Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Music...

If only...

Hwy 80 at the Madison on ramp during rush hour (the cars stopped just for little old me!). I was driving to feed the ferals this morning, running late so got on the freeway at Madison (during rush hour!). The worst, most dangerous on ramp in America. You know I hate it and have posted about it. I was doing fine, found a space to move to the next lane (I have to move over 3 lanes believe it or not, just to get to the slow lane for Hwy 80 while everyone's doing 70 or 80! I know that sound odd, but it's not. Hwy 80 splits into 3 lanes for The Capital City Freeway and Hwy 80, so there are 6 or 7 lanes, plus the commuter lane. I'm laughing so hard!!! You have to see it to believe it.), did and the next thing I remember is a black SUV or 4x4 coming into my lane and cutting me off. I didn't want to die, so quickly swerved to get back into the lane I had just exited because my space was still available, only to learn even more quickly that as I did so traffic in that lane stopped or slowed and I plowed into the car in from of me. The whole event happened in a matter of seconds, but you know the feeling of going through something in slow motion. It was horrible and terrifying. This day sucks. Everyone's fine, but our car is dead. The body shop has told the insurance company it's "totaled." The repairs are more expensive than the car is worth (consider that just fixing a little ding in the front fender by some idiot who ran into or car while parking his a few years ago cost the insurance company over $1,600, I didn't even want to know the estimate for all of this damage. Yup, I covered my ears while Rob was told. Our car died today and that's sad. We love her. She didn't deserve this.
Our baby's back home to await her fate after being declared terminal. The body shop owner said to bring her home and get everything off that matters because when the insurance company claims her she's going to the scrap yard. The tires are brand new and worth a ton. He said to get them off and replace them with some cheap crap! We will.

