Saturday, July 4, 2009

She made it. This photo has nothing to do with her arrival. It's just the first one I saw and clicked on. It was taken when we first moved here 5 years ago. I know because the bookcases aren't "finished." The moldings aren't on, and magazines are lining the shelves and not put away which means the books aren't unpacked! Funny.

Yes, it's true, I don't listen to HGTV when it comes to decorating. I firmly believe a dininig room should also be a library. I'm serious. No really, I am. Why? Because why not? I've always believed rooms should have a duel purpose. Will my house sell? Of course. HGTV isn't right about everything. It's a great house and will appeal to so many buyers. Books aren't going to deter a buyer, nor Leah! Yup Leah, you bet your ass every shelf is loaded with books!!! And no, I'm not selling. Not right now at least.

Magazines. Don't even get me started. That subject is just stupid funny. And yes, I built the bookcases while at UCLA. They're actually beautiful once all the molding is slapped on. Obviously it isn't on in this photo. What? I am not perfect.

Shara's here. She's sleeping, but I'm not. You all know it's funny because Newman has been dead 6 months. How do I know? Because of the full moon. He died during a full moom and not one goes by without my heart dragging along side it. Nothing has changed. I miss him every single day. Six months have come and gone and here we sit. How could he just leave me? I do miss him so. It's funny how life goes on. How Shara arrives, how we eat pizza, how we watch Dateline and discuss Michael Jackson, how we move on. And yet, in the pit of my stomach I remember that boy and the day we moved into this house, put up the bookshelves and attempted to make a home. Who knew 5 years ago I'd be without Newman today and without Rob.

Life is so unpredictable.
P.S. Oh, and Bob, just so you know, Shara doesn't eat bacon. That's just too damn funny. After all I went through to get those 8 slabs! Stop by. You can have it. Share 4 with Megan. *Suze rolls eyes in head.*


kylie said...

that is a beautiful room suzy.
i WISH i could live like that

have a grand time with shara

and take care

Karen ^..^ said...

Beautiful picture. Now you see why I always come to your blog and go, "Ahhhh..." as I sink luxuriously into reading it. I'm glad your friend made it there ok.

Have a great time with her.

just bob said...

I'll make the six hour drive south, swing by and pick up Megarific, drive 8 hours back north, and we'll eat all of that bacon together. Got two extra mattresses for us?

Sounds like a perfectly good plan to me.

bindhiya said...

Dear Suze & Shara,
Have a great time!!!
I am there with you in spirit..
love you both

Megan said...

Hi Suz! Hi Shara!

Bob exaggerates. Or he drives too slow. I can get from here to San Jose in 5 hours and to Sac in 6. As long as the CHP doesn't intervene...

Happy Saturday!

just bob said...

Damn LA drivers... Hi Suz, Hi Shara, Hi Megarific.

Joyful Jo said...

Hi Shara and suze,
Have a great time visiting. How exciting having a blogger to visit.
Enjoy your time together.
best wishes,

Cece said...

We spent the day at my sister's house. We had a grand BBQ of hamburgers, hot dogs, brats, and sausages. We also had potato salad, deviled eggs, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, chips, dip, and best of all home made ice cream. We had a wonderful feast, but Nathan was not happy until he talked his Uncle Jay into cooking him some bacon on the grill. Of Course, he did it. I mean how could you resist Nathan's big ol' sad hazel puppy dog eyes, and his pleas of, "Please Uncle Jay, Please cook me some Bacon." Jay cooked about half a pound of bacon and Nathan ate all but a couple slices of it. But he swam and hunted for frogs and lizards the rest of the day, so he worked it all off. My sister's neighbors were shooting off some awsome fireworks. And the neighbors dogs were so afraid that they came to my sister's house. They were following my boys around the yard everywhere. They really took up with the boys. The dogs were adorable. half corgi/beagle mix??? I think. Tomorrow I'll put up a post of our wonderful weekend we have had. It has really been a good one. They boys and I have had a lot of fun. Unfortunately I didn't get pictures of the dogs, but I will try to get some the next time we are over there. But right now, I am tired. My throat feels like I have swallowed razor blades, so I am going to gargle some chloreseptic spray and go to bed. Good night, Suzanne. Good nite everyone else.

Suzanne said...

