Friday, August 15, 2008


Before I left for the park to feed the ferals this morning I put a new roll of toilet tissue on that whatchamacallit. I arrived home to find the whatchamacallit empty and all the toilet tissue in a lovely pile on the floor. Hummmmmmmmm. Apparently Ohno was busy in the "office" organizing his paper work while mommy was at the park. How do I know? Well, it was really quite simple. He still had toilet tissue in his claws.
Love to all,
Suze XO
P.S. And just so you know, this is how overworked and tired I am. I logged onto Blogger and when it asked for my password I typed in "Password," then spent the next few minutes trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with Blogger. Swear to God.


just bob said...

A fine feline filer.

Anonymous said...

awwwwww, how cute!!! It was like he was saying 'No, mommy - I don't like this toilet paper, you should get the softer one'. He's a little scamp, isn't he?

I keep seeing little kitties on my way to one of my companies, and I call to them, but they don't come. After my class, I caught sight of a lady with bowls of food and water, and they ran to her, so I know they're being looked after. Seems like we have a Russian version of you on our hands!

Hope you're doing well and having a lovely weekend.

Peter xx

Robyn said...

Suze! LMAO...about that OH NO! That was a daily thing with Siam when he was younger. So, glad...toilet paper from one end of the house to the other!
How are you feeling...have you gone to Food Co-op I swear one day I will get there and talk to someone soon!
Miss you and love I haven't seen you in a while *crossing arms and wondering why...isn't my blog important enough?*
MIss ya and love ya!
Come by soon or I am sending out a search party!

Lorêny Portugal said...

Hi, Su!!!!

Do you remember me??

I miss you, my dear and special friend...

Kisses from Brazil!


Cecile said...

Well obviously he thought you were placing a new play toy there for him to play with. TOO funny. Ohno sounds like such a hoot.

Kookaburra said...

Oh I'm laughing so much :)
I do hope that you recycled it??

Suzanne, this was a real pick me up.

Happy days,
M xx

Salem Stitcher said...

Hi Suzanne! Just thought I'd drop by to see how you were doing. Sounds like Ohno is as entertaining as ever!

Suzanne said...

Just Bob,

He certainly is!

Suzanne said...


Thanks sweetie. Good to know they're being taken care of. Your comment made my heart sing. And just so you know, we buy the most expensive toilet tissue. The really, really soft stuff! Ohno is just a big old pain in the you know what!!!


Walker said...

At least you can't complain about Ohno not wiping.
Now if you could teaxh him that one sqaure in enough :)

MARIA said...

The adventure like yours with "Passord" happen to me too - very often.
/"what the hell was wrong with blogger" - I noted this sentence - you know I study English, it is something new for me/

MARIA said...

Ohno is cute!

My best wishes to you Suzanne!

With love

Robyn said...

Suze Here is Temple's address!

1014 10th Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

and here is their blog:

You so need to go there and grab some cold organic iced tea BEFORE you feed the ferals so you can enjoy the whole afternoon with them!

You silly girl...come on join in on the whole bohemain lifestyle! Haaaa! I am dipping my big toe into the lifestyle...haven't quite jumped right in yet. Not sporting dreads yet or not bathing in days! LMAO!
Love ya!

Skeeter said...

Oh no looks like a lion in this image. So contented and in charge of things. It must be a kitties' favorite passtime, watching the humans in their lives. I wonder sometimes if they think of us as food as much as food-providers...

Best wishes,

Diva said...

My evil feline is the queen of tearing up toilet paper.

And if there are latex balloons, like say from the birthday party we had for BFF over the weekend, color it over. She'll swat her claws and attack them til they're all gone.

Your kitty is just as adorable as she can be :)

Anonymous said...

LOL! Ohno has got to get better making sure he gets the toilet paper out of his claws so you don't find out what he's been up to!

Hey Sweetie, I got your email and will respond this week. I was busy getting my daughter ready for Kindergarten this weekend. GOD! I cannot believe it!

Please get some rest! The Doctor is going to get mad at you!


Anonymous said...

LOL! Ohno has got to get better making sure he gets the toilet paper out of his claws so you don't find out what he's been up to!

Hey Sweetie, I got your email and will respond this week. I was busy getting my daughter ready for Kindergarten this weekend. GOD! I cannot believe it!

Please get some rest! The Doctor is going to get mad at you!


Anonymous said...

CRAP! Sorry about the double post...freaking Blogger!

