Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Kylie's birthday roses. Yup, the basket's completely full. Most are being mushed at the bottom. I feel trouble approaching! (Music to Jaws.)
There he is!
He started stealing them...
Then he started mauling them...
Then while trying to cut and arrange the vase, he was less than an inch away watching every single stem enter the water with absolute awe.
Yup, still here! But getting tired.

Lazy, tired eyes...
Heeeeeeeeeeeee's out!
A card with "purple" Veronica for the birthday girl.
The inside.
The bouquet with card.
Bouquet without card! :)
Other side of bouquet.
Close up.
Happy Birthday dear friend. We all love you so much. But you know that. See you same time next year!?
Love you,
"The Gang"
P.S. Those of you who have been reading this blog know the white on the walls is primer, not paint. Those of you who haven't, don't. They've yet to be painted a soft buttery yellow with pure white trim!


bindhiya said...

Dear Suze,
That is just beautiful!!!
OhNo want to say Happy birthday wishes to Kylie too... that is why he is around that flowers and cake :))
Everything is perfect and stunningly beautiful!!! You are a gem sweetie!!!
I'll be back soon..
♥ & ((hugs))

Gig said...

This is Absolutly Awesome!! What a great Birthday Gift to Kylie. Thanks for all your work and Ohno too.
I will be back again to smell the roses...

XO, love you,

Suzanne said...

Hi Bindi!

It was so much fun to do this for Kylie. She's a great woman and I love her. Ohno is a riot. Has to be in on every single detail, almost like a wedding planner! He's one terrific kitty and he's always eager to learn something new.

Thanks for the wonderful compliment. I did it for all of us, so it was hardly an effort. I wish she lived closer. Like right down the street! :)

Love you Bindi. I'll stop by soon.


Suzanne said...


Thanks honey. It's your turn next!

I'll tell you what. For repayment, treat me to 10 minutes of "slops." I'll give you half my earnings or you can pay half my debt. Deal? Deal.

Love you so much,

Anonymous said...


Echoing what the others said, what a wonderful thing to do - however, my favourite part is Ohno sneaking around everywhere - such a cutie!!

Peter x

kylie said...




♥ ♥ ♥

kylie said...

sorry suze, i wasnt ignoring you, just blown away!!!



kylie said...


ShutterSpy said...

How do you get so many roses?

It's beautiful! :-D

I love the commentary with the cat!

Happy Birthday Kylie! :-D

willow said...

Good morning! I am enjoying your blog, as well. Yes, I have a dream encyclopedia. My daughter got me started on interpreting my dreams and it is very amazing and helpful. I'll pop over to Lavinia's and see what I can do. Just got up, so having my tea and toast. Looks like you are CA time, so I am way ahead of you.

'54Bomber said...

How wonderful :) The roses are gorgeous. Ohno! is one lucky kitty. I can't top what the others have said about this post. You are lovely,generous and kind hearted. Thank you for being you.
Mark. XO

Rosy Inspiration said...

Hi, Suzanne,

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a long comment. I love looooong-winded comments. Wow! 200 rose bushes! I would've worked myself to the ground. That's part of the reason I wouldn't dare have soooo many, with three young kids in tow and everything. Yes, you do beat me in that. The roses in the basket are stunning. Love the mix of colours, so fresh and delish. Kylie is spoilt rotten, she must feel very special. Happy Birthday, Kylie, have a blessed year and many many happy returns.

A Woman Who is: said...

So we finally meet :0)
Between you and rosy inspiration I am in a serious rose envy mode!

Your cheesecake is lovely with the swirled topping; I will remember that idea. But where is the recipe?

Well how fun finding two crazy over the top rose ladies in one week. I was growing up to 100 roses in my last garden. Now in my two year old garden (we downsized the house and the yard) I knew it was time to cut down, and simplify...it is more difficult than I could have imagined. I have planted as of last fall 50 roses on my tiny little lot!

This year though “There Shall Be Roses!” I can't wait. Definitely drooling over here!

Beverly said...

The roses are exquisite, and happy birthday to Kylie.

I came by to tell you how delicious your cheesecake looks.

Cecile said...

Hey, I have some dead twigs I need to add to that bouquet, so that Kylie will know the dead twigs come from me. You see, my thumb is black not green, so there is no way beautiful flowers would be from me. I planted three tomatoe plants, a squash plant and two strawberry plants the other day. The next day, Nathan came appologizing for digging in my garden. He covered up two of my tomatoe plants. I uncovered them, but I have had to run the dog out of it twice. SHe has smashed two tomatoe plants and the squash plant by lying on them. I guess I'll need to drag out the black pepper to keep her out of it. The card and flowers are great. You are such a good friend.

