Thursday, December 20, 2007


Funny story. Phatty~Foo~Foo (top photo) is a rescue from the park. I've known her since she was a wee thing and always promised I'd bring her home. I did. She's the most amazing kitty. She's gentle, kind and loving, always has been. She was spay about a week ago and to be safe we've kept her in the family room closed off from the rest of the house and all the rascals. Why? Because they play too hard and she needs time to heal. Shadow (second photo), aka, OH NO!, the two and a half pound bundle of trouble has been in agony all week trying to access the family room, but to no avail. I'm up late tonight because I took a little nap this afternoon, now can't sleep. I went to the kitchen, which I'd closed off from the rest of the house for Phatty, so she'd have both the kitchen and the family room over night (we live in a mid-century home and unbelievably every room can be closed off with a pocket door~brilliant!). She was on the table in her soft bed, the lights were low because I have everything on dimmers (yes, I learned electrical work when I bought the house), I reached to pet her and she seemed a little too fat. I said, "Honey, what's going on?" I turned up the lights to discover Shadow next to her and said "What the hell are you doing here!!!???" The only thing I can figure out is she slipped into the kitchen when I opened the door to get a cup of tea earlier in the evening. I didn't notice because she's so black and very quick! They looked happy and peaceful, I left them together. I know Phatty has been sad without her brothers, sisters and uncles, so to see her happy made me happy. And to see Ohno sleeping...priceless!

Another funny story. I'd always though Phatty~Foo~Foo was a boy. He's not, he's a girl. She had so much hair I couldn't tell. So I have to get used to saying "She!" I'm considering changing her name to Patty~Foo~Foo. And then, if that wasn't enough, Shadow (OH NO) put her butt right in front of my face today and I happened to have my glasses on. I saw two pom poms and thought, OH...MY...GOD! I was told she was a girl, have always assumed she was a girl, never even looked, took her to the vet's for a checkup and wasn't told any differently...but today, unless I'm blind, that girl is a boy! Good Lord!!! Unfortunately I'm not religious, so God isn't going to help me. I do know St. Francis likes me however. My vet is going to die laughing. I'm going to give her a very, very hard time because she deserves it! It's all too funny.

By the way, thanks for all your beautiful comments. You make this blog worth-while.


savannah_rae said...

Ah, the classic cat mistaken identity! I did that with mine and Alex's first kitty. I was just positive it was a girl, and had been calling her Ellie all day. Got home, and it was a Maximus instead! =] I can't wait to hear what your vet has to say!! haha How can you not just fall in love with those critters. I love 'em!!

Suzanne said...

Savannah ~ Thanks for writing sweetie! This is very quick because I'm off to the park to feed my beautiful feral kitties. My vet is going to laugh SO hard. She's terrific and has become a dear friend,so I think she just trusted that I knew what I was talking about, so didn't even look. My bad!!! But for me to misjudge twice!? Yikes. Have a great day. Talk to you soon.

XO Suzanne

savannah_rae said...

I just wanted to tell you...I think you are such a beautiful person...inside and out. So cliche, but I don't know how else to say it, and it's the truth. I was completely shocked when you semi-revealed your age, because your pictures show really are very stunning. And you have a heart of gold. I love animals just as much as you, and it makes my heart so happy to see your compassion, and dedication. If more people in the world were like you and Mystery Mike, think of how amazing this place would be!! And, I am not surprised that your vet would be a dear friend of yours. I can't imagine anyone not being. You have such a warm and loving light, that shines even through your typed words. I can only imagine that you're 150X more amazing in person! =] Hope you have a safe and fun journey to the park with your kitties!

Suzanne said...

