Saturday, March 28, 2009

A New Year of Gardening and Roses...

April 2nd
Maybe I'll see you soon.
About a week ago Leah was feeling a bit low, so I went out and took photos of Spring to share with her. Unfortunately I have so many photos on the computer I couldn't find them to load. Then I got sick!

Yesterday the first roses bloomed and I can't help but share.

I photographed lots of yellow flowers to give Leah hope. Forsythia outside the kitchen window.

Herchera. Herchera has a wee flower right around now, but is never appreciated for her flower, but her form. She loves the shade.

My darling Forget-Me-Nots. These weren't here last year. The wind blows the seeds and the following spring you have hundreds and hundreds more. It's one of the joys of life.

Daffodils kill me. I'm a huge fan. Leah, I hope you're smiling because I am. I have so many varieties that my blooming season is usually over two months. These little beauties just unfolded a few days ago. My season began in February.
A lime green variety of Heuchera. LOVE IT!!
Clouds for Cece. She loves them you know.

T-Bone and I took a walk around the block to show off our neighborhood to all of you, but 3 houses up he went limp on me. I said "Baby, what's wrong? I looked at his paw. It was raw. He had mowed the lawn with his father the previous day (his favorite thing in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD), but must have stepped on a thorn or something and had licked his pad raw. So we turned around and went home. I doctored it and taped a sock to his foot! He's still mending. He get's infections easily, so I have to be careful. Sadly, we haven't walked since, so you only get to see 3 houses!!!
I love the first so much. They relandscaped the entire house and it really is special. Lots of classical features, lots of water-wise Mediterraean plants. It's simple stunning, and it looks like that around the entire house. It's my favorite landscape for miles around. Be sure to enlarge the photo. I'll try to take better photos soon. T-Bone kept yanking my arm as I was trying to photograph. He's often unkind and impatient. Men.
Another view.
The house next door. Recently bought by a contractor. It's a lovely home. I didn't do it justice.Cinammon, I think it's Jasmine. I'm going back for a better look. I love that the homeower built this between the lots. Brilliant!
The house to the left. Yes, that's my finger.
Newman a few years ago watching as I brushed my teeth. I miss him very, very much.
I love watching the view change. The White Birch have leafed out in March and I've gathered Forget-Me-Nots.
Another view of the kitchen window early in the morning. Late March. The Forsythia is still in bloom and Newman's dish still holds a place of honor. Everything on the sink ledge is iron stone except the crystal. Newman's dish included. Newman is still a part of our daily life and will be forever missed.
Phatty Foo-Foo Gone Wild. She's not fat, she's simply all hair.
Leah wrote a post about her grandparent's fruit bowl. I started some of my own. I now eat so much fruit. I never ate it when it was in the frig. I suggest you all start a fruit bowl. It'll change your life! These are beautiful Galla apples. More!
Close up.
Phatty Foo-Foo and Picasso (both feral rescues).
I lost all the skunks in the Discovery Park fire, but one. She's like a pet! I walk into the woods and call for Emma and the skunk comes running!
Nash and Skunkie...(trust me, Nash is going to run away in about a second cuz Skunki's tail is high and she means busniess!)
Emma and Skunkie...
Skunkie loves kittie food...
Bijou (a feral rescue ~ Hillary's son) has a serious love affair with the computer...

A perennial morning glory. It can grow to over 60 ft. I knew that, but bought it anyway. Then bought a second one. I'm almost living to regret it!!!
I promised to post about the roofing, but never got around to it. I will. It was unbelievable. Here's one of the great roofers who installed a sky light in the garage. I wish I could have afforded 3 more. He was very easy on the eye and an absolute riot.
The view from the kitchen window one sunny morning in January.

My darling, darling feral Nash. Watching me leave him. Again.

Camelias in January.

It was raining on the west side of the house and the sun was shining.
I ran to the east side to see it. It didn't disappoint...
With so much love,


Joyful Jo said...

I love the photos of your street and your kitties. You have a skunk as one of your followers unreal! Simba sits in front of the computer and stares at me until i feed him and won't budge until i get up of the chair and only when he is sure i am really going to the kitchen. Otherwise if i don't he won't let me look at the screen. If i try to ignore him he attacks my hand when i have my hand on the mouse.Simba has worked out this is very effective tactic to use.
We have been putting our fruit in a bowl but they seem to sometime ripen too quickly. But it is better than the fridge where it can be forgotten.
best wishes

Leah said...

Lovely, lovely. That picture of the sky is truly gorgeous. As is Newman's portrait.

And as for the fruit bowl, it's true! It really does compel you to eat more fruit! I've been stocking mine with little tangerines lately; we all need the vitamin C in our house.