God I love all of you! Really, I do. Shara's in the living room watching HGTV and working on her lap top. She just kicked T-Bone off the sofa. He's farting! But won't leave her side. He loves her SO MUCH, but she can't take any more abuse. I had to leave the room because I was laughing too hard. I have no idea what he's going to do tomorrow morning when she leaves. It's going to crush him. Oh, an he better stop stealing the damn cat food. That's why he's farting. Swear to God, he climbed up on the sofa and sat down next to her with his butt about 2 inches away. She looked at me and said "No, you've gotta be kidding." Nope! Apparently not!!! GOOD LUCK!!!"

This is the conversation I just heard. T-Bone was trying to get back on the sofa, but Shara put the hammer down. "No, absolutely not. Go over and sleep on your bed because your farts will take longer to reach me." Swear to God. Yes, this is acutally my life!

Kylie, Thanks darling. It used to look like that, but doesn't any longer. It will again. As soon as I get my act together and bring in the new table and chairs. I took out the old table and chairs and am left with an empty space. I know. Go figure.

We're having a fabulous time. Shara's so wonderful. An absolute gem. She's leaving around 8am tomorrow morning and I don't want her to go. I'm so afraid I'll never see her again. She's so lovely and it's wonderful to have her here.

She was destined to come here. She's so wise and I needed her at this moment in my life. She made me really think about certain things. And I needed to. She's 10 years older and 10 years wiser and I respect her so much for speaking up, for caring enough to say what she thinks. She doesn't screw around because life is too short. She says what she means and means what she says. When she pulls away tomorrow it will be like waving goodbye to my sister. I wish tomorrow didn't have to come to fast. Oh course I have tears in my eyes.

Do you know she almost didn't come here. She was so afraid she'd impose. How adorable. I'm so grateful she decided to show up.

She doesn't like cats. Everyone has been hiding since she arrived, so she's only met 3 and 3 is too much for her!!! Cracks me up. She doesn't understand why I love them so and why I rescue. But I do, and that's what matters. I know why I do what I do and I'll never change. I know who I am.

She also told me men don't like women who love cats too much. Good, stay the hell away from me then. There aren't enough hours in my day to deal with idiots. What? No, I'm not kidding! F*** off.

No honey, I can't change now.


Karen ~ Hi baby. She arrived and we've had such a lovely time. Thank you. I wish you could visit. Can you just see us together? Absolute joy. I know. And you wouldn't mind the kitties and T-Bone. I know! Heaven. I love you darling, and thank you for accepting me just the way I am. Totally and completely imperfect!!!

You know the one thing I absolutely adore about Shara is the way she approaches me with life questions. She always asks my permission, and then she trusts that I'll understand. I know she speaks for so many of you because you all worry about me. It's been an interesting few days and I'm grateful. I've had to really think. That's a good thing. It's good to question one's personal journey.

Love you baby. XO

just bob said...

Nathan's a boy after my own heart... always go for the bacon!

Suzy, I'm so glad you are having such a wonderful time. It cheers me up having the happy Blottie back around. Shara is definitely what you needed. She's aces in my book.

Suzanne said...

This is just throwing words into the wind. You're all so wise in so many different ways so I'd like to hear your opinion. Shara told me that I have to treat Rob like a king. A man needs to be treated well. I know you can all hear my voice. I know. You know me. Everyone needs to be treated well, but just because you're a man?! Oh, I know how you all know my voice and you know what it's saying!!! I understand her point, but is that me? No. I'd freak out doing that sorta thing. I'm serious. Woman are equally important. Treat woman with respect and see what you get. You might be surprised.

Bob ~ My darling man. We ate bacon. We made BLT's on sour dought bread from San Francisco. Dear Lord they were delicious. You and Megs will have to buy your own bacon and envy the hell out of us. Yup, bacon, bread, tomatoes and red leaf lettuce. Dear God...need I say more. We also had chips. I know. Too good.

Baby, I'm only about two hours away. Drive north when you have a few minutes. After meeting Shara I realize how beautiful blogging friends really are. An absolute treaure. What a gift.

Love you darling. I really do and I know you know that.


Bindi ~ Hi baby. I know you know. How lucky are we? Oh Bindi. How is it possible to meet someone so special? Hummmmmmmmmmm. I don't want her to leave tomorrow. But I'll have to watch her drive away. I don't want her to go. She's taught me so much. I feel like a different woman. I know you understand. She's going to leave tomorrow and I'm going to have to watch her drive away.

