Thursday, May 8, 2008

Please Welcome Buddy (the homeless rescue) To His New Life...(Finally completed May 12, 2008)

Born May 6, 2006
Rebirth May 6, 2008
11 lbs.~ 2 oz
Mom's changed his name to "Fenway" because the family loves the Boston Redsox! She even started answering the phone: "Hello, you've reached the new home of Fenway." I know, too funny!
Yup, I think I'm finally going to get this to post!
I had such trouble with the post for Buddy that I had to erase it. After two attemps at writing it and spending lots of time doing so, the post wouldn't publish and simply vanished. Yes, I wanted to scream! I will try again tomorrow. Before deleting I saved all the comments. Thank you one and all for your kind words and support. You're the best!

XO Suze
Buddy's (Fenway's) story:
Well as you know, he belonged to a homeless couple I met at the park. He was ill, but they wouldn't allow me to take him to the vet's when we first met. I left my name, numbers and email and made it clear they could call me if they ever needed to do so. I received the call this week ~ a bit over two months later. They wanted me to take him. I of course said "Yes!" They didn't show up on the day scheduled. I waited two hours, to no avail. I was heartbroken and so was Mom (my mother-in-law wanted to adopt-sight unseen). My husband told me to be understanding and patient. The next morning as I was leaving for the park to feed the ferals, the phone rang. It was Marty telling me they'd had car trouble and couldn't get to the park the previous morning (huge exhale). Could I meet them this morning (Tuesday)? "Yes! Of course." All arrangements were made and I hurried to the park to feed the ferals and then pick up Buddy.
When I saw Buddy I was so sad. He looked horrible. Red from head to toe and still without the use of his left hind leg. I picked him up immediately and gave him a hug. Greg, Marty and I all hugged and said our thank yous a zillion times. I had brought a new collar and leash, a comfy little kitty bed with a soft fleece blankie and as soon as Buddy saw me he nearly jumped into my arms and went directly to the bed! It was as if he had been waiting months for me to return. He knew who I was immediately and I sensed it. I took off the chain that was his leash and said we didn't need it (and whispered into his ear "You will never see another chain.") It was all kind of magical. I'll never forget it. I didn't remove his original collar immediately, so the one you see is his old one.
While Buddy rested in the car Greg, Marty and I exchanged valuable info, more hugs and hope. Then I started the car and Buddy and I were off to begin his new life and to see the vet! The drive was a blast. He's a wonderful dog. Loved his new car, the view, his bed, me...the list is endless. He was happy. Not nervous or anything...simply happy. He knew. We arrived early at the vet's, but were wisked right in even though the waiting room was full (I felt horrible about that), but when Buddy came into the waiting area in his little bed with just his face and paws peeking out, he was a hit. The place went nuts! He stunk to high heaven, the ride was almost impossible with the stench, but we all pretended not to notice because he was so precious and loving. And his tail was wagging. He was at the Vet's and his tail was wagging! One of the techs said "I've never seen a dog come in with his tail wagging." Buddy was just so happy to be there. Is that insane, or what? And what's even better is that when he entered the waiting room, he looked like a king, not a pauper. He was so proud of himself, despite his smell and his appearance.
Buddy was brilliant at the vet's. He had to have so many tests, x-rays, exams, etc., but he was still happy and wagging his tail. We were all amazed. He was cleared for heartworm, but diagnosed with mange after a skin test. There are two kinds of mites: the kind that are easy to treat and the kind that are difficult to treat. Of course he has the difficult ones. He also has a few sores and terrible loss of hair. Once his mites are history his hair will grow back and the sores and redness will go away.
Then it was on to x-ray. Dr. Griffith had determined there was nothing wrong with his nails as I was told, it was his hip. X-rays revealed what we suspected. His hip was dislocated. It was an old injury that had never been address, so the ball that goes into the socket was just a big glob of scar tissue. It looked horrible on x-ray. His leg muscles had atrophied and that is why he only has the use of three legs. As Dr. Griffith and I were standing in the glow of the x-ray room discussing options I said "The way some animals are treated just breaks my heart." He took my upper arm in his hand and turned me to face him and said "You amaze all of us here, we adore you. And you've done it again. Buddy has a chance now because you cared." I wanted to hug him to death and I wanted to cry, but instead said "Thank you." I'll never forget his kind words, nor that moment. He asked what I planned to do with Buddy and when I told him Mom had already agreed to adopt, his face lite up and he said "Suzanne, you're remarkable." I'm going to keep those two compliments safely tucked in my heart.
I had been at the vet's for hours, but had to leave while Buddy had a bath (medicated), nails clipped, etc. When I returned he was happy as ever and the entire staff had fallen in love with him because he was such an easy, laid-back, sweet dog. We went to pay the bill and I was busy talking to another client and a vet tech when I heard the words "That'll be $100.15." I said "Are you joking!?" I was told "Nope, that's how it adds up." The other client said "For God sakes just pay the bill and run!" I was hoping the bill would be around $300, but knew it would probably be between $400-$500, so $100!? That didn't make sense. When I arrived home Rob and I discussed it and realized I'd received a HUGE discount, but we were both busy and neither of us thought to look at the bill. I looked at it the following morning and was amazed. Almost every procedure had the word "Courtesy" before it. I cried. Sometimes people are so good.
Buddy and I went straight to Mom's house from the Vet's, and I was trying to think of ways to soften the blow of his appearance, but when the door opened and she saw him, it was love at first sight. She said "Aren't you just beautiful." I exhaled. I'll never forget it. They were and are a match made in Heaven. Buddy (now Fenway) has blossomed with Mom, and Mom is beyond excited. I visited them Saturday and couldn't believe after only three days together, how deeply they love one another and how profoundly the relationship has changed their lives. The joy is overwhelming in that house! My dear friend, Renee, and I were talking today (Mother's Day) and she and the kids love Fenway's story and have been waiting for the conclusion. We agreed that nothing is perfect in life, but that this is as close to perfection as we will probably ever get. The stars is beautiful.
Thank you for all your kind words and support. I copied the original comments before losing the first post and will hopefully create a scrapbook for Fenway to celebrate his rebirth in our family. Your comments will be included. You are such dear friends and I love you very much. Thank you for taking this journey with us.
Suzanne XO
P.S. Just so you know, Fenway's taking antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.


