Thursday, April 24, 2008

You Are A Dear Friend...

Remember when I had the flu? Yup, me too. Man that was ugly. But somehow I managed to design and award during that period. Why? Because I was inspired by all of my dear friends, who never let me down, and got me through a very difficult time. In fact I designed about 10 of them, but this is the lucky one. I'm not going to name names because I want all my dear friends to take this if they want and then I want you to share it with people who matter to you as well. It's funny you know, I realized we don't have to wait to recieve an award, we can simply make them up!!! Brilliant! I'm going to design another one and give it out in the next few months! I know, I'm probably going to be forever known as the "Award Queen." Ahhhh, life is too much fun.

I hope to see this award on all the blogs I visit and then some. So don't hesitate. Just grab it and run! My only request is that you leave a comment. And the comment is rather important. I want you to list at least two things about yourself that you love. That's all.



Suzanne said...

I'll start. Women too often don't appreciate themselves and that is very sad. I think we should remind ourselves daily, that we're wonderful.

1. I have nice shoulders. I never noticed until the other day and that's what inspired this challenge. I'm almost 50 and I never noticed. They're absolutely beautiful. I'm glad they stuck around for me to discover!!!

2. I have great lips. I hope they don't go away.

3. Okay, I can't contain myself and neither should you. If you feel more than two, go with it! My hair is lovely. I'm a Leo, it has to be. I'd be lost without it.

4. I have a wonderful sense of humor. Obviously!

5. My boobs don't sag too much.

6. My butt's saggin', but it ain't too bad. At least it hasn't hit the floor yet.

7. I tan easily.

8. I have wrinkles because I've laughed hard all my life and I've had the joy of playing tennis and tanning to a deep, dark chocolate!

9. I have a great smile.

10. My eyes smile with my mouth.


hey, you said to leave two things about my self. you have listed ten things!! i think you might love yourself alot!! hahaha.... thanks for the badge i will add it to my blog when life slows down a bit!!! and now for the TWO things i love about myself... i love my huge.......... ego! without it i would not be the person i am today. a lot of folks seem to think that egos are a bad thing, as long as you couple it with some life experiance and a bit of humbleness than i say ego up!!!
i also love the fact that i can fix almost anything!!! (see the ego at work here too!) yeah, it does have to be a mechanical thing either... when i wrap my head around a problem i generally come up with the right solution. so there you have it.... ego and excellence.... yep thats me.

ShutterSpy said...

Two things I love about myself?




Bugger. No award for me ;-P

Suzanne said...


I LOVE IT!!! Thanks for showing up honey and thanks for taking the award too. It's going to be so pretty on your blog! Give it away as often as you like because it's a work of art! Literally.

I like those two things about you too. They're what attracted me to you initially. Especially that huge

ego. (You taught me that trick on Random Chicks blog the other day and I just LOVE it! How do you come up with this stuff?) Well, it's a technique I'm going to use a lot!

Thanks for your imput and thanks mostly for just being you. I adore you. You know that. I'm grateful our paths crossed in this life. Honey, when you can get away from work, meet me at the Cafe, we'll have ourselves a little something. My treat.

Huge XO

Suzanne said...

Shutterspy, get your a** back over here this instant. Knock it off. Okay, I'll start for you.

1. I'm a talented photographer.

Now you have to come up with only one more. Don't make me come all the way over there because it won't be pretty. You are going to take that award if I have to attach it to you with crazy glue. No. I'm not joking. I know how to use crazy glue.

Love ya! :)

Kärt said...


I've been so busy lately that I forgot to check your blog, usually I do it daily. So it was a great suprise to see two new posts. :)

I still love your garden. It looks beautiful. And I cant belive your grass stays green all year around. Doesn't it snow at all?
And your blog is definitely not boring. It doesn't have to be a fantasy novel. :D When I read your posts I feel like I'm talking to an old friend and catching up with her life.

Well, finally two..or more things I love about myself.

1. I like that I can keep work and play separate. And I can mix them.

Usually I'm a happy person and I smile and laugh a lot. But I really like that if I feel like it I can look serious and maybe even a little intimidating. It may sound weird but I like it.

2. I like that I love people. That I find every single person interesting and worth talking to.

3. I like that I'm a little bit of a perfectionist.

4. I like that I can read poems really good. :)

5. I too like my shoulders. :)

6. And last but not least, I like that I can always be better.

Lots and lots of love. :)

bindhiya said...

Dear Suze,
What a Beautiful Award!!!