Suzanne said...


I know. I can drive it in 6 too. Yes, I do know the speed limit, but Hwy 5 is the worst freakin' freeway on earth. The goal is to get it over with as fast as possible. Trust me, I know. Honey, you drive, don't let Bob get behind the wheel because the two of you would be on that thing all damn day. 8 hours. He nutty?

The last time I drove it was 911. I haven't been on since. I was in L.A. with Renee, Charlie on 911. They were getting ready to go to school (both are teachers) as we watched in absolute disbelief. We were all terrified and they didn't know whether to go to school or not. I didn't know whether to try to get home to Rob and at that time only 3 kitties and T-Bone. We watched in horror as the twin towers came down and my NY co-workers with them. Mostly executives. 700 of our employees died that day, Charlie and Renee went to school and I drove Hwy 5 to get home to my family. I remember Bakersfield. It's the only place I saw another car. Other than that, I traveled Hwy 5 without see another car or another human being. I've never been that scared or alone in my whole life. I stopped close to home for gas, but the attendant and I didn't even speak. You could tell we'd both been crying and words were completely inadequate . I remember that day as if it were yesterday. My last memory of Hwy 5. Surreal. I haven't traveled it since. Nor have I found the courage to fly to LA. The last time I went I took the train. That's a story!!! Hilarious!

I woke up with all the lights still on, Shara sleeping of course and the computer on. I gotta go get some "stuff" done. Why can't the dishwasher just unload itself. I can't unload it now because it's way to early in the morning.

I just looked out and realized Shara didn't pull "Pinky" in the driveway, nor did she do something with here huge bag of trash. She's lucky a Raccoon hasn't discovered it yet. It's still leaning against the car. She can't put it in my trash can because like a dummy I forgot to put the trash and recycling out Thursday night. Just forgot! Have no idea what to do with my trash this week. I told Rob he's going to have to take a bag back with him to Mom's every night!!! I can just see it now..."Honey here, don't forget the trash on your way out!" That's my life.

Shara and I didn't do anything for the 4th. I put out all the flags, but that's it. I'm a really, really lazy host. Don't ever come here for fun, because you won't find it. No, I'm not kidding! I'm a complete bore. Ask her, she'll tell you the truth!

She said something so funny yesterday. "Everyone's going to be asking, what's Suzy really like." I said "What are ya gonna tell um honey?" She replied "Exactly like she is on her blog." There you go. The secret's out. Damn, I haven't kidded anyone. Love you!


Suzanne said...

Bob, I love you darling. Thank you. Shara's such a good woman. I don't want her to leave. It feel as if she's my neighbor and I can just walk over to her house, but she's not. And I'm so afraid I'll never see her again. That scares me.

She's so much like my mom and has the same plan for getting Rob and me back together. Cracks me up. Yes, she'd changed me. I look at life differenrtly. I'll try what she suggests. I wish she didn't have to leave Bob. I wish she lived next door because she's just so much fun and so adorable. But she's off to Seattle tomorrow.

She was debating where to head, but after talking to Rob for about 2 hours, she's off to Seattle. She want's to also go to Canada, but can't find her passport. Rob wanted her to go to Vancouver, but without her passport, forget it. She isn't getting in! Wow, this whole passport thing for Canada is crazy. After Seattle she plans to zig zag across the country to South Carolina, then to Florida and the Keys. I said "Honey, I don't think there's a highway that does that." If there is, trust me, she'll find it!

This is a beautiful journey to find herself. She already has. Trust me! The rest will be absolute bliss. I can't believe she's leaving me tomorrow. I don't want her to. I don't. I love her so and I don't want her to leave. But I love her so I do want her to leave. She's on a quest to find herself and I would never impose. God please take good care of her. Please.

Suzanne said...


We've been so lucky, you know? We haved the most beautiful group of friends. Shara is a gem. Just the most beautiful soul. She's leaving me this morning and I have to figure out how to deal with it. It does't seem fair. I don't want her to go, but know she has to go. Baby, if you ever come for a visit, you have to stay at least a week (or two!). I am so serious. This "few days" thing is just stupid and unfair. I'm shipping her off this morning and I'm crying. That's my new rule. Blogging friends have to stay at least a week, otherwise it just breaks my heart. You're like family and it isn't fair to see you leave in a few days. Absolutely unfair. I won't do this again without imposing my new rule. No, I'm not kidding.

