Friday, March 13, 2009


I have a friend in the neighborhood. Roger. He lives about a block away in a lovely well kept home. The landscape is so neat and pretty, the house so tidy. I met Roger the year I bought this house. He walks every day and when I garden in the front yard he stops and we chat. We've become dear friends. We talk for over an hour some days. He's interesting, funny, kind, gentle. He's a good man. Salt of the earth. He's a retired engineer and filled with so many stories. Before buying his house he was in the military, like most. He was based in Arizona working on the nuclear bomb. At the time it was top secret (couldn't even tell his wife), but decades later he was free to tell me, and he did. I learned so much. Not just about the war, but about engineering, life, conflict, personal choices, love of country, family, friends. He shares with me that his wife has grown to dislike him, and that hurts him. He walks to clear his mind.

Roger met Rob one day and Rob left to go back inside to work after about 10 minutes. It seemed rude and talking to Rob later was told "He's just too chatty, I don't have the patience." Oh what Rob missed. He missed a gem of a guy. A lovely, lovely man. Roger died a few weeks ago and his house is up for sale this week. T-Bone and I walked past it tonight and I blew Roger a kiss and said "I love you Roger. Goodbye."

Goodbye Roger. I will never forget you.



kylie said...

well, suze, i'm so glad you took some time with him. bravo

Suzanne said...

Thanks baby. It was my pleasure. Honestly. I have been so blessed with the people who have graced my life and who grace my life. I'm a very lucky woman. When Roger and I talked about the nuclear bomb that he help build, we cringed at the result. All that pain. I love that man you know. I will miss him. You know me. For some reason, death is very hard.

You look so lovely darling. You really do look beautiful in navy. It compliments your skin tone or something.

XO Happy Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne!

You say you have been blessed by the people who have graced your life. I think Roger would have felt blessed to find in you someone he could talk to.

I shall try to take this lesson today- and take a little more time listening :)

I am sorry you cannot comment on my blog- but no worries, I will keep popping over here to say 'hi'!

Kookaburra said...

Hi Suzanne,
Roger was your kindred spirit and seldom do we have the chance of meeting people like him.
The trick is to realise how lucky we are when someone like Roger graces our life. Cherish the memories.

I re - wrote this several times and hope that I have conveyed what I wanted to say.

Love to you, Rob, and the kitties,


Megan said...

Too few people stop to chat these days. Maybe because too few people are willing to stop and listen?

You're a gem, darling woman. A gem, I tell you!

Karen ^..^ said...

Awww, RIP, Roger.

Sounds like a sweet, sweet man.

So many folks look at old people like, well, old people, merely taking up space here till they die. They miss out on so many chances to learn so many new things. I love talking to older people, I always learn something new, and they have lived a lifetime of humor, pain, love, anger, you name it, they've experienced it. But they've also achieved a sort of calm acceptance of the world around them. And that still eludes me.

Guess I have to live a bit longer to figure out how to achieve that mindset!

Suzanne said...

Cinnamon, Mark, Megan and Karen,

Thanks so much. What beautiful comments. I learned a great deal from Roger and it was my honor to listen. I've always been a good listener because I genuinely love people and their stories. I actually consider becoming a documentary film maker while in college because I wanted to record the lives of ordinary people. When my Grandmother died in the early 90's I was devasted that so many of her stories went with her. She had agreed to sit down with me on film and talk, but her ovarian cancer was brutal and took her before we could record.

The fact each and every one of you would take the time to comment means you listen as well and I'm so lucky to have you in my life.

Mark ~ you did good honey!!! I will always cherish my conversations with Roger. Welcome back my dear friend. It's so nice to hear your voice. I've missed you. My love to your crew too!

Cinnamon ~ The honor was all mine. Seriously. There's something about walking a dog and gardening in the front yard that draws people to you if you're receptive, and I've been very fortunate to meet so many beautiful people while doing both over the decades. I mean this with all my heart...I'm SO lucky. For instance, I'm lucky to know you. We could share tea and a scone in a second and feel as if we'd been friends forever. I know that for sure. The same with everyone on this blog. People are generally so kind to me (except that guy on the bike at the park who called the police!!!!). As challenging as it is at times, I do love my life and all the wonderful friends I've collected. Please keep stopping by!

