Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Life in la-la land...

Okay, I owe everyone an apology. My friend from LA emailed and pointed out I made a bit of a boo-boo. You believed I was actually going to the South of France. I'm not. With some friends and some family (!) it's code for "I'm about to start a painting!" I thought I typed in the punch line, but got so involved with music, I guess I forgot. And then I didn't check in for a few days. So when the email arrived I looked and yup, I screwed up. But thanks for all the comments, cuz they're terrific!!! When I actually do go on vacation, trust me, you'll be the first to know and the news won't be delivered a few days before the event, but a few months! Why? Because I don't have time to vacation and when I do I want everyone to know about it!!! Sorry about that. Really. I would never intentionally mislead you.
It's been an interesting day. Hell it's been an interesting week and it's only Tuesday. Remember the two female cyclist who said I was cool as they passed me in my pink cap and bag? Well I had a similar experience a few days ago with some guys! Discovery Park is a wonderful place for racers to train because the bike trail goes on for a gazillion miles. Huge teams of them ride by every morning. I had friends in college who raced and was always fascinated by how beautiful they looked in their riding gear, so have a very soft heart for men or women in that uniform. I was trying to feed Wee-Piggy when a racing team came through, so we were waiting to cross the bike path. I waved, said hi, they all waved, said hi, it was wonderful, and then two slowed down. You know a professional cyclists, he/she can make a bike appear as if it's floating on water. And that's what they did while they said "Hey!" I said "Hey!" One said "You feed ferals?" I said "Yup." The other said "That's so cool." And the other said "Rock on beautiful, and THANKS!" I said "THANKS!!!!!" And off they went. I couldn't get the smile off my face for hours. They were two young, gorgeous guys, and they stopped for me and Wee-Piggy just to say thanks. I couldn't believe it.

And then I was gifted with the two guys on bikes who drove past us today. One said something, but I didn't quite get it at first, then my brain did a bit of caculation and came up with "Stop feeding the cats, asshole." They were already past us, but I yelled at the top of my lungs "F*#K Y)& A$$&+(E. I didn't think he heard me, but then he turned and gave me the finger. Perfection. He'll never forget me. And trust me, I won't forget him. Next time I'll walk in front of them. It'll be like a Monty Python skit: two bikes and two guys flyin' everywhere and me and Wee-Piggy just fine and dandy! Don't worry, I'll keep you informed!
It was the first time anyone has been cruel at the park about the cats. I asked myself why? What creates that sort of person? Nature or nurture? I've given it a great deal of thought and honestly, I just don't know. I'm just grateful for all the really wonderful people who smile, wave, stop, talk, ask, and hug. They make a difference in my life. Thank you.


just bob said...

Does this mean I'm not getting anything from France?

Anonymous said...

Oh rats, I was looking forward to all the great vacation pics! HA! It seems there is always cruel people who out number (IMO) the good people regarding animals (cats in particular). That was nice of the two guys to say thanks..that was a very nice gesture. I lost one of my dear kitties last week and it's still hard to get over.

Leah said...

That is so funny. I love it. We were so excited too! but I guess the beginning of a painting is pretty exciting too.

Skeeter said...

Wow, I can't imagine that people would be that rude about something as kind as feeding cats. Amazing. Aw, no visit to the south of France. You're really missing out dear. It's great.

Best wishes,


kylie said...

hey suze,
you could still go to france......

i think it wonderfully kind of you to feed the ferals but i have to admit i kind of wonder if it's a good idea long term......
maybe your cyclist had the same reservations. but abusing you is hardly a helpful mode of expression.

thankfully most people are bigger than that

hope you're doing well

Cecile said...

