Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays...And Happy Birthday Mommy...

My mom turned 70 today. This is my mom at 22 (which means I was about 1 year old!!!). She was gorgeous then and still is to this day. I just got off the phone with her and told her I was posting her photo again (I thought she was 17 in a previous post. Some of you will remember this photo from last year, around the same time!) and she laughed. I said "Mommy, you're so sexy!!!" She laughed harder. My mother is gorgeous. I don't know why, but she doesn't seem to age. She's simply stunning. We laughed so hard about life, about 9 kids, about aging, about the 50's, about divorce, about pain, about everything in general. My mom is a great lady. Oh, trust me, we battled in my teens, but we've come to terms and I've apoligized for everything. She recently said "Thanks baby." And you know what? That means the world to

Mommy, I love you. Happy Birthday.
I'll be home soon. I love you so much.
(Update: Yes, I edited. Mom's going to read this and I'm not so sure she'd like her private life revealed. I realized I might not be allowed in the house when I go home!!! Hi Mom! Of course I'm laughing because you know I'd write a whole hell of a lot more if I knew you weren't looking! LOVE YOU HONEY!!! Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas Mom ~ sorry about the card(s), just remember 2009's lookin' up baby! Keep eating your veggies and stick with me sista! And Mom, thanks for making our conversation so beautiful and for making me laugh really, really hard. I needed that as well as the swift kick in the ass. You're a damn good mother!!! I know you hear that A LOT, now go out there with your Jack In The Box inflated ego head and do some damage!)
Trying to take birdies off the tree!

I'll tell you a funny story...

I arrived home from feeding the ferals and running errands within the past hour today. The kitties and T-Bone always wake up and want a snacky! Yes, it's true, I'm a pushover. No really, I am! I keep lots of white bar towels in a pile on the kitchen counter because I like that they're all cotton and absorbant. Unfortunately I go through about 20 a day (sad, but true) and I don't even own a bar! I got a bit of cat food on my hand and had to wash it off, so reached for a clean bar towel while still talking to the kitties about life, the park, and which photo I was going to select for my holiday greetings blog. I'm a multi-tasker, so it's not unusual for me to reach for something while still talking and never look at what I'm doing because I know where everything is. I never looked at the towel, kept talking and tried to unfold the thing to dry my hands. It wouldn't unfold no matter how hard I tried, and trust me, I tried! Around the same time I got really frustrated and said through clenched teeth, "WHY. WON'T. THIS. THING. OPEN?" I looked down. I discovered I was trying to open my sock. Yes, Professional Laundry Folder (aka Robert) put an all cotton sock in the towel pile. I think on purpose.
I wish all who follow my blog and who care, the warmest holiday season. You mean the world me. You know that. We've shared so much this year and no, not every moment has been perfect. There have been difficult times for many and we've always come together to love and supported one another. If I stopped blogging tomorrow, that's the memory I'd hold most dear and cherish FOREVER. You know I mean that. Thanks for never giving up hope I'd find my way and while we're at it, let's all thank ME for never giving up hope you'd find yours!!! (Looks like someone's already dipping into the holiday eggnog and it ain't Santa honey!!!) What? You know, this was supposed to be really, really serious, but my life is so wacky and funny this is what came out. I apologize if I've offended any of my really serious friends. I'll be better in 2009. If not, there's still hope for 2010.
2008 has been a challenge for me, but with your help, less so. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Please have a beautiful and safe holiday season. I adore each and everyone of you.
With much love,
Suzy XO ;)


Leah said...
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Megan said...

So glad to have gotten to know you a bit this year.

Merry Holidays, Happy Christmas, and all that good stuff to you and yours!


farmgirl said...

Suzanne, merry merry and happy new year to you - your kindness and affection for all who visit is an inspiration and a comfort.

xoxo Mc2

P.S. my verification word is "tistic". Must be something to do with the little eye infection that Seamus has right now. We go to the vet in the morning...

Anonymous said...

We adore you too, Suzanne! We've had fun, we've laughed, we've cried, we drank and passed out (virtually, of course), we've leaned on each other, boy, it has been a memorable year.