I love you honey. When are you arriving?!


Suzanne said...


Too funny. Hi baby. I'm so tired, but up early waiting for this day to begin. Oh sweetie. Away she goes. How in the hell did she impact our lives this much in such a short time. I think she's an angel. I do. I can't imagine that tomorrow she won't be here. I can't.

I know Bindi understands. I'm crying. Not because I'm sad, because I'm happy. The sun is coming up and I look at this new day and I know life will change in a few hours. I wish with all my heart it didn't have to. She's going to drive away, but will leave so much behind. Often life is so precious you want to hold on for dear life. Everything will change in 3 hours, and so it goes. She'll be headed to Seattle and I'll drive to the park.


Suzanne said...


I love you so. Thank you. She was Chicken Soup for my soul. Honestly. I just hate to let her go. She's one hell of a beautiful woman and I can't even imagine not having her here. That is just an absolute heartache. It's so hard. But this is new day and she's leaving in two hours. And so it goes.


Leah said...

Suzy, doll, I keep trying to post comments, but my laptop track pad is not behaving. It's going to have to go to Tekserv back in NYC. Argh.

I'm glad Shara made it and that it's fun and intense in a good way!

In the end, re: your marriage, though, you can only listen to your own heart and mind, you know what you know about yourself and the situation. People can give input, but ultimately only you know how it is and how it should be.

Courage, mon amie! If that grammar is okay. You know what I mean. Sarge is bilingual, French and English. My French sucks. But you get the gist.


renee said...


Lost my first post but I'm trying again.

Suzanne, I really enjoyed checking into your blog this morning and was happy and a little jealous that your friend was visiting with you.

And I was surprised to see comments about Rob. I miss him - almost called him the other day to get advice about a fender bender, but didn't.

I love the pic of the table. And I wish you lots of beauty of every kind this hot summer month. You are very special to us.

Love, Renee

e said...

Hi Suzanne,

I love your imperfect room and bookcases in this photo just the way they are...I'm happy Shara finally reached you and wish you both much fun together. After the last months, you are in need of some fun!

I just received a gift of handmade bookcases from a friend. She made them just for me from wood she had and cut and painted...They are six feet tall and several shelves are bare at the moment...Wondering whether you would share a photo of your shelves completed??? I'm curious...and yes, I'm lucky to have friends that build bookcases for me...Friends are priceless. So are bloggers. Have fun!

Suzanne said...

Renee and Leah,

It's after 11 and she's still here. I can't get rid of her!!! Just joking. She's running late because she woke late. She was still here when I arrived home from the park, but had bad news. The bike on the back of her jeep was stolen overnight. She has a wonderful attitude about it however. She's hoping some little girl gets it. (It's pink!) We got laughing because she left a bag of trash next to the car, but the jerk didn't take that! Lazy ass.

It's now 11:34. She just pulled away. We're all very sad here at Rose Cottage, but so happy for her. She's such a great lady. She didn't want to get back on Hwy 80, but 80 it is. She's heading south, back toward The Bay area, crossing over the Richmond/San Rafeal Bridge just before Berkeley, heading into Marine, taking the 101 south to Hwy 1. She'll see the Golden Gate Bridge. She really wants to see it and pass through so many beautiful little towns in Marine. When she gets on Hwy 1 her destination is Point Reyes State Park as she heads north again. I was hoping she could cut west and hit Napa, but if she did she'd miss the state park because it's south on Hwy 1. Does that make sense? So she has to drive all the way around Marine to reach the park. It's Sunday, the weather is beautiful, Marine is gorgeous and she'll have a blast. But she hasn't eaten. It's the only thing I worry about with her. She hardly eats. She doesn't eat breakfast. She didn't even have coffee this morning. When I arrived home she asked for tea. I made it really, really strong! But I don't think I made it strong enough!!! I think I should have left the tea bag in a full 8 minutes, that way I know she wouldn't sleep till she reached Seattle. What?! Yes, there is a method to my maddness. I'm trying to keep her alive! She also asked for some fruit. I packed about 7 nectarines, 4 apples, a banana and some apricots. She'll need the restroom sooner than she thinks. Trust me. I realize she didn't even take water. That's awful. She's so irresponsible. Kids. Oh, right, she's 59. Grown up kids. Even worse. Oh, almost forgot, she looked at the plate of tomatoes and said "Honey, are those from the garden?" I said "No." She said "Can I have some anyway? Oh course, so put about 5 in with all the fruit. They're very ripe and I don't think she has paper towels. Good luck.