Sweetie, you are a wonderful person I ever met!

Ok... what I like about me? Just everything!

am a mother of a precious baby...

In any hard situation I will find the strength to move on!

have no regrets...i love every moment of my life..

I think this will do...
Thanks for this lovely post!
I will take it and pass it soon as I will find a bit of time..
Have a beautiful day!
♥ & ((hugs))

Leah said...

This is just wonderful Suzanne! I love reading what people love about themselves. Okay, here are two things I love about myself:

1. I take my marriage vows very seriously, the through thick and thin part and all of it, and I've never ever been unfaithful to Sgt. Pepper in any way.

2. That I can play the violin, and still do just for fun and joy even though I'm grown up and no one nags me to practice anymore.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful award! I love how you make us come up with good things about ourselves! How often do we think about that? Not enough!!! I would be honored to post this award on my here are my two things:

1) I make friends easily which has allowed me to meet all kinds of wonderful people, LIKE YOU SUZANNE...and has made my life so rich!!!

2) I can laugh at anything! This has been EXTREMELY helpful in not so funny situations.

3) Oh, I like my shoulders too!!! :-)

P.S. Sorry Leah about the photo on my blog...I broke my promise to you and I'm sorry!!! Don't go to my blog until AFTER Friday!!!

kylie said...

suze, last night there was another post here....what happened?
it was good (cant remember it right now but i know it was good)

oh, two things i like about myself:
a good sense of humour
and ummm.... well....something

Cecile said...

Well, Let's see. Just two.
1. I think I have a big ego too.
2. I am a talented writer. (and published!!!!!)
3. I am blunt and to the point and I say what is on my mind when it is on my mind and usually don't care who I offend because, the truth may hurt, but the truth is always the best.
4. I am always smiling and joking around and I am very friendly.
5. I'm an excellent mother.

OK, I"ll shut up now. Thanks for the award. It is beautiful.

Oh and I don't think your posts are boring. I don't usually think Zacks post are boring either. I just thought that ONE post was boring. But I'll keep my opinion to my self from now on, even though it is #3 on the list of things I like about myself.

Have a good day!!!

Oh this is too funny. My word verification is pomplfkw

kylie said...

Inner voices, if you can fix anything...HELP
twice this week the gear selector rod on my car has slipped out of it's ball and socket joint and left me without power to the wheels. luckily it was in an ok spot each time. anyway, it's a real pest cos then i wait an hour for road service to put it back. can you fix it? or teach me how to? or just ride with me as my personal road service mechanic?
it wouldnt be for too long....the car will go in to the shop this week. it might be a while cos it's hard to get parts for these old euro things. and that is the problem, looks like someone has modified the wrong part to make it fit and that worked for a while but it's not workin now!
here in oz we buy a bloke "a slab" for helping out...thats a carton of beer....sound fair?

Lydia said...

Hello Suzanne, God, it's so hard for me to list two things I love about myself. Let me think here for a moment. I'm usually too buisy thinking about everything I hate about myself.
1)I like that I get over upsets fast and I usually forgive and forget very easy when someone upsets me, depending on the situation.

2) I guess I like that I'm a homebody. I love hanging out around my house and living a quiet life with the people I care about and love.
Have a great evening!
p.s. Thank you so much for your helpful advise you gave me about not pruning my climbing roses. I didn't prune them and they're coming in nicely.

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

It's my first visit here...can I really take this award? It's so lovely, I'd be happy to feature it on my blog...please let me know if that's okay.

Now for the two things about myself that I like.

I like my feet. They look good in sandals because I never squeeze into too-tight shoes during the winter.

I like the way I talk to my dog. Its sort of a baby talk but with a bit of dog-growl thrown in (just so he understands the language!..:)

Best regards, and again, congratulations on your impressive blog and your beautiful artwork.

Suzanne said...

Lavinia ~

OF COURSE YOU CAN TAKE THIS AWARD!!! I designed it especially for people who come to my blog. Please take it and pass it along. And thank you for coming here. What an honor. We have a wonderful group of friends here my dear and you are so welcome to enjoy this place. It's actually a blast and you will grow to love everyone here. We have such a wonderful collection of personalities! Oh, and go to the Cafe sweetie. Cielo at House In The Roses is having a Dessert Carnival. It's a hoot! Make something, fake something, I don't think she cares, just have fun. Oh, and our dear friend Kylie, from Australia, celebrates her birthday on Carnival day, so wish her a wonderful one!