I know you've had a hard year, but I'm glad you feel the love because we wouldn't know what to do without you!!!!

Wishing you a joyful and peaceful Christmas filled with wonder and awe!


Suzanne said...

I love you all so, but I have to write to Renee first. She doesn't comment, but she's my darling, darling friend and former neighbor from LA, as you know. We just got off the phone.

Renee, I know you'll read this before an email, so I love you. Thank you. Yes, of course I'm still crying. You kill me with honesty. It'll all work out. Somehow, it will all work out. To hear you cry hurt me more than to feel my own pain. I love you. Everything will work out and you don't need to worry. Sometimes life is just wacky, so I think I need to buy those really expensive wading boots from England, but without my retirement fund I can't afford them!!! So I'm just going to navigate with my garden clogs. Wish me luck honey!!! Yes, I know you're laughing. Me too. We're going to be okay. Okay? Okay. I don't know how, but everything's going to work out. I love you so very, very much. You know that. Thank you for all your beautiful advice. You know I take everything to heart. I'll honestly weigh every thing you said, and I'll be fair.

I love you baby. I miss you so much. I wish I could still just walk next door and you'd be there. I miss you. I miss Rugby, the kids and now Newman's moving on. How did time pass so quickly? How did all of this happen in the blink of an eye? Oh Renee, I wish I could turn back the hands of time. I do. No one else seems to want to, but I do. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't change a thing that's happened in the last 10 years. I'd still have all the kitties and T-Bone, but I'd also have you, Rugby, Lucky and the kids, and maybe Mar Vista!!! Isn't that funny???!!! Where did the time go baby?

I love and miss you every day. Thanks for your constant support and friendship. Although you never speak here, I know your spirit is here. I love you my dear friend and thanks for making me think harder tonight than I've thought in a long time. I'll figure it out sweetie. Promise.


Suzanne said...


Thank you, and yes, worse and better. I'm looking forward to 2009 for a bit of relief!

Love you and hope all is well in Brooklyn.


P.S. Saw a piece on HGTV with homes in Brooklyn. Very interesting. Did you see it? If so, is that the sort of home you live in. You know I love architecture, so stuff like that just fascinates the crap out of me!!! I'd love to know.

Hugs. Can you see me? Where the hell are your glasses?

Suzanne said...


Well Miss Poopular...so nice of you to graced my blog at the holidays. What? You think you'd get off? Nope...don't think so! Yes, it's true, I notice every little f****** thing. Why? Who the hell knows? It's in my DNA.

Merry Christmas you, you, you, you rascal you. I know.


Gig said...

A very Merry Christmas to you Suze!!

It has been a most interesting year...there have been numerous ups and downs, but as you said, we have all been supportive of each other. I am so glad that we all found each other.

I am looking forward to 2009 and putting 2008 to rest.

Hoping and praying for Peace, Health and Happiness for you and all of our blogging family.

Love you, Gig

just bob said...

It must be your mother's genes that make you look like you're still in your 20's.

Merry, Merry Christmas Blottie!!!

kylie said...

have a wonderful Christmas Suze!

Suzanne said...


I love you. Why was 2008 so unkind to so many? My friend Renee from LA and I were talking about it tonight, and then my mom and I discussed it. How odd that a year can be so unkind. I won't look back on this year with fondness, but honestly, I learned a whole hell of a lot, so will try to translate that into something positive. My mom asked a very funny question, "How will you remember 2008 in ten years?" I said "Well, I'll remember it pretty much sucked." We couldn't stop laughing. She said "Just pick yourself up and keep going because that's what I'm going to do." She said something better I can't repeat, but I really must say, I have a remarkable family and they make me laugh, so even though 2008 was unkind, my family and friends got me throught it and made it a whole hell of a lot better. You all remind me that life is good and that every once in a while, it's not so good! And that, in a nutshell, is life. I'll take it.

Gig, I love you to bits. Thanks for everything. I wish you and your family peace, health and happiness too. I think 2009 is our lucky year!!! I may just get a professional haircut to prove it!