'54Bomber said...

Hello Buddy,
Let me be the first to welcome you. You're going to love your new home. There's gonna be lots and lots of TLC! You sure are one lucky pooch! Aunt Suzanne is going to make sure of that.

CIELO said...

Buddy is so cute.... he is a lucky little guy to have someone like you to care for him... I'd love to hear more about him! :)

And thank YOU, my friend, for stopping my by house and leaving such comforting messages... I'm always happy when I see your smiling face... I feel like I've known you all my life... You are a blessing.

This quote, form Amanda Bradley is how I feel when I see you: Celebrate the happiness that friends are always giving, make every day a holiday and celebrate just living!

Have a great day and rest of the week. I'm celebrating Mother's Day tomorrow, come see...


Random Chick said...

Yay for Buddy!!!

Suzanne you saved this little guy and made sure he has a loving home. Congratulations on sticking to it, and for being the beautiful person you are!!!


P.S. Sorry about loosing the post...I've had that happen to me before and it SUCKS!!!!

bindhiya said...

Dear Suze,
Buddy is such a cutie!
am so happy to here you are able to rescue buddy..and everything work out fine..
so I miss that censored post....
hope you had a beautiful day!
♥ & ((hugs))

Gig said...

A big welcome to Buddy, (soon to be Fenway). He is mighty handsome. I am so glad that you were able to rescue him...the world and all the animals in it are blessed to have you!! We all are...thank you for all you do to make the world a better place.

Have a great weekend,
Love you,

Leah said...

Fenway! I love it. I'd also love to know more about him, how he's doing and everything. It's a wonderful story. It just made my whole week.

Peter said...