Megan ~ come over here sweetie and let me give you a big old hug. No, you're a gem!!!! You always make me feel better than I am. You're such a dear, dear soul. I mean that you know. You know me by now, I don't screw around or bullshit, so take that compliment and tuck it in a special place...probably your bar or panties. I meant "bra!" That's funny. Hey, it's been a long day. Thanks baby.

Karen ~ Hi baby. Thanks for stopping by you dear, sweet woman you! Like you I've always enjoyed talking to older people (and little kids.) Both tell it like it is. And yes, isn't it fascinating how older people usually find calm. My MIL and mom are perfect examples. All the crap we worry about they just throw there arms in the air and say "Who cares?!!!!" There's a freedom in letting go and just enjoying the moment. I hope to reach the point one day, just like you.

Roger was a good man and I learned much. Thanks for stopping by to comment. I adore you and like all the rest, the friendship we share matters a great deal.

With love to all,

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Life is full of so many gems; this one was named Roger . . . and you took the time to find the treasure. May God comfort you, I know you feel losses deeply (it takes one to know one). You will rest in my prayers as you rest in the day. Blow Roger a kiss for me next time you pass by his former home.

Love to you, my sweet and sensitive friend.

XO ~~ Debbie

Megan said...

Tucking completed. :)

Skeeter said...


A good neighbor is a tough person to lose. It's one of those things that happens, but you know, sometiimes just spending a few minutes with someone, talking to them and engaging in even a short fellowship with them can make all the difference to a person. It makes me happy to hear these kinds of stories where people just share a little bit of conversation with another person and bring some light into anothers life. It's hard to see a person leave this life and move on to the next, but that sense of community, I'm sure, never passes away dear.

Best wishes,


Anonymous said...

You probably made Roger's day every time you spoke to him.

I'm sorry to hear that he's gone. He was the lucky one to have a neighbor like you.


Mr. Shife said...

Suzanne you are so kindhearted and wonderful to take time to make this man's day by just talking with him. You have touched so many people's lives and I am just glad to know you. Sorry that you lost a friend.

Mr. Shife said...

And I forgot to mention that I hope you have a happy St. Patrick's Day.

Donna Lynn said...

We all need the lesson of truly listening to one another, thank you for the reminder!

I love your dog T-bone, what kind of doggie is he? I have a shar pei, staffordshire mix with a curly tail like his, he is just beautiful, kinda reminds me of my Teddy.

Take care and have a lovely St. Patrick's day.
Bless you,
Donna Lynn

Suzanne said...

Debbie ~ T-Bone and I walked past Roger's house last night and I swear to God I blew a kiss from you. I honestly do stuff like that. T-Bone and I had walked almost three miles in the dark and after peeing the entire three miles, T-Bone had one last pee for Roger's rock. I know Roger was laughing because he liked T-Bone alot! Love you and thanks darling. XO

Megan ~ Big hug. Gigantic! XO

Skeeter ~ Thanks baby. You're right. He was in my life for a reason and I'm grateful he graced it. Really, I am. I can't recall how many times we laughed so hard, hugged, cried. He had cancer about 2 years ago and lost part of his tongue. He wouldn't show anyone, but showed me. I said "Roger, that's just gross." We laughed our asses off. Oh how I loved that man. People connect for a reason.

Love you dear and thanks. XO

RC ~ He made my day too. He was a special guy. Very funny and very smart. I'll miss him terribly. I really will. His house is beautiful and will sell quickly. This is one of the best school districts in all Sacramento, so young couples with children are buying the houses. The neighborhood is changing and I'm certain all the old folks who had these homes custom built in the 60's are looking down from Heaven and smiling. It continues to be a beautiful neighborhood. Walking T-Bone reminds me how lucky we are. I bitch and moan about so much crap, but really, I have nothing to complain about. When we stopped in front of Roger's house last night I really looked at it while T-Bone peed on his big rock. I felt Roger next to me and thought about how lucky I am to be alive.

I love you darling. XO Thanks for always dropping by.

Suzanne said...

Mr. Shife (aka "Daddy," "Mr.Daddy"),

The honor was all mine. Trust me. So many amazing people just waltz into my life and I wonder why. I remember you once said "Your karma sucks." I agree my dear man!!! But I meet the most amazing people on the way!!! Does that mean it all just evens out? Good Blogger question..."What will I be in my next life!?"

Love you darling. XO

Donna Lynn ~ My name is Suzanne Lynne! Aren't we a match made in heaven! Where'd you get your Lynn? I got mine from my mom, Linda. Welcome!!!