XO Merry Christmas honey.

Gig said...

I left you a comment about Mr. Big on your last post, when you get a chance check it out.

Yep, 2009 is going to be a better year, I hope. Just think, a year ago we were just starting out here in bloggerworld...learning our way around, meeting new people from around the world. I gained a whole new perspective on many different things from reading, listening and "lurking"!!

Thanks for being part of that world...love you, gig

Suzanne said...


You still up!!?? Wow, for me it's almost time to wake up, but I never slept. That is so not a good thing. I don't think menopause is going to make me stronger. It's simply going to kill me. But I'll look good at the funeral with my new haircut!!!

Yup, a year ago. Almost to the day. It's hard to believe, isn't it. It's funny, I never look at Blogs of Note because of what happened. I just stay in this little zone of happiness. Why? I'm not sure. Perhaps fear. I also know that the people who have assembled would NEVER hurt me the way we were hurt a year ago. We may disagree, we may argue, but we're family and know we're a team. I like that. He left all of us in his wake, and we survived because we had one another to lean on. One year later, we're all still here. Every single one of us. I think that's remarkable. I correct myself. Bindi isn't, but not because she doesn't want to be. I honestly think we will all remain friends forever. We are such a great group of people. The cream rises to the top. I believe that with all my heart. Has this been a difficult year personally? Yes, but it doesn't take away from the sucess we've all found blogging and making dear friends. As difficult as it's been, I wouldn't trade this year for anything.

Mr. Big's going to be fine and you're going to suffer. I'm packing my bags in the event you need me. I can drive a stick. I realize I can't come because of all the animals. Perhaps Cece can step in because she's a PM (Perfect Mom).

Love you to bits my favorite lady from Michigan! Thank God for 1Pic because he gave birth to all of us! Life is beautiful.


Debbie in CA : ) said...

Merry Christmas to YOU, sweet friend. I was so blessed the day I walked though Cielo's garden gate to enter your wild and wacky world of enchantment and love. I always feel so welcome to make myself at home when I come here (which hasn't been often of late due to a casted thumb . . . oh dear). I got your last lovely note/comment and it made me cry (the joyful kind).

Thank you for the gifts you have given me . . . I look forward to many, many more laughs and tears and prayers in the new year.

Much Love,

Anonymous said...

Sorry 2008 was a tough year for you. I'm always hopeful, so 2009 will be the bestest!!! Have a wonderful holiday! And oh, yes, your mother is beautiful!

Cece said...

I am going to try and call you on my way home from work. Because I love to drive and talk to you on the phone at the same time, and also because that is the only time I can talk to you without being interrupted. I love you too, I hope you have a wonderful holiday, and I hope you get to go home and visit mom soon. Tell Robert Merry Christmas for me. I suppose I could just call him and tell him myself, couldn't I. My word verification is oblesse as in O blessed we all be to have met.

Megan said...

I'm confused. But it's okay, that's normal.

Merry Christmas!

hnter1018 said...

Merry Christmas Suzanne. I picked up something for you and Rob. If you feel comfortable email me your addy and i will ship after news years through my work.

Suzanne said...


Are you serious?

I don't give out my email on my blog, but go to Kylie's, Gigs or Leah's, they'll all give it to you. And no. You shouldn't have. I'm serious. You know how much I love you and the fact you did this just kills me. I don't want you to go to any extra effort because I know life in general is an effort. You're killing me!!! Now I'm going to have to go out and shop and you know I HATE shopping. Damn you man. Okay, I'm going to WalMart and I'm not going to the gun section. Just so you know. I smell shampoo! Isle 2. What? You should always look pretty.


Suzanne said...

Oh, and Hunter, Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family too.

Much love dear friend,

Suzanne said...


This is probably the most non-complex blog you will ever meet. Why are you confused? Yes sweetie, I'm hear to listen.

Merry Christmas to you too. Love you darling.


Suzanne said...

I'm also "here" to listen. Good Lord!!!

Suzanne said...