Thanks so much for stopping by and again, welcome.


Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Hi Suzanne, thanks for the reply! Did you scroll down my blog to see the post on Blue Roses? I found these blue roses many years ago and have seldom seen them since...

Now, I'm going to try to find that cafe you mentioned..

Suzanne said...


It's just as you enter my sight. The Wild Onion. It's a hoot. You'll love it. Just enter with an open mind because the rule is THERE ARE NOT RULES. Finally...pefection! Just watch out for Inner Voices. He's a wild man and will throw you for a loop every now and then, but we love him completely and forgive a whole lotta stuff!


Suzanne said...


You made me cry you know. I have a thing about angels. I don't know why because I'm not religious. But I love them. I read "I saw the angel in marble and carved until I set him free" and I started to cry. And then saw Michelangelo and knew why. What a beautiful, brilliant post. If I didn't paint, I would have been a sculptor. So the words carry so much weight. Thank you for reminding me why I'm on this planet. Isn't funny how we all connect for a reason. I love blogging for bringing us all together. How precious is that?


Maithri said...

Hey there my friend,

You're wonderful!

I've taken down all awards from my site to simplify it a little...

Did you have a post up, about the butterfly effect? I think I must be goin crazy...cos I was sure i saw that post here, but now i've lost it ;) lol

Anyway, singleton always talks about the butterfly effect... but till i read the post at josie's i never actually understood it...

That a flap of a butterflys wings in brazil can change the dynamics of the atmosphere in such a way that it could theoretically cause a tornado in Texas.

I've always believed in the ripple effect... but this is such an elegant way of looking at it...

Thanks for inspiring me... Im gonna have to post about this now :)

And the butterflys power grows...

With love to you and the fam,


CIELO said...

Good evening lovely "Award Queen". Two things I love: I love life, and I love YOU! There, I'm taking my award now! :)

I had to laugh about cute sweet Bindi sending you her dessert photograph!... Well, see, now you are my “bella” assistant… just remember to re-route those photos my way, would you….

By the way, have you been mixing ingredients yet? I can hardly wait to show my blogging friends all the wonderful dessert photographs I’m getting, from places as far as Turkey. I tell you, this is going to be so much fun, and beautiful, indeed! I’m getting amazing pictures. I’m so excited!

Hoping to see yours real soon!



CIELO said...

Wow... and I just finished reading all about your lovely self, and I tell you, I knew it all, ALREADY. YOU ar beautiful outside and inside...



CIELO said...

Oh, I think I got it now: two things I love about my self:

1: I have a great sense of humor, I laugh about most everything, even stupid things. I'm just a happy person.

2: I'm very sexy, I know it, and I know people know it too. And I love it :)

Love ya!


CIELO said...

Oh, and something else: Yes, the carnival will be a celebration in honor to Kylie's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Kylie! Just remember to show up with a dessert... my goodness, I'm getting so fat!


Suzanne said...


Hey gorgeous...awards don't simplify, words do. Put all the awards back up and take this one too. You kill me. They make your life more beautiful, so enjoy them. They're given with such love and should be embraced and appreciated. Certainly not deleted. They're an honor. I expect more of you. Seriously.

Yup, like Kylie said, "Where the helled the butterfly go?" It was there and you saw it. I deleted for only one reason. I didn't ask for permission for the photo and it didn't feel right in my heart. Would she have approved? Yup. But I need to ask before I do it. And will. I expect to post it again with full approval. I love the concept of the Butterfly Effect. Is that too brilliant or what? You and I have both taken phyisics, so no the rules. It is so simple and so beautiful. The way Josie wrote about it is amazingly beautiful. I find myself going back just to feel all warm and cozy!

Love you dear and hope all is well at work. I read your recent post and haven't commented yet because I simply can't find the words. I love you to death. You know that. But sometimes, finding words is such a challenge. I often have such a big old lump in my throat. I love you you know. With all my heart. I wish you lived next door and didn't have to say a word. I could just hug you.

Suzanne said... didn't list two things. That's the rule. We're all waiting because, that's the rule.

Suzanne said...

Yup...spelled your name wrong. Hey, I'm not perfect.

Suzanne said...


You're killin' me. You know that! I loved when you said "I'm very sexy and I know it!" That is too funny. Yup, it's true, you are!

Honey we are having so much fun with the dessert carnival. Hopefully it will all get over to your blog! What a blast! There are so many creative people on this planet and they seem to congregate on my blog! Thank God! Honey, are we going to win anything?!!! We should just for effort! God I love you. Thank yor for gracing my blog and making me laugh a whole hell of a lot. You just are so precious and I love you.