T-Bone is beautiful. As far as the vet and groomer can determine, he's definatately a Basenji mixed with, they think, Lab. We lived in a very upscale part of the city 8 years ago and he showed up on our doorstep at 3 months old. I can't believe in a million years that someone would just drop him off because he's a very expensive dog and in 1990 (when he arrived), Basenji's were very rare in America. As you probably know, Basenji's are an African hunting dog with no bark. I found him eating my Keds! He was such a little cutie and I walked the neighborhood trying to find his home. I was unable. I put up fliers, took out ads, but nothing. To this day, I still think he walked away from an open gate and found us. He was well trained and such a honey. Someone loved him very, very much and somehow we just couldn't connect. I know someone lost a dog that day that they loved very much and who he loved, but he found us and the journey began!!! Nine years later here we all are. He's a remarkable dog and friend. He loves cats so much I often think he is one! Infact, he loves all animals. He's a gem. He's a special, special guy and why he found us eludes me. His tail curls because he's a Basenji, but unlike a Basenji at around 25 lbs, he's a good 70 lbs, like a Lab! He looks just like a Basenji, but is as big as a Lab. It's hilarious. And his tail is constant amusement for the cat/kittens. They play with it, hang from it, wack it, and T-Bone only lets out and occasional yelp!

He is, bar none, one of the greatest dogs on the planet. Thanks for noticing! Please stop by often. It's nice to have you here. I'll visit as well.

Have a lovely St. Patty's day too.

XO Suzy

Leah said...

Hi Suzy. I thought this was a beautiful post.

God, am I having a rough time. You know how it is sometimes. I'm totally crumbling. But I'll get back in the swing soon...


Mrsupole said...

Hi Suzanne,

I see and always read your comments at Megan's and Leah's and at a few others sites. I think to myself that this person is so loving and always shares this love with these people so much. Then sometimes I think to myself, oh how I wish I had someone who loved me this much and showed it the way you do. I can tell that they all know how much you do this from reading their comments.

vI can only say that if you did this for your friend Roger than he was a very lucky man. He got to have you do it in person and I am sure that it is ten fold what I read and feel on the sites. You may not have any idea how much you changed his life, but I can say that you just had to have done this. There is no way you could not. I just read your comments to the others and you make me feel so much better. Your love shines through.

Anyway I have been thinking of you the past few days and just wanted to see who this amazing person was. Now I know. I hope it is okay that I stop by and visit sometimes. I will continue to read your comments and will be blessed in doing so. If I could give you a big hug I would.

Thank you and God bless.

Suzanne said...


Thank you darling. Honey, you'll be okay. Just try to find some time for you. When Dr. P, who is younger than me, takes my face in her hands and says "You must find time for you," she breaks my heart. You know me, I never do, but I'm recommending that you do. I want you to live a long, happy life, so take the time and be a better woman than me.

I offered an amazing book I'm reading to Bob, but he didn't respond. When I'm done I'm sending it to you. It's really helpful. When you're done send it to RC. Just pass it along. Honestly, it's helpful.

Darling, I love you so much. Just wake up every day and realize it's a new beginning. I read recently in
"The 100 Simple Secrets Of Happy People," Chapter 29 Don't think "what if." "Spending your time imagining what would have been if you could have changed some little thing, some little decision in your life, is counterproductive and leaves you unhappy. Think about how you can improve for the future, but don't waste your present thinking about how you could have changed the past."

"Don't wallow in disappointment over how you got to where you are. Think about what you need to do to get where you want to be."

Words of wisdom. I weed wacked and mowed the lawn today because I can't worry about why it isn't being done, I just have to get it done. See, I'm learning too.

We're all going to be fine. We'll work through whatever it is we need and find support whenever necessary. I believe that with all my heart. Our Bogging friends are the best, and how we happened upon them I have no idea, but I'm grateful. Absolutely grateful. I love you dear. I ate an apple in your honor today and will probably eat one more!!! Oh, and just so you know, when I lighted the candle this morning for all my dearly departed, I included your wee one as well as Kylie's in roll call. Seriously, this kitchen is getting very overcrowded!

The biggest kiss and hug,

Leah said...

Those are wonderful words of wisdom. I will happily read the book.

Thank you, Suzy, for including Pippin in your candle-lighting! I like to think of him with all of yours, crowding around you like that...