Suzanne said...

I did stop by. Didn't I? Damn.

The boy's insane. He never relents. Every day it's something new. Love you and yes, I'll be by soon.

Of course I remember. I've been remiss in my responsibilities. I'll stop by soon to say HI!!! It's so nice to see your lovely face again. Thanks sweetie. I accidently deleted my blog roll and haven't had time to get it back up. That's my one and only excuse for everything.

Cece ~
The boy is a manace! Hey girlie!

Mark ~
Of course I recycled it. That's like a dollar a roll! It's the good stuff. Glad you enjoyed. Love ya!

Salem Stitcher ~
Oh my God!!! I was just thinking about you too, but haven't had time to go back and navigate all my posts for your blog. As you can see I misplaced my blog roll. Accidently deleted it, so have been out of touch with good old friends. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a message. So good to hear from you and yes, he's still a rascal. I'm not sure he's going to grow up. I'll stop by soon. And thanks for keeping in touch. Hope all is well and quilting is as fun as every. Much love!

Walker ~
I laughed because I'm a huge Seinfeld fan and most of are kitties are named after Seinfeld characters. Your comments made me recall Elaine in the women's bathroom without toilet tissue and asking the women in the next booth "Can you spare a square?" It's hilarious!

Maria ~
Well honey, you better study the version of English with profanity tucked in!!! That's why you couldn't translate. Yes, it's true my dear woman...I'm a potty mouth! Love you dear friend and thanks for your support. You're the best! Hope all in well and that Russia isn't scaring the crap of you. I have a blogging friend in Georgia I'm worried about. My fingers are always crossed for all of you. Love you. XO

Thanks for the address. I'm going. But not before I feed the ferals. I feed them in the morning you wacky broad. I'll do it after. I realize I'm so close to downtown every single day of my life! Old Sac is just a hop skip and a jump. I like that tea shop. It's SO me! I think I should give them my business. I'll take my camera and prove I was there. Love you to bits. Me.

I look at them all the time and see how closely they all resemble lions and tigers. It's amazing really. They let me love them and bless my home and Discovery Park. I love that about them. I'm a lucky woman. And no, I don't think they ever think of me as food, just the food giver! Hi honey! Nice to hear from you. I'll stop by when I have a few free minutes to read everything I've missed. Love you. Suze

Well your kitty cracks me up. Good for her. She has a personality. But don't they all!? And just so you know, we were told Ohno was a girl, but you missed the post when her balls were danglin' in my face and I realized she was a boy! Wow weeeeeeeeeee! Neuter instead of a spay. $100 less. And...another boy. And yup, he's so pretty he looks like a girl! Oh, and that toilet paper's insane. It's also very, very funny. Love ya, Suze XO

R.C. ~
Freaking Blogger is killing me and now my mail isn't showing up. I have to call USPS and find out why. Why? Don't I have enough to worry about in a day? Jeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzz.

Wow, Kindergarten. That's a mile stone. Probably easier for her than you. I remember my fist day. Mommy was crying harder than me. They grow up you know? And so will you. We're all here for you. Be brave and know that this too shall pass because then she'll be off to college and life will change forever and your boobs will be down to your knees.

Much love,
Me! ;)

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Great story!!!! Same thing for me this morning...except it was an entire roll of tulle covering my entire kitchen! They are sooo funny!

M ^..^

Leah said...

Suzanne! Hedgie did that a couple of times when she was a wee lass. SO funny.


Debbie in CA : ) said...

Oh, you precious, sweet friend. Your comments on my blog lifted my sagging spirit and floated it up to the realm of the possible. It is possible to blog and be sane ... at least I am operating under that notion -- so far so good! "Nine tenths of education is encouragement," says Anatole. Thank you for the educational boost. : )

I shall remain beside you as we kick the sticks down the road just because, lob pebbles into the pond to witness the ripples dance, and turn up our feverish faces to receive the blessing of fresh-fallen rain.

You are special. I am blessed. XO

Robyn said...

Come and read all about PART II of mystery trip! And there will be a PART III as well (our eating pleasure)! LOL! Thanks for stopping by! It was lovely to see you there!

Skeeter said...

Hi Suzanne!

How's life? Just wanted to say "Hi!".

Best wishes,


Sully Sullivan said...

I guess my cat isn't the only one who does this.

Nice moves with the password thing by the way. haha.

Nice blog.

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Anonymous said...