I think Fenway is a very charming name for a charming-looking dog - a good choice, methinks!
I'm so glad things have worked out fine for the little fella, and at least he'll be in some part of your life, living at your MILs.
Shame about the vanishing post - I suppose these things happens, but damn annoying!
Take care,

Leah said...

Now that you've posted more details, I have to tell you that this story actually made me cry. Yes, I'm sitting here all teared up. I LOVE THIS STORY. My family has always tried to help dogs in need, and it can be both painful (because of their condition and the way they've suffered) and hopeful. Fenway's happy ending is just JOYFUL. I'm so glad for all of you. So many hugs to all of you--

Peter said...


Hurrah! You managed to write more details. I don't think I actually realised exactly what kind of situation the little fellow was in. My heart goes out to him, but now that he has a new, loving family, I'm sure he'll be very happy. I'm sure his old owners loved him very much, but didn't have the information or the means to treat him properly - it's a shame when that happens.
What a brilliant vet, giving you that huge discount - puts the icing on the cake, doesn't it?
And, similar to Leah, it almost made me cry - what stopped me is because I now know that he's going to have such a better life, with no less love than he deserves.
Well done you, well done vet, well done Mom, and well done Budway (his emalgamated name!)
Take care,
Peter x

CIELO said...

I'm glad to hear you had a lovely day with all your babies... Fenway is a very lucky little girl.... :)

blessings to you and yours, my dear...




thank you for your kind words....

kylie said...

i have no idea how these comments can be dated from the 8th and i havent seen the post till now but there you have it....
Fenway is a great name, really suits him.
great job, suze
great job, mom
great job, Fen way for being so tenacious and adorable!
love to all

Mr. Shife said...

As a fellow dog lover, I am so happy and grateful that those furry little babies have someone as wonderful like you out there to help them out. You are a wonderful woman and thank you so much for making this world a little bit better. If Fenway or any other dog needs some blankets, treats, food, etc. please let me know because the fat basset will be more than happy to share with another needy canine. Take care.

Joyful Jo said...

Hi Suze and fenway,
Oh what a wonderful rescue story. I've just read your post about fenway's trip to the vet. you write so well it brought tears to my eyes.
We over the years hve taken in pets when it was their last chance and know how they seem to pick up the vibes that they have been rescued.Keep us all posted about his progress.
Bye for now,

Skeeter said...

Hi Suzanne!

So glad that there is a happy ending to this. The way that you left the story before was sad because you weren't able to do anything for him. Now all is well and he has a happy home to flourish in.

Buddy, re Fenway, get well soon!

Best wishes

kylie said...

i just found your comments (beautiful women) on my older post...i give up, i can never win this, the way i've written the comment just wasn't accurate enough :)
and youve had years & years of training by a professional arguer !
love ya

Suzanne said...


Just to relieve your pain, "I'm buyin'," you can keep your fake Cafe money! What'll it be honey? Oh, and wear your dancin' shoes, we'll take a twirl under the disco ball then sit on the too expensive Macy's sofa and enjoy our drinks and discuss the finer aspects of the kangaroo.


Suzanne said...

Thanks Skeeter! Fenway's going to be just fine with a bit more money sucked out of my bank account. He's a great dog honey. It's amazing how much he suffered in the first two years of his life, but now he's on the gravy train and things are lookin' up! Thanks for your support and love. It's always wonderful when you show up. Hope you're having fun in NY. You mentioned on Bindi's blog you've seen lots of Indian food, even on a cart at Niagra Falls, but have you eaten any? That's what I'd like to know!

Love ya,
Suze XO

Suzanne said...

Hi Jo!

Thanks for your comment and your constant support. Fenway's story is a happy one, but as you know there are so many animals in need. It's hard. But at least Fenway is now safe, happy, on his way to good health, warm, loved to death(!!!), and absolutely content. And yes, I agree, animals always know. I'm glad the story brought tears to your eyes because I've cried too much...I need a rest!

Love you dear and hope everything is working out in the garden. Every time I pick roses I think of you and send a wish on a passing breeze. Rain will come soon to Australia ~ I just know it.

And Jo, thank you for rescuing animals too. Every little bit helps. I know you understand that.