It's so empty in my house without him, you know. What's your opinion on getting a new dog? How soon is too soon? Sarge says that when we're ready for it, a new dog will just show up in our lives, needing us--that's how it's always happened before. But I don't know...


Cece said...

My phone battery just went dead. It didn't even beep at me to let me know that it was getting low. It just shut off. I'll call you again when it charges back up a bit and we can finish the conversation we were having. But at the moment, I'm going to take this opportunity and take the boys to Sonic for the Sundae that I promised them. Talk to you later.

Cece said...

Crap! Now I'm crying again for the loss of Roger. He sounds like a wonderful guy. My heart aches for him that his wife had stopped liking him. I sometimes feel my husband has done the same thing with me. There are days that I feel as if he doesn't even like me. I hope that I am wrong, but I just an not sure anymore. Anyway. I have enjoyed talking to you tonight. I love you so much. You always make me feel so good about myself when I need it most. What a gem of a woman you are.

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne! Still stopping by!

Suzanne said...


Thanks from the bottom of my heart and welcome. I must admit I've noticed you as well. Your name is quite unique!!! Are you a pole dancer???!!!

I actually love your blog but am unable to leave a message. Other friends have a similar comment page and it's the same story. I can't figure it, and trust me, I've tried SO HARD! We'll just have to chat here, but know I will continue to visit your blog.

Your words are so kind and it's nice to know I'm a better woman than I think I am. I do my best to love animals, people, friends and family, but always feel as if I fail in some way because I know I can do better. Your words inspired me to more today in the parking lot of WalMart. I got out of the car after leaving the park, feeding the ferals and helping a few homeless. Trust me, I'm suffering with the economy as you might imagine and so money isn't as easy to come by as it was. A woman asking for money approached me and I told her I feed ferals and help homeless and I just didn't have additional money to help her. She thanked me for doing what I do and put her hand to my face. I left her, walked probably 8 yards, realized that was an absolute lie, turned back and opened my wallet. I gave her all the change I had and she said "You know you didn't have to do that." I knew, but the choice was easy because I have more than she does. I gave her not more than $3, but she must have collected more because she was gone when I returned to my car. I was grateful she'd collected enough for gas in her car and food in her belly.

Thank's for noticing what I do and who I am. Thank's too for keeping me on my toes. What a thoughtful comment and what a gift to me. You are welcome to stop by as often as you wish. Having you here is pure joy. Just remember I do swear and I do have a short fuse every so often!!!! Just stand back blows over pretty quickly!

Thanks so much for making an effort. I'm so happy you're here.

Much love,

Suzanne said...

Leah, Leah, Leah,

Including Pippin was no effort. What fun. He was with us all this morning! I think he likes cats! And you're very welcome. One morning he just appeared and I though "Hummmmmmmmmmmm. Okay, Get in here." Yes, this kitchen is very crowded in the morning, but he doesn't seem to mind. And yes, he really is here. Trust me and thank you for giving me the green light. He really is delightful.

I know how much you miss him. I do know honey. I miss Newman so much and believe the day will come when I exhale. You will too. We're coming up on Newman's 3 month anniversary and it hurts as deeply as it did the day he died. I haven't exhaled yet. I cut off some of his fur and tucked it in an antique cordial glass before buring him. I felt it this morning for the first time in over 2 months. I closed my eyes. Yup, still feels like Newman!!! He was a great guy and why he had to leave us so soon I will never understand. But the memories evoked by fur. Oh the memories.

Don't ever worry about taking time to grieve. Pippin loved you and visa vera. The tap doesn't just shut off. I'm going to take a shadow box and mount Newman's collar, photos, fun stuff from the Vet's, his favorite toy and some of his fur. When I look at it I will always remember the wonderful years he spent with all of us. You might consider that too.

About a new dog. As you know, like you, all the animals in my life have found me. That doesn't mean it's isn't a good thing to look. So many dogs and cats are in need and just a shelter away. Your heart will tell you what to do. If you wake up one day and decide to go to the shelter, then that's the right choice! If you don't, and wait for a wee one to come to you, then that's the right choice. What ever you do is okay because in the end you will have rescued another animal and seriously Leah, that's what matters because so many are in need. Kitties too. I think you should have a kittie too!!! If you can afford one. If you lay off the hampster's (Phat Boy's)food you can probably afford a kittie!

I love you so much. You know that. I'm sorry times have been so rough lately, but am confident you'll find your way. You're a smart, strong woman and you make one mean cup-o-jo, so how can it be all bad?! Hang in there baby and know that we're all here, just lovin' the crap out of you.