Okay...let's come up with the ultimate dessert. Served with the bestessesss coffee!


Maithri said...

Ha! Ok 2 things I love about myself...


1) im in wonder at the world around me

2) im free

;) As for awards...they are beautiful things and so deeply appreciated... me takin mine down doesnt was just a personal choice.

love and hugs, M

Josie said...

Wow, that's beautiful. What a nice person you are.

I have a friend who has the flu right now (male of course...) and because he is sick he has pushed me away and doesn't want anything to do with me. So, I have unwillingly been made into a "fairweather friend", which I am not. Friendship has to be given as well as received. It's very sad when someone denies the gift of friendship.

Suzanne said...

Josie, you will never believe this in a million years, but I posted about you last night. Photo and all. Maithri and Kylie will verify! I deleted because I stole your photo and didn't feel comfortable doing so without your permission! I love the Butterfly Effect. Oh God. It's so beautiful I hope to repost with your permission and with your beautiful photo.

Honey, leave at least two comments about why you love you. You are such a beautiful woman and I'm such a huge fan. I want to know what's best about you, so I can keep it in my heart. XO

A Woman Who is: said...

Hey, I just dropped by from Lavina's and looked at your side bar and profile. Of course what jumped out at me was your art work! You not only paint but grow my favorite flower. I am a little obsessed on the subject myself. Well I am going to have to flutter back here tomorrow. It is late and I would like to take a longer peek around…

'54Bomber said...

Hey Suzanne,
Thank you so much for my award. You truly are a dear friend. Gee, it is difficult to say something good about myself althogh I am good at putting my self down. Okay, I'll give it a try:

1. I like reading and writing.

Hey, that's two already! :)

'54Bomber said...

Gig from Gigsville sure could use your support right now!

ShutterSpy said...

@Suzanne: What is crazy glue?



2. I love that I am alive?

No, wait...

There's got to be something better...




2. I love that...


Seriously, what do I love? This is making me depressed which is the opposite of the desired effect O_o


Wow, I didn't know it would be *this* hard.

So, if I don't write something, you'll use your weird American 'crazy glue' whatever that is...

Is it the same as our superglue by the way?

Wait, you said you'd come after me and stick the award on? That means I don't have to write something good about me!

Haha! :-D

2. I love that I am reasonably intelligent.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dahling!

Swing by my blog...I'm having a special party and I'd love for you to join us!

Cecile asked if I wanted to join you guys in the Wild Onion Cafe...I think I may take her up on it!!!


*lights smoke and scratches head*
so kylie, this problem is something your road side mechanic fixes? temporarily? its a stick shift or auto matic? sounds like it might be an auto matic... does the "shifter" come off into your hands? does the "mechanic" slide under your car and do "something"? if its a stick does it do it while your driving or first putting it into gear? what year was it again?

"gear selector rod"... sounds like an automatic, sounds like he climbs under the car to reattach it and sounds like it could be something you could do very easy...
*opens slab of beer and pounds one, then opens another to drink while pondering*
you say its going in the shop soon? hmmm....

Suzanne said...

Random Chick...honey I was there way before you arrived here! Oh...My...God. Way too much fun and yes, join. You're perfect!

Suzanne said...

Jeasus Christ I.V. how can you make fixing a feakin' Peugot sound sexy. Hell, I'll get under it just to get serviced!

Kylie is one lucky lady. Kylie, I think that things gonna run pretty well when he's done.


Suzanne said...

I think I should remove that before any of my "Peep" read it.

Cecile said...

What you don't get serviced enough at home? DOh, one of your peeps already read that.

kylie said...

it's a stick shift, auto's dont have gear rods, they have transmissions! the shifter just waves around in the air, if i didnt know better i'd think it was stirring the petrol, and yeah, it's a temporary fix, done on the side of the road, he climbs under and just pops it back in (ooh er).
i guess you can tell i could do with a service :)

kylie said...

forgot to tell you, IV:
it's a 71 model

and the car is 89

Poetikat said...

Dear Suzanne, this is my first time at your blog. It will not be my last! I discovered you at Lydia's - your blog title intrigued me.
First off, let me say that I adore cats - and we have 4 of them: Gilbert, Blanche, Daisy and Red. I could not survive without a cat in my life.
Secondly, I adore your garden. I could only dream of having such beauty in my own natural space. We live in an older house in Southern Ontario, Canada and we have a small backyard. We encourage every element of nature (except slugs and such). I enjoy planting perennials and shrubbery, but obviously have not got the "green thumbs" possessed by yourself.

