Monday, March 10, 2008

A Little Bit~O~This And A Little Bit~O~That...

This is going to be an interesting post. I'm going to try to write less! It's obviously Spring here.

Our dining room/library last year.

I have no idea how Ohno got there. He's in the bookcase in my office, nearly six feet off the floor. He's a gem.

Horribly blurry, but a beautiful camelia non the less.

I would love to say that the big limb kicked my ass, but nope, it was the little one. 5 days of absolute concussion hell. I'm recovering. I think I'm going to make it. No, I don't recommend this to anyone. Be careful.

Our beautiful mock plum...


Our fence is still down, so this is a photo our neighbor's, Betty Anne's, beautiful newly sodded back yard. It cost between $3,000-$4,000. Our yard is 3 times as big. We wanted to do the same, but the insurance company wouldn't cooperate. I'll go over and lay on her lawn. She loves me, she won't mind!

Rob and me in Los Angeles when we lived next to dear friends Charlie and Renee! (Hi Renee!!!)
Phatty~Foo~Foo in the potpourri bowl. That's gotta hurt!

Phatty~Foo~Foo, just being Phatty ~Foo~Foo. You would never believe she was a feral! Never!

Feeding my wonderful ferals at the park. Yes, it is a picnic. I didn't lie! And yes, I'm very organized!
This is the kittie chair. Yes, it is insane. I try to protect it with a cover and towels, but what the hell, it's just a wreck! I was almost embarrassed to show this photos, but who cares. Life is too short. It is what it is! It ain't pretty, but they love it for some reason. Obviously. I'm laughing. Why, because it's funny. It's just such a wreck! But it is what it is. Pico (Picasso) on top, then Rusty on the pillow, then Cloe. It's ugly, but it's happiness!

Hunny Hunk. Finally. Yup, he's pretty.

Hopper at the neighbors! A decorative flag to the left!
Mickey sleeping next to me in my office/studio!

Sweet Pea (aka Frank Sinatra...Old Blue Eyes).
A drawing I did for a client. She didn't want it. I still love it.

Me and Rob's mom...
And finally, photos I took after recovering from the flu. I was finally able to take a shower!!! I couldn't stop smiling. After battling the flu I didn't think I'd ever see water again! I took these photos after returning from the park and feeding the ferals. I was happy just to be alive. Honestly. They're blurry. I love that. You can't see all my wrinkles! Yes, I'm so grey, and finally you get to see it. Grey doesn't always show up in photos, but here it did. I'm grateful. An honest depiction. I like that. I took photos of me in a distant mirror. Holding a camera out in front isn't the most reliable way to photograph, but I love the effect. Blurry. So no matter how much you inlarge, it will still be blurry!

Now, I want to hold a contest. What to do about my hair. I'm almost 50 and a Leo, so hair is important. Should I cut it? Should I color it? What? Should I go back, spring ahead? Lighten up, keep a heavy load? What? When I went home 4 years ago everyone in my family was telling me to change the color. I almost did, but then at the last moment didn't. I've never looked back. Perhaps I should? Grey or not grey...that is the question.
I love you all and hope you enjoyed!


Robyn said...

Hey Suze!
What a visit from CSI ~ Bri and nothing at my blog! WOW! I guess I am so not worthy! And then you haven't visited me either...what's wrong with the world?!

yes I am pouting...come and visit me!

Now on to the important things like the time...its nearly 1am and I am here! And I see that you posted all kinds of things!

Love your place! Love the kitties even more!
Yes your man is a hunky munky! Yes very yummy!

Now on to you! HOLY COW! You are gorgous! Don't dye that lovely mane of hair...screw your family (not but it is stunning on you! I MEAN THAT! Leave it alone!

Love the flowers but love you even more! Come visit me if you think I am worthy...*still pouting*
Lots of hugs,

Robyn said...

And by the way I would tower over you! I stand at 5'8.5 inches tall! I have very dark brown hair cut in an A-line! Bright green eyes! I would love to be seen around town with you next to me! WOW what a stunning pair we would make! With your beautiful hair and my eyes! out Sactown!

Darn (cleaning it up for your 13yrold admirer)! We should have taken that trip up to seattle! He wouldn't know what to do!

floots said...

fantastic series of pics
so much life - seasoned with a few memories
ohno looks a lot like my harry
and as for the hair
please don't cut it
colour or not as you will
it looks great
(but what do i know - i got wrinkles and long grey hair) :)


Robyn said...