*Eats another apple, reads another chapter.* Yes my darling, I will send this book the moment I'm through. It's a keeper, but don't keep it. Pass it along.

I love you,

Mr. Shife said...

I think this is the question you wanted me to answer when you commented on my blog - Oh, by the way, will "Wee Shife" be presented to us with white crap all over her/his face? Please say no.

OK I will say no. But it would have been no even if you didn't ask but thanks for asking. And I hope that is what you wanted me to answer.

Suzanne said...

Mr. Shife,

Just so we're clear, I didn't mean the white stuff that's on a baby after birth, cuz that's just precious. I mean the white stuff that's all over your face!!! That is what I wanted you to answer.

Now I'd like you to answer, "What is the meaning of life?"

XO On Serious, Serious Baby Watch! This is it buddy! Holy Crap!

Suzanne said...


Don't ever not stop by. Cece and I were on you blog last night and the photos are so beautiful. She wrote to you because I can't. You live in such a beautiful place.


Mr. Shife said...

Oh that picture. I guess I might have a new one or two or a hundred after Baby Shifley is born that I can possibly update my current blogger photo with. And the meaning of life, huh? To be serious I would say that it is to make the world a better place than you found it. Now if you want the expected smart ass answer I would say the meaning of life is not to take it so seriously ... no one gets out alive or eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow they may make it illegal

Megan said...

Amen, Matt. To both versions!

Suzanne said...

Mr. Shife. I love you. I try to make the world a better place but usually fail miserably. Tonight I think I may have made a dent!!! I called CHIPS to report something and met a beautiful CHIPS officer named Megan. She should arrive soon as Megan II!!! Yes, I gave her my blog!!! For those of you who don't know, CHIPS is the California Highway Patrol. They're like, well, God!!! I had to report something tonight to protect my ass after running a red light and I reported it to Megan. She's a gem. She told me I did the right thing from beginning to end. She's Irish. She's smart. She's funny. She is well, our Megan, and welcomed here with open arms, but I told her we already have a Megan, so she'd had to be Megan II. She didnt hesitate. She should be here soon. Of course I didn't tell her about the socks. Those socks are mine!


Megan Rose said...

Dear Suzanne,
What a wonderful and truly touching story! Thank you so much for lighting up my evening with your beautiful words, paintings and photographs! Your kitties are so adorable! Xoxo's to them all :) I am so glad you've introduced me to 'blogging'! I am addicted already. Your rose cottage studio is so beautiful, I feel as though I am right there, enjoying a cup of tea and purring kitty by my side. Thank you for making me smile!
Love, Megan2 your local dispatcher

Leah said...

thank you Suzy!

your words mean everything. i've been finding a lot of comfort over here.

e said...

What a beautiful tribute and posting, Suzanne! It brought a tear to my eye. You and Roger were so fortunate to find each other in this world. I wish you well. I must get off the computer now, haven't been able to post or comment much, but I wanted to stop by and when I saw your post, I just had to acknowledge it. Tell Megan C I appreciated her email.

Suzanne said...


Amen!!! Hi honey!

Yes, with huge sigh, will support USC today. That's how much I love you. *Rolls eyes in head.*


Suzanne said...

Megan Rose! You did make it!!! I was so afraid my URL wasn't clear and I'd have to contact you again if you didn't show up. I'm so glad you're here. Meeting you last night was terrific. I actually thought you were an officer at the front desk, I didn't realize I'd reached the dispatch office. Just so you know, you're the best damn dispatcher I've ever talked to!!!! And if you'd like me to write a recommendation to CHIPS, I will. I'd never hesitate. Thanks for being so kind, generous, funny and everything! I know it was all recorded, but sometimes a handwritten note makes a huge difference. You are so good at what you do. You should be Mayor of Sacramento! Seriously.

You're gonna laugh honey. I was at the same intersection this morning on my way to Trader Joe's in Citrus Heights. I started to laugh. Then realized I still hadn't checked the car for damage as you suggested. I still haven't. It's raining right now, so I'm not going out to look. I laughed because I though about how sore that woman's hand must be today. She abused the hell out of my car!!! Then I laughed because I realized I'd gone through the red light in the knic of time, because there were going to be some very, very angry people waiting behind the SUV as the light changed and those two women were still standing in the left hand turn lane! You know how long red lights are here in Sacramento. If you don't make it through after waiting a good 5 minutes, you're usually pretty testy.