I'm going to experiment with more exotic fruit to tempt Hedgie. Kumquats, for instance. And those teeny tiny little bananas. And starfruit. Any other suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures Suzanne. You know what comes through? Your appreciation of beauty. I can see you gazing out of the window, noticing things of beauty the rest of us might miss. Is that the view of the street from your kitchen? Whose is the pergola with all the trailing plants- are they clematis?jasmine?

It is wonderful that you have picture memories of Newman, although it may be painful to look at them and remember. As time passes the pain will diminish (but not the memories, thankfully!)

A skunk- wow! Only ever seen them on cartoons!

Re fruit Leah- try passion fruit. Wait till they go very wrinkly. Cut the top off like a boiled egg and eat with a spoon. Or scoop contents, jellified seeds and all, into a mug. Add hot water and a spoon of honey and drink. Catch those little frogspawney seeds with a spoon. Inhale that smell :)

Cece said...

This is a very nice post Suze. It is as beautiful as you are.

Cinnamon, thanks for the comment about passion friut. Our property that we have is covered in passionfruit in late summer and early fall. I can hardly wait to try them.

Leah said...

Cinnamon, I will do!

Hi Suzy!

Megan said...

Thanks for sharing these photos with us! They are great and I agree with Cinnamon one hundred percent - it is your love of beauty that shines through.

Excellent idea about the fruit bowl. It shall be done!

Suzanne said...



I guess I can stop using caps. Remember when Queen Goob said something about it must be nice to afford to remodel an office. That made me laugh. I didn't throw any of the old stuff out or give it away, just stored it in the garage. I "shopped" in the garage today for all my components, but had terrible luck with some stuff. With the remodel of the whole house I can't find a damn think in that store! I had to recut all the wood, figure out all the math again, find new screws and achors, etc. You know, time wasters. And to think, the garage, my tools, wood, and all the little things used to be so beautifully organized. What happened to my life?!

Thanks for all stopping by and commenting you darling souls. I'll be back later to respond. I have the desk with my computer in place once again (I LOVE having my old desk back!!!!), but have to work on the second desk where I do sketching, drawing, etc., and I'd really like to get the job done today.

Thank so much for overlooking so much! I don't even think I titled the post yet!!! Did I? Too funny.

Love you all, and thanks! XO

just bob said...

I'm going to start a bacon bowl for my living room.

Hi Blottie... I'm finally back online.

Leah said...

A bacon bowl!!!!!!! OMG that is so funny

Suzanne said...

How do you read what I write so fast, then comment so quickly? Are you stalking me!!!!!

Please go easy on the bacon. If you do I predict you will lose another 10 lbs within a month. Now get off your ass, stop watching Comcast and take a walk. It's only 9:10!!! Or stop talking to me and get back to the contest. We want a winner damit/dammit.


P.S. Love you Bob!

Suzanne said...

Leah, get your adorable little smirk out of here and stop encouraging that sort of nonsense. "Bob, don't read what she wrote."

Do you realize how much you look like Heggie? I didn't realize until seeing your new photo. Wow. Honestly, I adore the new photo. Even if you can't see it without your glasses, leave it a spell. You look mischievous.


Suzanne said...

Hi Jo! It's always so good to see you. I'm glad you enjoyed the tour and the kitties. I finally got the post up and running properly which means I didn't get my office completed today! I realize I fell asleep at the computer last night and Rob turned it off. He must have "Published" thinking that's what I would have done. Too funny.

You're Simba is hilarious. I just love animals and the way they communicate. He's no fool!!! He does what he does and makes you do what he wants. How that's a proper kitty!

And, oh yes, the skunks. I have the most amazing relationship with all kinds of animals, but skunks really make me laugh. Especially the babies. They're the cutest thing on the plant and get all puffed up at just about anything and pretend they're going to spray. Not only do I have them at the park, I have them at home and I can honestly say that even with a bit of spray now and then, the joy they give is beyond measure. You know animals, they all have unique personalities.

Fruit in a bowl. I suggest you put less fruit in a bowl!! Or eat more. Either way you'll be a winner. Jo I really can't believe how much more fruit I eat if I just have to look at it every single day. The good thing about apples is they don't go bad quickly. Bananas, yes. Oranges, not so much as long as they have good air circulation and don't mold. Pick the proper fuit my dear and you'll be good to go!

So much love to you and the family. Hope all is well. I'll visit soon. I haven't been going around much because I'm lazy and tired!!! I'm also sick!

Big hug darling,

Suzanne said...


I love your new photo. You're so precious!

Clouds. My sister Cher and I have a thing about cloud. We both photograph them and realized we have the same love affair a few years ago. So now we share our clouds. Then Cece came along and she loves clouds. This was my first attempt at sharing clouds with her. Glad you enjoy. I'll share them with you as well. And yes, we do have amazing clouds here in California.