Floots is right you know Suze! It is truly fantastic on you! It suits you...hey don't you have a friend on here (besides Floots...dear man) that also had stunning long gray/grey hair? And you commented on her hair also!

Does Rob have a few streaks of grey/gray by both make a stunning couple dear heart! Naaaa...don't you dare touch one hair! LOVE IT *shreeekkkking at the top of lungs*

Just think of all the wonderful things you can do with it. Oh I must send you some hair sticks that I have. Since I have a A-line and no longer will I have long hair, they must go to someone who could surely use them. They are gorgous and with your coloring! me and I will package'm up and their yours sweety!

Yes..yes I am sure your right...Bri would never abandon MOI?! Right? I am sure he is just catching up! *stern look came over face* LOL! Just wanting to give him grief. I really only give you 2 that much grief and oh Inner Voices too!

Love the way the kittys were all lined up with their bowls! And all the food...would keep them warm for sure! Did momma come and hang out with the young'ns when they eat or does she still sit and watch?

Are you resodding your lawn? My sister did it herself and it is beautiful...since you have a green thumb maybe you can look into it!

Now...why are we STILL UP?! Can you believe, you and Floots! Dang! We are die hards!
Well I am off!
Love you to bits back! And I still think you would be great eye candy on my arm when we hit the the downtown K street mall! And wait to my Jim sees you! He is going to be smitten for sure! *wink*

kylie said...

Hi sweetie,
wow, you've got so much in this post!
1. all the garden photos are beautiful. spring is so nice, isnt it? i love the way the breeze starts to warm up a little and the first day in short sleeves
2.rob is yummy. a less posed shot would be nice
3.i liked the look of sweet pea then saw your comment "always elegant" (or something like that) you took the words out of my mouth
4.i love the drawing too, why wouldn't the client?? to quote my mum "their taste is all in their mouth" look nothing like i imagined and i know that doesnt make sense because i've seen your picture but still....
interesting to see you're thinking of colouring your hair. i think it looks great as is but i understand the predicament. i'm so ambivalent about my hair colour.
i'll be back!

bindhiya said...

Dear Suze,
Good Morning!

What a treat you are giving us! I am wordless!
Photos of the kitties and spring are beautiful!

Your Rob is handsome...and have a kind heart like you...what a beautiful couple.. One in a million!
You are gorgeous as the way you are. as everyone already said don't die that beautiful hair!
I love you!
♥ & (((hugs)))

Leah said...

Don't don't don't change your hair (unless you need a change for change's sake). The silver is stunning. The length gives you a charming insouciance! That's my vote.

ShutterSpy said...

You are never in your fifties! This might sound a bit odd, but your whole blog sort of gave off an impression of someone in their twneties. Possibly early thirties. I am shocked! Sorry, hope you don't mind...

Anyway, the main reason I wanted to comment was to not dye your hair! Women with grey hair look so much better with their natural colour. There's someone I know who dyes her hair a sort of really dark purple-red colour and it just looks silly. Does she think people will believe it's her natural colour?

Anyway, when does one decide to let it go back to being natural? You can't dye it forever because that would look awful (there's someone round my area who's about eighty or ninety and she has her hair in a severe, dyed-black bob. Looks absolutely awful. She's not fooling anyone about her age!)

There's someone else I know who is in her seventies. She dies her hair a sort of blonde colour. She looks much worse than she would if she just left it. And the older she gets, the worse it looks and the more obvious it is, but if/when she decids to finally grow it out, she's going to draw more attention to herself than if she'd just had it natural in the first place.

Sorry about the long comment, but hopefully it will discourage you from dying it! Of course, in the end it's your decision though, so I'll be quiet now! :-D

KimberlyRyanDesigns said...

Blonde!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most of your pics look as if you are blonde already and it looks pretty. Please no black!!! Hugs, Kim

kylie said...

okay, well since we're doing the whole hair conversation and shutterspy thinks grey is good i've gotta ask

@ shutterspy: how young is too young for grey? i mean a woman of nearly 50 with a little bit of grey is probably ok but how about in her thirties?? and with a noticable amount of grey?
it's probably hard to comment, right? because you just don't see it?

anyone else want to put their two bobs worth in?

oh, and hello suze :)

Suzanne said...