You said the two women probably learned a valuable less and I said "No." But look what trash thrown on a road did. It helped us find one another!!! Is that hilarious, or what? I'm sure we'll always communicate and without those two idiots, we would never have found one another. Life is so interesting.

Thanks for the lovely words about my blog. Megan, you'll learn (if you haven't already) I'm so imperfect! Read old post and you'll see, but I try so hard. Honestly, I do. I'm laughing because I know my friends reading this are laughing. Darling, have fun here. Visit my "friends," and enjoy them as well. I've collected them from all over the world and they are so precious to me and I know they will embrace you. They're wonderful.

We also collectively have The Wild Onion and it's a hoot. Often time raunchy, but always a fun place to sit your ass at the bar and have a drink. Even if it's water. Good luck with that!

Thank you for doing exactly what you said. It's my honor to have you here. I'll introduce you to everyone within the next week, so have fun and enjoy. And thank you so much for having 6 kitties. It mean there's one less out on the street! And thank's too for last night. Just hearing your calming voice at the other end of the line made a huge difference. HUGE!!!

Also, just so you know, I visited your blog but for some reason can't leave a message on anyone's blog with a Google comment page. We'll have to chat here. I love the orange story and the photo is stunning. You're me, just younger. What a beautiful, beautiful post. You are too. It was nice to see your photo and put a face to last night. Good luck with your new home and future hubby. Wonderful.

Much love,

Cece said...

Hey you, go to my blog and get your award.

Gig said...

Hey Woman!! Isn't it about time for me to hear your upstate N.Y. accent?!!

Looks like we are losers in the "sock" dept. *rolls eyes,while pouting*.

love you,

Megan Rose said...

Oh Suzanne! You are so sweet! I adore you. I just wrote back to you with a long lovely response and cyber space gobbled it right up. POOF! It's gone. Don't know where it went :(
I'll have to make this comment a bit shorter unfortunately... I don't think I have much patience left after that! lol
Thank you for all the kind words. You are so sweet ;) I appreciate it so very, very much. It's rare that we dispatchers hear compliments! You're a dear!
I think its funny you thought I was an officer. You know, my mother is a retired CHP officer, maybe she has rubbed off on me. My father is also a police officer, so it runs in the family!
I absolutely LOVE our story of how we met! All over a pile of trash! haha! What a blessing that God can bring two people together into a friendship over something so totally random! But I bet you are right... that lady's hand is probably KILLING her today! ha! serves her right!
I will post pics of my kitties a little later this week. I will also get some of Marc up there as well. I'm sure we'll have tons of pics of moving into the new house :)
I was trying to troubleshoot why you can't leave a comment on my page, and I found this link:
Maybe this will help? I hope so. I don't have much patience with techie things!
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Its suppose to keep raining, so I suggest a nice fire, cup of hot tea and some furry friends to cuddle up with! Enjoy :)
Megan Rose

Suzanne said...


You are such a dear friend. Thanks!!!

I love you!

Suzanne said...


I don't have a NY accent. Really, you didn't notice?! I haven't called because I didn't want to impose. I know how hectic life is for you at the moment, but hell, I'll give you a call in the next day or so just to complicate things! What are friends for?

Socks. Hummmmmmmmmmm. We screwed up big time not having a house in Florida for our friends to stay. We have to start thinking outside the box Giggie. Let's pretend we live in Washington DC from now on and have to give a little to get a little. That's how it works, right? *Pounds fist on table..."I WANTS MY SOCKS." Slips Heggie a twenty.*

Love you baby!!! XO

Gig said...

Just finished watching MICHIGAN STATE WIN!! Sorry bout USC...
GO GREEN!!! Ya see, I am a Michigan girl, blue is my fav, but when they are not in the game...go green!!

About the socks, I do have acess to several condos in Florida...wonder if we can use them as an incentive...uhm...

Life here is always complicated, so feel free to call anytime.

love ya,
giggie, xoxo

Walker said...

It doesn't take much to stop and talk to someone even if they are a litle long winded, something i know personaly.
I am sorry you lost your friends but I am happy yu had that friendship.

Mr. Shife said...

Just stopping by to say hi and to let you know that we went to the baby doctor today and the doctor expects the baby to be here any day now. Due date is Friday.

Robyn said...