Please hop on over to my blog, "Poetikat's Invisible Keepsakes" ( where I do my best to keep my readers entertained with poetry of all description - mostly witty, sometimes sad, but always worth a look.

I am linking to you right away!


Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

(I think Blogger ate my comment...sorry if this is a duplicate!)

1) I am BIG
2) And BODACIOUS! :)

I saw your comment at Random Chicks...I'm flattered that you love me, but think it's high time you left a comment on my blog Missy! (tee-hee!)

I love your kitty photos! And almost 50-year olds ROCK!!!! (My blog-mistress is one too!)

Poetikat said...

I'm back. I just noticed your challenge to say a few things that we like about ourselves. Well, nobody here knows me, but I'm a pretty self-effacing person, so this is going to feel weird, but I'll try.

1. I have lovely green eyes with rusty specks in them.
2. I have a pretty good singing voice
3. I am a good cook
4. I am very caring (sometimes too much so)
5. I'm fun and funny.

BTW, I have never said these things to anybody in my life (well, maybe my husband). I just wouldn't think to do so.


Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Now this is a cool award! Thank you so much!!

Ok - Two things I love about me....

I love my nuturing side....

And I love my hands...They are not "beautiful". They are rugged and tough. The help me create my mosaics. They are also gentle and tender enough to touch a fevered brow..

Suzanne said...

Olga, The Traveling Bra has me laughing so hard I don't know where to begin. Okay. I'll begin. If you guys have time, please visit her blog. The bra danglin' off the police vehicle is priceless.

I lived near the artist in the San Francisco/Bay Area who had/has the bra ball. Yup, it's huge...made out of all bras donated by women like you and me from around the world. It is insanely funny. Those of us who have to wear them and those of you who love them, know they make you really mad at times, but make you happy too because they can be so pretty! Isn't it a very, very small world?

Suzanne said...

Penny, I love you. Like you, I love the soft side of me, but love even more the ruff and tumble. We're a perfect blend of all that's beautiful. When I was at UCLA and spent tons of time welding, I loved steel, walking around in chaps, my helmet and steel toed boots. As a woman I felt really, really lucky and powerful. It's a gift to know how to use tools, to work with your hands, to use your brain in a different way, to explore your other side. I wouldn't trade that experience for the world and I know you understand. My professor gave me a hard time, all the time, but for a reason. I now know he loved me and challenged me to my core. It made a difference. I'm a different woman because of that experience and because he made an effort and took an interest.

Take that award and run honey. You deserve every single inch of it!

Love you dear.

bindhiya said...

You are killing me with that new post in the Cafe :))
am Laughing Out Loud at 12 am... :))
love you to the sky and back..

Suzanne said...

Bindi! Is wife, whoops, life funny or what. I don't know, I think it is rather brilliant! I have to get my dessert prepared tomorrow and sent because God forbid Kylie doesn't get a sugar high!!!

Honey, if you have time, you must visit Random Chick. Her post is so beyond funny and you will laugh youself silly!!! You know I met her because of you! God I love that woman! And I love you for being bold enough to introduce me. You're such an amazing woman. I'm only half the woman you are. And I'm grateful for just that!


Suzanne said...

I forgot to say, I can do anything. Work with steel, work with wood, cook, clean, rehab the house, electric, etc., it's liberating. There is nothing I can't do and I'm good at everything. I know you understand because you are me. So let's just sit here and have a drink and enjoy life. I'm not a great drinker!!! Okay...apparently drinking's out!


Anonymous said...


I do apologise for the confusion surrounding my 'disappearance' - it will become clear, I promise.

It's good to be back, but it's damn hard to think of two things that I love about myself....ok, here goes....

1 - I like the fact that I'm fairly independent.

2 - I love my glasses :-)

3 - I think I have a good sense of humour

and the best one of all...
4 - I love the fact that I have surrounded myself with the best friends I could have hoped for, bot h online and in reality.

Hope you're doing well - I have a lot of catching up to do.

Peter x

Suzanne said...


I know. Russia. Honey, please come home.

Can't think of two things, so I'll think of four! That my dear, is why I love you!!! Yup, we surround you to no end. I love your glasses, your sense of humor and your independence. But most of all, I just love you. I am so happy you're back. Life is complete.

XO Mom
(Honey, do you think I look old enough to be your mom?!)

