Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A bird house I painted

I've been tagged by Leah and stole this directly from her blog. The gist of it: "Mention six things of no real importance about yourself" and then tag six more people--see, it's like a chain letter but more fun." She was tagged by Megan and so it goes.
Okay, let's all agree, I'm not going to tag six more people. Why? No time!!! If you want this, just take it. I have no time to learn how to highlight and post links in the text of my blogs, then alert those tagged,etc. Honestly, I don't, so just wing it and have fun!!!!!!
Here are my six:

1) Like Princess Di, I bite my nails. (I haven't always, but there are periods of nail biting.)

2) I would like to have been a drummer in a famous rock band.

3) As confident as I am, I'm often insecure like everyone else.

4) My dad was a logger, but I'm a tree hugger.

5) I like crayons.

6) I adore and can operate heavy equipment, but love roses.

And so it goes...


*** UPDATE***

I've changed my mind. I will tag! I tag: Cece, Robyn, Bob, Karen, Giggie, Jo, Skeeter, Debbie in CA, Mr. Shife and of course Random Chickie. That's 10. Hummmmmm. I could go on, but will stop at 10 because I can't remember the rules and don't have time to find them.

Okay you guys, this is my rule, you have to drop by Leah's or Megan's blog for the official rules. Just remember, you are under no obligation to take part in this fun tag, but I hope you do. XO :)


just bob said...


You're not going to delete this one are you Blottie?

Suzanne said...

I don't know...give me a few seconds to think about that.

XO ;)

Leah said...

Wonderful, Suzy.

My sis draws seriously, and she loves crayons. That's super cool that you do too.

A rock n' roll drummer? Yes, I could totally see it. Like Meg White but even cooler and probably more talented...

great list.


Suzanne said...


Crayons. It's amazing how many colors you can get in a box for around five bucks!!! I cherish each and every one. So glad your sis is a fan. True artist understand simplicity!!! They also understand the art of pure joy!

Drummers. Thanks sweetie. For me, Will Champion of Coldplay. Go to You Tube and click on videos then type in Coldplay. You'll see a live concert of Fix You. That's the kind of drummer I imagine myself. It's the kind of rock music I love. You know my niece is a doctor, but she was a drummer first. The best. One of the best in NY state. But she wanted to be a doctor. And so she is. I often wonder what life would have been like for her as a drummer. She's damn good, but she's also a damn good doctor.

Isn't life interesting Leah? I also love the guitar and piano. Can't play for the life of me, but there's always hope!!!

Love you darling,

Suzanne said...

Oh and Leah, I'm so modest, I'd never show as much cleavage as Meg White!!! I'd wear a tee shirt!!! Seriously.


Megan said...

Hiya! I like your lil' list!!!

Yay crayons!

Can I have that birdhouse?????

Anonymous said...

You still could totally be a drummer in a rock band...and maybe even a famous one too.

Never stop dreaming, baby!

Sorry I've been has been crazy busy. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the bird house. Do you sell them? I want one!!! How much??


Gig said...

Put me on the list for a birdhouse...the birds will be back in MI soon...uh, maybe.
Really the birdhouse is beautiful Suze.

Love long as gkids are not using my walls to display their Art,LOL.

Great List Blottie!!

love you,

Leah said...

Yes, I forgot to say that the birdhouse is lovely!

just bob said...

Wow, 6 hours and this post hasn't been deleted yet.

Hi Blottie!!!!!!!!

Suzanne said...


Hi baby. Yes you can have that bird house. But I've recently learned at a price!!!


Suzanne said...


Love you sweetie. Honey, whatdayathink? Like $40, $30? I've recently been inundated with requests! How funny. Honey, you set the price. What ever you think, that's good enough for me. There is a bit of a wait however. I think they're worth about $70, but I'm the unrealistic artist!!!!! You'll have to wait a month for delivery. Seriously. There's just one of me and one hell of a wait list. Hold on.

Thanks for loving me baby. I adore you.