Touching story...friend! Good bye dear Roger!

Suzanne said...


Congrats on the Michigan win. We used to live next to a doctor who got his degree from Michigan. God, he was such a HUGE fan!!! Too funny.

USC. That's Megan. I was simply supporting her although I'm from UCLA and UC Berkeley (USC is hated rival!!!) So don't worry about me, I'm fine.

Condos in Florida and socks. Giggie, where did we go wrong? Perhaps if you'd advertised the condos more we could have won the socks. What the hell were you thinking?

Nice to know you're like my family..."life is complicated, just call."

I love you baby. I will call. I'm a bit under the weather, but should be good to go in a few days. So be prepared!


P.S. This is a question for hubby. Cece thinks the name is Polish. I don't. It's Russian. Right? Before my mom remarried my named ended with "ski," Polish. "Sky" is Russian? No? Please clear that up for us. Thank you. *In anticipation rubs Cece's face in wrestling mud.* What? That's was just too damn fun! Even if I'm wrong!!!

Suzanne said...


You real???!!! Is this true? You're here!!! *Looks around to be sure.* Everybody else sees her. Right?

Thanks baby. Love you.

Suzanne said...

Mr. Shife,

I'm on baby watch. I'm so excited for you and your family.

We love you,

Suzanne said...

Walker! Hi honey! It's funny, I never mind long-winded. Roger was a great guy and I enjoyed the hell out of him. I learned so much.

I'll stop by soon. Sorry I'm not getting around as much. Life is crazy here. Thanks for always showing up.


Suzanne said...

Hi Giggie,

GO MICHIGAN! I'm not a USC fan because I attended UC Berkeley and UCLA. It was just Be Kind To Megan Day!!! Our previous neighbor, a doctor, went to Michigan and loved his dear school to bits. Every game mattered and he'd wear his Michigan jersey for every event. He cracked me up. Every time you mention Michigan I think of him.

Baby, if you haven't noticed, Bob's holding a sock contest. It's for lobster socks. You might want to stop by, but don't plan on winning. I think I have it in the bag. No, really. Bug off. Get.

I LOVE YOU. I'll call.

Suzanne said...

Megan Rose,

Hi darling. I can't sit at the intersection of Madison and San Juan without thinking of you!!!

Cyber space eating a comment. Welcome to the club baby! Don't worry because what you posted is terrific. I can't believe how we met either. It's just silly funny. I wonder where you are? Are you dispatching at the CHIPS center. When I pulled in it was closed. I sat there just looking and a CHIPS officer pull past me, went throught the gates and just kept looking at me, as if I'd "poof" be gone if he blinked. I just kept sitting there waiting for the front door to open. It didn't!!! Obviously. So I called you!!! Now I wonder if you were behind the doors mocking me!? Yes, that was me in the black Mercedes. Shut up! You guys pretend you're closed, but you aren't, are you?

Yup, woman #2 is probably still nursing a bad hand. She really did beat the crap out of my car, but my girl held up well. I checked her out as you suggested and she's good to go.

Can hardly wait for the pics. Darling it's so nice to have you here. It's funny because I know you're right here!!! Probably just a few blocks away. We'll have to meet you know. Oh, and of course take photos. I need a hair cut. Let's wait till I get that and lose another 5 lbs!!!

Love you darling and thanks for gracing my blog. I'll check in soon and I'll try your suggestion re Google. If I comment on your page you'll know it worked.

Talk to you soon. And if not I'll just call CHIPS 911 and ask for Megan!

;) XO

Suzanne said...


Thanks for my award!!! I'm humbled.

Gig said...

Blottie, Suze, Lionfish...whatever your name is!!

Great to talk with you and Cece, what a hoot!!

Wanted to answer your question in regards to last name...get ready to mud wrestle and is Czech-Bohemian. Not Polish or Russian. Sorry bout that. Funny story for you, 1st husband first name same as Mr. Big's. Last name also started with V and was Czech. And they are both from the same small town. I don't believe it myself, but it is true. I have endured lots of jokes about anything monogrammed from the first one was good for the second,lol.

Good luck on the socks...Lionfish!!

love you,
giggie, xoxo

Megan Rose said...