ShutterSpy said...

I've taken your award :)

Thanks :-D

The Old Painted Cottage said...

Hi Suzanne, this is too much fun! Okay, here we go...

1. I have very pretty hazel eyes that have green, red and brown in them. Many people say my eyes are like a rainbow.

2. I love the dimple on my right cheek, just under my eye. When I am really happy or really in love, you can't miss it.

3. I love my naturally curly hair. Although many other people love it as well, and they pull at my curls. Ouch!

4. At the age of 36, I am finally discovering who I am and how very talented I am.

PS ~ Suzanne, you are gorgeous...inside & out.


bindhiya said...

you have something at the cafe :))
love you...

bindhiya said...

Dear Suze,
Please check my place....
I have something for you :))
♥ & ((hugs))

bindhiya said...

Last night I was reading your post at the cafe and suppressing my laugh so hard...cause everyone is sleeping and am up reading..bake bake bake until you cannot bake anymore...then comes no bake no bake no bake until you cannot no bake anymore...then find something to steal too...OMG..still am laughing..then it ugly your dessert it will be in the carnival...
Yes, you have a wonderful sense of humor.
today I called Cecile.. she was in the hospital at that phone seems to be messed up..cause I can hear her clear but i think she cannot hear me.... My baby is the phone repairer :))
Yes, am a my hubby unconditionally.. but everyone does that is nothing to appreciate...

I visited Random chick... She is so funny... :))
Wow! that is amazing can do everything around a house and even more... that is wonderful..
Let me echo the truth "You are beautiful Inside....out"
Love you to the sky and back...

Anonymous said...


I don't think you look old enough to be my mum!!! But maybe a young aunt......?

Peter xx

Josie said...

Suzanne, you did a post about me? My gosh, yes, by all means you can repost it.

You know I was looking at myself in the bathroom mirror this morning, thinking that I like myself better now than when I was in my 20s. The thing I like best about myself now is my expression. My expression suits my features. I like my features, I have even grown to like my nose. It suits me. And I love my femininity. I am blonde and feminine, and I like that. But I am also very intelligent, so I am no dumb blonde. *heh* I also have very nice hands.

Ludmila M. said...

Dear Suze,
Unfortunately, things with that new "friend" are not going so well, he tried to be honest with by sayin´he was not prepared to rush things on a new relationship, coz he finished a six-year relationship on february, after that he travelled to U.S.A to make some kind of "training program" in a hospital,he´s finising medicine college this year..We´ve met on line, yesterday we had an argument by phone, i was tryin´to explain him good things to stay in touch with me, and...He repeated that he was not problem..Bad for him..But i move on, don´t worry, life goes on and on and i´m not sad....
XOXO, Lud.

Suzanne said...


Don't worry. Life goes on. You're still so young and have years to find the right guy. When you do, he'll light up like a Christmas tree! Trust me.

Love you honey,
XO Suze

bindhiya said...

I am glad to hear you liked the video... we had a blast...she and her dad had the mud go pick her up :))

For Getting your main blog first with profile... I have no idea...maybe you can add as your web page under your name or say main blog...
Those tests ...there is html code you can copy and paste to new post or in page element... hope this will help...
as you saw I have pass that award was just beautiful!!!
I talk to Cecile today... She is exhausted, tied... we had a short conversation only...cause my little one want to talk more.. :)
talk to you soon..
Good night!
♥ & ((hugs))

kylie said...

take a look at my prayer for ohno....

tqmcintl said...

two things about myself that Maria loves

I got an eye for beautiful women

I got charm
I got wit

though soem guys say I am a dimwit


tqmcintl said...

I love mature women
more than young women

I was dating K
but then I dropped her
and latched on to her mom

'54Bomber said...

Two things I like about my self

1. My cautious approach to life

2. My love of music

Suzanne said...

Kylie, my dear, dear friend. When you said a prayer, I just thought you'd take my request and you or Dad would pray for me (well, I guess that wouldn't make a very interesting post or blog!!!). I never expected such a beautiful, thoughtful response. I will never forget what you wrote. Never. And I know Ohno will embrace your words and be brave if the news is bad. And so will we. I'm scared you know, but your beautiful words help me take a deep breath and wipe the tears as I write this. I now know I will be able to face what ever is about to come. I will keep you informed, of course.

I love you. And thank you.