Lydia said...

Hello Suzanne, This is such a nice birthday post. The roses are so pretty and your black kitty cat is adorable! My next kitty will be black.

Jim said...

Happy Birthday Kylie
tell your mom I am angry
she didnt come to taste my Ras Malai

Jim said...

I just found out

Suze is not your mom

Janet said...

Wow, those roses are just too beautiful for words. I am in awe!


Suzanne said...

Peter ~ As you know, Ohno's a complete blast! It's always a pleasure sharing him with all of you. How can I not? He won't get out of the photo!


Suzanne said...


We all love you so much and you are more than welcome. Wouldn't have done less. This was a special day for all of us.

XO Suze

Suzanne said...


Hi honey. The way I get so many is I grow too many! Simple as that.

Ohno's a hoot. Glad you enjoyed the commentary.

Love ya,

Kathleen Grace said...

Happy birthday to Kylie! Thanks for taking the time to say hello at my place:>) Those roses are spectacular! Did they come from your own garden? If they did, I am insanely jealous! I could stare at those all day:>) So glad to meet you!

MARIA said...

I love your roses, your all pics are beautiful, and what the lovely cats.
I tasted your cake. Mmmmmniam.
Thank you!

MARIA said...

Happy Birthday to Kylie!

Leah said...

Happy Birthday dear Kylie!

And Suzanne, those roses are as always unbelievably indubitably scrumptiously fantasmagorical, and that, my dear, is no exaggeration. I am freaking out over that pic of Ohno lurking amongst the yellowy roses. I've been staring at your photos for five minutes, and just this sec told Sarge how much I want a cat. As I've told you, some of us are too allergic. Sarge isn't, and he's a total cat lover (I am too) and is deprived.

It's a separate tangent, but any thoughts on the cat-allergy problem? What do you think about hairless cats? The problem is, neither Sarge nor I really like the idea of buying animals; we've always had rescue pets, and lord knows the number of cats that need homes in NYC...

Anyway, chat soon,


Suzanne said...


Welcome. Finding your blog was such a wonderful discovery. I'll stop by often and hope you do the same.

I did a bit of research on Google about my dreams and realized I'm really screwed up!!! Yikes. I'm hoping your encyclopedia indicates I'm healthy, happy and well adjusted. Of course that would be a lie, but I could live with it for a few days!

Talk to you soon.


Suzanne said...

Oh Mark, I love ya. Thanks for your kind words. You always make me feel wonderful.

Yup, Ohno's a keeper! Rob carries him around draped over his shoulder. Just loves him to death. He's the funniest cat because he's like jello. I don't really know how to explain it! He's limp and soft and purrs like no body's business. He absolutely loves life and he's a true gift to us and our family.

Thanks for always stopping by my dear. Hope all is well.

Love to all,

Suzanne said...

Rosy Inspiration!

Welcome. You know what's so funny, I didn't realize you were in Australia. Kylie and our dear friends Mark, Jo and daughter Helen are also in Australia. I should read better!

No, 200 roses with three young kids wouldn't be a good idea. You do beautifully with the amount you have! I can't even keep up with all my roses. I'm going to do a post with a walk through the garden last week. It's hilarious. Those who read my blog know I didn't have time to prune most of the roses this year, so the gardens are insane (but absolutely beautiful)! I can't even get to most of the roses because there's no room to manuver through the bushes!!! When you see it, you'll have a good laugh.

Well, I know in Australia it's now Fall. Your roses are still obviously producing. When do they wind down? Here in Northern CA I still have roses in the garden at Christmas. It's pretty remarkable. I also know from my friends that parts of Australia are in a terrible drought. My friends Jo and Mark have lost nearly their entire garden to it. It's very sad to lose something you love. I hope you've faired better.

Thanks for your kind comments and please stop by any time. I'll do the same. Your blog is absolutely beautiful. I'm so pleased we met.

XO Suze

Suzanne said...

A Woman Who Is,

Good Lord, some of these names just kill me as I'm typing them. Yours is one.

Yup...we finally meet. And how odd, you remind me of your sister! You're both too funny. I didn't win her contest today. I was so disappointed. Why? Because I covet that little green number! Hopefully it won't be sent to our dear friend..."The Winner." I have to win something soon or I'm going to develop a real complex. No seriously!