That's all that happened to Joanna's car. That's it. How can a Mustage kick the ass of of BMW? Mine's all steel, her's is all plastic, but she said "it has this spingie sort of stuff under the bumper!" Apparently.
Joanna was terrific. I was shaking like a leaf, could barely write my phone number or take down her insurance info. She was so kind and thoughtful and the voice of calm. I remember thinking, how could I have hit an angel? Seriously. I have the best luck and the worst luck. Horrible accident, amazing plaintiff! We're out in the land of death trying to take photos with the traffic copter flying over and cars backed up to Oregon and laughing because we were confident we were going to be killed by some idiot! Then we realized my car was not going anywhere and she refused to leave me alone to wait for AAA. I told her she didn't have to wait with me and she said and I quote "I would never leave you here alone." I wanted to cry, but was shaking so hard I couldn't figure out how to do both. She's the sort of woman you want at the scene of an accident. I'm the sort of woman you pray not to hit or be hit by. Really. I would not want me at the scene of an accident or a crime. I'm a pathetic mess. God I would love to have seen Traffic Pulse 3 this morning. Robyn, what did we look like? Was traffic backed up to Roseville!? We moved away from the cars after taking photos, making calls, etc., for safety and climbed the hill to await AAA. We were laughing really hard about something and a CHIPS officer arrived on scene (CA Highway Patrol for those of you living in other counties). He was a great guy. He pulled up behind my car, and I swear to GOD looked up at us and motioned with his index finger to come on down off the hill. That was too funny. We laughed and obeyed. He asked if we were both okay. We said "Yup." He asked if the cars could be moved, we said "Not mine, but her's." He said, "Let's take a look because it's too dangerous to be here." He asked me to get in the car and turn the wheel every which way. I did as instructed. He said "your tire's going to be hitting mostly plastic and a bit of metal, nothing serious, it'll just be loud, but don't worry. I want you off the freeway because it's too dangerous here, you know that. I want you to pull out and take the Watt exit. Stay in the slow lane and don't do more than 40 and I'll follow you. I'll have my lights on and you'll be safe. Just do exactly as I tell you. Make a left at the exit, go over the overpass and pull into Strarbuck to wait for AAA." I wasn't able to get out of the car to hug Joanna, so we held hands and in that embrace knew we were bonded for life. We were lucky to be alive. I will never forget that moment for as long as I live. Nor her. I do believe there are angels on earth. I do. It's funny you know because I told her I was on the way to feed the ferals at the park in Natomis and she was so kind. And then we discussed (well, not really "discuss" because we were shouting too loud to hear one another over the traffic!) the up and coming freeway construction and realized we go the same way, get off at the same exit and her office is directly across from the park, we couldn't stop laughing. It is such a small world.
I was so visabily upset I didn't feel as if I gave Joanna all the correct insurance info, so promised to call her within hours. Rob actually ended up calling her at the office. She's an accountant. Makes sense. She's sensible as hell. Rob's first question was "Are you okay honey?" She said "Yes, I'm fine. Well honestly, my back in starting to hurt, but don't worry, I won't sue." Rob's a lawyer, so you know the hair on his back stood up and he doesn't even have hair on his back. Me. Nope. She's a wonderful woman and I'm just worried about her. I don't even care if she sues. I don't. I hit her car so hard and she had no clue what was coming. If she needs the money, she can have it. I feel so guilty. Rob said "I don't want you to talk to her and I won't accept her call(s). I thought "How could you do that to her?" I know her and she is one of the most beautiful women I've ever met. I'm going to call her tomorrow, just to check in to see if she's feeling a bit better. I imposed on her in such a horrible way today and she embraced me desite that. I could have killed her and we both know it, so I would never pretend she doesn't exist just because she might sue. I just hope she feels okay and her back doesn't hurt too much.
Joanna and I held hand for what felt like a long time, and then the cop got on his motorcycle and it was time to pull into traffic. Hummmmmmmmm. I realized I was in shock. I couldn't stop shaking , the car was loud as the tire hit against whatever, and traffic stopped just for me. What a little gift! I had a police escort a mile and a half to Starbucks. When he knew I realized where I was and where I was going he gave me the "thumbs up," and I pulled into the parking lot to wait for AAA with my once beautiful BMW. As desperate as life seemed, I heard some birds singing in the trees. And that made me happy.
I called Rob right after the accident to alert him and ask that he please be at the house when I arrived because I needed to get to the park to feed the ferals. I was hours late and knew they'd be hungry. When the tow truck driver dropped me off, I wasn't disappointed. I was still shaking like a leaf, but got in Mom's car and headed for the park. The tow truck driver was a big woman. She intimidated me at first and didn't seem too nice, but when we drove home we talked and laughed and she was terrific. When I got out at the house she said "I suggest you go in and have a good shot of whiskey." I said "I don't drink whiskey, nor do I have any." She said "Well ya gotta do something cuz you're a f*&#^%* wreck." We shook hands and laughed really, really hard. I'm still laughing just typing the words. It's one of those moments that will stay with me forever. It was too funny.
Got to the ferals, got back home, Rob dealt with the insurance company and rental car company and body shop. I never stopped shaking. Never. I felt like I was in another universe and sick to my stomach to boot. I realize typing this, I haven't eaten since breakfast. I finally stopped shaking around midnight. It's been a long, hard day and here I sit about to face another one. Hummmmmmmmmmm. This has been the year of my discontent. And yup, I'm still numb and tingling from head to toe! My standing appointment with the doctor is now Tuesday at 3:10!
Love you all. Don't worry. I'm fine. Life is just a bit crazy for some reason.
XO Suze


hnter1018 said...

Dang Suzanne....I hope things turn around for you. At least you are o.k.


KJ said...

Good grief, Suzanne...Here I was thinking about you this week in regards to your nutty health problems, and you go on having an incredibly horrible day to boot! Girl, my thoughts and prayers are with you...but boy am I glad that you are still so humane and optimistic through everything.

One suggestion...if its sunny there today, take a nap in the sun...preferably in a hammock. That ought to make ANYONE feel good.


Anonymous said...

Crikey Suzanne!
And I thought I was having a bad week!
I'm glad to know that you're safe and sound, and that there were some angels to take care of another of earth's angels. Trust you to think of the ferals at a time like that!
I have never been in that situation, but I'm sure I would react exactly the same!
Take care of yourself, and I'll be back to check that your life hasn't been involved in some other trauma!



that doesnt look like a total to me... get several different estimates before you throw it away.. that looks like some minor damage. yes shit looks pushed in and moved around. be wary if the body shop wants to buy it from you... its a 325 there are a shit load of those around... pleanty of parts and any body shop with a frame machine could straighten that out quick... the government is pushing shops to total older cars more and more these days... get another estimate!

i hope your doing better.

Cecile said...

Well, I"m just glad you are ok. Cars can be repaired and/or replaced, but you cannot. Take it easy today. And drink booze.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend.

Call me if you need to hear my voice. I know I sound like a chior of angels, so it should be soothing. HAHAHA Just kidding.

Love ya,

MJ said...

Always keep whiskey in the house.

