Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Battle Of Two Blogs

18 points. Not too shabby.

It's true, I have two blogs. I couldn't access this one for so long I started another at Typepad out of absolute frustration. That's were you'll find the bulk of my posts. However, I'm seriously considering coming back over to Blogger now that it works because I like the graphics better and it's generally easier to navigate. I paid for a full year when I signed up for Typepad, and when I told my husband he said "WHAT!!!???" I wanted a few blogs anyhow: one for roses and gardening, one for art, and one for kitties. Now I'll have my wish. It's just that one will cost money every year to keep running! I've decided my Typepad account will be my yearly Christmas gift to me. XO!

This isn't going to be a Christmas with lots of holiday decorations and a lovely Christmas tree because we have the wee-one...Shadow, aka OH NO!!! Yup, she's a handful and frankly I don't think holiday decorations or a tree could withstand or survive what she and the fours, six-month olds feral kitties from the park could dish out. The house (as well as the contends therein) is struggling to survive as it is. The introduction of "more toys" could be it's (and our) downfall. Frankly, I don't even think the tree would make it 5 minutes without being mauled to dealth (and yes, I mean just the tree devoid of all ornaments!)! And you know what? It doesn't matter. It's better to have rescued, spay and neutered Shadow, Picasso, Chloe, Sage and Phatty~Foo~Foo, than have a single decoration this year. That is my wonderful Christmas gift and I might add, they make glorious decorations! Trust me, they hang beautifully from practically anything! And they don't even need one of those plastic or metal do-hinkies to attach themselves, they do it all by they're made of Velcro.

I will decorate a bit, but haven't even started (no time). I'll hang wreaths, light candles and arrange a number of natural bouquets from the garden (which is what I generally do ~ I love very natural holiday decorations and generally gather items from the yard because we have lots of red berries, rosehips, evergreen shrubs, and believe it or not, even some roses). I'll also bring out my collection of angels and my darling collection of sheep (most made by a dear friend I met on eBay, Nettie), and ornaments collected over the years which I place in compodes or huge glass urns. And then it will be on to decorate the front entrance.

We receive the most wonderful comments every year about our outdoor decorations and leave them up until almost the end of January, just because it's fun and neighbors say they love that we do. One neighbor who passes the house in the wee hours of the mourn commented a few years ago, "Your house is my favorite because it's as if I'm walking by a beautifully decorated Victorian." We laughed very hard because we all live in Mid-Century Modern homes! And trust me, my decorations and lights are certainly not Victorian, they're just very simple and elegant, so perhaps that's what she confused with Victorian!!! HA!! All the lights are white and I wrap the Azalea topiaries at the entrance and the garland that goes around the double doors as well. I put out large antique stoneware urns stuffed with beautiful berries and greenery from the garden and I put lights inside so the greenery is illuminated. It's very simple and soothing. I rarely change my theme because it seems to fill me with joy and provide my neighbors with something calm and peaceful. If I change anything, I always hear about it! Oh, and of course, I always include animals. The plastic duck and her babies are usually part of the display as well. I'll take photos and post them soon. I used to put battery powered candles in every window as well until the kitties decided playing with them was just too much fun.

I just bought my Christmas cards yesterday, so have to attend to that whole process as soon as I wrap this up. If you're reading this and don't have your card yet. You're absolutely hasn't been sent.

Obviously, this is going to be a very quiet and reflective Chistmas and that suits me just fine because I'm exhausted by 2007. I love all the blogs and websites where women decorate so beautifully, and always inspire me, but I think, Oh-My-God, how is that even possible???!!! I like that nothing is expected of me by friends or family (but neighbors do insist on the outdoor decorations). Whatever happens, happens. And that's good enough. I do what I can do. And that's all I can do! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. The sound of joy. And if you're wondering. No, I don't do a lot of holiday shopping. I've realized, and so do friends and family, we have way too much, so we don't worry about buying more. We simply enjoy one another's company and the spirit of the day. Typically, we volunteer. I will drive 25 miles Christmas morning to feed my feral kitties in a park where I will probably be completely alone (a State Park), and then leave them to fend for themselves in the cold till I arrive the day after Christmas. I'll see a few homeless people and sob in my heart. I'm confident I will leave the park crying (nothing new). It will be a mile stone because 2007 has been a true journey. With so many animals and people in need I can't really justify buying more or stuffing my face with more. That's just me. I just can't do it any more. I'm done, I'm cooked, I'm baked!!! However, I do wish you all a joyous and warm Holiday Season!!! I have always believed you do what makes your heart sing. Celebrate in the way that makes you truly happy.


Impoverished Preppy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm sorry you had such a negative experience at UCLA, but trust me, adjuncts at tiny schools in WV are not in cahoots with profs at places like UCLA - they hold us in complete contempt. Sigh...

I envy the fact that you live in northern California. We moved here from Santa Clarita a few years ago and I really miss California. My husband had several job offers including one in Sonora and one in Oakhurst. I'm not quite sure what possessed us to move here, except a desire to be closer to our families and a bizarre need to try out the prep school environment.

Your paintings are beautiful, BTW.

Please stop by again!

1Pic said...
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1Pic said...
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Suzanne said...

I knew you had to be speaking metaphorically when I learned the L & L were located at a nuclear test sight in Switzerland! I connected that info with your subject matter and knew the location instantly, but thanks for confirming it. Very clever smarty. I've erased your comments as requested, so no one shall ever know what this discussion is about! If you'd like, I'll erase this too!

1Pic said...

nuclear test sight?? what the heck are ya talking about?

Suzanne said...

Google the L & L exactly as you have it typed, that's what you get!

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