically, one in a million.

I did it,
I did it,
I did it,
I did it.


Anonymous said...


hope your day is wonderful....

Peter xxx

Cecile said...

God I love you. You funny funny girl.

Anonymous said...

If it was possible for anyone to do HAD to be you! That's amazing. You ROCK!!!!

Robyn said...

HUH?! Ok...maybe I missed the boat on this! WTF?! really need to get back out to the secret garden of yours...too much time inside dear heart! LMAO!
But if it had to be someone it would only be you! Go figure!

Suzanne said...

Thanks to one and all ~ enjoyed every single supportive, funny comment!!! What a blast to stumble on a non-word and win!!! I just looked around my office to see what I won. I don't see a trophy. I looked in my wallet. Nope, no money. Hummmmmmmmmm. I don't know to whom I should officially report this (perhaps I should Google it!). Hummmmmmmmm. Looks like it's just between pals. Yippie!

Love you all,
"The Winner"

kylie said...

you're really going to have to choose your favourite name
the winner


have a wonderful day suze,
random very kindly allowed me to post to your birthday blog and i'm not ignoring you but things are hectic here.

did i ever tell you i traditionally celebrate birthdays late?

have fun and i hope the coming year is full of the good stuff

bindhiya said...

Happy Birthday to You Dear one...

Wish you a very happy and prosperous year ahead..

talk to you soon..
♥ & ((hugs))

Em Fullagar said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

I also tried that google thing, but I got two!!!

You, & ;
"Speaking Of Bolivar- This is a mess that when the owners of this otrasity get enough heat they will pull up stakes take their billion dollars and vanish leaving a mess that will ..."



Em Fullagar said...


Yours is more interesting though, Suzanne!

Lydia said...

Hello Suzanne,
Congrats! It can be so annoying to google and have all these things come up.
Wishing you a pleasant Tuesday!

Kookaburra said...


Have a wonderful day

Mark xx

Gig said...

Happy Birthday Suze!!!

Hope you had a wonderful day.

Just put up a post, check it out.

love ya, Gig

Walker said...

It's obvious alot of people have spare time on their hands, me too LOL
Ok you win HA HA HA

Happy Birthday

Jo said...

I just tried it and got two links, but you were at the top! Of course!

Happy Birthday!

PS. It's me - Josie. I had to delete my other blog, but I'm baaaack.

PPS. You have the most beautiful blog in the blogosphere. I love the roses!

Suzanne said...


I love them all!!!

Don't worry about a thing. I understand life being hectic. I know you love me and I love you. That's what matters. Hang in there and take a Calgon moment when you can.

Huge hug,
Suze XO

Suzanne said...


Thanks honey!!! Hope you're feeling a wee bit better.

Love you,
Suze XO

Suzanne said...


Good luck with that honey!!! It's a happy circumstance and comes when you least expect it. Stay safe!

XO Suze ;)

Suzanne said...


Thanks honey. Happy Tuesday to you too. Good luck with that!!! (When I read that on Friday I nearly died!) Are you okay?


Suzanne said...


Happy Birthday to you too! I always love spreading the cheer around!

You really showed your true colors at this celebration. Dear Lord! You'll never live it down. I recoreded everything.

XO Suze

Suzanne said...


I love you. I saw it and cried. Come here sweetie, let's go sit on the Macy's sofa and if Leah can pry Severus off her we'll have some room. "LEAH! Knock it off!!!" Isn't it amazing how this sofa has held up? And look at that disco ball, still spinning even though Jorge is hanging from it. We're a lucky, lucky group of friends. There's Cece head bangin' with Brian (yup, he finally showed up), Bindi's making tea, IV's flirting with Robyn, Mark's talkin' sports with Bob, Helen's providing the entertainment, Jo's finally getting a well deserved day off and just relaxing by the new window Kylie created when she plowed through the wall with her Volvo, Peter's filling out application for Paris at the bar while knocking down more Russian Vodka, and there's Bob. Good ole Bob, takin' care of everyone. Whoops, and here come RC fresh off here cruise. drinks in both hands and bringin' up the rear. *Looks at ass "Yup, it's still there!"*

Life is good.


Suzanne said...