Rob, I did and I will. Okeydokey.

Love you.

Suzanne said...

Mary Chapin,

It was only a dream. I was listening to my darling Tracy Chapman. She reminds me of you, so of course I navigated to you after listening to her. I found this song. It's lovely, you know. I have your face in my hands. I do. I don't know how we found one another, but we did. I love piano music. I love you for finding me. I know you're so famous, but I don't see you as famous. I just see you as my sister. Honestly, I do. This song is so lovely and I could sit in the living room and listen to you sing it to me. I think that, in a nut shell, is us. All the glitter doesn't matter, we're just us. And so we sit and appreciate the other's talent. And yes sweetie, I hold your beautiful face in my hands because you are so precious. Thank you for gracing my life.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.


Suzanne said...

10,000 Miles.

Takes face gently in hands and kisses cheek. Thank you sweetie.

I love Irish music and this is a beautiful reminder. I think there is something about country, folk and Irish that comes close to perfection. I love you dear. This is so beautiful. Thank you. I'll never leave you and know you will never leave me. Thank you for this. You are so precious. As difficult as this year has been I see the beauty. We were destined to meet. I am so humbled.

You've been a friend to me...


Resonator said...

Hi Suze.. sister..
am back..My hearty birthday wishes to your mom...Happy holidays..

Merry Christmas..

happy blogging


Walker said...

Happy Birthday to your mother and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Maithri said...

Happy Christmas my friend,

And many happy returns to your mom,
She looks beautiful!!

Much love, M

kylie said...

my look for the day, as requeted by you, has been posted!


krystyna said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful Mom!
You are happy Suzanne! Your mom is not only mom but your sweet, lovely friend.
I'd like to wish you
a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thank you Suzanne for being my friend!
Love & big hugggg

CSI Seattle said...

Stopping in to wish you Merry Christmas!!


krystyna said...

Do you know Suzanne, it was my
20th birthday?
Look this post:
Life is beautiful.

Suzanne said...

Rather than answer everyone here I've been trying desperately to visit every loved one's blog. I'm so careful, but if I've missed anyone, please accept my apologies. It's not because I don't care, it's just that even with glasses, I don't always see. It is with so much love that that I write this to all my dear, dear friends. You matter. You've helped me though a difficult year and I am so grateful for each and every one of you.

As most of you know Mary Chapin Carpenter is part of the fabric of this blog. She is a gifted musician. As I write this I'm listening to 10,000 Miles. How did I get this lucky? I have so many beautiful friends and you all matter. Today something amazing happened and in pure desperation I called on all of you to help me. And you did. I can't believe as this Christmas day comes to a close, the universe changed with help from all of you. Sometimes life is so beautiful. And listening to Mary Chapin is a blessing. When I started this blog, I never in a million years would have expected to be here with all of you. Never. I cherish all of you.

With gratitude and so much love,

just bob said...

Hi Blottie!

Suzanne said...

Just Bob,

Hi baby.

Gig said...

Hi Suze!!
I have quiet...so peaceful, I am loving it. Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you today as I was cooking, and watching all the gkids open their presents..all the squeals of delight. But now the day is done and all but one have gone home.

2009 is almost here...

Love you Blottie

Gig, xoxo

Suzanne said...


Hi baby. Well I just wrote my most recent post, but now have to get the pictures off my camera!!! Today was remarkable. None of you know it, but all of you helped me navigate a very difficult time. I think that's what's so amazing about blogging, the love. I wouldn't trade all of you for a million dollars. Seriously.

Hey baby, you have any hot coffee?

I love you.

Kookaburra said...

Hey Suzanne,

Happy New Year to you and Rob.

i hope that this greeting reaches you because no matter how we try we can't seem to access your latest posts??!!

Suzanne said...


Oh my goodness. Now you know how I feel! At least I got something!!! Happy New Year to you and the family as well. Love you all and hope 2009 is kind. Miss chatting with you over on your blog, but maybe I'll figure out the problem eventually. Until then, just know I read your blogs and I'm always thinking about you.

With much love,

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Anonymous said...