Dearest Savannah,

You are far too kind. What a beautiful note to read. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I really do mean that. I'm 48 and the photos are a couple years old and don't show all the grey and wrinkles because they're way too tiny! But trust me, they're there honey, and just keep coming! That stuff is relentless. I don't wear makeup (because of allergies) and don't dye my hair, so whatever happens, happens. I don't worry too much about a lot of that crap. As long as I can find my chap stick and keep my hair out of my face, I'm a happy camper. (At this age, I now fully understand the Arrowsmith lyrics "...all these lines in my face gettin' deeper, the past is gone.") You can either be consumed by aging, or simply embrace it. I've chosen the latter.

Animals. I love and worry about them. You too apparently. That's a wonderful thing and says a great deal about you. I wish more people cared, but sadly, they don't. Perhaps in my next life I'll discover EVERY ONE cares. And yes,it would make a difference if people made an effort. Even minimal effort. The world would be such a better place. I agree completely.

I laughed when you said I have a "warm and loving light," because a woman who walks her dog stopped by to chat one day when I was in the front yard trimming the hedges. It was the first time we'd ever met and ended up talking for well over an hour. Near the end of the conversation she gave me a big hug and said "I have phychic abilities and I see a huge aura around you." After she left I laughed and thought "Is that why I'm always so tired...I'm draggin' that thing around!" So now you know why I find your comment so amusing. Am I still draggin' that thing around? But thank you, what a thoughtful thing to say. I'm a Leo, so you're probably just confusing the light with my lions mane!

I have to go sweetie because I have way too much to do and shouldn't be sitting at this contraption. Until next time...lots of love and hugs.

XO Suzanne
p.s. Hope you're having a wonderful day. :)

NAME: CIELO said...

Hi Suzanne... I just left a message on your other beautiful blog.... oh my, what lovely photograps of roses.... and your kittie is soooo cute......

Merry Christmas to you and yours


Anonymous said...

the paintings... the kitties... everything is as beautiful as a person you are from within.... it just shows up in everything around u n in everything u do.... they just add to ur beauty...
ya i dono u for long... but u know woman instincts :)
n i was laughing out loud....i loved the part wen u discovered two pom poms.... lol.. i wish i cud see the expression on ur face... but i can imagine it though ;)

Anonymous said...

lol i hadnt read wat Savannah wrote wen i posted my comment... but i ended up sayin the same thing... lol...
n ya i completely agree wit savannah how can anyone not be ur friend... n suzanne.. no its not the lions mane... its the light.....( wat reasoning was tat "not light its lions mane"

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne!
Many thanks for your comments on my blog - it was lovely to hear from you. I have to say, the photos of your cats are so sweet- I adore cats (so much better than dogs!). I realise there's not much on my blog at the moment, but when things start to happen and get moving, I'm sure there'll be a lot more to write and read about!
Take care and have a lovely Christmas and New Year (I'll keep reading your blog now, as well as onepic!)
Peter x

Ludmila M. said...

My dear Suzanne,
Doesn't matter if you have the age that you have..What matters is what you have inside you,your soul is truly beautiful.Forget about those wrinkles and white hair,it's useless..I'm only 25( saying that i'm 25 cause my birthday is on 24th december,next monday,wow,how time runs so fast!),i'm trying to find a better path to me,i'm graduated at Law( finished at march 2007),but i must tell you the truth: i love to write,i bet tht's whay i created that blog.Or who knows,i had to be a Jornalist or even a writer..Hope your kitties doing fine,just like you.I'll try to keep writing in English,it will be an effort,but for my new friends,it would be my gift for you all..
All the best,always!
Ludmila XOXO

JR said...

Hello Suzanne,

Your blog is indeed quite my "cup-o-tea". Believe it or not, we live in an old formerly thatched cottage with 12 cats, 4 hens, 3 ducks and Ossie my dog who you'll have seen. Our gable wall is covered in wild climbing roses all summer in different shades of white and pink. So not so different really, despite a contintent and more apart. You turned down Armand Hammer, eh? I spent too many years working in high finance before realising it was time to get away from all that and do what I'd always wanted to do. So far, it's working out ok thankfully.