Hi honey! Thank you for taking the time to visit. He is a hunky munky. Yup. You'd love him. He's also smart and funny. Perfect combo.

Holy Cow! Wow! Thank you. Honey, I ain't that good. Trust me! Yup, I decided today, screw my family too. Not in a mean way. They just made me feel really inadequate over the past years, but I realize for a reason. I want to grow old gracefully and not worry too much about a lot of stuff, so that is exactly what I entend to do. I have grey hair, lots of wrinkles, boobs that are heading south and other issues, but my wrinkles are from laughing a whole lot and playing tons of tennis, by boobs are heading south because of gravity, my hair is grey because Mom's is! Life is life. I've lived a wonderful life and wouldn't change a thing, so on I march. I like that. I agree with you. I'm going to leave everything alone. And thank you so much for your love an support. You matter so much in my life. I love you darling.


Suzanne said...


I "got wrinkles and grey hair" too honey! We're in the same boat and I'm stayin' put. I like where I am. It's an honor. I don't want to pretend to be younger because I deserve to be where I am. I worked hard to get here and I don't want to go back. If I put on sun glasses, we could be twins!!!

I love you, and thank you for your support. No cut, no color. I'm staying here.

Much love,

Suzanne said...

Floots, I love your new photo. I called Rob in to take a look at it and said "Doesn't he look as if he's a member of Pink Floyd?" God did he laugh!!! It's such a fabulous photo! I wish it was bigger! :)

Suzanne said...


Holy moly. Okay, I'm going to take one at a time!

But before I do...honey, I met your dad!!!! Oh my God, I just love him!!! Brilliant. I was so honored he introduced himself. Life is beautiful.

#1 Spring is stunning. It's so beautiful here. Last night it was still in the 70's. Today it's a bit overcast, but still in the 70's. Lovely.

#2 Rob is yummy, that's for sure. A less posed photo is just above. He has no shirt on!!!

#3 Sweet Pea is elegance personified. I agree. The man can't take a bad photo. He's just pretty!

#4 The client wanted something "50's, which of course I tried to deliver." I love your mum's quote. I didn't really care. I like that I still have it. If she bought it, I wouldn't have it. You know what I mean? I'm grateful because it's worth than she would have paid. I'm going to do something special with it. Thank you for noticing it.

#5 Honey, how in the hell can I look like nothing you imagined??? You see my photo every time you come to my blog! It's just me! With white hair!!!!! :) Come on honey.

I'm not going to change a thing. I've never changed a thing and suddenly felt I had to. But I don't. I'm just going to stay me. You all helped me realize I'm okay just the way I am. I like that.

I love you my dear friend. Thank you for your help and support. Please don't forget to visit John Reynolds. You'll love his current post. Make sure you let your dog read it too!

XO Suze :)

Suzanne said...


Hi honey! I love you. I saw what you wrote to Suzanne. I knew you and Maithri wouldn't disappoint me and of course, you didn't. You two are the greatest. I love you with all my heart. When I was reading what the two of you wrote to her I started to cry. How did I get this lucky. I don't deserve either of you. You're amazing human beings. I talk to her as if she's 13, but the two of you talk to her so differently. As if she's your equal. You break my heart. You teach me to be better ever single day of my life. Thank you. I needed that lesson. I'll do better.

Thank you for your beautiful comment. Of course I listen. I'm not changing a thing. I'm glad you met Rob. He's an amazing guy. I knew you would love him. He's helped with you, Cecile, etc. He cares you know and is always just a room away when I yell "Honey...!" Perhaps one day we'll all be together. I love you Bindi. You know that.

With so much love,

MARIA said...

Hello Suzanne!
I never see as beautiful blog as you have! I love flowers and pets too. I'm going to come here for relax and meditation. I don't understand your post, but with dictionary and my daughter, and granddaughter I will.
Thank you very, very much for your beautiful and kind visit.
My daughter translated me your words.
When I was very young i study little bit English. But I forgot everything. I started again, but my brain is slow now. I think that I have to do this kind of exercise.
Warm greetings for you and for your family!

from Poland.

Suzanne said...


I just wrote to Bindi, so I'm still crying. She kills me. The woman can just turn me to mush.

Thank you sweetie for all your comments. I'm sorry this is the first I'm responding to. I think I have too much on my plate!