I miss her already and T-Bone is simply lost. He fell madly in love with Shara. Head over heels. He can smell her perfume on me (I don't wear perfume) and keeps putting his wet nose all over me. Here he comes again for round 10 or 11. Lost count. Loving her helped. She was bitten by a large dog when she was young. T-Bone loved her so much she was able to get over the trauma she's fostered all these years. She just told us before she left. How lovely. He's a great dog and a true gentleman.

I miss her already, you know? This was an absolute gift. She's funny. As a teacher she gave me homework. #1, I have to learn to text (good Lord), and I have a list of about 10 other things to do, starting with getting rid of the clothes I'm wearing (too depressing and boring) and fixing my "beautiful" hair. Texans. For God sakes they're as demanding as NY moms. She really does sound just like my mother. It's hilarious. They actually have the exact same plan for me. It's just wacky funny. Two woman, almost 3,000 apart, same ideas. I believe it's a conspiracy. But you know what I'm going to do? Yup, that's right. Give it the good old college try. Karen, I need some freakin' hair tips. Gig, don't be shy because I'm almost 50 and don't have a whole life to figure out what to do.

I've deleted about 5 paragraphs, blogger won't let me post because I'm over 4,096 charaters. Bastard.

XO I'll be back.

Suzanne said...

I just want to add that Shara really blew me away. She's just so in tune, she knows exactly what's wrong and what to fix. Bindi, I'm sure you know what the hell I'm talking about. She kicked my ass. It was like being picked up by the shoulder and shaken really hard. She literally kicked my ass. I'm a different woman than I was two days ago. No, I'm not kidding. I will miss her every day of my life, but am so grateful she made an effort to visit because she almost didn't. I wouldn't have missed this for the world.

I love Blogger. I love all the dear, dear friends I've met. You know, it's so funny because most of us met through 1 Pic. Even me and Shara. I'm so grateful for that man and his beautiful photography and words. She actually came to my home, slept on my mattress, ate my food, loved my dog, and all because of 1 Pic. I wouldn't change a thing. As much as he hurt some of us when he left, I wouldn't change a thing because I have such dear, dear friends and I'm absolutely confident they will always remain dear friends. In fact, as I'm typing this I'm looking at my darling Kylie. She was my first friend from 1 Pic. She was being her smart ass, sarcastic self and caught my attention. The rest is history. She will always remain part of my family because I love her like a sister. Oh course she knows it, so abuses me as often as possible. Really, she does. Remember when I tried to protect Bindi from RC?!!! That is just lengendary. One of the funniest f****** moments ever. And that's how I met RC. Thank God. Life without RC would be a complete bore! And Leah. Leah was way too smart for me. I met her over at CSI's. You know...all that law enforcement stuff at the Cafe. I was totally intimidated. Ah, screw it...she's a freakin' pushover. I can walk circles around her. *Leah looks for duct tape to shut Suze up.* Get away from me...I think that's a felony if I press charges. Kidnapping. False imprisonment. Torture. You better think twice Missy.

Of course I could go on. The list is long and beautiful. I've made amazing friends I cherish with all my heart. I wouldn't change a single thing because if I did I wouldn't have all of you. And I honestly can't imagine life without all of you. Over the past two days, Blogger became real. I met a cherished friend. I am a lucky woman.



Suzanne said...

I believe that's "Destiny!" What? Leave me alone.

Suzanne said...


Hi baby. I'll get you photos of the bookcases in all their glory. They were once over 9' high at our condo in West Hollywood. I've had to keep cutting them down. They're now under 8'. Seriously. I know. Sort of pathetic. But you know what honey, you do what ya gotta do. You know, I made them and I love them. I know every single nuance. You know? It's life. I don't think I could ever even give them away. They're actually so beautiful with all the molding, but who has time to add the molding. Not me. I'm too busy. Shara just informed me I have to stop being so busy. She said I have too much on my plate and have to knock it off. You think? Apparently you guys have all been talking about me. That's just too precious. Where the hell do you all talk about me?!