We don't have spare time on our hands. We make an effort. Huge difference. Don't make me come up there. Well, okay, do. I love Canada. My dad wanted to move there when I was a teen. We didn't. That's why the family's still in NY and I'm in CA.

Happy Day After Birthday to me! Thanks honey!


Suzanne said...

JO, JO, JO!!!

I lost you when I lost my blog roll and then couldn't find you when I clicked on your photo. Thought you were lost to me forever. But NOPE!!! There's your beautiful smiling face. HI HONEY!!! Why did you have to delete? I loved that blog. So sorry it's gone. I'll tell you something funny. My favorite post was the one with your chair by the window. I could sit there forever. Perfection.

Your photo is absolutely beautiful. You always look so lovely. I'll stop by shortly to say "HEY!" It's funny, I realize I have so many Candian friends! And honey, thanks for the birthday wish. This was certainly a memorable one because of all my dear blogging friends.

Love you dear,

Jim said...

Happy bday Suzie

Robyn said...

LMAO! Well...well Suze it seems you might have a new nickname for me 'Jackass'! ON NO YOU DON'T girly! I won't stand for it...*roaring with laughter* It was all in fun I know that dear heart! So, are you recovered yet? Ok...on to another subject *knowing that Suze will bring up her birthday again for the 49th time...teehee...dig..dig*
Hey so did you go to the food co-op yet?! I haven't had a spare moment to breath to even go in there and check things out! But you must go! Soon when I have 5 days off again I will go and take a gander at the miles of bottles of 'this and that' for you! And I will take to some of the women at the hospital and see what the supplement of choice is for them! Because most of them are just like you...*cooky-crazy-veggie-loving-cat-friendly-lawyer-loving-gal!*
Love ya!

Suzanne said...


Thanks honey!!! You're so handsome.


Suzanne said...


I'm now 49 and can't wait for 50. Was that the best birthday party ever, or what!!!??? Good Lord! You guys killed me. I'm still drunk and I don't really drink!!!! Oh Christ that was too much fun. I'm still cleaning up the Wild Onion. I have a huge pot of coffee on and bought some donuts. Stop by on your way to the hospital. Nothing like getting to work all jacked up!

And honey, no, I haven't gone to the co-op yet, but will. Look, it's almost 3 am. This is insane. I can't make it through 8 years of this shit!!! I think menopause might possibly kill me. But laughed today when I read that "Diva's" mom said it took 7 years. I'm not alone!!! Hey! What luck.


Jim said...

u did what????

I hope your hubby dont mind my saying it

u r sweet baby
but my real baby is sweeter
come here

Jim said...

u look 29

dont count the years
u r as young as u feel

look at Maria
she got the right spirit
79 and still flirting

Jim said...

the pic is of James Dean

Robyn said...

Thanks for coming by doll! I love seeing you there...and ya ya I know your #1 with Google...LMAO! Got it!
Poor Rob...has to deal with raging lunatic who can't get through the door because the big ass trophy!
Thanks for your sweet words...and since they came from you the ring sweeter! Love you with all my heart Suze!

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Hi Sweetie! Congrats on being The ONE! ; )

Sorrow in the works these days. Our precious Edward has failed to reappear (nearly two weeks now). We believe the fire misplaced so much wildlife in our area that he suffered as a snack. More tears around here for my daughter's broken engagement. I came here in hopes of gaining a smile. I succeeded. THANKS!!! : )

p.s. Even the word verification made me smile "qvooo" -- sounds like a medieval cheer. : )

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne!

Have you recovered from the par-tay yet? I hope you are doing well. Miss you!!!


Skeeter said...

Hi Suzanne!

Strange how Google works. Glad you found something with your search. I hate it when you mistype something and get a bevy of porno sites as the answer.

Happy belated Birthday dear. You're the greatest.

Best wishes ... and many happy returns,

Leah said...

Hi Suzanne! I have an aircard for my laptop, which is working on and off...let's see if I can send this...oh, losing signal....ergh...just wanted to say hi, I know I'm boring...


Cecile said...

Just wanted to stop by and say Hey.

Well, Hey.

word verification is a great one: wemer

Kookaburra said...

Hey Suzanne and Rob,

Have a wonderful weekend.


Anonymous said...