Jim said...

jrubi got plenty things I love about my self

2 things I hate about my self:
I am verry gullible
tell me u love me verry much
i wont doubt it

I am horny to the extreme
I see 2 roses close to each other
I think of sex

I see rain, snow or hail
I think of sex

Suzanne said...

Peter! I agree. :)

Suzanne said...


Thanks for stopping by. I enjoy staying home too, so understand completely. Unfortunately, I don't get over upsets as quickly as I'd like. I'll work on that.

Glad your climbing roses are doing so well. I'll stop by soon. I'm always trying to play catch-up with blogging. There's so much to do in the yard and around the house it's almost overwhelming. Oh well, makes life interesting.

Have a beautiful Monday!


Suzanne said...


Happy Monday!

That video was too funny. What's even funnier is daddy had to go get her! (I loved her outfit ~ it was absolutely darling.)

How did you get your main blog to the top of your blog list? I'm missing something. And thanks for the info about the html. I've tried it but apparently doing something wrong there as well. I'll try when I have more time.

I'm off to feed the ferals and have to hurry. I received an email for Cece this morning, so imagine you did too. She sounds so much better, but yes, tired. I'm glad you had an opportunity to talk to her. Now we just have to hear from Gig and Robyn!

One more thing. Go to Kylie's blog if you have time. She and her dad have a new prayer blog. It's absolutely beautiful.

Okay baby, gotta go. Have a wonderful Monday.

Love you!
please excuse typos~no time to proof and I typed way too fast. :)

ShutterSpy said...

Thanks so much for all the comments on ShutterSpy.

They mean a great deal to me and make me feel as if it's all worthwhile.


Suzanne said...


It's always so wonderful to hear from you. I'm so glad you visit often and that you think of me as an old friend. That is an honor my dear. I'm also glad you love the garden. You are always invited to sit and stay awhile. T-Bone of course will take you on the guided tour, but you'll probably have to throw him the tennis ball once in awhile!

Nope we don't get snow. We go below freezing every so often, but no snow. We're about an hour from Lake Tahoe and of course it get tons of snow because it's in the Sierra Mountains, but even the lower foothills recieve quite a bit of snow. So you can easily be in a snow storm a half hour from our house.

Grass stays green here all year, but it depends of the variety. Some dies off, but generally speaking, most people don't grow stuff that dies! Our front yard is beautiful all year because it was newly sodded before we purchased the house, but the back yard has some pactches of crabgrass that die for a few months in winter. We'd love to resod it, but don't have $12,000 to spare right now. Maybe someday.

Hope you're having a wonderful day. Enjoy your week and we'll talk soon.


Suzanne said...

Oh Kart, I forgot to say that what you love about yourself is terrific! It's been such fun reading the comments. Thanks again for stopping by.


Suzanne said...


I love what you love about yourself. You are an inspiration my dear friend.


Suzanne said...


Finally, I'm here honey. Your comment made me smile. First because you love your husband and second because you love the violin. You're a wonderful woman ~ your husband is lucky, and so is the violin!


Suzanne said...

Random Chic ~ thanks for taking the award and for your comment. This post has really been tons of fun! Well, not as much fun as your party the other day!!!


Cecile said...

OK, this one is old already. Time for a new one. I'll do a new one if you do. But I have to think on mine for a bit, because I want it to be funny. No more depressing stuff.

Hey my word verification is some martial arts word. Nenjuaa (nija)

Suzanne said...

I know I have to do I new one. I'm trying to live my life, write to everyone and keep up with my own blog. Say this as if it's on Seinfeld..."I-AM-NOT-A-MAGICIAN." Yup, that makes me laugh too. Oh, and as you know, I feel like crap to boot!

Okay. NO MORE DEPRESSING. Speaking of which, I got dissed by I.V.. He insulted me 50 ways from Tuesday. Movin' on. I know he's somewhat kidding, but afer 45, I thought, "Okay, I can take 45, but I refuse to take 46!!!" I'll never look at the man the same again. Relationship changed forever. Why? Cuz I'm sensitive.

I just saw on the news that Clinton has inched ahead of McCain. Interesting. I like that statistic, but we have a long way to go as you know young lady! The dynamics are forever changing and screwing with my head. I think we should ask Kylie and Dad for a prayer. Does God do frivolous stuff? Okay, good. Let's put in a request or two. But first, let's go to the Cafe and dance in the cooler with our chocolate shoes before Cielo discovers they're posted and they melt!

Love ya darlin'. It's good to have you back. I know it's still hard, but laughter helps with practically everything.

Love to you always,

Hobie said...