Bloggers. You know what I realized honey. We're so lucky. Having Shara here brought tears to my eyes. We are so lucky. Oh baby, we're so lucky. Can you believe we all know one another? It's such a precious gift.

just bob said...

What the hell is Dentiny? Is that a new brand of toothpaste?

Suzanne said...

It's toothpaste. You can find it at Target.


Cece said...

Hi Suze, sorry you are so lonely. I truly think that there is a relationship to salvage there with Rob and you should do every thing in your power to do it. Mine on the other hand.... I'm not sure. Interestingly enough, my word verification is rereappr.

Cece said...

Now the word verification is guessin

Suzanne said...


She kicked my ass. You know that don't you? Absolutely kicked my ass. I'm still in freakin' shock. She did you know. It's often good to be kicked in the ass. It's the biggest wake up call. I miss her so much, you know? I'm afraid I'll never see her again. That scares the shit out of me. I can't even imagine life without her. I can't. It's just hard. What do ya do? You know her. What do you do without her? That's just hard. You just want to grab her and run. I know. Trust me, I Know.

An so it goes.

Why does everyone see what I don't see.

Suzanne said...

She sees it, you know? I don't see it. I don't see what all of you see. I just don't. I see me alone. That hurts. I have no idea what the answer is. I'm turning 50 and I'm alone. I never imagine this would be my life at 50. Never, in a million years.

Suzanne said...

I'm missing Shara terribly. I'm eating a salad. All red. Red peppers and red tomatoes. You know me and red veggies. We have a special relationship. I threw some olives in. Green and red. Christmas. I'm totally allergic to olives. Wish me luck.

I'm loud. When I'm around people know it. Shara? No. You'd never even know she's an art teacher. She's quiet. Very quiet. I'm the complete opposite. I'm completely obnoxious!!! We're so different, yet so much alike. It's the stangest damn thing. I've been rolling this around in my head for hours and I don't think I'll ever make sense of it. It just is. We're one, yet so different. Art connects us, yet we have totally different personalities. Yup, trust me. What you think I am, you're right. Leave me alone. You're so hard on me.

kylie said...

what is all of this??
you guys talking about whether there is a relationshipto salvage or not??
it's not fair
i dont have the inside goss

doing that is against the rules, my rules

also, i wanna know what shara's plan is

*wanders off muttering about being out of the loop on the other side of the world, vowing never to send tim tams*

Suzanne said...

Bindi said you're sending my Tim Tams to her. Is that true? Did she send you my "new" address? I don't have a "new" address. Send them to my "other" address. The real one. I swear to God if she gets my damn Tim Tams I'm going to wring your neck. Get over here you little knuckle head and let me give you a hug. You aren't out of the loop. Well, you will be out of the loop if my Tim Tams end up in Arkansas.

Shara thinks 30 years matters. So does my mother, my MIL, my friends, my family. Shara came up with a plan to reunite me and Rob and it was so similar to Mom's plan. Is my mom living in Texas under an assumed name and posing as a art teacher? That's just wacky. How'd she get the job? She didn't go to college. Apparently she changed her name and lied on her resume. She's also shorter than I remember.

Baby, I gotta go. It's almost time to leave for the park and I haven't even fed the birds and squirrels in the back yard. I've been struggling this morning with monumental issues. You know me. I think too hard about stupid stuff. Remember the time I asked about the meaning of love?! I always appreciated your response, "Jeeze Suze." Okay, here's a new one. When do you ever feel adequate? Do you reach a certain age and finally say..."Oh God, I'm fine." Or do you always struggle? I can't think of anyone who likes me just the way I am. I'm always told to change. Why? What's wrong with me? Why am I inadequate? I know. An odd question, but you're smart, you'll know the answer.

I'll tell you about Shara's and Mom's plan later. It really is adorable and quite simple. I'm just not sure I'm on board. I have to think harder. I gotta go. Hope you're having a beautiful day darling.

Much love,
Me! :)

Abi said...

Hi, I've decided three things...

a) you're really cool :D

b) your house and your paintings are gorgeous and you're very talented...

c) this is obviously where the chat's at :)

I'm glad you had a lovely time.. also the fact that you're a crazy cat lady explains a lot of the comments on Bob's blog..... *runs away giggling cheekily*

Anonymous said...