Hey Beautiful,
Are you doing that beautiful French painting for little ol' me? HA (just kidding) Don't worry, I haven't started on your tulip painting yet either. Life has been too crazy to paint. I tried to call you last night, but you didn't answer, and your answering machine is screwed or broken, or something. It just left a big silent pause, and so I hung up and called Gig instead. Although I was driving back at 9:00at night from a lovely dinner with a wonderful friend, I was needing more friends to talk to. I had an upsetting day, and I knew that you could cheer me up. But Gig did the trick just fine. (I love her!) Anyway, I stayed home from work today. It seems my potassium is very low and any time I move them, my legs cramp up on me. I couldn't sleep at all last night. And I have been haveing quite the painfull morning, but help is on the way in the form of two banannas (Oh how I hate banannas) a hand full of children's flinstone vitamines, a gallon of gatorade and a call to my Dr. for a perscription of Potassium. I was so desparate for relief last night that I propbably eat about 10 Flinstone vitamines. I"m not sure as to the exact number because it was dark and I just dump and handful into my hand and tossed them into my mouth. Then I had to wash that horrible gritty taste down with a gallon of gatorade. Anyway, hope the painting is going fine, and I'll talk to you soon. sorry about the gazzillion typo's, but I don't feel like proof reading and I typed this quickly.

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne,

Oh bummer. You really needed a vacation too! But that's funny! LOL! It's the kind of thing I do (like mess up your birthday...)

That dumbass on the bicycle will get his karma one day, if not from you and Wee-Piggy then he'll get it from somewhere else.

Just keep spreading the love as you do so well...and telling the assholes to F*ck off! HA ha ha ha!


Lydia said...

Hello Suzanne,
How have you been? I think those complements about you from those beautiful men and the women were great.
I can't stand rude people and I hate enountering them. There's always good people entering our lives who make up for the rude ones we unfortunately have to encounter. I think mean people just hate who they are, so they want to make others unhappy anyway they can. The best thing to do Is ignore them, because they thrive on negative attention in return.
Wishing you a happy and sun filled day feeding those adorable cats!

Debbie in CA : ) said...

You crack me up!!! Yeah, you fooled me ... but it was great to muse about the South of France. I have never been to any French soil, but I travel mentally. (Ummm ... maybe that didn't come out just right ... does that make me mental? Oh bother!)

As for the buzz word about painting ... will we get a peek? (please, oh please!)

I have my own buzz phrase when I want to be alone: "I'm, off to the monestary." My kids know that means a tub of bubbles and a good book (but, not always THE Good Book).

I'm babbling and blithering as I await Lydia's exit from oral surgery. (She'll have less wisdom in her mouth after today -- hooray!) Just got the call -- gotta go!

Paint away, sweet friend. You're a gem. I'm so glad I stumbled through that garden gate at Cielo's to find you in your pink-laden rose garden. You make me smile AND I LOVE TO SMILE! :D

Ignore the goobers on bikes with grumpy berries in their life pack. Smile and dance and feed more wildlife with those "fertilizing" comments from the un-lovely. ; )

MARIA said...

Hi Suzanne,
there are many kind of people in this our world. I think that cruel people had a cruel childchoog.

I have something for you Suzanne,
take a "Gift of Heart"
from my heart.

Take care and have a good time!

MARIA said...

I write without my glasses - I mean -childchood.

Suzanne said...


Yup, apparently!

XO Blottie ;)

Suzanne said...


I'm so sorry about the loss of your kitty. You know my heart goes out. Come here and talk to me any time you want and I'll always listen. I understand the loss of a dear friend.

And yes, those two gorgeous guys were awesome. It was such a sweet moment and one I'll always remember. And the other guys? Well there are idiots everywhere and it was a valuable lesson. Fortunately they don't deter me in any way. What I do matters and I know that, so words can't bring me down. Thanks for your continued encouragement and love. It matters you know. It really does. Without support all of this would be so hard and you guys never let me down. Thank you.

With my love,
Suze XO

Suzanne said...


Are your bags packed for the big weekend. Hubby and Hedgehog can come too of course. Bob has it all arranged and we just have to show up apparently!!!

And yes, I know, I blew it! My friend from LA wrote and said "Really!!!" I thought, "What in the hell is she talking about?" And then I reread my post and realized what I'd done. How aweful. I would never have made that mistake in a million years if I'd been well rested and in the moment. Sorry. Okay, my next trip is to England. Just so you know when I mention it, I'm starting a new painting!!! Paintings take me forever, so you're well prepared and informed. Alert the "Gang!"

And Amy. God, the woman kills me. And that video is insane. I'll post a few more of her's and if you ever want to see more just go to utube and type in Amy Winehouse. Her world is yours. I hope she get's it together. Really, I do. What a waste of talent that would be if she can't pull it together. Thank you for enjoying the post.