Rob is a man of words...I'm not a man of anything! So I had to look up "insouciant." I LIIIIIIIIIIIKE it! Yup, that's me! You couldn't have selected a better adjective! Thank you honey! I'll always remember.

I've never needed to change and just putting the idea out into the world helped me realize I'm okay just the way I am. You all helped me navigate and I'm grateful. Thank you.

I love you dear. I'm so happy you're here. If you look at photo #2 and click on it to enlarge, then page over to the right, you'll see a familiar book! Stitchin 'n Bitchin!!! Rob bought it for me when it was first published. I though it so funny, it showed up on my blog!!! Don't you wish we could purchase that shop in Woodstock? Would we have a blast, or what!? :)

Love you,
Suze XO

Cecile said...

I like the grey and I like it long. Perhaps just put a light body perm in it (but only if your hair takes a perm well). I think you look beautiful just the way you are. And Rob..... way back then... DAMN!!!! No wonder you latched on to him. HUBBA HUBBA. How about a more recent photo and that nice specimen of a man.

Suzanne=p said...

It's okay Robyn, you don't have to change if you don't want to, I will be okay.

Suzanne, when I was reading this post, I honestly started laughing. The picture of your cat Sweet Pea is what did it for me. I noticed that his/her nickname is Frank Sinatra. My teacher's cat is named Frank Sinatra, what a coincidence! All of her animals are named after celebrities. Talk to you later.

Suzanne said...


You are SO funny. In my first post I mentioned I was almost 50. But I guess you would have had to read my first post!

Thank you for thinking I'm in my 20's or 30's. I still think I'm in my 20's or 30's. It's such an odd thing as you get don't actually get older mentally, you stay somewhere that feels comfortable or memorable. It's such an odd thing to explain and you will only understand when you're older. That's all I can say. You'll see. When I'm long gone you will remember this paragraph.

You know what sweetie, I'm not going to change a thing. As I told Leah, just putting the idea out there helped me. I've never dyed my hair and I'm not about to start because it doesn't seem necessary. I like who I am. I like the people I attract and I love where I am in my life. Is everything perfect? No, of course not, but why should it be. Life is a struggle and I want to go out questioning everything. Even my grey hair!!! Thank you for your love and support. It means the world to me. The fact that you would take time out of your busy life to comment matters.

I love you dear and thanks for all the funny hair color stories! I'll keep mine! When it's your time, keep yours too!

Much love,
Suze XO

Suzanne said...

Hey Kim,

I know, it's so funny how a photo can sort of lie! For lack of a better term. Grey often mascarades as blonde in photos. What can I say? When I took the last photos, I was so glad they actually depicted my real hair color, but I'll be honest, if I flipped the top layer over, you'd never know I'm grey! Never. It's just the top layer!

Oh sweetie, I know I was supposed to email. I'm trying. I walked into a tree limb this past week and knocked myself silly. No joke. Concussion Heaven. I'm almost at the end. I think this might be my last headache day. Cross your fingers. If so, I'll be over in no time. If not, give me a few more days.

I've never done anything to my hair and I'm not about to start! What is, is. I know you all love me no matter what! Right?! Thanks for stopping by sweetie. We'll chat soon.

Much love,
Suze XO

Suzanne said...


Hubba, hubba...he never changes. Someone asked if he has any grey. Nope. He still looks exactly like the photo. I'm the only one who aged! If I took a photo today he'd still look like that! So why bother! It's so funny. I don't really know how to explain it. What is, is. I told him he was getting rave blogger reviews. He smiled. He's working on a horrific murder case and hasn't had a sense of humor in the past few days, so a smile registers somewhere. He's a great guy. You know. He helped with you know who. He's funny, smart and kind and never lets a gal down. Never. He loves you and Bindi very much. When I show him what you wrote, he'll smile. It's wonderful. And honey, we latched on to one another almost 30 years ago! He's out mowing the lawn with T-Bone, so I'll show him when he comes in. Honey, have you had a chance to visit John Reynold's. If not, please do. You won't regret a single moment.

I love you honey. Honestly, I just love you. I hope you had a good day at the new job.

XO Suze

Suzanne said...


OH MY GOD!!! You're here! I love that you're here! I adore your blog and you. Honey, you know what? If I can have half your enthusiasm at your age I will be grateful. I think you are a remarkable woman. Happy Belated International Women's Day!