Hmmm, two things I love about myself - I love my fur because it has many colors. And I love my big heart - because of my big heart I have the best family a dog could ever have and so many friends I can hardly begin to count! Love, Hobie (PS - thanks for the pretty artwork to gussie up my blog Aunt Suz.)

Knitting Mania said...

I found your real blog this time and I'm so glad I did. Wow, check out those rose paintings, I love them!!! Your work is just beautiful Suzanne. I love a rose and pink is my fav color too!

I noticed that my sister (In a Garden), found you on the 25th, such a small blogging world...

Okay I really want this award because it's pink and it's a rose!

1. I serve a mighty God who continues to bless and love me.

2. We are leaving Cali in one month to finish building our dream home in Montana. This has been a 7 year journey for us, and we feel so blessed to have this land and a new home.

There, I'm taking the award and running with it! YAY!!!

I'll be back to look some more!

Gig said...

Thanks for the beautiful award,

Two or more things I love about myself,
I love my husband even when he is grumpy.
I love my children and grandchildren, they have blessed my live in more ways than I can say.
I love to cook and bake.
This is a great post, Suze!!

Joyful Jo said...

Hi Suzanne,
I have contacted Cielo from "The House in the Roses" and emailed her a dessert recipe for Kylie's birthday.

kylie said...

hey suze,
couldnt help eavesdropping on your question "does God do frivolous stuff?"
i dont reckon he does but his idea of frivolous might be different to ours so it's always worth asking.....
also, since when has the president of the US qualified as a frivolous issue? it's massive!

hey, why am i writitng this now? i'm meant to be in bed getting my beauty sleep, i need all the help i can get. anyway, bed is the only warm place in this place right now. it's feezing. ok, ok, it's freezing for sydney. in autumn.

KJ said...

Good grief, how do you maintain all 85 of your comments on this post?! Here's one for the road: 86!

I just saw your comments from last goober! I just wanted to let you know that I prefer White Cupcakes with Buttercream-Lemon Icing. Those cute little edible silver balls for decoration would be cute, too ;)

Hm...what to tempt Suze with for political victory? How about a pretty little houseplant (not poisonous to the pets) set in a vintage, hand-painted china dish?

I think that just might suffice!


Leah said...

Hi Suzanne,

Just thought I'd drop in and say hi, nothing particular, just wanted to check in and say I was thinking about you--hope you're feeling good today!



kylie said...

darl, i have to shuffle off to work, i'm sorry i'll miss your post for a few hours but i'll be back.
i notice you've changed the blog to display only one post....i like it!and it loads so quick

MARIA said...

Thank you, Suzanne! Beautiful!

MARIA said...

You Are A Dear Friend!

MARIA said...

two things about yourself that you love

1. mam komputer i moge komunikowac sie z calym swiatem.
2. lubie moje oczy, ze moge nawet czytac i bez okularow w moim wieku.

Hope Krystyna will translate. She infected me with blogging.

krystyna said...

Hi Suzanne!
Now, you are "Award Queen".
That Award is amazing and lovely. I feel, it is from deep of your heart.
You will see this Award on my blog ... soon.
Thanks a lot.
Biiiig hug!

krystyna said...

Two things about myself that I love:
1. I'm so happy that I started study English. When I started ... one voice whispered to me: is tooo late, you are too old...stop dreaming.
And after few months with this "affirmation" I was almost gained ower.
2. The other voice wispered.. no, nooo... you CAN. Pleae, start to study Chinese too.

Now, I knew little bit English as you see... ???... its OK?
Now, I knew that Chinese is one of the easiest language.


Polish - babcia
English - grandma
Chinese - naj-naj

Grandma in Chinese is the easiest to speak. The most difficult - in Polish.

(I study English/ little bit Chinese too/only by myself.
I started at my 55.
I think it is never to late to learn something now.

I'll be very grateful if you'll carrect this my comment in Englis.
(it will be perfect lesson for me)

So, I think that I can take this beautiful, lovely Award?


krystyna said...

From my mom:

1. mam komputer i moge komunikowac sie z calym swiatem.
2. lubie moje oczy, ze moge nawet czytac i bez okularow w moim wieku.

1. I'm proud that I decided to start my journey with computer
(first she even scared little mouse, now she is very happy, btw, she is addicted with PC)
2. I love my eyes. In my age (79) I can read without glasses too.
(really she uses glasses, but not often)


Jeevan said...

It was a wonderful and beautiful idea Award Queen :) came through krystyna

Anonymous said...