Suzanne you crack me up!!! Were you at the North Sac CHP station of Madison and Date? Cause I have a little secret to tell you!! We dispatchers are super sneaky and actually work in a big dispatcher center in Rancho Cordova! So I actually wasn't there! LOL
I told my mom about how we met and everything, and she thought it was so hilarious. But the best part is I told her all about you and your kitties and your rose cottage studio and your gorgeous paintings and she was like, "Oh my gosh! We have to meet her!!!" haha!! It's so funny because even though my mother was a CHP officer, she is so feminine and loves gardening, kitties, and roses! My mom and I are partial to roses since its both our middle names. I just know my mom would die and go to heaven if she saw that beautiful bird house you painted!
We definitely have to meet! I am moving into my new house today in Carmichael, I am so excited! My boyfriend Marc and I are off to get creative and start the front bathroom remodel. I can't wait to show you the before and after pictures!
Hope you're having a wonderful weekend. Talk to you soon :)
~ Megan Rose

Suzanne said...


God, had a blast with you and Cece. You two crack me up.

Names. Interesting. Mom remarried so we took our Second Dad's" name (German), but "Original Dad" was Polish and the name ended with "ski." Cece though your hubby might be Polish. I said "No that's not possible because Polish is "ski", not sky." Sky is Russian. I don't think she believed a word I said!!! See, I was right. Hubby isn't Polish!!! Cece has no faith! I'm Polish and Czech on my Dad's side, French, German and English on my Mom's side. So do most Czech names end with sky? Why?

Oh, and the silliness about your hubby's last names and place of birth killed me! Giggie, you don't think outside the box too often, do you?!!! What were you doing, trying to marry your first husband when you married your second husband? That is just too damn funny. God I love you. You're just too cute.

Hey honey, did you and hubby notice "Hunter" is gone. Yup, just up and left. Hummmmmmmmmm. I'll miss is stories. I loved reading about his kids. They're a hoot! And I'll miss him because he's such a part of our everyday life. All the toys he sent litter the house and the cat food he sent is now in our everyday. I love that man. Not romantically of course, but as a dear friend, and I'll miss him very much. He hasn't emailed, so don't expect him to. It's sad how people you care about just go away, but leave a huge imprint. I do love that man. I'll miss the stories of the kids, his wife, being in nature. He helped me look at life a bit differently, and I'm grateful because I'm often miophic.

I love you darling. What a joy it is to hear your voice, laugh and have a grand old time. Then Cece just amps it up a notch!!! I am so grateful for you and our friendship. I often think about how lucky all of us are. Really. Who would have thought One Pic could united an entire nation? Thank God he did. I wouldn't trade the past "almost" two years of my life for the world. I love you very, very much. Hang in there and just know there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

With so much love,
Your Polish Friend!!!

Robyn said...

Talent??? Yeah right...miss I can paint anything and make it look beautiful! You have WAY more talent than me, I just copy! So that makes me a cheat! Loved that you came by and said hi, love seeing you there!

kylie said...

do you realise you havent posted in two weeks???

Suzanne said...


Leave me alone. Don't you have laundry to do or something?

I'm aware of my failure to produce. But I'm headed to Canada to help "Walker" out, so things are looking up. He just turned 50. You know Walker, right? If not, please make an effort. Robyn introduced us and he's a hoot. I can honestly say you'd fit right in. Leah's there too. *Stops by WalMart to buy a new bra. Padded.*

And just so you know young lady, I tried to post. I loaded all the photos for Leah (because I promised her a post) and when I tried to find them, couldn't. I have HUNDREDS of photos and have to wade through them when I add new ones. I can't find the damn photos for my new post. Oh, and I've been sick. Really sick. I think most of California is sick. None of us can figure out if it's allergies, a cold or the two combined. I think it's a combination. I feel horrible and that's why I deserve lobster socks. Because something obviously bit me.

This is so funny. I was on the phone this afternoon with a tech from Comcast because my computer wasn't "performing," and the poor guy was so sick with the same thing I'm suffering. I said "Why aren't you home in bed?" He said I've been home for 5 days and just returned today. I informed him he should have stayed home. He agreed, but proceeded to fix my computer. Miracle worker.

I will post in the next day or two. Promise. I have to answer all my lovely fans first. Oh, and you mentioned you need a haircut. Honey, if it gets any shorter you'll be bald.


P.S. Thanks for all the fun at the Wild Onion. ;)

Anonymous said...

Am i going mad? I am sure I commented on a new post this morning!- did you delete? are you ok?

Leah said...

Cinnamon, you're not going mad--but where's the post, Suzy? All those great photos?

Anonymous said...


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