You know what sweetie, I don't think you have to understand a single word. Just look at the photos. That's where we will always connect. Being Polish, I wish I could speak to you. I'm so sorry I can't. You make me wish I'd done things differently. That I'd paid more attention, that I'd made an effort. I didn't you know. Please always stop by and I'll do the same. You have a beautiful daughter who loves you so much and know will translate forever! Thank goodness!!!

Much love,
Suze XO

Suzanne said...


Hubba, hubba...he never changes. Someone asked if he has any grey. Nope. He still looks exactly like the photo. I'm the only one who aged! If I took a photo today he'd still look like that! So why bother! It's so funny. I don't really know how to explain it. What is, is. I told him he was getting rave blogger reviews. He smiled. He's working on a horrific murder case and hasn't had a sense of humor in the past few days, so a smile registers somewhere. He's a great guy. You know. He helped with you know who. He's funny, smart and kind and never lets a gal down. Never. He loves you and Bindi very much. When I show him what you wrote, he'll smile. It's wonderful. And honey, we latched on to one another almost 30 years ago! He's out mowing the lawn with T-Bone, so I'll show him when he comes in. Honey, have you had a chance to visit John Reynold's. If not, please do. You won't regret a single moment.

I love you honey. Honestly, I just love you. I hope you had a good day at the new job.

XO Suze

Suzanne said...


I feel like I'm writing to myself!!! And Robyn, did you hear what she said. Good Lord.

Honey, our kitties are mostly all named after Seinfeld characters! Sweet Pea is the first who wasn't. But it's so funny because he's such a celeb. Do you see those blue eyes?! Frankie! It's a small world, isn't it honey!? I like that about life. You made me smile. I love you dear.


Suzanne=p said...

I just wanted to add that like Maria, my step dad and his family are Polish. How cool. His mom and dad imigrated here after WW2. Rich and his sister Barb are first generation. How cool. We are thinking about visting sometime in the next few years. I however can't speak Polish. It would be fun though!

Salem Stitcher said...


Thank you for posting all the wonderful photos! We are starting to see little peeks of spring. Your yummy tree makes me smile. We have a weeping cherry tree in the front yard that just explodes like pink popcorn. I can't wait!

I am so glad you've decided to not cut or color your hair. The grey is gorgeous. You are stunning!

Anonymous said...

WoW....some really beautifully captured shots....lovely going through the entire post, really can feel the essence of the season...wonderful!

Robyn said...

To lil'Suzanne! I really do need to clean it up not just for you but for me too! Thank you for being sweet...BUT remember PLEASE be careful in bloggerland! Seriously! We have a nice crew here but..well...just be careful! And do all your homework and always be open minded. Love who you are! And love our planet! Hugs to you! And go to bed on time...*wink*

Still no visit from Bri...that's it he no longer wants to say hi to me! *pouting* No I am kidding but seriously where is he! I sorely miss him! It's the waiting game that drives me nuts...always going back to see what he posted you know what I mean! I want the old him back...with those crazy posts and talking about his book..he 'going-to-be-great' book! Hey listen I have a nurse friend who is married to a criminal lawyer and wanted to know if Rob or you know him. Last name Rosenblum (wife is Amy). I might have spelled a bit different. Amy is a real kick in the pants! Love HER!

How goes it today? Me? Pretty crappy. My Doc has taken me off for another week off work. And told me if the swelling and reddness doesn't go down that she will have to put a IV in me (leave there) so I can get home IV antibotics! Nonetheless, FREAKED me out! I am doing everything she has asked me (putting feet up). So after am appointment when to my work and had to talk to my bosses. They were pretty cool about it, but did tell me that it is a mad house without me there. I can actually say I do miss work sometimes. I feel out of the loop!

After that drove to my mom's house in the Pocket Area and just sobbed on her couch. That whole needle in me (IV) and getting antibotics just really through me for a loop! I just want this infection to GO BYE BYE! AAgghhh! I am trying to be patient! Will have to wait and see! Please send good vibes/thoughts my way...sweety! I am going to need them for sure!

And yes...both of you (Suze and Rob) are Hubba Hubba's! :)
Love ya!

Gig said...

Your beautiful flowers made me feel so hopeful that Spring is just around the corner. It was just what I needed here in the land of snow and cold. Thank you!!

Loved all the pics of your place and of the beautiful kitties!!

