Monday, May 19, 2008

Thank you...

"My friends are my estate"
~ Emily Dickinson


I want to thank all of you for your kind words, encouragement, support and love this past week (and the week before that, and the week before that and..well, you get it. I'd like to also thank those who made me laugh! Unfortunately this ordeal isn't over yet, but at least I'm not dead or near death's door. Right? Let's ask T-Bone. I asked him, but he's sleeping and didn't respond, I assume that means "Nope!" I'm confident this will all be resolved after some additional testing. You better hope it is because if it isn't you're going to be the poor recipients of a lot of complainin'.


I'd like to especially thank my new friend, Sweet Sage, for allowing me to borrow her photo and concept. When I saw it on her blog I knew it was the perfect way to thank all of you. She didn't hesitate to say "Yes!" Unfortunately, there are no men in the photo, but just imagine them there. I love this photo because it's the style of window I adore (cottage) and because the woman to the far left and the far right remind me of my very well dressed mother when I was a young girl, and most especially because the photo evokes the love and laughter shared with friends. (Yes, Kylie and Leah, I actually do know a big word and can use it properly in a sentence...don't faint.)


I love you all, new and old friends. Thank you so much for your support. You make this blog what it is because
you inspire me every day.

With love and gratitude,

Suze XO





Sweet Sage said...

Suzanne, Do not underestimate the inspiration YOU have given and shared! Where would any of us be without our friends??! Thank You for the mention .. be well! :)
My Best,

Suzanne said...

Hello sweet soul. Thank you. Your blog was such an inspiration and thank you for sharing. It's so precious. I hope some one askes me to share. It too special to keep to myself! I hope you don't mind if I pass it along. I'm actually thinking of using it for an award. What do you think of that? Talk to you soon. Until then, hugs and kisses, Suze

bindhiya said...

What a beautiful evening I had today...I never thought I will be able to talk to you today... I got sooooooo lucky...this was a perfect evening and am so happy to hear your beautiful voice..

This Thank you note is so sure every one of us thankful to have you in our life too..
we all want the best for you...Please please see the Dr. ...don't wait for another day..
I love you....

Gig said...

Hi Suze,
Beautiful photo. Without friends where would we be...I know I am blessed to have found you and all of our many dear friends that are "here in our computers". (Thanks, Mark).

Listen to T-Bone, I think he is a good protector. I hope you are able to get the rest of the tests soon, so that will be behind you.

If you are ready, how about heading over to the Onion and partying a little more...Yee Hawww

Love you,

Kookaburra said...

I saw this quote for today,
Tuesday, May 20:

"You can complain because roses have thorns,
or you can rejoice because thorns have roses."

Thank you for your friendship.

Suzanne said...

Dearest Bindi,

Talking to you this afternoon (for me!) was a gift. Thanks for calling. Do you realize how long we talked!!! Good Lord! After that I was so exhausted I konked out on the sofa. Rob just called from his Mom's house (he's taking care of Fenway) to alert me I might want to close up the house and get everyone tucked into bed. I said "Okay." I looked around all sleepy-eyed and though "God, it's Tuesday!?" So we all got up, clean up, turned off lights, etc. Now I can't get back to sleep and the cats won't stop fooling around. Poor T-Bone. We have to do this for two and a half weeks while Mom's back east. I don't know how Rob's going to survive because I know I'm not. I was exhausted before today began and this is only day one and I'm beyond exhausted.

My plan is to go to the doctor's today, but this sinus infection is pretty nasty. I think I told you I have a standing appointment with the doctor every day until I can make it. I feel better now than I felt yesterday, so I might just pull it off this afternoon. It's funny because my appointment is at 3:10 every day until I can make it in, but I think if I just showed up any time I'd be welcomed. The office staff has been very generous. I'll keep you all informed.

I love you Bindi. Thank you for your kind words here and for taking time out of your busy life to call and make sure I'm okay. You are such a dear friend and you know I adore you. Hearing your sweet voice is wonderful for my soul. Everything's going to be okay. I can feel it, just not on my left side for the moment!!!

And my darling Bindi, you will go home soon. As we discussed, get everything in order and we'll help as much as possible.

Thank you for your friendship. I love you so much.