It has been very nice to meet your virtual acquaintance. I'm relatively new to the blogging/website thing so haev no idea what I'll encounter. By the way, I like your literary tastes. Was reading some Edith Wharton in New York as it happens.
Talk to you soon, JR

Suzanne said...

Cielo ~ I just left a comment on your blog, but want you to know how much I appreciate your visit. Thanks for the kind words. Your photos today were absolutely stunning (I liked all the brown tones), and your text is always moving. I've been consistantly impressed with the level of literary and artistic talent on blogs. It's very inspiring.

It's a joy to come to visit you. Merry Christmas to you too sweetie.

XO Suzanne

ShutterSpy said...

What beautiful photos!

I like cats but I prefer dogs.

Ludmila M. said...

Sweet Suzanne,
How kind you are!I think you're such a rare gem to find too..I think it would be great to publish your photos,specially the roses,i've said this once,but i must repeat: nature is wonderful!Hope you enjoy your Christmas too and of course,happy 2008!Juliana,s blog adress is:,ok?Beautiful photos in there!
Kisses and hugs for u too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne,

Many thanks for leaving another comment on my blog - I truly am honoured! I'm glad it made you laugh - it certainly was a strange day! Will be keeping in touch....
Peter x

Suzanne said...

Shutterfly ~ fortunately I love them both equally. They all just appeared or plopped into my life in some way, and I'm grateful. I don't choose favorites simply because I've never seen the value in that. I just see personalities! And they're all pretty terrific. I'm very lucky in that regard.

Looked at your blog tonight and think the new photo is quite beautiful. Nice work.

Happy Holidays!

XO Suzanne

Suzanne said...

ShutterSPY!!! First, let me apologize profusely for addressing you as ShutterFLY. It's been a long day sweetie! Forgive me! Second, I want to thank you so much for your comment about my photos. How very kind and generous. We'll keep in touch.

XO Suzanne :)

Suzanne said...

Wow. It's taken a few days to respond to your comment because I had to compose my thoughts. First of all you live in my dream home. My sister and I have always wanted to live in an English or Irish thatched roof cottage. So much so that we researched the possibility of building one here a few years ago. Very expensive, very difficult. As an almost architect, you know I tried my best. Ugh. My sister said at one point, "What if we just buy straw and hot glue it to the roof?!" Don't think that would work in the rain and snow, but it was very funny.

And, OH MY have the menagerie I dream of (but I'd have to have sheep too!). My little farm would be a sanctuary, so no animals would be killed. It would just be a festive place to come and live your life in absolute peace.

Suzanne said...

Whoops, forgot to mention the above comment is for you! And yes, I did turn down Henry and the Armand Hammer. Rob thought I was NUTS!!! He said when I told him "Do you realize what Henry was offering?" I said "Yeah, I do, but it's not what I want to do." He told me again I was nuts. I do believe he was absolutely correct. I comforted myself by thinking Henry was probably just offering an internship! But I know the truth. You don't get an offer like that from the director of a major museum very often. However, if I'd taken him up on it I wouldn't have the kitties, T-Bone, the gold fish, the ferals and all the stress that is my life. And I couldn't imagine life without all of that!

In addition, the Animation Dept. was next to the Art Dept. and one day was encouraged by one of the professors to transfer to animation because he said "...I've seen some of your work, we could really use you and you would be sucked up right out of undergrad school." I told him I'd prefer to stay in the art dept. because I had really bad eye allergies and couldn't possibly look at a computer all day. Ugh. I'd be a millionaire by now. No, really. I'm not kidding. Animation is king in L.A.. I often think I could have affected and protected the lives of so many more animals with money, than with love. And that is the sad truth. And that really is how I look at life. I missed some unique opportunities, and I do regret them, but I know there is something bigger on the horizon, so just like 1Pic, I am the snail!

By the way, sent you an email. Rob is interested in one of your photos. Get back to us when you find the time. Until then, take good care of my cottage!

Much love, Suzanne

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Anonymous said...