It is nice to be able to put a face with a name...Hubba, Hubba or Hunky Monkey...both are perfect for Rob!!

Your hair is beautiful, I think your decision to not change it is the right one.

Thanks for the gimpse into your world.
Love ya,

floots said...

:) do i get extra points for not making the obvious joke
and thanks for the recent visit
(won't be deleted until 2m)

floots said...

i have one of my very rare days of work :(
thanks for the chat
bye now

Suzanne said...


Are woman named Suzanne all Polish!!!??? French name, Polish heritage! Go figure. I hope you get to go. If you do, send post cards, so that I can live your dream.

Love you dear,
Suze XO

Lorêny Portugal said...

Hi, Suzanne!

Changes are always "welcome"...

Change always!


Spring is a good time to change!

ShutterSpy said...

@Kylie: If I went grey right now, I'd leave it like that. Most people can't seem to work out what age I am anyway.

Sometimes I get people thinking I'm thirty, and sometimes I get odd looks when I'm driving because some people think I look too young to drive!

I knew someone who was going grey when they were about 19-20. It looked slightly odd and it was noticeable, but one you've got past the first 'eh? Oh...Poor person...', you don't really bother.

@Suzanne: I didn't know how to put this before (and I still don't really), and I know this is going to saound really wishy-washy and silly, but your posts seemed to ooze a sort of childish wonder, or rather a sort of innocent, no, wait...a sort of youthful interest in your surroundings (by George, I think I've just about managed to put it into words!) yes, a sort of youthful interest in your surroundings etc. that...well...oh blast, I've forgotten how I was going to finish the sentence!

By the way, how do you get so many people to visit your blog? I get between 3-5 per day on average. Rarely get comments :( (I'm not fishing for any, mind! ;-D )

Anyway, bye for now :-D


rule the silver hair!!! my aunt went silver at nineteen and has been rockin it since... very sassy...

shutterspy, youve got to peruse the blogworld and leave comments on blogs you like, check back in and ALWAYS comment back to people who leave you comments... just a tip...

ShutterSpy said...

@Inner Voices: I do comment on other people's. Fairly often anyway :)

Thanks for your comments on my blog! :)

@Suzanne: I forgot to say - lol at the cat chair! Or rather lol at you 'lol'ing at it!

Suzanne=p said...

I thought that I would let you know, I am feeling much better and was back at school today! Now I have homework to make up!

Suzanne=p said...

you make me laught! lol.
and I never really said but I like your hair the way it is. please don't change it! someone else said that they imagined you in your 20s or 30s, me ,too! I'm not even kidding, lol!

Suzanne said...


Hi baby. You are too adorable. My dear friend from England said I seem as if I'm in my 20's or 30's. How sweet! I'm NOT!!! I'm almost 50, so see, life is always a surprise. And that's a good thing. Life should be filled with surprises! I love you dear. I read your comments on friends blogs and realize how wonderful you are. We all adore you. I was so afraid you didn't belong here because you're so young, but you do. I feel as if we're all here to protect and guide you. Isn't that lovely? We'll never abandon you, so don't go away. I love you dear. Honestly, I do.



Suzanne said...

I'm not going to change my hair. It is what it is and I am who I am.

kylie said...

oh dear, i just wrote a long comment to shutterspy and it disappeared.

shutterspy the reason you dont get comments is because it's hard to connect with you. who is the person?
we might manage to connect thru the pics but thats harder and especially if the viewer isn't particularly artistic.
to prove my point: you're gettin plenty of action here and it's because we're "hearing" you

kylie said...

oh and suze, i did visit john reynolds and forgot to tell you. lovely photos, eh? and that dog is a beauty

Suzanne said...


I know. I love that you were at John's place. Is that dog beautiful or what???!!! What a lucky dog and what a lucky man.

I agree about Shutterspy. I've been meaning to say for so long, it's so nice to hear your voice. You didn't open up. You barely uttered a word. If you don't do that, you can't expect people to respond. You're finally finding your voice and it's beautiful. I love to listen to you and I know others do too. They'll find you if you let them. I mean that with all due respect. It's simply about being who you are and opening yourself to possibilites. And as John said, give yourself some credit. Your photography is beautiful. Relax and enjoy what you do. We all love you dear. We aren't going any where and it's not as if we're going to some how be stupid tomorrow!. We love your work and you, so relax and enjoy the ride. As you know, we have a 13 year old here. We would never do anything to hurt her, so why would we hurt you? Do you know what I mean? We adore you. This is a wonderful place to be and we're so honest. I know you know that.