Suze XO

Suzanne said...


Thank you honey! Yes, that photo is gorgeous. I love vintage photos. Sweet Sage has a slew of them on her blog and I love um! And friends are irreplacable. I agree. And blogging friends are especially irreplaceable. Like you, I can't believe what I found in my computer (I love that photo on Marks blog)! When Bindi and I talked today she said that one of her biggest hopes is we all get to meet one day. Mine too. The bond we all share is amazing.

Don't worry about anything ~ all the testing will be done soon, just a minor hiccup this week! Like I told Bindi, I'll keep you informed. And yes, I'll meet you at the Wild Onion, but I have to take it a little easy, so don't spin me around too much and keep Cece away from me because she loves to bang heads, and mine hurts! Point her to the chocolate and I should be fine. ;)

Love you to death sweetie. I hope everything is okay in Michigan. I'll stop by soon. Well, not Michigan, but your blog! I am not driving to Michigan with this headache. Have a beautiful week.


Suzanne said...

Love you Kooka! You know I'm going to have fun with that name, don't you? I thought you couldn't use it because someone from Florida was. I'm so confused. I have to go back to your blog and figure it all out. Either I was blogging drunk or not paying attention. I don't know.

I love that quote. There are many different versions and everyone meaningful. I agree and I'll tell you why. I have been impaled too many times to remember and each time I curse, but then remember my reward. I wouldn't have it any other way. The joy roses bring me is beyond measure.

I love you dear friend and hope you're having a wonderful birthday week.

Suze XO

Anonymous said...

A lovely thought and a lovely photo - thanks. I agree that friends are next to family, and once some good and positive ones enter your life, they stay for good.
With the photo, I believe the men are hiding away, ready to scare the ladies with some good old fashion scare-tactics. I think I can see a hand under one of the bushes....

And just as an aside, I love the quote from Mark!

P xxx

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD!!! SUZANNE!!! I just read your previous post and I cannot believe it!

I'm glad you finally decided to go to the Emergency room! I'm glad you are getting testing and that you paid attention to the symptoms!!! PLEASE keep us updated and informed on how you are doing!

I've been so out of it lately and completely MIA...I'm glad I finally made the time today to read your blog because now you are going to be held in my prayers and thoughts. You still have so much to do with this life...we need you!!!


Anonymous said...

Suzanne...I posted something for you on the Wild Onion Cafe!


CIELO said...

You beautiful thing.... I'm so glad you are somewhat back to your old self... Thomas Jefferson once said: But friendship is precious, not only in the shade, but in the sunshine of life; and thanks to a benevolent arrangement of things, the greater part of life is sunshine..... isn't that beautiful!

Love ya....

pd: got all your beautiful pics.... can't wait to show them... thank YOU.

blessings to you, sweet friend


Lydia said...

Hello Suzanne, I'm just popping in to say hello, I hope your gardening is going well. I've been busy in my yard lately. Have a wonderful day! Lydia

kylie said...

hey suze,
i'm just dropping by to say seems there's not much else for me to say! marks quote is a goodie, peter is all sweetness and light, gig's partying again (how does she do it?) and you can probably only read the right side of this..........I
you are
taking care
and get
back to the
docs soon.

kylie said...

blogger mangled was meant to be all on the you'lll think i'm not talking to ya!

Cecile said...

Just getting my comment in to you. Got to go mow 4.5 acres and feed a pond of catfish, so I will make this short and sweet. GET BETTER SOON! Love ya, Cece

Mr. Shife said...

You are an inspiration to us as well with your generosity and kind heart. You have made the world a better place and I am so glad things are looking better. I am sorry I did not make it over sooner to wish you the best. So get better, take care of yourself, and don't worry about that book. Get better first. Best wishes from the land of potatoes.

krystyna said...

Hi Suzanne,
great that you are well, and hope that soon your health will be perfect.
But take care and please don't work with computer for too long.

This photo is really fantastic!

Peace, Love and Happiness be always with you!

MJ said...

Your blog is beautiful and it smells good too.

Or maybe that's YOU who smells good.