My love to you, Helen, Mark and the kitties,

P.S. Thanks too for complitmenting me on my writing. That was so kind.

Suzanne said...

Mr. Shife

Hi sweetie. Thank you for your support and kind words. I keep getting tears in my eyes because everyone is so generous. As you know we have so many kitties, but only one dog, T-Bone, and he's the best. No matter what I do, no matter how many rescues I bring home, he's always the one who helps them adjust. He love cats, dogs, people and life in general. He's an amazing dog and we love him to death. I understand why fat basset is so important to you. I think that people who care deeply about animals and their welfare are some of the most beautiful people on the planet.

Thank you too for your generous offer of toys, blankets, etc. Right now we're fine. Fenway is a very pampered little pooch! What I would suggest fat basset do is donate to his local shelter or rescue organization! They always need something and it feels so wonderful to help.

Thanks again for stopping by. It's always wonderful to have you here. Give fat basset a hug for me then give yourself one.

Much love,
Suze XO

P.S. Yes, I know the book hasn't arrived! Last week was wacky. It's going to be sent this week! Promise.

Suzanne said...

Kylie, it was my post from the 8th, but I couldn't get it to post with additional information until last night, then I didn't know how to change the date. Does anyone know how to change the damn date!?

And thanks for your support. You're the best. He's a cutie-pie isn't he. Can you imagine what he's going to look like with hair and that personality?! Look out!

I love you for everything. Thank you.
Suze XO

Suzanne said...

Inner Voices,

You're welcome. I hope you're managing to wade through your emotions.

Much love,
Suze XO

Suzanne said...


Hi honey! Well, unless the vet find a uterus in Fenways testicals, he's officially a boy! God did you make me laugh. Which reminds me, he also needs to be neutered, but we're waiting until his health improves and his mange in gone. Yup, still laughing.

Thanks for stopping by my dear. Always wonderful to see your beautiful face grace my blog. I'm trying to get my photos organized for your presentation. I'll start sending them in the next few days.

Love you and thank you for all your kind words,
Suze XO

Suzanne said...


God I love you. "Budway!" That's too funny. Yup, it was a complicated little mess, but Fenway is safe now and all is right with the world. It's amazing how it all worked out. The couple I adopted him from had only had him since January 28th. They found him on a cold rainy day, soaking wet and shivering and took him in. No, they didn't do the best job on earth, but they did what they could and thank God they called me when they couldn't do any more. Fenway has a new lease on life and it's going to be wonderful.

Our vet is amazing. I still can't believe what he did. And like you, when I left Mom's house I wanted to cry, but didn't because I was happy. Mom and Fenway are the perfect match. I knew I had to walk away in order for him to find true happiness. And he did. When I visited him three days later he was overjoyed to see me, but so proud to show off the woman he loves more than anything on this planet! It melted my heart. He is a happy dog and that means the world to me.

Thank you dear for all your love and support. Your words have mattered more than you realize.

I love you and hope all is well in Moscow. I'll visit soon.

Suze XO

Suzanne said...


Thanks honey! Wow, my words made the word queen cry. They must have been mighty powerful! I love you. Thank you. You made me cry! It's an amazing story isn't it. I know. I can't believe our luck. Everything just sort of flowed with only that one little hiccup. Isn't life fascinating?

He's a great dog Leah. For everything he's been through in his short life, he has the personality of an angel. How a dog who has been through so much trauma finds that place in his heart is beyond me.

Thanks for helping animals in need. I adore people like you and thanks again for your support and love. It means the world.

Much love,
Suze XO

Robyn said...

Oh how I have missed this blog! It is wonderful to be back blogging! Just wanted to pop in and say hello!

*balling* Suze you are amazing...just amazing! I LOVE YOU with all my heart I mean that, you have it all! It has taken me almost a lifetime to know someone, someone has selfless as you! Thank you for touching my soul! I thank the big man in the heavens for having our paths cross! HUGH HUG!
Love ya!

bindhiya said...