See that bottle between my legs?

That's Irish whiskey.


bindhiya said...

Dear Suze,
I am from the library...just to check on you today..
Hope things are getting better for you sweetie...
My prayers are with you..
love and ((hugs))

Just Bob said...

I feel both sad and happy for you. The accident was terrible, but you may have found a friend for life. A pretty crappy way to bump into a new pal, but it sounds like everyone came out relatively unscathed physically.

Keep good thoughts and know you discovered a few good people you never may have met.

Suzanne said...


Dang is right! I'm fine, just a bit sluggish in the brain department and sore. Oh, and of course already missing my car. I have a rental, but it isn't a BMW, but I'm grateful to have it. I was on my way to feed the ferals this morning and pulled up to a light and there was a BMW in all three lanes in front of me. I wanted to cry or laugh! Didn't know which. Once you own one you sort of fall in love and it's hard to have another love. Ya know what I mean? Sounds wacky, but it's true. Plus I had a five speed, so driving a rental that's an automatic is sort of odd. Seems too simple. No thinking involved! All I do is step on the gas and it goes.

Thanks for your comments and concern. I'll be fine once this fog lifts. I'm so glad we met. Talk to you soon.


P.S. Hope everything is fine on the homefront and all the animals, fish and fowl in the county are safe. ;) (What do you expect? The crash didn't kill my spirit!)

Suzanne said...


Look at that beautiful photo! I love it. It's too adorable. You'll have to use it on your blog even when your 50! I saw a hat like the the other day at Target and laughed because it reminded me of you. I think I'll buy one.

I know, I know, I know. Been a run on bad luck lately! Hey, things have to look up soon. It can't go on like this forever. Right!?

Hope your brother is doing well. I'll check in when I have some time. Honey, what are you going to do this summer? Work I imagine, but an internship or something that pays? Have a great summer no matter what you do.

Love you and thanks for always keeping an eye on me. You're amazing.

Much love,
Suze XO

Leah said...

Suzanne, dear girl! I'm so sorry! I know how terrifying a car accident can be, and again I'm so sorry you had to be terrified like that. I think you need a major emotional and physical vacation!!!! It's just more stress than one woman should have to take!

I'll check back on you later...

tons of love and hugs,


Suzanne said...

Crikey. Yup, that's my life! Hi honey!!! I know. Kinda pathetic. But I'll tell you something funny. I think this string of bad luck is going to end soon because I don't think anyone can have it much longer than this! I'm SO hopeful! Cross your fingers and toes.

I'll visit soon. I'm trying to play "Ketcup!" And will make it over before you can say KGB! Wow, I'm thinking I probably shouldn't have said that. Will you lose internet service for another month? They watch you like a hawk, don't they? "Hey...Russia...I'm just kidding! It's stupid American humor." Do you think I should have mentioned America?

Love you honey. Be safe and keep looking for that job in Paris. Thanks too for all your support the past month. I know I wasn't able to respond to everything, but just know I love you to bits. And thank you.

XO Moi

Suzanne said...


Well I just went to your blog to see if you'd responded to my comment before responding to yours. I was there approximately 30 seconds. That's all. I refuse to cop to anything more.

Our beautiful 325. God, that car's been a champ. I love her color. Champagne. Would have easily run another 20 years because we treat her like a baby (aka, pour lots and lots of money into her beautiful body and soul). The repair is way more than the value of the car (because as you stated, here are lots in CA). The insurance will only pay the low blue book offer. It's pathetic, but true. If the repair is more than the low blue book, it's over. The repair is over $5,000. Hell, the bumper a few years ago was almost $2,000! It's insane and such a waste of an amazing car. There is no way that car can't be fixed properly, but unfortunately the insurance company will never pay for it when all they have to do is pay the low blue book offer to us in cash. I'm not a legislator, so I didn't write the rules. It's a horrible waste of a car. I know that car and know it could be whole in no time, but I'm just me and I don't make the decision even though I've paid for insurance for decades and deserve to have a say.

Our body shop is amazing. They're one of the best in Sacramento. They would never be able to buy the car. The rules dictate (if they're followed) that when the insurance co cuts us a check, they tow the car away and take it to a scrap yard for money. Our body shop has nothing to do with the transaction. They're simply a middle man. That's why the owner told us to take the new tires and anything else of value before the insurance co shows up to tow it away. We intend to buy another BMW, so the tires will work beautifully. It's funny because I was driving my rental to the park today and it's an automatic (the BMW's a standard shift and so much more fun) and was taking a tight turn and realized how different high performance tires are on a BMW. I take a turn and feel as if I'm attached to the asphalt with my BMW. I take a turn with the rental and feel as if I might end up in the next county! Not going fast! Woooooow nelly.