Love you darling. Talk to you soon. Hope the hamster is doing okay! Also hope you're enjoying life in upstate! ;)


Suzanne said...


I know I'm missing out, but in my mind, when I paint, I'm there. And eventually I really will be!!! Trust me.

And idiots. Oh, there are a few. All the good at the park outweights the little bad. And trust me, it's oh so little. Is it fun to write about? Yes. Of course. I'll be fine and no, I'll never relent. Why? I don't know. Somehow my heart won't let me.

Thank you for your support and love. It matters more than you know. Oh, and honey, we're leaving for France on Friday (or I guess Thursday evening), so if you, wife and kiddies want to come, hop on board at the Wild Onion. We're traveling first class (arranged by Bob of course) and those seats look very special and inviting. Wow, do people really fly like that?

See you in Paris!


Suzanne said...


Long term? Yes. I'm never giving up. The cyclist was as ass. The director of the park told me there are a lot of assholes. I saw my first a few days ago. Lesson learned. No. Not pretty. But it just makes me more determined. I know that what my friends and I do matters. We get good vet care, spay and neuter, work our asses to the bone and ultimately make a small dent in and enormous problem at great personal cost.

I'll tell you a story. The area near where I feed the ferals is being rehabilitated by the Army Corp Of Engineers. They're tearing out all the vegitation to replace it with native habitat. Just so you know, the whole area they devestated is what burned in the fire and lead to the distruction of acres and acres of land. When the young man approached my car I smiled cuz he was so gorgeous!!! And then he told me he was a PhD working on the project and that one of his professors had statistics about the distruction ferals cause to native wildlife and birds and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And how feeding ferals just adds to the problem. I asked him, "How do you classify your distruction of habitat? For ever action there is an equal and opposite how do you classify it?" He couldn't answer. I asked because I saw the reaction every day. I asked him "What have you done to control the feral poplulation, name one thing?" He couldn't. I quickly responded "Then don't ever come to someone like me with all your statistics when I'm the one out her spending thousands and thousand of dollors of my own money trying to fix the problem. How dare you insult me." And no, as pretty as he was, I wasn't kidding. I have given so much to this effort, spay, neutered and adopted countless kittys and no, I'm not going to be insulted by anyone. Because they haven't done what I've done or seen what I've seen. When you pay a $250 bill for a spay, then you can talk to me. When you spend $200 to euthanize and bury a beloved feral who is so ill and diagnosed with feline HIV, then you can talk to me. When you pay the food bill every week to feed everyone, then you can talk to me. Other than that. Fuck off. I have neither the time nor the patience for stupid crap. I just don't. And that's exactly what I told him. And no, I don't regret a single word. I think he grew up that day. And frankly, I think he needed to.

And Kylie, I'm not going to change and will continue helping ferals. Why? I have no idea, but it matters in my heart and that's me.

XO Suze

Suzanne said...


Hi honey! We're leaving for France on Thursday evening. Come join if you can over at the Cafe. Bob's arranged everything and I expect a good time with the group. And I'm so sorry for misleading everyone. I'm so used to informing friends about a new painting via a land reference I didn't think. Now you all know!!! And if I have the opportunity, I will go to the South of France. Trust me. It's where I go in my mind to paint and where I feel at peace.

Thanks dear friend for always stopping by and making a difference. See you and the family in Paris!!!

Love you,
Suze XO

Mr. Shife said...

You said "I'm just grateful for all the really wonderful people who smile, wave, stop, talk, ask, and hug," and that is what is really cool. Too bad the ass clown had to be a jerk. Hopefully you will keep running into the wonderful people. And don't worry about the book. I got plenty to read right now so I am good, but it is the thought that counts and I appreciate you thinking of me. Take care.

Suzanne said...

Mr's on it's way. And thanks. Yes, all the good people matter. I try very hard not to think of the "ass clowns." Thanks for reminding me.

Oh, and just so you know, the envelope is interesting!!! Probably the prettiest little package you'll ever recieve from CA! If your wife sees it first, warn her it's all in fun and she had absolutely NOTHING to worry about. I respect her completely and am just having Blogger fun. And yes, that did take some effort!!!

You know your Post Man/Lady is smiling. And I'm sure read everything!