Newman. I know you understand. Another full moon will arrive in a few weeks and remind me of the day he died. A full moon will never go by without thoughts of that dear boy. I tend to dwell, but realize you aren't so different. It's hard to let go of someone you love so much. I'm so glad coming to my blog helped you find comfort. I'm always here despite my rants about leaving "this very minute!!" The photo of Newman was actually taken with a "real" camera and then put on disc. I haven't taken a photo with a "real" camera since buying the digital. How odd. I realize I almost forget how to use it. I still have film from 4 years ago to develop. I should really get on that!

I still have the "gift" for you and intend to send the book. The book is much more dense than I expected, so I won't be sending it any time soon because I really must wade through it. And the "gift" is still here. I thought I might send both along with Heggie's plant in your NY Spring. When is a good time for planting Upstate? Also, I got laughing today when I saw something for your Adirondack home that's been lurking right before my eyes for years. It'll be a surprise. I have a feeling Heggie will love it and you will cherish it. I can see the two of you making them for friends!

Love you darling.

Suzanne said...


Thank you darling. What kind words. I do look out the window every morning and watch the day unfold. I actually love the dawn. The light, the way the earth wakes up. I honestly find it fascinating every single day. I often stay up late now because of menopause, but I'm a morning person and rarely miss it!

I've been thinking about you so much because I stole your beautiful photo of the duck navigating the canal and used it as wallpaper. Every time I turn the computer on, there you are!!! You live in such a gorgeous part of the world. You're so very, very fortunate.

And yes, that is a view of the street, but believe it or not, we're in a neighborhood, but the street has become so busy in the past year or two because it's a shortcut to a major avenue, so lines were drawn for bike paths and a center line showed up as well. It was a very disappointing day here at Rose Cottage. But it's a good thing too because drivers are more respectful of people on bikes and they've slowed down a whole lot. Times change, don't they? I don't know if you're aware, but Sacramento is known as both "Tree City" and "Bike City." We have so many amazing trees all around and are encouraged to plant more every year. We also have a very, very active biking community and people are asked to give up driving and bike. It's a very progressive city in so many ways, and people respond. For instance when I'm at the park feeding ferals, the bike path is so busy because of commuters utilizing it to get to work down town. It's wonderful. Highway 5 which leads to downtown was closed for months due to renovations and communters were asked to bike and they did. Many still do. What a wonderful way to get to work!

To answer your question, I think the pergola is covered with Jasmine. I'm going to walk back and take a look. I just love the fact it's there. It isn't utilized in any way, it's just for beauty. I like that!

Newman. I love him you know. I miss him very, very much. Life is often unkind, but I know he's where he should be and I'll adjust at some point. Just not right now. It's so hard to bury love. And this household has not found it's way since he left. Everyone is still so out of sorts. I have no clue who the new alpha male is. There are fights now. There never used to be. Newman kept everyone in check. It's as if we're all lost.

Thanks for thinking about us and Newman. I'm crying, but not because I'm sad, but because I'm thinking about what lies ahead for all of us. Things change, and that's okay. Always so happy to have you here. So sorry I can't post on your blog. I love visiting you.

With much love,

P.S. You don't have skunks?!

Suzanne said...


Hey, you, you beautiful person you! Come back and visit now that it's done! I realize Rob posted it because I was asleep and he didn't know what to do. That's just too damn funny. You'd think a lawyer might have known to edit!

Thanks for the calls. I'm sorry I haven't called. I'm just so sick and low on energy an also a bit bitchy. So I guess what I'm saying is I'm a sick bitch who doesn't return calls. Sorry about that. You know it doesn't mean I don't love you!

Oh, and honey, guess what? Bob's finally posted. Looks like I might be #1. Bite me!

So what the hell are we supposed to do? Vote for ourselves? Or be ethical and vote for someone less worthy? (CSI just tried to drive his car on my beautiful lawn in retaliation. "Hey dude, I haven't even voted yet. Lay off the ass-pedal." Law inforcement: Can't live with it. Can't live without it. I called my darling CHIPS dispatcher to alerted her to trouble. (The guy sells his house in a bad economy and thinks he's all "special" or something.)

"I'm a winner. I'm a sinner. Do you want my autograph? I'm a loser. What a joker. I'm playing my jokes upon you, cuz there's nothin' better to do. Take a look at my girlfriend...never seem to get a lot. See the girls in California, hoping it's going to come true, but there's not alot I can do. ~Supertramp

It's official. I'm a winner!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked the duck. He was very purposeful, I think :)

No we don't have skunks!