I wish everything was perfect and that our car was still our car, but it isn't. Rob has already detached himself, I'm still working on it. I looked at her this morning on the way to the rental to feed the ferals and said outload "I love you sweetie. I'm sorry." And I am sorry. I actually mean that. I would never wish this sort of fate on her. Never. She's been a remarkable car.

If you have any more advice, please don't hesitate to share your thoughts. You might know something we don't. Or even elaborate on this. You might know something I'm not thing of. Please don't hesitate. Throwing that car away seems like a complete waste. But we're dealing with the insurance company and that's a whole nother story baby!

Love you and thanks for your help. It's always welcome.

Love you dear,
Suz XO

Kookaburra said...

I was going to tell you all about how I've been diagnosed with depression this week but that pales into insignificance after reading this Post.

How much more strife can you get into, dear friend? I swear to God, you are having more trouble than a one-armed juggler on a uni-cycle!
Very sorry to see the pics of your beautiful BMW looking so sad ;(. Gotta agree with Inner Voices - it's worth getting several estimates to see if she's fixable. She's a very pretty car and worth the effort to repair her, I reckon. Unless the chassis is kaput.

I'm glad that you and the other driver, Joanna are ok and have only had to deal with with the shock and the hassles with insurance etc.

I am going to call you Calamity Jane from now on.

And don't concern yourself about the whiskey. Even though it is before noon, Saturday I will have a coupla shots for you. All for a good cause!!
Cheers and beers, or in this case whiskey.
Mark. XO

Hezzy Magee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hezzy Magee said...

Hi Suzanne,
I'm so glad to hear that you are ok.

I have made a post for you...check it out!

Gig said...

Suze, don't worry about the whiskey, I will have a shot for go out and smell the Roses and try to relax a little.

I am so sorry about your car, but am glad you are doing ok. We do make friends in the strangest places and circumstances don't we? The year is going to get try to keep that Dr. appt. at 3:10 real soon.

Will be thinking of you,love you lots.

XO, Gig

Suzanne said...


Don't worry about me. Worry about you and get well. I suffered depression for a few years because of chronic pain in L.A. It was horrible. Fortunately I had a wonderful phychologist at Cedars Siani. He's now also a professor at UCLA. Dr. S. saved my life. I truly believe that. I had never known that sort of darkness and he managed to get me out. My accident, the hospital visit, pale in comparison, so honey, don't worry about me. I'll be fine. Worry about you and get well. It is a journey and if you have the proper help you'll find your way. Trust me. I've been there and I'm sure many of us have. It's just something you have to wade through in order to find the other side. And you will. My depression has always been related to pain, so it's pretty easy to fix if pain is eliminated. I don't know what triggers yours, but just remember there is always an underlying factor and once that's resolved, depression usually goes away. I was never able to take meds, or anything like that to resolve my depression because I don't do well with meds, I simply had to find my way. And I did with the help of a remarkable doctor.

I don't think you suffer from depression, recover from and
and survive depression without thinking of everyone else who suffers. I love you Mark, you know that. Seek counciling. It's amazing how much it helps. And when you find someone who suffers, always support them.

I love you dear.


Suzanne said...

You're the best. Thanks for all your support. I haven't called because I simply haven't had the energy to talk. I will eventually. I love for your care and concern. Thank you. Hope all is well on the homefront!


kylie said...

well, suze
things will get better....
they couldnt get worse, surely.
that model of beemer (BMW) is certainly a beautiful looking car, i'd be sorry to say good bye too
thinking of you

Cecile said...

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I put the keyboard on the floor and let Java Dog type you a message. She kept whimpering as I was reading your comments, so I asked her if she had something to say. She snorted at me, so I gave her the key board and this is what she wrote. I don't know, it looks like a lot of jibberish, but I hope you can find the dog felt message in there some where.

Cecile said...

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This is a message from Java Dog. She was whimpering at my side as I read through your comments. I asked her if she had something to say, and she just snorted at me. So I set the computer keyboard down on the floor and this is what she typed. I don't know, it sort of looks like a lot of doggie babble jibberish to me, but I hope you can find the dog felt message in there someplace. Have a great weekend. Cece

The Queen said...