Ahhhhhhhhh, roses. You and me both darlin'. Well of course I'm laughing. So you simplified with just 50? Now that made me laugh. Don't you think the definition of simply would be more like 10? 5? 8? One thing you said on your blog that just made me laugh way too hard was that you love the feeling of a well pruned and cleaned rose garden. I wasn't able to prune or clean up around 3/4 of my roses this year and the results are absolutely stunning. Unfortunately I can't get to about half my roses or the weeds because everything's so big! Yup, me too...I love a well pruned, clean garden! Unfortunately mine doesn't even come close! I need an assistant!

I love your previous house and garden. What a beautiful job. I know the new house and garden will be equally lovely. Can't wait to see all the photos. You're a wonderful designer and gardener.

Glad you enjoyed the cheesecake. Actually the strawberry swirl on top in made with "real" strawberries, not Smucker's as Cielo suggested. I'll get the recipe up in the next day or two. I was trying to give the post to Kylie's birthday it's just desserts! Making cheesecake is actually so easy and one of my favorite desserts. It's amazing too how I baked it for the Carnival, but ended up eating the whole thing myself! Hummmmmmmm.

It's been wonderful chatting with you. We'll talk soon. Oh, and your granddaughter is just too precious. You are such a lucky lady.

Happy gardening,
XO Suz

Suzanne said...


Thank you! I'll get the recipe up soon. It's so easy to make and not very expensive at all. You'll see. I hope you make it. Stop by any time.


Suzanne said...


Where in the hell did I find you? Ahhhhhhhh, right. What a lucky day that was. Remember? You with all your dead twigs and that olive branch. Hummmmmmm. I should have run for the hills like a mad woman!

Okay, I'll put the dead twigs in the bouquet. Here in CA the bouquet will fetch twice the price with them in. Ya know, sculpture.

Honey, I'm so, so sorry about your garden. That's not a black thumb, that's just poor planning!!! Didcha ever think about protecting your veggies with a bit of fencing. It can be temporary. Just go get a roll of chicken wire or something similar. Problem solved. And tell the kids to "Knock it off," or they won't get any tomatoes or squash for dinner. Okay, veggies are out!

Thanks for the compliment about the flowers and card. We did a good job, didn't we. As I walked through the gardens picking rose I had all of you with me ~ it was like a bad commercial. Everyone piping in "pick this one, not that one, I don't want that one, this is prettier..." I feel the bouquet represents us all beautifully!" That's why it's a big mish-mash of color!

Love you sweetie. Hope you're hangin' in there. Keep us up-to-date on your dad and sister. Talk to you soon.

Much love,
Suze XO

P.S. The dessert you made for Kylie is GORGEOUS! You had a little help with that, right? ;)

Suzanne said...

Hi Lydia,

Thanks for the wonderful words. I'm glad you plan to adopt a black kitty. They're the least adoptable you know and linger in shelters. People have such hangups about black kitties, but not me. I just love them to death. I'll stop by when I'm through commenting here and see what you're up to. Until then, take good care of yourself.


P.S. I talked to my mom today and she said it's so cold in NY. Near you too?

Suzanne said...


Knock it off. Kylie and I are sisters. Right Kylie! :)

Suzanne said...


Welcome and thanks for stopping by. OF COURSE they came from my own garden!!! Honey, look at my blog, not just the current comment!

That was too funny. You are such a cutie. I've seen you on all the blogs I love and to finally talk to you is too much fun. Please stop by any time and I'll try to do the same because your blog is just beautiful.

Until next time,

Suzanne said...


It's always so wonderful to see your beautiful face and here your wonderful words. Thank you for stopping by.

Isn't the Dessert Carnival amazing? Cielo really outdid herself this time. I'm going back right after I type this to see what's happening over there.

Have a beautiful day!

Love, Suz XO

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Happy Birthday Kylie!

Suzanne, these flowers are so beautiful...I think if I put my nose to the screen I can sniff their heavenly fragrance.....

Your blog is absolutely gorgeous. And....I saw your cheesecake dessert on the Dessert Carnival....it was exquisite!

Looked very yummy too, but so pretty I would not want to put a fork into it....

Thanks for visiting my blog and nice to see you agree that the bloggers around me are very special people.....

Best regards,

p.s. I missed the deadline on the dessert carnival...d'oh!....so I consoled myself by eating some maraschino cherries right out of the jar....I had bought them to adorn my dessert...oh well....
next time!

Anonymous said...

LOL! I was loosing it when you described how Ohno (that's Ohno, right?) was mauling the roses. Sounds just like my two kitties: Roxie and Rhett.

Those roses are simply beautiful. You could sell them for LOTS of $$$. I've never seen any like that in the florist or even the farmer's markets.


Anonymous said...