Wednesday, October 14, 2009

One a those days...

I remember this day so well and thinking "Oh good god." It was critique day at UCLA and they are often unkind. I'm sitting in front of my painting hoping for the best...
It's been one of those days. Well actually two days. The storm started yesterday. I went to the park and swear to God this is what it was like. The wind was insane. I drive a tank but was being blow all over the road. I stayed in the slow lane doing 45-50! Seriously. Black Beauty is terrific, but a Mercedes has one major flaw...the wind shield wiper. It's famous for the one. Oh it looks all pretty and perfect, but in a rain storm it's a burden because think about it. It has to cover the freakin' entire windshield. By the time it gets back to the driver's side I can't see a damn thing. So I'm in the tide pool lane doing 45, hydroplaning and tractor trailers are passing me, throwing more water. "Thanks buddy...I couldn't see before, now I can't see at all." God please. I had so much trouble driving to and from the park yesterday. It was awful. I wouldn't recomment it. Certainly not in my car.

Then this morning. Not raining at all. I was late, but I was hurrying not to be later. God I really was. Got in the car and the storm clouds were black. Got to the end of the street. DOWNPOUR!!! What do you do? You just sit and laugh. What the hell are you gonna do? So I drive all the way to the park in the pouring rain at 45 mph. Get out and I'm walking on about a million freakin' Sycamore tree balls. All knocked off by the storm. I know. Don't speak. I'm in my cast and my flip flops. My cast is going all Willy Wonka on me as I hit each one and I'm in pain. I go for my running sneakers. Whoop...forgot them. So I'm at the park in my freakin' flip flops and cast. Don't speak. I feed everyone at the first station in the pouring rain. I'm soaking wet and I can't stop laughing. I pull up the 20 lb steel pole and get on the bike trail. I stop at the entrance to my path. You have to understand, the park is a mess. Trees down everywhere, leaves, branches, you name's there. I saw a crew of people cleaning up when I entered the park. They're on community service and have this detail. What did they do? They put every freakin' limb and tree trunk at the entrance to my path. I'm serious. They have literally miles of space to put the shit, but what do they do? They pile it like a damn bon fire at a homecoming weekend to the entrance of my path. I'm wet, I'm in a cast, I'm walking in a flip flop and the puddles are huge and I've had a migraine for about 7-8 days. I looked to the sky. I did. Then I went and moved all of it. There are no words. Trust me. When I looked up I saw them watching me from across the park. Like questioning me! Get over here...I'll kick every single one of your asses. I was so pissed. I moved entire tree limbs. Weighted a ton!!! With a migraine. Trust me, there was no kindness left in me. And then they came while I was back in the woods feeding the ferals. I heard one say "Yup, there she is," because the Mercedes was parked just opposite, so it was pretty obvious. I didn't say a thing, but then I saw one guy throw a branch into the path and that was it. I was out like a flash, but unfortunately I tripped on my plastic Target bag!!! Off it came, so I was laughing by the time I got to the entrance to the trail because it was just too damn funny. But in laughter said to him, "You don't think I know what you're doing? Get back here and get that thing out of my way. " And he did. In front of about 30 people. He needed to learn something today. He's on community service because he hasn't. But this morning he learned something. I know he'll remember me and this day. It's fine to be a smart ass, but not a thoughtless dumb ass. After that I headed home. Oh dear lord!!! Raining so hard. Driving 45, 50, 40, 55, 60, 65...what?! It was hard. I want a BMW again. Much easier!
Then got back to Carmichael. Oh dear lord! Huge car pileup. Hummmmm. If I can just get to that parking lot. Get to the parking lot, take it to Manzanita. Perfect. Going down Manzanita...Oh dear lord! HUGE CAR PILEUP. If I can just get to that parking lot. I did and took it like a maniac! Police everywhere. Huge floods everywhere. But I know all the back ways. I was taking the back way home and saw all the damage to my neighborhood. Wow. I didn't know. Trees, limbs down everywhere. The damage is insane. It really is insane. I had no idea.


the walking man said...

Maybe we need a clearer definition between dumb ass and smart ass? But I will save that for another day.

Instead I implore you to look at my post from yesterday evening calling for action. It seems that the animal shelter in Forrest City Arkansas needs some attention for the deplorable condition they are abusing the animals in their custody. If we are known by the way we treat the weakest lives among us then we are devil incarnate.

Be warned though the video I am sending people to is horror and you may not want to watch it. But it is time to make a statement to the mayor of that town.

Karen ^..^ said...

I can't believe that guys on Community service would be so rude. Well, I can believe it, but still.

I cannot believe your restraint.

I would have been hard pressed not to shove that tree limb up his ass.

Suzanne said...

About your post. I will read it and contact the mayor. I don't know yet if I'll watch the video. I've been a member of PETA a long time and forced myself to watch and read things I never imagined I could, but I got the best education possible. I have tears in my eyes just writing this. I'll try to watch it, but you know it'll kill me. What makes me sad is if abuse is happening in an animal shelter in Forrest City Arkansas, you know it's happening in other animal shelters.

I don't know why some people are pure evil. You know me by now, I struggle with this and write about it often. Remember the cyclist at the park who made the horrible remark about skinning the cats? Karen said something that has remained with me. She said (and I'm paraphrasing), that some people get their power by hurting others. I've come to the conclusion she's absolutely right.

I will get right on the protest campaign and I will pass this info to friends who care deeply about animals and their welfare. Thanks for thinking about me and asking for support. I'm on Face Book now. I'll learn how to load a video and post about this too.

I know I haven't stopped by much recently. Forgive me.

XO Moi

Suzanne said...

Oh, and should write about the difference between a dumb ass and a smart ass! HA!!!

Suzanne said...


I do meet the most interesting people at the park, don't I?!!! It was a big branch and I saw it when he threw it and said to self, "Self, I am not lugging away one more freakin' branch!" Today was different...THANK GOD! I got to the park and drove the car back and forth, back and forth, back and forth to crush all the Sycamore balls. I was able to walk with some degree of confidence after that. No, it wasn't perfect, just better!

Baby did you read TWM's comment above. Help out. PLEEEEEEEEEEZE. I love you. Sis

the walking man said...

See now Karen ^..^ there is a hard ass! ha hah aha hahah ahaha hahahaha

One day soon I will wax poetic and eloquent between the asses of mankind. I need to codify my thinking on the matter first though.

Thanks for your help Suzanne I am pretty sure you have a good Idea of what is in the video and yes it is as bad as everything you could imagine.

Megan said...

I've started feeding the stray cats here. My neighbors are not happy about it. One woman actually said, "if you do that, they won't go away" and I know she was thinking the next two words "and die" but didn't say them.

Strange world.

Suzanne said...

Megan, you know what I've realized over the past few years honey? People can be cruel, unkind, not even demonstrate a generous bone in their body. But you know what I learned about me? I learned I'm the better person. I'm stronger. I'm relentless and I won't let someone that weak impose on my life. There are people who don't love animals and will try with all their might to discourage those who do. Don't listen. Follow the beat to your own drum. And when the time is right, spay and neuter. I met two beautiful woman this morning who actually came off the bike trail to hug me for what I do. Those are the people who matter. Not idiots. Trust me darling. I'm proud of you. Really, I'm smiling. Thank you for all you do.

With much love,

Walker said...

I can just picture you in my head, cast flip flops twigs in your hair.
Soaked clean through hacking your way through the jungle with a target bag

Anonymous said...