I am so happy to hear Fenway is in right place...surrounded by a loving family....and it made me cry how he loved you and the new atmosphere...
Sweetie, you are such a beautiful make the world a better place..
I want to talk to you so much more...but my words are not flowing as i want...
have a beautiful day..
love and hugs

Ps..we again have severe weather alert FIL is in hospital... LIFE of MINE..

Suzanne said...


I love you. I'm having a rough day and to read your comment helped. Fenway is in the right place. That's for sure! And thank you for the kind words. You have no idea how much they matter.

I saw the weather updates again today and of course I'm worried. So much stress for you and your family. I hope you all remain safe. I'll be thinking of you tonight. I'll also be thinking of your FIL. I hope everything is okay. Life is a struggle Bindi. I don't know why. Hang in there.

I love you,
Suze XO

Suzanne said...


Hi baby. Thank you. I don't have it all. Trust me, I'd know! You made me cry. Honey, how did we find such amazing blogger friends? And I hesitate to use the word blogger. How did we find such amazing "friends" on this contraption? I don't know, but every day I thank my lucky stars for all of you who grace my blog and lift my spirits.

When I was standing with our vet in the x-ray room and he said what he said, I swear to God I wanted to hug him and all I could see and hear was the hug video on your blog! Seriously! I don't know why I didn't do it. It would have mattered. But it's still funny because every time I think of that moment, I think of you and that video! That's a gem.

I'm so happy you're back. We have missed you terribly. Cece was gone awhile too because her "mother board fried." Her words. Now everyone's here and life is good. Mark's birthday is Monday, but we have to celebrate it Sunday to be on time in Australia. I'm trying to figure out who wants to do the main post. Let me know if you're interested.

I think our paths crossed because we needed one another. My life without you wouldn't be as full as it is with you. That's why. You filled a void and I'm forever grateful. Don't ever go away, or I'll drive to Elk Grove and haul your ass back over here! No really, trust me, I will!!! :) Hey, I know where you live Lady! Get off at XY&Z, turn left, pass the light, the next light, the next light, the next light, go over the bridge, meet an obnoxious guy in a Covrette, ditch him at the next light, turn left, turn right, look for the house with the dead tree. Hummmmmmmmmm. That's kinda simple!!! I'll be there with bells on and a fabulous bouquet!

Love you to death,
Suze XO

Suzanne said...

Robyn...I heeeeearrrrrrrr stalker! Oh my God I'm laughing too hard!


ShutterSpy said...

You always seem to find such perfect lighting!!!

What a lovely photo! :-D

I love dogs :-D

Random Chick said...

Hey you bean? How's little Buddy doing? I wanted to apologize for not responding sooner to your comments on my blog. I've been out of it lately with this damn sinus infection! GAG!!!

I'm on the mend now...Hope all is well in your beautiful Rose Cottage Studio. My sanctuary!


Mr. Shife said...

The fat basset thanks you for the hug, and he diligently donates his unwanted treats every month to the humane society. Don't worry about the book. It will get here when it gets here. Take care.

krystyna said...

What a beautiful eyes look at me.
He is sooo cute!

krystyna said...

I'll be back read carefuly this story and look at his beautiful eyes again.

Best to you, dear Suzanne!

Sandra Evertson said...

He is a Darling and so good for you, it's a wonderful thing to be able to share our lives with sweet pets!
Sandra Evertson
Your paintings are Fabulous!

bindhiya said...

hope you had a beautiful day...
please check on the cafe...edit posts and check how you like it....
i will talk to you off to bed...tomorrow again to hospital...
love you

Lapa said...


Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

This is an unbelievable story of inspiration and the power of love. Buddy/Fenway is the luckiest dog ever.

I can't believe the lengths you went to....simply wonderful, that people like you exist in our world. Yours are the lights that shine brightest.

Your compassion knows no bounds. And Fenway sensed that, the moment he laid eyes on you.

This post brought tears to my eyes. I am so happy for Fenway now. Reading this made me want to hurry home all that much faster and give my darling Bebbers a million hugs and kisses.

God bless you, Suzanne, and your mom-in-law for adopting Fenway and giving him the home and love and joy that he so richly deserves.


somebody said...