Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Meyer Lemon Tree Day...

I have a Meyer Lemon tree tucked between my house and the fence that protects me from my neighbor. Somehow the location protects it from the heavy frost that settles on Carmichael in late winter/early spring. It's a beauty year round and produces year round. Meyer Lemon are special. They are a cross between a lemon and an orange. They're kind and gentle, very thin skinned, beautiful, sweet...perfection. That's why you'll never find them at the market. They don't travel well. I'm so fortunate to have a gorgeous tree filled with them. A few years ago I did a drawing (unfinished) of my Meyer Lemon Tree and the oil I dreamed would just drip from them!!!



Gig said...

Hi Suze!!
Beautiful lemons.
But, you already know my fondness for lemons,LOL.

Have missed you, crazy around here, am trying to put up a new post...

Mr. Big is getting better each day, my Mom is probably driving him crazy, right now when they are on their pain meds they are a matched pair, lol!!

Well, gotta get a few things ready for work tomorrow, go grab a lemon for me, will ya?

love you,
Giggie, xoxo

Suzanne said...

Hi my pretty little lemon drop! Email your address. Just so you know I changed my email password, but can't remember it, so have to change it again to access my email. Swear to God!!!! I know honey, I do my best, but I fall short all the time. Just email...I'll get it!!! Trust me, I'll send some lemons. Seriously. Probably like 3 so I don't have to spend too much money!!! No really, I'm not kidding. Oh, and don't report me. I don't think they're supposed to cross state lines because of that little Medeterrain Fruit Fly problem. But fruit infested is pretty obvious. I'll send only the best, but if something arrives looking funky quickly flush it down the toilet or something. The box with it. My address too. Oh and don't give the FBI or anyone resembling a federal authority my name or number. No. I'm not kidding. Why? Because transporting restricted items across state lines is a federal offense. No. I'm not kidding. Okay, so you're going to have to destroy your computer and it's memory bank too. Will that fit?

Love you darling and thanks for enjoying my art,

James Bond's wife

P.S. You are the best nurse I've ever known. No, really. My grandmother was a nurse and she was TERRIFIC!!! I know "best" when I read it!

I love you baby and thanks for always making me laugh. You're just the best. Honey, did you see Robyn's comment on my previous blog? Precious. We've come a long way baby. I love you so, so much. Hugs to Mr. Big and Mom. They're going to be fine. You? I'm not so sure!!! ;)

Suzanne said...

Excuse me...had brain freeze when I typed "Mediterranean." Have no idea what that was about. I think Phonics.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Meyer lemons must have come straight from the Garden of Eden -- probably smuggled in Eve's animal-skin tunic. My tiny organic market receives local shipments and offers them for sale.

I dream of a lemon walk for our balmy summer's eves. Of course, then I would need a greenhouse to store them in all winter (which would be nice) and then a handtruck to transport all the lemon trees when frosts hit and on it goes.

So, I think for tonight I'll just sit here dreaming while looking at your delicious artwork and imagine the fragrance of lemon blossoms. (WOW! I gotta make this dream come true!) : ) Ciao!

Suzanne said...


My darling, darling friend. Every time I think about leaving blogger land I see you, and Giggie, and Cece, and RC, etc. and know I would be leaving behind cherished friends. I can't do it. I just have to navigate differently! Organize differently.

My beautiful gardener you...I don't see lemon trees in your furture! That's a tough one up in your neck of the woods. It's funny how my little sweetie is so protected and makes it through every heavy frost. I'm grateful because there's nothing like a Meyer Lemon to clean the garbage disposal. What? It's true, I use them for that. Yes, I know how much they're worth. Okay, give me your address via email too. I'll send some. No trouble...interstate commerce!

Actually, you know, if you can create a micro climate for a lemon tree you're in business. Any citrus needs to be protected from cold. The previous owner of this house was wise enough to tuck the Meyer Lemon tree into a space so unusual. I wouldn't have picked it in a million years, but it works. It's warm and cozy and although not the best location on earth, that tree produces like a bunny rabbit! Seriously. I've learned so much. It isn't always about locating citrus in SUN, it's about protecting it from the elements. Huge lesson because it may not produce as much as most trees, but it's alive, beautiful and productive. And honey, the scent of the blossoms is intoxicating. You know that. It's insane.

Ciao Bella

P.S. You know I named one of the ferrals "Bella." Best thing I ever did!!! She's a gem.

P.P.S. When times are tough at the park or with life in general, I always think of you. Always. You inspire me to be strong and take life as if comes. I find I always measure my life against you and Karen. If I meet a hiccup I think "What would Karen do? What would Debbie do?" And I meet my challenge head on. What a gift you've given me. I love you very much. But you know that.

Megan said...

Just rambling -- because my mother bought two sketches from the same author for her two daughters-in-law -- one an apple tree, and one a lemon tree.

The daughter-in-law she likes better got the lemon tree...but you didn't hear me say that...

Megan said...

Whoops - Meant to say, two sketches from the same ARTIST...


Suzanne said...

Megan, Megan, sweet little darling. Were you the happy recipient or do we have to pour you a strong one over at the Wild Onion?!!!

The Artist XO

Karen ^..^ said...

I wish I could draw. This is gorgeous.

I have to content myself with stick figures and thumb dog heads.


If there was one talent I wish I had, it would be drawing, and painting. I'd trade a few others for that. Such as my innate talent to find horrible men to be with. I'd GLADLY trade that talent. LOL.

Leah said...

You are SO so sosoosososo lucky. I am as you know CRAZY about Meyer lemons.

Wonderful pic.

just bob said...

I have a Jack Lemon tree. Not much fruit, but it acts very well.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Suze . . . you just made my day! Your comments touched my heart deeply. It's nice to know my ramblings matter . . . somedays I wonder . . .

No rain or snow in my garden today -- I'm off to dance with the faeries! ; D

e said...

Gorgeous sketch. I have to admit never having heard of this fruit. Since it is orange-like and sweet, can one eat it or do you use the Meyer Lemons as condiments???

Cece said...

I had lemons with tequila shots once. My kids made me eat a sour lemon head once too. But only once. Yuck!!! And what's that saying? "When the world gives you lemons, make lemonade."

my wv is crabbeis

Resonator said...

Hi Suze;

nice drawing..
hope u r doing good..Its been long time i stopped by..

hows ur sweet lovely cats...

Suze, I have a request.. Its been long time I heard from Bindi..hows she..any updates.. Please convey my wishes to her..


happy blogging

Skeeter said...

Hi Suzeanne,

Wow, that sounds like a great tree. I wonder if they will go out here in Oklahoma!

Best wishes,


Debbie in CA : ) said...

She waltzed through the garden-for-sale center and the heavenly waft of Meyer lemon blossoms stopped her in her tracks. She turned and fell in love with a tree bedecked in the fragrance of summer.

Oh, she argued with herself, addressing full-bodied all the trials and foibles that would surely lead to failure . . . but still the fragrance persisted and she vowed to protect the love.
Thus . . . SHE BOUGHT THE TREE . . . (and the bearss lime alongside -- for those lonely winter nights cloistered on the deck in a warm embrace for life).

Spring has newly sprung and I am already courting summer with a passion. (Surely that bowl of meyer lemons recently purchased at market have worked a spell over me . . . and it is wonderful!)

Greetings my friend . . . I miss you so. : (

Anonymous said...