Suzanne said...

Oh, and RC...the Coldplay drummer. That's me! I'm still dreamin' baby.

Suzanne said...

HI BOB!!!!!!!!

Yup, still here drummin' up business! Who knew? My mom did! She would often say "Suzanne (she's serious when she calls me Suzanne), most people can't afford your paintings, but can afford a birdhouse." And to think, I've been giving them away free all these years!

I think I may have me,
a cottage industry.


Suzanne said...


Prove it. Buy one!

I'm laughing too hard. I've had so many orders, I'm backlogged. Too funny.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the bird house Suzanne- you really are very talented :)

Suzanne said...


I always smile when you show up. Consider yourself listed. After the response to my birdhouse (phone calls and emails) I think I'm going to open a website to sell them. How funny. But I love the idea of a cottage industry because anything with the world cottage appeals to me! You know what this means don't you? Blogging is out! I can't blog and paint with only 24 hours in a day. We'll all have to keep in touch via email. You know I suck at email!!! Okay, so you'll have to come visit me.

*This is going to work after all.*


P.S. Thinking about Mr. Big and Mom. Hope you're holding up.

Karen ^..^ said...

I love that you paint so beautifully. I wish I could. If there is one thing in life I wish I could do that I can't, its draw and paint. I so admire those that can.

Your meme is adorable, and I love it. I may do it, maybe not. We'll see how tired I am after work tonight. Yesterday I was worn out, and after cooking dinner, I pretty much died and went to bed a little after ten.

I've always wanted to be a drummer too. Don't they always look so cool? and the rhythm they make is awesome. Phil Collins is one of the most skilled percussionists out there.

Cece said...

I'll get back with ya'll as soon as I finish up this week in HELL (aka work). I'm luky this week, I only had to work days, and now I only have minutes of those three days left. Wish me luck on my escape!

Skeeter said...

Hi Suzanne,

Yes, I will post for this meme. It sounds like fun. The birdhouse is really nice! Very cool. I think you still play the drums for a band dear. It's not a problem at all. We could use a new drummer here in our band. Can you commute to Oklahoma City for practice?

Best wishes,


Anonymous said...

Another meme for you to contend with! You have been awarded a Lemonade Blog Award! please visit my blog to collect!

Suzanne said...


Thanks for the compliment and for the award. I love your blog. I wish I could comment, but as you're aware, I can't. Your dog is adorable!!! So's your house. I feel all warm and cosy there. (It's spelled "cozy" here in the US, but I like cosy better!)

I enjoy your visits and blog so much and wish you a happy weekend.


Suzanne said...


You're such a cutie pie. Thanks for your kindness and support.

Are you a bit more rested? There are days I konk out around 6pm! I get everything done, lie down on the sofa and say "I'll just be here a moment or two." Next thing I know it's midnight!

Phil Collins. I agree. Remember when he was with Genisus? I loved that band. Still have all the "tapes!!!" How funny. I do love the drums, but also the guitar, but you know I'm a sucker for a piano. Oh, and then the violin. ;)


Suzanne said...


Thanks for the warm compliment about the bird house. You're a dear.

Now, drumming. Yes, it would be a problem because I've never played the drums!!! I don't think you'd want me communting to OK even if I am a quick learner.

Just so you know, my niece lived the dream. She's an awesome drummer. In high school one of the best in NY State, but she decided to become a psychologist and help at risk youth in the public school system. Just think, the public school system has slashed arts and music programs over the past few decades, yet my niece benefitted from both and went on to help the public school system. Go figure. Irony.

I just came back from the toy store with my little "Starter" drum set. 1,2,3, 1,2,3...


Suzanne said...

Good luck Cece! Fly like an eagle!

Anonymous said...


You tagged me! Now I have to DO something!

And you should charge $40 for the bird houses. SERIOUSLY! You'd make LOTS of money!

Walker said...

It's a woman perogative to change her mind.

I can see you hammering away with a couple os sticks

Anonymous said...