3 Magpies said...

The kindness and kind words of strangers... Life is Beautiful!

Suzanne said...


Hi beautiful! I don't know why I didn't pick up. Probably in the laundry room. And the anwering machine. Hummmmmmmmm, will have to fix it. I fix everything around here, but the answering machine isn't something I'm familiar with, nor do I have the instructions. I'll keep you informed. It should be interesting. Rob could do it, but as you know he isn't here, so I now how to figure out EVERY F****** thing myself. *Relax Suzanne. Inhale. Exhale. There you go.*

Thanks for calling me to cheer you up. You make me feel special. But I see I'm easily replaced by Gig. Hey!!! Not funny! Actually I can't imagine being replaced by a better woman. She hasn't been around much and I miss her. You know what I love most about Gig? The way she walks in a room and lights it up. Sorta like a Christmas tree.

And you, you silly, silly girl, should not be in that much pain. Honey, you can buy Potassium at the health food store or pharmacy. Why aren't you taking it every day if you know this is an issue? With life as crazy and hectic as it is, please take care of yourself because as Dr. P tells me "There's only one of you." I'd hope to call you the last few nights, but life, as you know, is so wacky here. Just remember I'm thinking about you and hope the doctor helped. And don't get to this point again or I'll have to come to Arkansas.

Oh, and the painting. I'm still thinking. I have a million ideas and can only paint one, so I'm doing what I always do...think. I'll let you know when I come up with something worthwhile. As you know, it's a process.

I love you sweetie. Hope all is well.


Suzanne said...

Cece, yes I do know how to spell "answer," but apparently only when absolutely necessary.

XO ;)

Suzanne said...


Hi honey! You bet I need a vacation! WHY CAN'T I GET ONE??? Everyone else gets one, why not me? I want to wear a red dress and black heels and eat really lovely food and drink a wee bit too much.

Oh, and the cyclist, what an ass. You're right, he'll get his and I don't even care if I see it! But I'll tell you something interesting. I went to the park today and felt shy and reluctant to look at anyone or be generous or kind. I realized very quickly how horrible it felt. So I returned to normal. Everyone, and I mean everyone, except that guy, has been so kind at the park, so why change for an idiot. Yes, I know at some point it will happen again, but in the meantime, why waste all the good that exists in the world. And trust me, one thing I've learned feeding the ferals at Discovery Park is there is so much good in the world.

I love you sweetie,

Suzanne said...


Hi honey. Thank you for your kind words. I've given it so much though and like you, agree they just don't like themselves. The director of the park warned me about people like him, and now I know they actually exist. Disappointing, but eye opening. Life isn't always beautiful. I agree that all the good matters. I've met the most amazing, supportive people at the park and one idiot can't change that. There really is so much good in this world. I could write a book about the amazing people I've met at the park because of cats.

Thank you for your love an support. It matters my dear. Trust me. Hope all is well and I'll visit soon.


kylie said...

hey suze,
i never wanted to offend you, i respect what you do and i hope that all your effort with the ferals leads to change. if you can rehabilitate the cats or neuter them then thats what you hope for. i guess my concern is that by feeding them you support the population and it might get too big for anybody to manage.....
hope you're having a good weekend

Anonymous said...

Rock on beautiful Suze! Love that comment that the cyclist said.

Yes, it's great when people appreciate what you do for the little kitties. I know that I could never keep it up, so I take my (non-existent) hat off to you, Mrs.

And with that other wanker (yes, yes, I'm swearing - I do it sometimes, hehehe), he can go take a running jump, can't he? But I think you got your own back on that. Go you!!
There are indeed wonderful people like you and everyone I've met in blogland, who care so much for other things. But, I've said this before, people who care a lot about other things often forget to care for themselves. Consider this a reminder, lady! You gotta take care of yourself too. Hear it? Good, good!

Keep up the great work, beautful!
love ya!
Peter xxxx

CSI Seattle said...

Hi there,

I stopped by Robyn's place to see her list. These have been interesting.

How about you do the list too?

krystyna said...

Happy Labor Day!

Next week I'm going to come back
after my vacation.

I always love to read your posts and comments.
Keep up your sweet heart and job.
And remember
Take Care about Yourself!!!

Anonymous said...