*waves to Random, Cecile and Shife*

And would someone please tell me what the Café is and where to find it?

kylie said...

the cafe should be on suze's blogroll..the wild onion cafe
if you dont find it there its on my blogroll

kylie said...

oops, still had caps lock on after i was being my loud self over there
party on

Stephen Parrish said...

I'm thinking about you. Fix what's broke and come back to rescuing homeless kittens.

Anonymous said...

Uh oh...I see MJ found your place...LOL! *waves back at MJ*

Hi Suzanne!!! Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. I love you too!!!! Yea, let's eat ourselves into next year. Sounds good to me! I was going to write a book about all the SF restaurants called, "Chow Down Around Town." Part of it meant I had to actually go to and eat at every single restaurant...can it be done? I think you and I can do it!!! HA HA HA HHAAHAHHA!!!

Have a superb weekend and keep us posted on those tests....


bindhiya said...

Dear Suze,
Hope you got my mail...
Did you went to the Dr. today?
I have a busy day today... I'll call you soon...
please please do the tests soon...
love you sweetie..

Gig said...

Suze, Stopping by to see what is going on over here. Wondered how you were doing? Everything is ok here in Michigan, really cold today. Some areas got SNOW today,yuk.
Thinking about you, hope your headache is better.

XO, Gig

hnter1018 said...

Good Morning Suzanne.

How are you feeling lately. Have you gone to the docs yet?? If not just go to the ferals for a catscan. If they purr and rub faces then you have passed their test. if they throw up a hairball on you it means you know have to go home and change.

How are the roses growing? Getting to your garden is some of the best therapy.

Take care

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Hi Suzanne...thanks SO MUCH for your encouraging words on my last post.....bless you sweetie!

I popped over here to get caught up on the goings-on in Suzanne-ville and am I glad I did. I am right now printing off your most recent posts that I missed and they will be my lunch time reading. I'll be back later with more comments, once I've finished looking forward to it....I *Still* haven't followed that link you recommended but its on my to-do list...

so glad to be reading more about doggy!!!....

CIELO said...

How sweetie... came by to check on you.... how are you feeling? Be of good cheer; they can, who think they can.

Love you


Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Hi Suzanne. It's me, Lavinia. I have just finished reading your comments on this post and the last one. I am trying to sort and straighten it all, a) you did NOT have a stroke. b) they still don't know what you had. c) they are running tests to find out why all the numbness, tingling, etc.

Deep breath...okay....I think I have it figured out.

Dear Suzanne, my heart just broke when I read your words about how shaky, crying, miserable, helllish times you are experiencing. I want you to know that many people have their spiritual arms around you right now. You seem to put others ahead of yourself..that is exactly what we women tend to do.

Right now, you have to put yourself first. Take and get everything you need and want. Demand it, from others and from yourself.

I have to be a little firm, sweetie, because I'm trying to stress the importance of letting everything else go....for a you heal and get better.

I wish I lived next door to you; I'd feed and water the cats and help out so that you could rest and recuperate. But since I am thousands of miles away, all I can do is rely on my prayers for you, and let you know that you are not many people care for you.

We'll get you through this, sweetie! Hold fast to life....


kylie said...

i'm just sayin hi....
you have been spending a bit of time at inner voices by the looks...that's good, you were sitting down for at least that long!
have a grand weekend

Robyn said...

Suze! WhAT THE HELL?! Are you sure it is a stroke?! Maybe it's just a very badly pinched nerve...! I have seem them do really strange things to patients!
You MUST AT ONCE, HAUL yourself into that doctor. DO NOT WAIT one minute you hear me! I am scared to death for you...let them test and make sure there is no bleed, etc! This is very, very important Suze!
Maybe you had a TIA, instead of a full blown stroke. Do you have facial droop? Can you smile? Can you raise your arm? What about the leg?
I can't believe you missy! Always preaching about us doing whats good for us. Someone wrote on here about if a plane's O2 masks dropped that the mama has to put hers on first, because without her, there would be no help! COME ON SUZE...get help! You better let me know that you are ok? and that you went. I am sitting here is tears and it is 1243am and I can't call you now. Please, please let me know that you went!
I miss you and love ya dear friend! You must be better towards YOUSELF! You have a long life ahead of you still. And more beautiful things to do in your life!

Anonymous said...