God, I hope she reads that!!! Hi Kylie. Kids. I'm glad I'm an aunt and not a ma-ma! I don't know how you do it. It must be very hard. I often think, how would I have been as a mother? I don't know. I think I might have failed miserably. It's just hard. It seems hard. I want so much for them to be happy, but you never really know. So there's always that big old lump in your throat.

Love you,
Suze XO

krystyna said...

Hi Suzanne!
I was here yesterday but my PC stoped working and I couldn't write.
My mom was charmed to see your beautiful place full of roses and other flowers. My mom all life was a great grower of flowers and herbs.(hobby). Now, she lives in an apartmen and do it on the balcony and in the windows.
She very appreciate your sweet, supportive words.

Thank you very much Suzanne!

bindhiya said...

Dear Suze,
Hope you had a wonderful day!
I came again to see beautiful spring, all the cute kitties and both of my lovely friends!
From Morning all day was so busy..
tomorrow I will have an interview here at my is for army..preventive medicine, I have applied for that long ago..
My father and grandfather was in army, so some kind of attraction :) My grandpa was in freedom fight movement and all that stuff..
am sure one day we will meet..
Serene loved the kitties photos...she was offering them her cheerios... :)

Baby Suzanne is in good hands, she is destined to be here as you said. and am so happy she is writing more, that sure will help her to be more strong..our love and support sure will make a difference in her life..
Wow! Krystyna's mom here too..
We have so many wonderful friends and you bring all of us together.
am blessed to be your friend!
I love you sweetie!
♥ & ((hugs))

Maithri said...


I'd never have guessed in a million years...

You wear it well my friend. ;)

Love all of these pics... especially the organised cat feeding.

Im not one to give hair i generally shave mine off to save me the trouble of combing it... yes a low maintenance man ;)

But i think yours looks beautiful.

There is so much vibrant life in you, If we could bottle it, we'd make a fortune...

Sending you love and all the abundant joys of the winged life,

Love, M


Joyful Jo said...

Hi Suzanne,
Wow what lovely long hair you have. I think you should go with your feelings of what is right for you and how you want to look.
I certainly did not think you would be near fifty. I turned fifty last august. I have some grey hairs although Helen has kindly pointed out "mum you got alot of grey on the top of your head". I am too scared to dye my hair incase of a bad look.
Your home and garden looks great and your Rob looks divine.Do alot of people dump their kittens/cats at your park. I too would be feeding and bringing strays as I love cats.,but would have to restrain myself as we can only afford two cats. I am happy with our two boys (simba & polo) toms not always a good relationship. Always fighting on who goes where. Lately they have been found to be waiting together at the same door to come in. It has been 15 months since polo came to live with us and only now they are getting friendly. They sem to have an agreement polo has the front garden and simba has the back.
Helen has left a comment on young Suzanne but hasn't heard back.
Bye, hope to hear from you soon and glad you are feeling better.
Jo xx

Suzanne=p said...

There must be something wrong with the internet! I have left at least three comments on Helens blog and I know the first two disappeared! I will check back on the third soon. Can you let Helen know that she should leave another comment on my blog if nothing pops up on her's soon. How to hear back from her soon!

Suzanne=p said...

opps! hope not how!

CSI Seattle said...

Hey, didn't offer my advice on your hair color during my first visit. Here goes, "Leave it alone!" You look great!

By the way, I had no idea that both you and Rob were such good looking people. Models, both of you. And I didn't know that you once lived in LA. I grew up in So Cal myself. This is good stuff.

Robyn said...

I am happy now...but was horrified early read blog soon (still working on it) and you will know why! My life stood still for a couple minutes! It actually stopped spinning! That is how awful it was!
Love ya

krystyna said...

Hi Suzanne today!

It is really very interesting post. It made my mood happy - Spring is coming!
Love your all photos.
Ohno's eye in your bookcase is fantastic.
The ferals picnic at the park - is the one of the most beautiful and noteworthy photo I ever see.

Thank you Suzanne for sharing!
I'll be back.

CIELO said...

Good morning, beautiful! Let's have some coffee--wanna go to Starbucks? Let's go!...

