Saturday, October 10, 2009


You bet your ass that's a Buddy L truck!!! I bought it on eBay about 5 years ago. God I love it!!! This is Rob's old office. I took out his Pulp Fiction poster and put up my painting from honors study with Henry Hopkins at UCLA. Trust me...don't enlarge it. I got an A, but it isn't even done. You see that huge glob of paint to the right. That shouldn't be there!!! This was the Ben Franklin painting!
For god sakes don't enlarge this. I have too many wrinkles.
Just an update. I have a wicked scar and a hematoma. I have to see the dermatologist to figure out what to do. I have no idea what to do about the wrinkles and grey hair! Rob's Pulp Fiction poster. His was much bigger!!!

Okay, it's official...I'm late for the park because of all of you.

Wee Wee 1 and Wee Wee 2. Trouble. And yes, it's still primer. I haven't painted the walls yet. God, cut me some freakin' slack.

What? A day without Alan is a day without sunshine.

Nutty Rusty!
Alan had a $10 bill and a few singles. The kitties left the singles alone, but loved the big bucks!

You bet your ass that's her!


Leah said...

You are literally stunning. Literally. Gorgeous. Look at you.

Suzanne said...

I love you so. I needed that today. Thank you baby. Really. Thank you. You are such a darling, thoughful friend. But sweetie what am I going to do about my scar and hematoma!!??? It's nasty! I talked to the pharmacist just before Alan left and asked when I could begin using scar gell. She laughed at me. Then Alan laughed. She said "You have to heal first." I said "Am I healed?" She laughed at me!!! "NO, you're not even close." Can you believe all the scars I've embraced in the past year? It's pathetic. And now look at this one. And the huge lump. I gotta get rid of the lump. Not only because it's ugly, because it hurts. It's pressing on a nerve or something. It's actually painful. So I gotta go see Dr. P. She's not going to believe this one.

Baby, you know something, while Alan was here my numbness, etc., almost went away. You know I've had it a year now. But when he was here the difference was amazing. He left and it returned. What am I doing wrong?

You must visit my FB and read Guy Smith's comments. And mine. Your post started something so very, very funny.

I love you so very much darling. Thank you for making a 50 year old woman feel very special on a day she absolutely didn't. I love you so.

Karen ^..^ said...

You are a beautiful woman. Stop focusing on the wrinkles and the hair. And that's "natural platinum highlight" if you please...

The wrinkles are practically non existent. You are gorgeous.

Wee Wee 2 looks like the poor little abandoned kitty I've been feeding outside my apartment. She won't come in the house and this morning gave me a full on heart attack when I spotted her high on the roof of another apartment building, chasing a squirrel close to the edge.

Oh, man, these cats will be the death of me one day. She has gotten down since, because the food I left out for her (enough for a small army of cats) is nearly gone. The other ferals never come up to my end of the complex so it had to be her.

Go look in the mirror and see for once what we see... A gorgeous, kind sweet-hearted person who is as beautiful on the outside as in.

Suzanne said...


You're too funny!!! God I love you. About 8, 9 years ago when I first started to go grey, I was in one of my favorite markets and a gorgeous young guy was checking me out. He said "do you frost?" I said "No honey, it's real." I had two stips of "platinum" on either side of my face. He said "That's really beautiful." He had to be a hairdresser. I didn't ask, I just tried to get out the door with my HUGE ego!!!

I did what you said. I actually got up and walked to the mirror. And I looked. Oh my God I'm starting to cry. I don't know why. Perhaps because we often don't see what's right in front of us. I know I don't. I know that Karen. I will try harder to focus on the good stuff. I looked a long time and tried to see all the stuff that matters. Thank you for reminding me darling.

Thanks too for taking care of the feral. I love you so much. There are so many really, really decent people in this world and you're one of them. I thank God for Blogger. I do. I'm in tears because of you and I wouldn't even know you or Leah without it. About the kitty, just be consistent and you'll eventually get close enough to pet him/her. It takes time.

I love you dearly. Thank you for such a beautiful comment. I wish you were here to hug. You aren't so pretend!!! Hope you're having a great day.

P.S. So what shampoo and conditioner should I be using!!!???

Otin said...

You look fine to me! What wrinkles???

Suzanne said...

Otin, get over here baby. Let me give you a hug!

Megan said...

I approve the new office decoration!

And I don't see any wrinkles, either, you hottie, you!!!!

kylie said...

how much do you pay these people?
and can i afford it?

Suzanne said...

I approve the new office too. I took the old stuff off and put the new stuff up and thought...that's beautiful!!!

And thanks baby. I love you so. You've all been so kind and generous. I couldn't ask for better friends. I mean that with all my heart.

Suzanne said...

Kylie...get over here. God I love you so damn much.

the walking man said...

Uhhhh beautiful dumbass with just the right amount of wrinkles and hair the color of starlight..get thee to the hospital if you have a hematoma. NOW!

Gig said...

Hey Suze!!
You look beautiful!!
Crazy around here as usual, but thinking bout you!!

xoxox, gig

Suzanne said...

Blottie #3,

Hummmmmmmmmmmm. Hottie Blottie. I guess that's why I'm #1. Of course I'm laughing too hard!!! Love you darling. When you turn grey and get wrinkles I really do you think you have an opportunity to advance because frankly, RC doen't even try!!! LOVE YOU!!! XOXOXOXOXOXXO

Suzanne said...

The Walking Man. Dude, you called me a "dumbass." You know every head turned here. Mine too. I know they're all waiting, but I'm going to surprise them. I'll cut you some slack because you called me a "beautiful" dumbass. Knock it off.

My hematoma. I'll be fine, but was just told by the pharmacist this evening that it's really too late to see my dermatologist. I should have gone weeks ago. My heart sank. Really, it did. Then she said, "You're really going to have a scar." That hurt because I'm not use to seeing me with this thing on my face. Oh well.


the walking man said...

A hemotoma was one of the few things that almost killed my dumbass and I ain't pretty to start with.

Suzanne said...

God this dumbass fell asleep at the computer. Just woke up. It's raining like hell and somehow I have to get to the park to feed the ferals. I knew it would be raining, bu this hard. Damn.

Suzanne said...

Oh...that's the new way to spell "but!"

Lorêny Portugal said...

Hi, Suzanne!
My ass is aching.... It's so funny!
See my blog in september 20th. I pay a tribute for you!
You are a beautiful with your "natural platinum highlight"... In my country, women are forced to dye their hairs because the old age is not exist!!! This is awful! We don't have freedon to choice our age!
There is a cult exaggerated by the youth here...



Megan said...

Hope the rain is not hitting you too hard tonight. Oh crap, it's not trash night, is it? If it is, let it slide!!!


Suzanne said...

Megan...knock it off. No it's not trash night, but I'm in a nightie!!! I wish it was!!!

Suzanne said...


Oh sweetie. Just to see you here...and in English!!! God, thank you!!! You're going to laugh. I went to you site and I'm thinking, "God this is so hard...why does she have so many damn blogs." Then I realized I was on your list of friends, not your blog. I know baby. I know. It never ends for me. Never. I know. Don't say a word!!!

It's so lovely to have you back. It is. You know that. I hope life is good for you. I saw the post. It's amazing. I can't comment because it's a google page. I have no idea why...I just can't. The roses are so lovely. And thank you darling. Really. Of course I'm smiling. Of course. I love you darling. I do.


Megan said...

You are the best. I'm not kidding.

Suzanne said...

Megan ~ No, YOU'RE the best! Get over here and let me give you a huge you little cutie. XO Blottie #1 (What? Sometimes I just have to!)

Anonymous said...