Monday, August 25, 2008

This is for Peter...

Amy Winehouse. No honey, I won't keep you danglin'! I know you realize this is about losing her husband to heroine. I love this video with all my heart because it's beautiful in the face of great pain. And yes, like you and Leah, I hope she finds her way because that is one amazing voice. Rob said "Wouldn't it be a waste if that just went away?" And yes. It would.

XO Suze~


Anonymous said...

Hi Suze,

Great to see it back up! She has an unbelievable voice, but if you've seen her in interviews, she can be a little arrogant, which is a shame - but I suppose that's the way she is. Let's hope she can get through everything that she has put on herself and make some more great music!

Love ya!
Peter xx

Suzanne said...


Brenda said...

I love this song/video of hers in particular ... and while it's angst and pain that seems to fuel her best music, I certainly wish her some measure of peace.

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Suzanne!

Comment t'allez vous, mon amie? Je t'aime!


Suzanne said...

Peter ~ Apparently I had my fingers on the wrong keys last night and didn't even notice! Doesn't it almost look like I'm speaking Russian? And yes, I agree, she has quite a few issues and doesn't come off well in interviews. She's so screwed up. Leah and I once joked we would like to take her by the shoulders and shake her to her senses. Oh well. Let's all cross our fingers. Now I have to write to Brenda, then go back and clean up the last two sentences of my post. Who the hell wrote that!!! Love ya honey. XO

Brenda ~ Welcome. I tried to check out your blog, but couldn't find you! I agree, Amy's videos are insane. Visually, close to perfection. And her talent, well that's obvious. I hope she finds her way because she's only at the beginning of her career and I would like to see what else is tucked in that amazing brain. If she doesn't fry it first. Thanks for stopping by!

Suzanne said...

RC ~ You're going to laugh when you read my next post. I made a boo-boo and my friend from L.A. emailed last night to alert me. I had a good laugh.

Nice French missy!!! No, I don't speak it, but know a few words.

Je t'aime!

Leah said...

HOW MUCH do I love that song. It's freaking me out. And she's Jewish too, maybe that's part of her problem--Jewish angst. We're an angsty people, particularly our women.

Thanks for the link!


Walker said...

Thats a greta song and she has a fantastic voice.
For some reason her voice reminds me of Nancy Sinatra

Cecile said...

Well, she is very talented, and it is so heart wrenching to see her in such anguish over the loss of her husband. But what is even more sad is the fact that she is basically following in the shadow of his foot steps. Like you, I hope she is able to wake up and realize her error. France? Why is this the first I am hearing of this?

Suzanne said...


You made me laugh. Didn't realize you didn't know she is Jewish. When I first heard her I told my sister "I think she's from Brooklyn!" Swear to God. Wow, what a belly laugh we had when we found out the real deal. She's awesome, I just hope she gets her personal life worked out before it kills her. That really worries me. And yes, this video is so amazing. I watch it again and again just for the visuals. It's beautiful. And those of us who are creative and artistic realize that immediately and are drawn to it. Yes Leah, I understand completely. And of course, you're welcome. What are friends for?

XO ME!!!

Suzanne said...


Nancy Sinatra and so much more. Her voice is rich and filled with honesty. I like that. I'll post more.

Thanks for stopping by because it's always nice to see you here.


Suzanne said...


The woman kills me. However, I honestely believe she'll find her way. How? I don't know, but think she will. She's an amazing talent and the world would be sad if she left. I'm hopeful. Her husband's still alive and in jail. Life is hard for rich and poor.

And "The South of France." I really do have to explain that one. My friend from LA just emailed and pointed out my mistake. I'll fix that as soon as I'm through here.

Love you honey and hope this week is a good one.

XO Suze

Anonymous said...