Only Suzanne could have a fender bender and find a new friend at the same time!
Sorry about the car, I understand how you can get attached to a trusted friend. My pinky is ssoooo banged up and abused, but I love her so. We've had the best of adventures together. Maybe the next car will be turning your luck!

Rowan Willow said...

I've been reading your blog for a few days now and I think you need a cyber {{{HUG}}}...well lots of them. Poor thing...if you didn't have bad luck you'd have no luck at all right now. I can't believe so many terrible things are happening to such a nice giving person. I will say a lil prayer and send healing white light and energy your way...please keep laughing, it is the best medicine!!!

Take care sweetie,
Rowan Willow (artist /alter ego)
aka Tiffany

bindhiya said...

hope you made that appointment...
I know so much going on in life after another all these ...things will get better soon..
I wasn't able to be online till now...
You are in my prayers and thoughts...
I wanted to say so much more but am numb....I was talking to a neighbor....that family went through "Katrina" then her brothers and she have cancer... I don't even know what to say...
why there is so much suffering in this world.....
Life is a struggle no??

Bomber said...

Thanks, Suze,
I'll do that. Sometimes life just sneaks up on me and bites me on the bum.


Cecile said...

I think and explaination is needed. I posted the Java dog comment and my computer froze up. So I didn't think it posted. I came back on here to look, and I didn't see it, so I retyped a slightly different one because I couldn't remember what I had typed before. And yes, I did put the keyboard on the floor both time and let her step on it a couple of times, so that is actually her typing with maybe a little bit of editing done by me. BUt the message is still the same from me and from her. Because the people I care about is also the people she cares about because she cares about me. ANyway, you get two Java dog wishes for the price of none.

Leah said...

Just checking in--I'm thinking of you--xoxo

Skeeter said...

Wow, that's quite a story. Glad you're alright and I hope that your new acquaintance is too. Sorry about your car.

Way back when Mrs. Skeeter was pregnant, she drove my little Toyota pickup down to Dallas to visit some of her friends. She drives a little faster than the average bear, and an ice storm developed while she was there. She totaled the pickup, but came through it all unhurt, but we were holding our breath until a few months later she had our son. All was well.

You've had a full life these last few months! Have you decided to pick out a new car yet?

Suzanne=p said...

i'm so sorry to hear about your car. just so you know, i have created a new account and am starting over with the blogging thing. i'll give you the name tomorrow. i look forward to talking again soon. bye.

ShutterSpy said...

I'm sorry to hear what happened.

I'm with IV about the car - don't get rid of cars if they still go!

Mine's 17 years old, got written off 2-3 weeks after I bought it but I love it and I refuse to let it go until it won't go any more.

I'm glad you're okay! :)

The Queen said...

Hey Suzanne,
Me again...Called Bindi yesterday and we talked about ya! We're still hoping you went to the doctor. I'm concerned for you, please please take care of yourself. And stay off of that highway..if possible...go the long way, too close for comfort!
Me...I'm ridin' a bike again

Anonymous said...

Oh GOD! Like you needed this!

Sounds like Joanna was a nice woman though...and if you're gonna get it an accident it might as well be with an angel.

Girl, take care of yourself DAMMIT! And listen to Zack, get another estimate. Sometimes auto places take advantage of people who've been in accidents because when they said it's totalled they make BIG CASH from the insurance least have someone else look at it!

Sending positive vibes your way...


The Bella Paradiso said...

Suzanne, its funny, your beat up California car looks like a regular Vermont car! That wouldn't be totaled in Vermont, it would be road-worthy. So, maybe instead of dying your baby should just move across country! One man's junk is another's treasure!Glad you're okay.

The Bella Paradiso said...

Oh and here's another note: I road my motorcycle 300 miles around the state last weekend and drove right by the Von Trapp Family Lodge. The Hills Are Alive!!!!

Suzanne said...

Bella! I needed you today and there you are! I tried to get on your blog but was rejected as an uninvited guest. Go figure. Thank you for your words and time. I had a very hard day yesterday and for some reason, finding your comment today mattered a whole hell of alot! You made me laugh. Especially about the car! Too funny! I would love to have a house in Vermont, but can't find an affordable one. All the rich people from NY are living there! Have any inside info?

Love you and thanks for the laughs. I can't tell you how much I appreciated your comments. Please come back, I need people like you to make my life happy!


This is the only place to leave this message. I hope you get it.

Anonymous said...