I so enjoyed each and everyone of your photos on this post; love your garden, your beautiful mock plum, the tree (mean tree :), your furry friends--all of them... The picture of Ohno behind the books, oh so cute! When you mentioned him I keept looking and looking trying to figure out where was he, until I finally saw him melting on the Panorama... ha!

I'm so glad you are OK now, uff! What a scary experience it must have been.... by the way, your Rob is soooo handsome you lucky pretty you!

It's so good to see you, and know that you are feeling better. Take care, and blessings to you and Rob, and your little friends...


Lorêny Portugal said...

Hi Dear...

I tried to translate my words in last post! Go there to see if they are good!

I tried!


Cecile said...

I took the boys out for dinner tonight and we spent 57$. As soon as we walked in the door they told me they were hungry for Hotdogs! We just got back from dinner! Anyway, I hope you are ok. Give me a call and we will chat. I sort of miss hearing your voice. Love you, Cecile

Suzanne=p said...

Hi Suzanne,
I put some cool pictures on my blog. Let me know what you think when you get a chance!

Robyn said...

Suze! Oh thank god I have you in my life! You make it mean something and makes sense when you say it!

Thank you for your beautiful words...yes those wonderous words of yours. I humbly thank you dear friend. I love you too!

I am so sorry that your heart stills hurts for Ireland. He is fine and happy dear one. Really! He is off having one great big adventure. At the right moment you will see him when you least expect it!

You are wonderful and yes I am blessed to have found you through 1 pic. He doesn't know the gift he gave us all. Each other! I am off to sleep now, my eyes are heavy BUT I had to come here and tell you how much you mean to me! Yep..alot! Thank you again for those beautiful words!
Love ya!

ShutterSpy said...

Thanks for the advice everyone! :-D

What do you think I should say on my blog? I don't want it to be about me, because that's not the point in the blog.

But I don't want to ramble on about the pictures either because it's supposed to be 'Everyday life in pictures' - like a daily 'visual treat' rather a verbal blog.

I welcome any suggestions whether I use them or not :-D


Maithri said...

You know, just when I cosy down in my office to read your words... my pager goes off... ;) Isnt it always the way...just wanted to send you a hug and big love on the arms of this summer night,


Suzanne said...


I have to put up a new post because to page down that far is just pathetic!

Do you know how much I love you? Oh my God. The depth is insane. One day we will meet dear friend. And I will probably hug you so hard you'll need a doctor! Yup, yummy. I'll probably have a kid in one arm and an animal in the other!

I love you so much.


Lorêny Portugal said...

Hi Dear!

My English is not good yet! I write in Portuguese very well, but I need to study English so much!! It's very difficult for people writes in foreing languages...


inherwritemind1 said...

Hi Suzanne,

It's hard to see exactly what color your hair is in the photos. Looks like a pretty mix of light and dark gray. As you know, I advocate keeping it natural if you like the color.

I cut my hair recently to chin length and it does look a little younger. Your family might not like being reminded that everyone's growing older ;-)

Suzanne said...

Robyn, I love you.

krystyna said...

Hi Suzanne!
I didn't say you that your personal photos show that your hair color is very beautiful.
If You like it too, and feel good - it is perfect for you.
Btw, many people dye they hair in this color. It is not only beautiful color, but trendy too.

Love & hugsss!

Desperate Middle Aged Man said...


Your photographs are really beautiful. The flowers are perfect. I wish I had some. I do have a little hyacinth now so that comforts me a little.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I just stumbled upon your blog. All your kitties are wonderful, and so are your rose paintings.

KJ said...

This may be late coming but I vote for keeping your beautiful silver!!

It is so rare for a woman who has long healthy hair to wear it gray, and you have a fantastic shade!!

Plus, with hair color like that, you can wear some very vibrant colors really well. Always a plus!


ShutterSpy said...

Come on, next post! ;-)


'54Bomber said...

Hi Suzanne,

I know you're busy in the garden and feeding your kitties in the park and looking after Rob (not necessarily in that order lol). So I guess you don't have time to write another post - but picture this .. me standing with arms akimbo (i like that word) and tapping my foot waiting for another post from you :)
Take care and Happy Easter to you and Rob and the kitties.

Jim said...

u r beautiful
i wanted to say sexy

but i dont want my face rearranged
u have a hunk with u

Anonymous said...